Southwest Airlines MCO Terminal – Orlando International Airport

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Southwest Airlines is a prominent carrier operating to/from Orlando International Airport (MCO), located southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida. So, if you are planning to travel with Southwest Airlines from MCO, it is crucial to know the designated terminal.

Southwest Airlines MCO Terminal - Orlando International Airport

Do you know which terminal is Southwest Airlines at MCO? Understanding the terminal location, gates, and available amenities at MCO Southwest Terminal is important for a convenient travel experience.

What Terminal is Southwest at MCO?

At Orlando International Airport, Terminal A is utilized by Southwest Airlines. Various cities are covered by Southwest Airlines MCO Terminal. This terminal has a tramway system consisting of Airside 1 with 29 gates, numbered 1 to 29, and Airside 2 having Gates from 100 to 129. Majorly, gates ranging between 100 to 129 are dedicated to Southwest Airlines.

  • Airside 1 of Terminal A has Parking Garage A at Orlando Airport which is easily accessible to Southwest flyers.
  • A range of essential services and facilities are offered at Terminal A for Southwest Flyers.
  • Hyatt Regency is also located near the Southwest Terminal at MCO.
  • Exploring community exhibitions, arts, and culture displays are some of the fun things to do on a layover at MCO Terminal A.

MCO Southwest Arrival Terminal

The Orlando International Airport Southwest Arrival Terminal is A. It serves as the gateway for travelers arriving on Southwest Airlines flights. Features include the baggage claim area on Level 2, efficiently facilitating the retrieval of luggage. The strategic location of Southwest Arrival Terminal MCO ensures a streamlined and accessible process for flyers arriving at MCO via Southwest Airlines.

MCO Southwest Departure Terminal

Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the Southwest Departure Terminal. It is where travelers initiate their journeys on Southwest Airlines flights. This departure terminal encompasses essential facilities such as the Southwest Airlines ticket counter, check-in areas, and baggage drop-off zones. Southwest Departure Terminal at MCO has close proximity to parking facilities and efficient access to transportation options.

Quick Overview of Southwest Airlines at Orlando International Airport

The following is the quick information we have covered above. Flyers must refer to the given table before flying to/from Southwest Terminal MCO:

Southwest Terminal at MCOTerminal A
ArrivalsTerminal A
DeparturesTerminal A
Ticket CounterTerminal A-4, Level 3, Gates 100-129
Ticketing HoursOpens Monday to Sunday, 2 hours before the first departure
Baggage Claim AreaLevel 2, Terminal A
Check-in CounterLevel 3, Terminal A
Southwest Airlines Phone Number in MCO800-435-9792
Parking Area for Southwest FlyersGarage A, Parking Level R-1, Terminal A

Levels of Southwest Terminal at MCO

The Southwest Terminal at MCO has 3 Levels. These levels help in operating different operations to make the travel process as easy as possible for Southwest flyers. Each level at Terminal A is discussed below:

  • Level 1 is dedicated to transportation facilities offered at Southwest Terminal A. This includes buses, car rental services, and taxis. Besides this, the USO Welcome Center is also located at this level.
  • Level 2 consists of baggage claim carousels from 1 to 16. Flyers can visit this level to receive their belongings after their arrival. Also, the service animal relief area is situated at Level 2, Southwest Terminal.
  • Level 3 has the ticketing office for several airlines including Southwest. Gates ranging between 100 and 129 are dedicated to Southwest Airlines. Additionally, the Rideshare facility is available at this level.

NOTE: Flyers can contact the Southwest Airlines Orlando Office in Florida for assistance regarding these levels.

Transportation options at Southwest Airlines MCO Terminal

Several car rental companies operate at Southwest Airlines Terminal at MCO, Orlando. It is considered one of the most convenient and affordable transportation options available at this terminal. Some of the car rental companies at this terminal include Alamo, Dollar, Avis, etc. which Southwest flyers can easily access.

Other transportation options:

  • Town shuttles operate from Terminal A to various places across the city.
  • A cruise Transfer facility to different ports is provided at this terminal.
  • Flyers can also hire vehicles from service providers at their convenience.

How do you locate at Southwest Terminal, MCO Airport?

Travelers seeking to locate specific gates for check-in and airport amenities can refer to the detailed map. It provides a comprehensive layout of the terminal’s infrastructure. Flyers can find precise locations of departure gates, services, and facilities like shops and dining with the help of the MCO Airport map of Southwest Terminal.

The Southwest MCO Terminal Map

Flyers can refer to the following map to navigate through the dedicated Southwest Terminal MCO Airport i.e. Terminal A:

Shop and Dining options at Southwest MCO Terminal

In the Southwest Terminal at Orlando International Airport (MCO), flyers will find a mix of shops and great places to eat. Whether flyers are into fancy brands or need travel basics, the shops here have them covered. And when it comes to food, there’s something for everyone – from local flavors to international treats. The Southwest MCO Terminal makes sure a journey is filled with chances to shop and dine along the way.


Amber Treasures07:00 A.M. to 08:00 P.M.Jewelry
Blossom07:00 A.M. – 08:00 P.M.Hair Accessories 
Naturally Inspired07:00 A.M. – 09:00 P.M.Eco-friendly Products and Fair Trade
Orlando Market Kiosk06:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.News and Gifts
Sunglass Hut07:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.Sunglasses
Terminal Getaway SPA07:00 A.M. – 09:00 P.M.Spa services

Dining Options

The following are the restaurants located at Southwest Terminal A, Gates 100 to 129:

Asian ChaoChinese Cuisine 08:00 A.M. – Last departure
Auntie Anne’sPretzels07:00 A.M. till last departure
BananasSmoothies and Frozen Yogurt04:30 A.M. to last departing flight
Cask & Larder BarSnacks and drinks07:00 A.M. till last departure
ChipotleMexican Food 08:00 A.M. – Last departure
Farmair Restaurant & BarFarm to Terminal Cuisine05:00 A.M. till last departure

Is there a parking facility at MCO Southwest Airlines Terminal?

The Southwest Terminal at MCO Airport provides an extensive parking solution at Garage A. It caters to both short-term and long-term parking needs. The facility is currently open and offers a grace period for the first 20 minutes of parking.

  • Subsequent charges include $2 for 21 to 30 minutes.
  • After this duration, for each 15-minute, $1 will be charged.
  • Beyond the initial grace period, $24 is applicable per 24-hour period.
  • The Garage A allows for a maximum stay of 45 days.

Accepted modes of payment at MCO Southwest Terminal Parking are cash, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, E-PASS, and SunPass Plus. 

Services & Amenities at Southwest Terminal at MCO, Orlando

Some of the major amenities offered at MCO Orlando Terminal A for Southwest flyers are discussed below:

  • Curbside Check-in Facility: Southwest Airlines provides a curbside check-in facility at Terminal A at MCO. This facility offers a convenient check-in process before entering the terminal on Level 3. 
  • Luggage Carts: Travelers can easily transport their belongings with the availability of luggage carts through the Southwest Terminal in MCO. These are also available in parking Garage A. 
  • Hotels: Hyatt Regency is situated between A and B Terminals. It provides an immediate accommodation option for travelers. 
  • Mobility Devices: MCO Terminal for Southwest caters to travelers with reduced mobility by providing readily accessible mobility devices. It includes segways, wheelchairs, and electric scooters offered at Terminal B. 
  • Phones: Strategically placed Pay and Page phones throughout the terminal offer travelers quick access to communication services. Text telephones are also provided to ensure connectivity.
  • Animal Relief Areas: Dedicated animal relief areas are located before and after security within Terminal A. Before security, it is located at Level 2 and across from Gate 121 after security.
  • Information Booths: Information booths are strategically located throughout the MCO Southwest Terminal. Specifically, they are located near each security point. 
  • Restrooms: Well-maintained restrooms are conveniently situated throughout the terminal, ensuring accessibility and hygiene for travelers during their travel experience.
  • Adult Changing Tables: The terminal for Southwest at MCO is equipped with adult changing tables provided in all care restrooms.

Which major cities are covered by Southwest Airlines via MCO Airport?

Southwest Airlines, operating from Orlando International Airport (MCO), serves as a pivotal link connecting travelers to an extensive network of major cities. The airline’s comprehensive route offerings from MCO include key destinations.

Major domestic Southwest Airlines flights that fly to/from MCO Airport are:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Washington
  • Kansas City
  • LaGuardia
  • Austin
  • Manchester
  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • Saint Louis
  • Columbus 
  • Dallas
  • Phoenix

Southwest Airlines operates in the following International locations from MCO:

  • Portland
  • Montego Bay
  • San Juan

The MCO Southwest Terminal stands as an important part of Orlando International Airport. It ensures efficient operations for Southwest Airlines flyers. To fulfill flyer requirements, the terminal offers airport facilities and reliable assistance throughout their journey. Moreover, this terminal has a well-maintained transportation facility to ensure connectivity to/from MCO.

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Which terminal is Southwest at MCO?

Southwest Airlines operates from Terminal A at MCO Airport in Orlando.

What terminal to check in for Southwest Airlines MCO Airport?

Travelers can check in at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter in level 3 of Terminal A at Orlando Airport.

What terminal is southwest arrivals at Mco?

Southwest arrivals take place at Terminal A at Orlando International Airport.

Which is MCO Southwest Terminal A or B?

Terminal A is dedicated to Southwest Airlines at MCO Airport.

Does Southwest Airlines operate its departures at Terminal A at MCO?

Yes, Southwest Airlines operates departures from Terminal A at MCO.

What terminal is for Southwest departures at MCO?

Southwest Airlines departures take place from Terminal A at MCO.

Does Southwest Terminal A have a pet relief area at MCO?

Yes, Southwest Terminal A at MCO has dedicated pet relief areas.

What terminal does Southwest fly out of at MCO?

At MCO, Southwest Airlines primarily flies out of Terminal A.

What is the MCO Southwest Terminal phone number?

The Southwest Terminal phone number at MCO is 800-435-9792.

What terminal do you pick up Southwest passengers at MCO?

Southwest passengers can be picked up from Terminal A at MCO.

What terminal is Southwest Baggage Claim at MCO?

Baggage Claim for Southwest is on Level 2 at Terminal A, MCO.

Is any transportation facility available at MCO Southwest Terminal?

Yes, various transportation facilities are available, including car rentals, shuttles, and more at Terminal A, MCO.

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