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One of the busiest hubs in the country is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where more than 70 airlines offer flights to both domestic and foreign locations.

LAX Airport is one of three significant airports that serve the West Coast regions in the USA. Delta LAX Terminal 2 is one of the busiest terminals, with 40 daily flights run by the airlines.

Numerous additions and modifications have been made to the airport, some of which are currently in progress.

After being initially constructed in 1948 as Los Angeles International Airport, the airport serves as the international hub for many domestic and international carriers. LAX Airport has six terminals: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

AirportLAX International Airport
TerminalsTerminals 3
Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
Airlines Website
Airport Website
CityNew York
CountryUnited States

Delta Airlines Terminal LAX Guide

Travelers can take advantage of the following services when they land at LAX airport:

  • Airport location – Los Angeles International Airport, Queens, New York
  • Terminal for Delta Airlines – Terminal 2.
  • Airport code – LAX
  • Operation hours – The business is open every day from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.
  • Arrival at the Airport – For flights with Delta Airlines, you must arrive at the airport two hours before takeoff if you are going with checked bags. Arrive 1.5 hours before departure if you don’t have any bags or if you require assistance from the Delta Airlines counter.
  • Pre-check-in is a service that is available between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.


Delta Airlines Detroit (DTW)06:15 pmDL12213
Delta Airlines Puerto Vallarta (PVR)06:15 pmDL17793
Delta Airlines Salt Lake City (SLC)06:15 pmDL9783
Delta Airlines Reno (RNO)06:17 pmDL37553
Delta Airlines San Jose Cabo (SJD)06:19 pmDL18243
Delta Airlines Papeete (PPT)06:30 pmDL8467TB
Delta Airlines Atlanta (ATL)06:35 pmDL3713
Delta Airlines San Francisco (SFO)06:50 pmDL24323
Delta Airlines Tucson (TUS)06:52 pmDL37943
Delta Airlines Vancouver (YVR)07:06 pmDL71702
Delta Airlines New York (JFK)07:10 pmDL28013
Delta Airlines Taipei (TPE)07:35 pmDL7735TB
Delta Airlines Orlando (MCO)07:40 pmDL7033
Delta Airlines Boise (BOI)07:47 pmDL40803
Delta Airlines London (LHR)08:05 pmDL5977TB
Delta Airlines Atlanta (ATL)08:10 pmDL16923
Delta Airlines Seattle (SEA)08:13 pmDL6543
Delta Airlines Phoenix (PHX)08:15 pmDL39213
Delta Airlines Washington (DCA)08:20 pmDL3423
Delta Airlines Nashville (BNA)08:29 pmDL12273
Delta Airlines Detroit (DTW)08:31 pmDL27373
Delta Airlines Las Vegas (LAS)08:39 pmDL10583
Delta Airlines Denver (DEN)08:44 pmDL9673
Delta Airlines Raleigh/Durham (RDU)08:52 pmDL13903
Delta Airlines Minneapolis (MSP)08:52 pmDL21393
Delta Airlines Portland (PDX)08:55 pmDL25843
Delta Airlines Cancun (CUN)09:05 pmDL14713
Delta Airlines Kahului (OGG)09:09 pmDL27933
Delta Airlines New Orleans (MSY)09:10 pmDL3553
Delta Airlines San Francisco (SFO)09:30 pmDL12583
Delta Airlines Memphis (MEM)09:35 pmDL39983
Delta Airlines Orlando (MCO)09:55 pmDL6973
Delta Airlines Honolulu (HNL)09:57 pmDL10983
Delta Airlines Atlanta (ATL)09:58 pmDL4953
Delta Airlines Seattle (SEA)10:19 pmDL3033
Delta Airlines Salt Lake City (SLC)10:25 pmDL7053
Delta Airlines Detroit (DTW)10:29 pmDL6963
Delta Airlines New York (JFK)10:34 pmDL7343
Delta Airlines Boston (BOS)10:43 pmDL10283
Delta Airlines Vancouver (YVR)10:53 pmDL5193
Delta Airlines Tampa (TPA)10:55 pmDL68712
Delta Airlines Atlanta (ATL)11:04 pmDL3013
Delta Airlines Minneapolis (MSP)11:19 pmDL23313
Delta Airlines Salt Lake City (SLC)11:57 pmDL10493


Delta Airlines San Antonio (SAT)06:15 pmDL7203
Delta Airlines Houston (IAH)06:16 pmDL7733
Delta Airlines New Orleans (MSY)06:23 pmDL11013
Delta Airlines Paris (CDG)06:25 pmDL8549TB
Delta Airlines Austin (AUS)06:40 pmDL21593
Delta Airlines Memphis (MEM)06:43 pmDL11363
Delta Airlines Dallas (DFW)06:55 pmDL38603
Delta Airlines Reno (RNO)07:00 pmDL38263
Delta Airlines Albuquerque (ABQ)07:07 pmDL10243
Delta Airlines Salt Lake City (SLC)07:25 pmDL39063
Delta Airlines Phoenix (PHX)07:30 pmDL10213
Delta Airlines Seattle (SEA)07:30 pmDL35983
Delta Airlines San Jose (SJC)07:42 pmDL41433
Delta Airlines Tucson (TUS)07:42 pmDL14293
Delta Airlines Denver (DEN)07:50 pmDL164533
Delta Airlines Vancouver (YVR)07:55 pmDL7171TB
Delta Airlines Las Vegas (LAS)07:55 pmDL25623
Delta Airlines Lima (LIM)08:05 pmDL7349TB
Delta Airlines Spokane (GEG)08:25 pmDL39933
Delta Airlines Paris (CDG)08:40 pmDL8467TB
Delta Airlines Sacramento (SMF)09:00 pmDL39933
Delta Airlines San Francisco (SFO)09:35 pmDL26573
Delta Airlines New York (JFK)09:49 pmDL10923
Delta Airlines Detroit (DTW)09:55 pmDL26833
Delta Airlines Tampa (TPA)10:05 pmDL10723
Delta Airlines London (LHR)10:08 pmDL5976TB
Delta Airlines Atlanta (ATL)10:15 pmDL3093
Delta Airlines Fort Lauderdale (FLL)10:29 pmDL8723
Delta Airlines Sydney (SYD)10:30 pmDL413
Delta Airlines Seoul (ICN)10:35 pmDL9043TB
Delta Airlines Taipei (TPE)10:40 pmDL7730TB
Cancun (CUN)10:45 pmDL6233
Delta Airlines Atlanta (ATL)11:25 pmDL15573
Delta Airlines Orlando (MCO)11:29 pmDL29543
Delta Airlines Cincinnati (CVG)11:30 pmDL8813
Delta Airlines San Jose (SJO)11:32 pmDL19743
Delta Airlines San Salvador (SAL)11:49 pmDL19673
Delta Airlines New York (JFK)11:59 pmDL10353

Delta Airlines LAX Airport Check-in Desk

The following timetables will be covered when you check in with Delta Airlines at the airport.

To check-in and board at LAX Airport, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • All checked luggage must be provided to Delta Airlines along with a current boarding pass.
  • If you are traveling with a paper ticket, the airline agent is always on duty at the Delta Airlines terminal at LAX airport to assist you with the check-in procedure.

Self-check-in – Delta Airlines check-in kiosks are located in terminal 5 of the Los Angeles international airport (LAX).

Cash payments at the airport are not accepted by Delta Airlines at LAX. Ask the Delta Airlines personnel at the airport if there are any options for converting cash to debit or credit cards.

Baggage Drop-Off Area and Claim Desk at LAX Airport

Passengers of Delta Airlines are given exclusive use of the baggage claim area and counter at the LAX Terminal.

Drop Zone – If you need to check luggage, drop it in the baggage claim section of Delta LAX Terminal 2. The counter opens no earlier than 5:00 am, but three hours before departure. The airline allows checked bags for domestic flights inside the United States 30 minutes before takeoff. The airline accepts debit and credit cards at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Delta Airlines will use Carousel 5 at Terminal 4’s baggage claim area. Baggage pickup is available 90 minutes after arrival. Checked luggage will be accepted only during ticket counter hours and no earlier than 8 hours prior to departure

Information about Delta Airlines Boarding at the LAX Terminal

All passengers should be informed of the following information prior to boarding a Delta Airlines flight:

Security – The Delta Airlines flight must depart with airport security completed at least 90 minutes prior to takeoff.

Boarding – Arrive at the gate at least 30 minutes before departure. If the airline has your contact information, they will notify you when the flight is set to take off. The flight won’t be delayed to make room for delayed passengers. 
Pre-boarding – Travelers who wish to take advantage of Delta Airlines’ pre-boarding service must get to the gate early. It is possible to preboard for:

  • Passengers flying with young children and infants
  • Passengers who need special requests or with disabilities.

Services with a Priority – The Delta Airlines LAX facility offers priority check-in and boarding, and is available to the following passengers – 

  • Passengers flying in Business and First Class
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Delta SkyMiles passengers

Please be advised that if you come after your priority group has been called, you may use the priority lane to board at any time.

Delta Airlines’ immigration Counter at LAX International Airport

If you are traveling on Delta terminal LAX 4, you can use an Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosk to speed through immigration. In addition –

  • US or Canadian citizens with valid passports are eligible for this service.
  • individuals traveling on B1/B2 tourist visas or using a visa waiver.
  • Instead of using the usual form, submit your customs information using the APC kiosk. Here, you can take a picture, scan your passport, and respond to a series of inquiries.
  • Please show your passport and receipt to a US Customs and Border Patrol agent to complete your entry documents for the US.

Assistance to the Disabled

If you require assistance with completing airport formalities, boarding Delta Airlines, or boarding subsequent flights. If so, please contact the airline by phone or through the “Manage Booking” section at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

LAX Terminal Map Layout

LAX Terminal Map Layout
LAX Terminal Map Layout

Parking spaces and ground transportation are located inside LAX’s U-shaped architecture. In addition, there are 9 terminals located on the outside. The north side of the airport has Terminals 1 through 3, the south side has Terminals 4 through 8, and the west side has Terminal B (Tom Bradley International).

Passengers and non-passengers are both welcome in all transit access (pre-security) facilities inside the U. There aren’t many eateries or cafes landside in Terminals 1 through 9, save from little coffee shops. Head to Terminal B for a wider variety of landside restaurants if you arrive early and can’t check-in for your flight.

With the exception of Terminals 7 and 8, which share one security checkpoint, each terminal has its own security checkpoint. Any traveler with a valid boarding card for that day may go through security at any terminal.

Each terminal has its own stores, bars, and restaurants, and some offer airline lounges once you are airside (through security).

Delta Terminal LAX Airport Location Map

What do you need to know about Delta Terminal LAX?

The Tom Bradley International Terminal is one of eight terminals that make up LAX Airport’s U-shaped layout (TBIT). Delta operates from Terminal 3, on the north side.

Delta Terminal LAX Departure – Delta is currently using Terminal 3. For check-in, luggage drop, special assistance, and security, kindly proceed to Terminal 3. Eligible customers may make use of our Delta Sky Clubs at T2 or T3.

Getting into LAX – Domestic flights from Delta land in Terminal 2, while international aircraft touch down in Terminal B. 

  • At LAX, you can connect from a domestic aircraft to another domestic or international flight.
  • Terminal 2 or Terminal B will serve as the departure point for connecting domestic or international aircraft.
  • There is an inter-terminal shuttle bus that runs between Terminals 2 and B.

Connecting from an international flight or a domestic flight at LAX – Passengers must go through immigration, pick up their bags, and go through customs when arriving on a Delta international aircraft at Terminal B. Passengers who need to recheck their bags for their destination can then walk (or take an airport shuttle) to Terminal 3 to do so.

Changing planes at LAX if flying on an international route – International planes touch down at Terminal B, where passengers must pass through immigration before they may claim their luggage and recheck it. Recheck is now offered at Terminal B for international Delta and partner airline arrivals, allowing passengers to recheck their bags after passing through customs there.

Codeshare operated international flights at LAX – The way that Delta codeshare and interline partners operate in LAX has also altered. Aeromexico passengers must check in and leave their bags at T3, then they must walk to Terminal B for departures. In addition – 

  • WestJet passengers can check-in, leave their luggage, and board at T2.
  • Passengers will check in, drop off their luggage and board their flight in Terminal B when flying with Air France, KLM, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, China Eastern, or LATAM.
  • International arrivals will all take place in Terminal B.

Expedited security checkpoints – In Terminal 3, CLEAR and TSA Precheck are available. At Terminal B, TSA Precheck is accessible at particular hours.

What terminal is Delta at LAX International airport?

Delta uses Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport. You can access all Delta Airlines services from this terminal such as complimentary WiFi, free access to the lounge for premium class and frequent flyer members, priority boarding, and more.

How do I know what terminal I need to approach for Delta?

To figure out the terminal for Delta Airlines, check out the flight confirmation email. You can also access the same details through the Delta Manage Booking section or by calling Delta Airlines Customer Service.

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