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Aire-Flo® HVAC is a company that manufactures furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and air handlers. They have been in business for over 50 years and are known for their money-saving energy efficiency, expert craftsmanship, durability, reliability, and economy. Aire-Flo is also a subsidiary of Lennox Industries, Inc., which is a leading global provider of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation products and services.

AIRE-FLO HVAC Warranty Lookup, Coverage, Customer Reviews & Contact Details

Here we’ll be sharing insights on Aire-Flo HVAC: products, warranties, customer reviews, and essential contact details for reliable HVAC solutions and services.

How to contact Aire-Flo HVAC ?

To contact Aire-Flo HVAC, you can use the following ways:

Aire-Flo HVAC Head Office Address2100 Lake Park Blvd. Richardson, TX 75080
Aire-Flo HVAC Phone Number1-800-982-2333
Aire-Flo HVAC
Aire-Flo HVAC Products DetailsVisit here
Aire-Flo HVAC Hours of OperationMonday — Friday, 8 am — 5 pm (CST)
Aire-Flo HVAC Contact Details

What is the warranty coverage for Aire-Flo products? 

Aire-Flo offers a variety of warranties on its products. The specific warranty terms will vary depending on the product you purchase. However, Aire-Flo products are typically covered by a 5-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

To register your Aire-Flo product for warranty coverage, you can visit the Aire-Flo website – Aire-Flo HVAC Warranty. You will need to provide your product serial number and proof of purchase.

If you have a question about your Aire-Flo product warranty, you can contact Aire-Flo customer support at (614) 585-8944.

Here is a table summarizing the Aire-Flo warranty coverage:

Furnaces5-year parts and 10-year heat exchanger
Air conditioners5-year parts and 10-year compressor
Heat pumps5-year parts and 10-year compressor
Air handlers5-year parts
Aire-Flo HVAC Warranty Lookup

Please note that these are just general guidelines and the specific warranty terms may vary depending on the product you purchase. For complete warranty information, refer to the warranty certificate that came with your product.

What are the ratings of Aire-Flo HVAC according to customer reviews?

Aire-Flo HVAC has a positive reputation among consumers, with an average rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars. Customers praise the company’s knowledgeable and friendly staff, prompt service, and fair pricing, while others have had negative experiences. 

Pros as per positive reviews

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Prompt service.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Positive reputation among consumers.

Cons observed as per negative reviews

  • Limited regional availability.
  • Potential for installation errors.
  • Some customers have had negative experiences.


In conclusion, Aire-Flo HVAC is a reputable company with a good reputation. Some customers have had positive experiences, while others have had negative experiences. It is important to read individual customer reviews & product warranty details to get a more comprehensive understanding of Aire-Flo HVAC’s reputation, else if you are searching for HVAC service, Aire-Flo HVAC is a good option to keep in mind.

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Is Aire-Flo the same as Lennox?

Aire-Flo is indeed a Lennox trade name for their “economy” line, sharing Lennox serial number styles. It represents a more budget-friendly range of HVAC products.

What are the business hours for Aire-Flo HVAC?

Aire-Flo operates Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm (CST), ensuring support and assistance within these hours for their HVAC products and services.

Where is Aire-Flo HVAC’s head office?

Aire-Flo’s headquarters is situated at 2100 Lake Park Blvd., Richardson, TX 75080, serving as the central location for their operations and services.

Who is Aire-Flo made by?

Aire-Flo, a subsidiary of Lennox International, manufactures HVAC products for residential and commercial use. Introduced in 1930, it complements Lennox, a company established in 1895.

What is the warranty on Aire-Flo HVAC?

Aire-Flo offers various warranties: furnaces – 5-year parts, 10-year heat exchanger; air conditioners – 5-year parts, 10-year compressor; heat pumps – 5-year parts, 10-year compressor; air handlers – 5-year parts.

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