Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal – John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • (800) 874-8875
  • Daily, 24 Hours
  • Terminal 1, Queens, NY 11430, United States
  • http://www.turkishairlines.com/

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Turkish Airlines, known for its exceptional service and extensive network, operates from Terminal 1 at JFK Airport in New York City. At JFK, Turkish Airlines welcomes travelers at their dedicated terminal, designed to offer a seamless and comfortable experience. From the moment travelers enter the terminal, they are greeted with a blend of Turkish hospitality and modern facilities. This article delves into the unique features of the Turkish Airlines terminal at JFK, highlighting the amenities and services that set it apart and make the travel experience convenient and enjoyable for travelers.

Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal

JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal – A Quick Overview

All the basic and necessary information on the JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal is given in the following table. This prior knowledge will help flyers have a convenient journey to/from this terminal with Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Terminal at JFKTerminal 1
ArrivalsLevel 1, Terminal 1
DeparturesLevel 3, Terminal 1
Ticket CounterLevel 3, Terminal 1
Turkish Airlines ticket counter hours JFKDaily, 24 Hours
Baggage Claim AreaNear Arrivals, Level 1, Terminal 1
Check-in CounterLevel 3, Terminal 1
Turkish Airlines JFK terminal phone number(800) 874-8875
Turkish Airlines Parking at JFK AirportRed Lot Parking, Terminal 8
Turkish Airlines Lounge at JFK Airport Alitalia Lounge, Near Gate 3, Level 3, Terminal 1

What Terminal is Turkish Airlines at JFK?

Turkish Airlines operates out of Terminal 1 at JFK Airport in New York City. This terminal is known for its wide range of amenities and efficient services, catering to the needs of international travelers. Terminal 1, home to Turkish Airlines at JFK, stands out for its ease of navigation and comfortable waiting areas, ensuring a pleasant experience for flyers. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the terminal offers a hassle-free journey for those flying with Turkish Airlines. Additionally, EgyptAir at JFK Airport also operates from Terminal 1.

JFK Turkish Airlines Arrival Terminal

Turkish Airlines arrivals at JFK Airport take place at Level 1 of Terminal 1. This area is well-equipped for a smooth arrival process, featuring a convenient Baggage Claim Area near the arrivals section. The terminal’s efficient layout ensures a quick and hassle-free exit, allowing travelers to easily transition to their next destination.

JFK Turkish Airlines Departure Terminal

For those departing with Turkish Airlines, the journey begins at Level 3 of Terminal 1. The Check-in Counter and Ticket Counter, operating 24 hours daily, are located here, ensuring round-the-clock service for travelers. Before boarding, flyers can relax in the Alitalia Lounge, situated near Gate 3.

JFK Terminal Map Turkish Airlines

Locating various points at JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal becomes easy with airport maps. Flyers can get directions to the Turkish Airlines check-in counters and baggage claims with the help of the JFK Terminal 1 Map for Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Counter at JFK Airport

Located on Level 3 of Terminal 1, the Turkish Airlines Ticket Counter offers round-the-clock service, operating 24 hours daily. This counter provides convenient and efficient ticketing services for all Turkish Airlines flyers. Flyers make new bookings and make modifications to their reservations with the help of Turkish Airline professionals.

Baggage Counter of Turkish Airlines at JFK Airport

The Baggage Counter for Turkish Airlines is situated near the Arrivals area on Level 1 of Terminal 1. This location ensures a swift and easy baggage collection experience for arriving travelers. In case flyers face any damage to their luggage, they can contact the staff at these counters.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance 

Turkish Airlines offers distinct baggage allowances based on travel class and traveler type. The guidelines ensure a convenient travel experience at JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal. The following baggage allowance accommodates diverse needs while adhering to international travel regulations.

  • Economy Class: 1 piece, up to 23 kg, max 158 cm size.
  • Business Class: 1 piece, up to 32 kg, max 158 cm size.
  • Infants: 1 piece, up to 10 kg on most flights, up to 23 kg under piece baggage policy.

When to arrive at Turkish Airlines JFK terminal 1?

For a stress-free journey with Turkish Airlines at JFK Terminal 1, it’s advised to arrive 2 hours before domestic flights. For international flights, one must arrive 3 hours before the departure. This timing ensures ample opportunity for baggage check-in and security clearance.

Travelers flying from JFK Airport can connect with the Turkish Airlines Office in New York to resolve queries related to check-in times and ways. 

How to travel to/from JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal?

Reaching or departing from JFK’s Turkish Airlines Terminal is convenient with several transport options. One can use the AirTrain, which connects the terminal to parking lots, pick-up points, and New York City’s public transport network. For public transportation, NYC’s Subway system is accessible at Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations. Alternatively, flyers can opt for a taxi, car, or van service for direct and comfortable travel to and from the terminal.

Parking Facility at Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal

Currently, the parking lot at Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1 is closed. So, as per the airport guidelines, flyers traveling with Turkish Airlines are advised to use the Red Parking Lot at Terminal 8. The charges at this parking space are as follows: 

  • For ½ hour the rate is $4.
  • Charges for each additional ½ hour over 3 hours stay is $8
  • The maximum charge for 24 hours is $70.

Does Turkish Air have a lounge at JFK?

Yes, Turkish Airlines has a lounge, named Alitalia Lounge at Terminal 1 of JFK Airport. It is located after TSA Security Checks, Gates 2 and 3 on Level 3. This lounge provides a comfortable and relaxing space for travelers before and after their flight.

Shops and Dining Options at JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal

JFK’s Terminal 1, hosting Turkish Airlines, offers a delightful array of shops and dining choices. The following shopping and dining options add to the overall comfort and convenience of the travel experience at JFK Terminal 1. 

Shopping Options at Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1

  1. 24-Hour Flowers is located east and west sides of arrivals at Terminal 1.
  2. Bulgari Specialty Boutique can be found near Gate 4, Terminal 1.
  3. Dior store is located near Gate 4, Departures, Terminal 1. 
  4. The Duty-Free & Tax-Free Concession is at Center Concourse, Terminal 1.

Food Outlets at JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal

  1. Dunkin Donuts is located at Mez Level, Arrivals at Terminal 1.
  2. Arrivals Eatery can be found at Arrivals at Terminal 1.
  3. Eat and Go Istanbul is situated at Terminal 1, between Gates 5 and 7.
  4. Euro Cafe is located at the Arrivals Level on the west side, Terminal 1.

Turkish Airlines Services and Amenities at JFK Terminal 1

JFK Terminal 1, serving Turkish Airlines, is equipped with various amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience. The facilities cater to a wide range of needs, from relaxation to practical services. Further, flyers can explore several things to do during their layover at JFK Airport.

  • Fuel Rod: Available at the Mezzanine in the Food Court.
  • ICE Currency Service: Located at Arrivals, Terminal 4, Center Concourse.
  • Charging Stations: Found at Gates 5, 7, 8, and outside the Arrivals Area at the Welcome Center.
  • Be Relax Spa: Situated at departures for relaxation services. 
  • Adams Health Services: Accessible at Check-ins for health-related needs.
  • ATMs: Positioned at Arrivals Level – West, Departures Level – West, Food Court, Gate 3,4.
  • Restrooms: Conveniently spread throughout the JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal 1.
  • Bag Storage by SmartCarte: Offered in Terminal 1.
  • Service Animal/Pet Relief Area: Located outside, at the Arrivals Area, East End.
  • SIMS To Go: Available at Arrivals for communication necessities.
  • Nursing Stations: Near Gate 1 outside the Air France Lounge.

In summary, the Turkish Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport is a hub of convenience and comfort. With easy-to-navigate facilities, 24/7 service counters, and diverse amenities, it ensures a smooth experience for travelers. The terminal offers a variety of dining and shopping options, making it an ideal gateway for Turkish Airlines flyers.

What is the JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal number?

The Turkish Airlines Terminal number is Terminal 1 at JFK Airport.

Is the Turkish Airlines JFK arrival and departure terminal the same?

Yes, the Turkish Airlines JFK arrival and departure terminals are the same, i.e. Terminal 1.

Which is JFK Turkish Airlines arrival terminal?

Turkish Airlines uses Level 1 of Terminal 1 for arrivals at JFK Airport.

What terminal is Turkish Airlines at JFK?

Turkish Airlines operates at Terminal 1 at JFK.

Does Turkish Airlines have a lounge at JFK Terminal 1?

Yes, Turkish Airlines has a lounge, named Alitalia Lounge at JFK Terminal 1.

Which is the Turkish Airlines JFK departure terminal?

Turkish Airlines departs from Level 3 of Terminal 1 from JFK Airport.

Is Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1?

Yes, Turkish Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at JFK.

What is the Turkish Airlines JFK terminal 1 phone number?

The Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1 phone number is (800) 874-8875.

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