MarinAire, Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of marine air conditioning and HVAC systems. They’ve been in the business since 2007 and are headquartered in Miami, Florida. They constantly introduce new technologies and features to their marine air conditioning and heating systems, making them some of the most advanced in the market.

MarinAire Warranty Exclusions, Coverage, Customer Reviews & Contact Details

Their product range includes Marine air conditioners for boats and yachts of all sizes, Marine heat pumps, Marine chillers, Marine ventilation systems etc.

Here, we’ll share details regarding contacting MarinAire, Warranty coverage, exclusions, and MarinAire ratings from customer reviews here.

What are the contact details of MarinAire customer service?

MarinAire Address11129 NW 122nd Street, Miami, FL 33178
MarinAire Google MapsVisit here
MarinAire Phone Number800-724-8071(Toll Free), +1 305-234-8222
MarinAire Email Address[email protected]
MarinAire Warranty Claim FormVisit here
MarinAire Service HoursMonday – Sunday (24/7)
MarinAire Fax1-305-748-6071
MarinAire Social MediaTwitter , Facebook ,
Instagram , Pinterest
MarinAire contact details

If you have any inquiries or need assistance, these contact details should help you get in touch with MarinAire’s customer service team.

What does MarinAire warranty cover and not cover?

MarinAire warranty covers specific parts and malfunctions for a limited period, but also excludes certain situations and components.

What’s covered?

  • Air conditioning, heating, and/or heat pump units: 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. This covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance.
  • Thermostats and control systems: 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. This also covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.
  • Sealed refrigerant circuit components: 5 years warranty from the date of purchase. This includes the compressor, refrigerant to air/water heat exchangers, reversing valve body, and refrigerant metering device.

What’s not covered?

  • Air filters, grilles, fittings, hoses, air ducts, circulation pumps, refrigerant, fluids, oil: These are considered consumable parts and not covered by the warranty.
  • Relocated products: If your AC unit is moved from its original installation location, the warranty becomes void.
  • Non-MarinAire components: If your unit has any non-MarinAire parts installed, they won’t be covered by the warranty.
  • Products with defaced labels: Any tampering with the product’s identification can void the warranty.
  • Products with unpaid invoices: If you haven’t paid for the product in full, the warranty won’t be valid.
  • Products subjected to abuse or improper maintenance: This includes physical damage, neglect, incorrect voltage, over-use, or lack of regular maintenance.

What are the ratings of MarinAire according to customer reviews?

Based on customer reviews, MarinAire generally receives positive ratings, with an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Many customers praised the efficiency and cooling capabilities of MarinAire units, particularly in hot climates.

Pros as per positive reviews

  • Durable Construction.
  • Performance and cooling power.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Aesthetic appeal.

Cons observed as per negative reviews

  • Installation complexity.
  • Limited availability of parts.
  • Limited warranty coverage.
  • Occasional Technical Issues.


MarinAire air conditioning systems are generally well-regarded by customers. Their cooling power, quiet operation, and energy efficiency are frequently praised, making them a popular choice for a comfortable and enjoyable onboard experience. But still, some potential drawbacks like installation complexity, limited parts availability, and higher initial cost should be considered before purchasing, & also individual experiences may vary, whether a MarinAire air conditioning system is the right choice for your boat.

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Is MarinAire any good?

MarinAire generally receives positive reviews for efficient cooling, durability, and competitive pricing. However, installation complexity and occasional technical issues should be considered before making a decision.

What company is MarinAire?

MarinAire specializes in manufacturing marine air conditioning systems, offering cooling solutions designed for boats and yachts, focusing on durability and performance in marine environments.

Where is MarinAire Headquarters?

MarinAire headquarters is located at MarinAire 11129 NW 122nd Street, Miami, FL 33178, serving as its primary operational center.

How do I contact MarinAire?

To reach MarinAire, dial  +1 305-234-8222 for general queries. For email, contact [email protected]. You can also access their customer service form by visiting their website.

What are MarinAire Customer care Timings?

MarinAire’s customer care operates 24/7, available every day of the week, ensuring assistance and support at any time, providing continuous service to address inquiries or issues.

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