Frontier Airlines MCO Terminal – Orlando International Airport

  • 801-401-9000
  • Terminal A, Orlando International Airport, 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

The primary information that Frontier Airlines flyers require while traveling through MCO Airport is the operating terminal. So, are you aware of MCO Frontier Terminal? Well, Frontier Airlines operates from Terminal A at MCO. Both domestic and international flight uses this terminal at MCO. Terminal A provides several services to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey.

Frontier Airlines MCO Terminal

A Quick Overview of MCO Frontier Terminal

The information given below will help travelers arriving at or departing from the Frontier Airlines terminal at MCO Airport.

Frontier Terminal at MCOTerminal A
ArrivalsLevel 2, Terminal A
DeparturesLevel 3, Terminal A
Ticket CounterA-2, Level 3, Terminal A
Ticketing HoursDaily: 24/7
Baggage Claim AreaLevel 2, Terminal A
Check-in CounterGates 1-29, Terminal A
Frontier Airlines Phone Number at MCO Airport801-401-9000
Parking Area for Frontier FlyersLevel R-1, Terminal A

What Terminal is Frontier Airlines at MCO?

Frontier Airlines operates via Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO). The terminal is located on the eastern side of the airport, near the intersection of Jeff Fuqua Blvd and S Access Rd. Additionally, Frontier Airlines at Orlando has a dedicated check-in counter and gate area within Terminal A.

  • This terminal has 3 levels, handling various travel procedures.
  • Level 3 has the A-2 ticketing office.
  • Majorly, gates ranging from 1-29 & 70-99 are utilized by Frontier Airlines.


Frontier Airlines operates Terminal A for arrivals at Orlando International Airport (MCO). At the Frontier Airlines arrival terminal MCO, flyers will need to head to the baggage claim counter at carousels 1 to 16, Level 2. Once they retrieve their checked luggage, they can proceed to the airport’s transportation to find taxis, shuttles, or rental cars. Gates ranging between 70 to 99 are dedicated to international arrivals of Frontier.


Frontier Airlines flies out of Terminal A from Orlando International Airport. When departing, travelers will need to complete the Frontier Airlines check-in and submit their baggage here. After completing the security screening process at gates 1 to 59, they can proceed to check-in at Level 3 of MCO Frontier departure terminal to board their flight.

Orlando Airport – Terminal Map for Frontier Airlines

You can find the directions of Terminal A highlighted in ‘orange color’ with the help of the given map. It will help you locate the counters, gates, and various locations at Terminal A, which is where Frontier Airlines operates from MCO. Additionally, you can also locate exciting places & things to do at MCO if you’re on a layover.

How early to arrive at MCO for Frontier Flight?

Both domestic and international flyers are recommended to arrive 2 hours before scheduled departure at MCO Airport Frontier Terminal. This estimated time helps them to easily go through their travel procedures. However, travelers can connect with the airline’s customer service to know more specific arrival times at MCO Airport.

Flyers traveling with Frontier Airlines to/ from Orlando International Airport must check in 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time for both domestic and international flights.

Baggage Allowance at Frontier MCO Terminal

At the Frontier MCO Terminal, baggage allowance includes one personal item( backpack or purse), that must be within 14 x 18 x 8 inches. Carry-on luggage must not exceed dimensions of 24 x 16 x 10 inches and should be under the weight limit of 35 pounds. Whereas, for checked luggage is allowed up to a total of 62 linear inches and 40 pounds.

Where to check in baggage?

Frontier Airlines passengers can check their baggage at Level 2, Terminal A, MCO Airport. Here, they can approach the customer service agent for assistance regarding bag weights and size limitations. Tags will be added to the bags while baggage check-in and fees for extra luggage can be paid at Frontier MCO Terminal. 

Transportation Options At Frontier Airlines Terminal MCO

At Frontier Airlines Terminal MCO, travelers have access to diverse transportation options. These include taxis, rental cars, and shuttle services, conveniently located near the arrivals area. Additionally, public transportation through city buses (Lynx) is available, offering a cost-effective means to reach various destinations in and around Orlando.

Parking Facility at MCO Frontier Terminal

The parking garage A of Frontier Terminal at MCO is located at Level R-1. It caters to both long-term and short-term parking needs for flyers traveling via this terminal. The parking fee for the first 20 minutes is $2 and for each extra 15 minutes, $1 will be charged. For 24 hours, the parking charge is $24. This parking lot allows flyers to park their vehicle for 45 days maximum.

Services/Amenities Provided by Frontier Airlines at MCO

Frontier Airlines at Orlando International Airport offers several other amenities and services to travelers. These services include:

Wi-FiFrontier offers free Wi-Fi to flyers at MCO. Thus, allowing them to stay connected and browse the internet during their free time at the airport.
Charging StationsFrontier Airlines provides charging stations for electronic devices at the gate areas.
Special AssistanceFrontier Airlines offers special assistance to flyers with disabilities or special needs, including wheelchair assistance, and other services as needed. flyers need to book the special services with Frontier Airlines at least 24 hours before scheduled departure.
Lost and FoundFlyers can visit the Lost and Found office, which is located on Level 1 of Terminal A, near the baggage claim area. The office is open between 7:00 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.

Where does Frontier Airlines fly to/from MCO?

Frontier provides flights to several domestic and international routes from Orlando International Airport (MCO). Here are some of the popular routes currently served by Frontier Airlines MCO Terminal:

Frontier Airlines at MCO Terminal A provides convenience by offering varied check-in methods. The airline provides clear baggage guidelines and comprehensive amenities at Terminal A at MCO. This terminal facilities both domestic and international flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier Airlines operate at MCO Airport?

Yes, Frontier Airlines operates at Orlando International Airport for both domestic and international operations.

Which terminal is Frontier at MCO?

Frontier Airlines operates from Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

What gate is Frontier at MCO?

Frontier utilizes gates 1-29 for domestic flights and gates 70-99 for international flights. The airline uses gate A-2 for ticketing.

How can I reach Frontier Airlines Terminal at MCO?

Flyers can take advantage of diverse transportation options to reach the dedicated Frontier terminal at MCO including rideshare, rental cars, taxis, etc.

What terminal is Frontier arrivals at MCO?

Frontier Airlines arrivals at Orlando International Airport can be found at Terminal A.

Is Frontier terminal A or B at MCO?

Terminal A is dedicated to Frontier Airlines at Orlando International Airport.

Where is Frontier Airlines at Orlando Airport?

Frontier Airlines can be found at Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

What terminal is Frontier at Orlando International Airport?

The airline operates from Frontier Airlines MCO terminal A.

What terminal is Frontier departures at Orlando Airport?

Terminal A is used for Frontier departures at Orlando Airport.

Is there any animal relief area located at Frontier Terminal MCO?

Yes, the animal relief area is located at Level 2, Terminal A.

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