Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal – John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • (800) 252-7522
  • Terminal 7, Queens, NY 11430, United States

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Alaska Airlines operates from Terminal 7 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. This dedicated Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal plays a significant role in facilitating both domestic and international flights. This article aims to provide detailed insights into the terminal’s facilities, from arrivals and departures to the various amenities it offers. Whether you’re a frequent flyer with Alaska Airlines or planning your first journey, understanding the functioning of Terminal 7 at JFK Airport will enhance your travel experience. The terminal is fully equipped with services and ensures a comfortable journey with Alaska Airlines. Let’s discover what Alaska Airlines Terminal 7 at JFK has in store for travelers.

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Overview

The following table consists of some of the important information related to the Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK. This information helps flyers to have an informed travel experience at JFK Airport. 

Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFKTerminal 7
ArrivalsLevel 1, Terminal 7
DeparturesLevel 2, Terminal 7
Ticket CounterZone C, Terminal 7
Alaska Airlines ticket counter hours NewarkDaily, 04:30 A.M. – 07:45 P.M.
Baggage Claim AreaCarousel 4 and 5, Level 1, Terminal 7
Check-in CounterLevel 2, Terminal 7
Alaska Airlines JFK terminal phone number(800) 252-7522
Alaska Airlines Parking at JFK AirportOrange Garage, Terminal 7
Alaska Airlines Lounge at JFK Airport Alaska Lounge at Level 3 and Level 4, Terminal 7

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at JFK?

Alaska Airlines operates exclusively from Terminal 7 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. This terminal serves as the primary base for Alaska Airlines’ diverse range of flights, accommodating both their domestic and international routes. JFK Airport Alaska Airlines Terminal 7 is known for its efficient services and passenger-friendly amenities, making it a key terminal for Alaska Airlines at JFK.

JFK Airport Alaska Airlines Departures Terminal

For Alaska Airlines passengers, departures at JFK Airport are conveniently located in Terminal 7. This terminal is equipped with streamlined check-in counters, thorough security checkpoints, and a variety of shops and dining options. These facilities ensure a smooth and comfortable departure process for flyers flying with Alaska Airlines.

JFK Airport Alaska Airlines Arrivals Terminal

Upon landing at JFK Airport, Alaska Airlines passengers are welcomed at Terminal 7. This terminal is designed for a seamless arrival experience, offering easy access to baggage claims and a variety of ground transportation options. It’s a terminal that emphasizes convenience and efficiency, aiding travelers in their onward journey.

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Directions

Alaska Airlines travelers can easily navigate Terminal 7 via direction map given above. With the help of the map, flyers can get info on signage, helpful staff, and information kiosks. It assists travelers in efficiently finding their gates, accessing amenities, and making any necessary transfers. 

Alaska Airlines Ticketing Counter at JFK Terminal

The Alaska Airlines ticketing counter, located in Terminal 7 at JFK, provides comprehensive services including flight bookings, ticket modifications, and resolving customer inquiries. The counter is staffed with knowledgeable personnel ready to assist travelers, ensuring a smooth pre-flight experience at JFK Airport.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Counter at JFK Airport

The baggage counter for Alaska Airlines in JFK’s Terminal 7 offers valuable services to travelers. It assists with luggage check-in, handling claims for lost or delayed baggage, and addressing other luggage-related issues, ensuring travelers have a hassle-free experience from check-in to arrival.

Baggage Allowance

Passengers flying with Alaska Airlines from JFK’s Terminal 7 are entitled to a generous baggage allowance. The airline’s standard policy includes one personal item and one carry-on bag, with the option to check additional baggage subject to size and weight limits. This policy is designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of travelers.

  • The dimensions of the carry-on bag should not exceed 22” x 14” x 9”.
  • The permitted size of the carry-on bag is 45 linear inches, including the handle and wheels. 

NOTE: Flyers can buy checked-in baggage allowance starting at $30 for one bag by reaching the Alaska Airlines baggage counter at JFK Airport.

Check-in Times for Alaska Airlines Flights at JFK Airport

For Alaska Airlines flights departing from JFK Airport, it’s recommended that flyers check in at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours for international ones. This time frame ensures a smooth check-in process, including luggage handling and security procedures, thereby providing a relaxed and timely start to your journey from Terminal 7.

Is there any parking facility for Alaska Airlines flyers at JFK?

JFK Airport offers several parking options conveniently located near Terminal 7 for Alaska Airlines flyers. These facilities include both short-term and long-term parking, catering to different needs and durations of stay. With security and accessibility as priorities, these parking areas provide peace of mind for travelers.

  • The Terminal 7 parking is known as Orange Garage.
  • Currently, it is closed except for ADA and limited pre-books.
  • The maximum charge for 24 hours is $60.
  • Alaska Airlines flyers can use Long Parking or the nearby parking in case Orange Garage is not available at that moment.

Transportation options available at Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK

At JFK Terminal 7 for Alaska Airlines, travelers have access to various transportation modes. Options include taxis, airport shuttle services, and public transit systems, such as buses and trains. These services offer convenient and efficient travel to and from the airport, catering to the needs of all passengers.

  • AirTrain can be utilized to move around JFK Airport and connect to NYC’s public transportation network at Howard Beach and Jamaica.
  • BTA Bus Services provides regular buses between JFK Airport, Queens, and Brooklyn. 
  • Taxi trips and Car rentals can be booked near the Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK.

Shop & Dine at JFK Alaska Airlines Terminal

The Terminal for Alaska Airlines at JFK boasts an array of shopping and dining choices. Passengers can indulge in diverse culinary options, from quick snacks to full meals, and explore shops offering travel essentials, gifts, and luxury items, making their wait at the airport both enjoyable and convenient.

Dining Options at Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal:

  • Apartment 7B Deli & Restaurant located at Food Court, Terminal 7. 
  • Bento Sushi can be found at Food Court, Terminal 7
  • Dunkin Donuts and Dunkin are located at the Arrivals Area and Gate 10 at Terminal 7 respectively.
  • Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is available at Terminal 7 Food Court.
  • Le Grand Comptoir is positioned at Gate 6, Terminal 7. 

Shops at Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport:

  • Hudson is found at Gate 5/6 and Gate ⅞, Terminal 7
  • Kiehls, a cosmetic and skin care center is situated above TSA Security Checkpoint, Terminal 7.
  • Duty-Free Americas is located at Departures, Terminal 7.
  • Tech on The Go is positioned across Center Concourse, Terminal 7.
  • SIMS To Go is available at the arrivals Area, Terminal 7.

Services and Amenities at Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

Terminal 7 at JFK, serving Alaska Airlines, is equipped with various amenities designed to enhance traveler comfort. These include free Wi-Fi access, multiple charging stations for devices, comfortable seating areas, and helpful customer service desks. These facilities ensure a pleasant and smooth experience for travelers flying with Alaska Airlines. Moreover, flyers can explore some fun things to do on a layover at JFK. 

Some of the services are mentioned below:

  • Charging Stations: Available in the Arrivals Hall, at all Gates, Welcome Center outside the Arrivals Area, and opposite Hudson News in the Arrivals Hall.
  • Family Restroom: Located on the Arrivals Domestic Side and near Gate 9 in Terminal 7.
  • Mamava Nursing Suite: Situated adjacent to Gate 9.
  • SDI Currency Exchange: Positioned across from Gate 5/6, in Arrivals and departures near Gate ¾ and Gate 7 at Terminal 7.
  • Secure Wrap Baggage Storage: Found at the Check-ins area.
  • Service Animal/Pet Relief Area: Located behind Hudson News near Gate 9 in Terminal 7 and outside the Arrivals Area, west end.
  • Water Refill Station: Available near the Food Court Restrooms in Terminal 7.
  • Travelers Aid: The Airport Information Center is in Terminal 7, reachable at 718-656-4870.
  • Sleeping Pods: Flyers who are looking for a space to rest can utilize the sleeping pods at JFK Terminal.

Where does Alaska Airlines fly from JFK Airport?

Alaska Airlines offers flights from JFK Airport to numerous destinations, both within the United States and internationally. This includes popular cities and tourist destinations, providing passengers with a wide range of travel options and connecting New York to various parts of the country and beyond.

The cities covered by Alaska Airlines to/from JFK Airport are mentioned below:

Alaska Airlines, operating at JFK Terminal 7 exemplifies efficiency and flyer convenience. The terminal accommodates a vast range of domestic and international flights. It is a hub of streamlined services, from easy check-ins to diverse dining and shopping options. Enhanced by various transportation modes and essential amenities, Terminal 7 ensures a seamless and pleasant experience for all Alaska Airlines travelers.

Does Alaska Airlines operate from Terminal 7 at JFK Airport?

Yes, Alaska Airlines operates from Terminal 7 at JFK Airport.

Can I find Alaska Airlines departures at JFK Terminal 7?

Yes, Alaska Airlines departures are located at JFK Terminal 7.

Is Alaska Airlines’ arrivals terminal at JFK the same as its departure terminal?

Yes, Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 7 for both arrivals and departures at JFK.

Are domestic flights of Alaska Airlines at JFK located in Terminal 7?

Alaska Airlines’ domestic flights are handled at Terminal 7 at JFK.

What terminal does Alaska Airlines use at JFK Airport?

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 7 at JFK Airport.

Where is the Alaska Airlines arrivals terminal at JFK?

Alaska Airlines arrivals are located at Terminal 7 at JFK Airport.

Which terminal is used for Alaska Airlines departures at JFK?

Alaska Airlines departures are conducted from Terminal 7 at JFK.

Can I find Alaska Airlines at Terminal 7 for JFK Airport departures?

Yes, JFK Airport departures for Alaska Airlines are at Terminal 7.

Is JFK Terminal 7 the designated terminal for Alaska Airlines?

Yes, JFK Terminal 7 is the designated terminal for Alaska Airlines.

Which terminal should I go to for Alaska Airlines at JFK?

For Alaska Airlines at JFK, head to Terminal 7.

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