About Snapchat

Snapchat is the most popular mobile app that allows users to send pictures and videos which will automatically self-delete the picture/video after a few seconds a person views it. Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown and developed by Snap Inc.

Snapchat is a fun messaging application. Users can capture picture or a short video with it and then add a funny caption/ filter to the image and send the edited pictures to a friend. Snapchat has also a feature where the user can click a picture or a short video and post it on their story, where the images will stay for 24 hours and can be viewed only by your followers or broadcast it to the world.

Some of the key features of Snapchat

  • Snaps – photo or video taken with Snapchat. Users can send the picture to another Snapchat user but it can only be viewed for a few seconds and the image is deleted forever after being viewed.
  • Story – a Snap that can be viewed by your followers. Friends and followers can view the story for unlimited time in the next 24 hours and multiple Snap can be posted on your Snapchat Story.
  • Attach a website – whenever your friends views your snap , they can swap the picture bottom to the top and view the website that has been attached.
  • Scores – a special equation combining the number of snaps users have send and receive and stories that has been posted. Users can also check the scores of their friends by holding down the friends name in the friend list.
  • Chat – it lets you chat directly to your friends. Chat can be access by swiping the main home screen from left to right. Tap on the friends name from the friend list and instantly chat with them.
  • Video Chat – this feature lets user start a live video chat. Friends and followers can watch the live feed by selecting the option watch. User cannot see them but the followers will be able to hear you and pass a comment. If your friends select the join option, you will be able to hear and see each.
  • Snapchat filters/lenses – users can have more fun with Snapchat filters/lenses. On the main home camera screen of snapchat, press and hold the screen and different filter options will be available. It includes face recognition software that is able to distort your facial expressions. Users can swipe from left to right and select the various filters and click a picture and send it to your friends.
  • Memories – Snapchat gives user an option to save all the pictures taken on the Snapchat memory. Whenever you take a picture, it will give you an option to save the picture in the memory. The pictures and videos that are saved in memories are stored in Snapchat servers and not the phone storage.
  • Skyfilters – Snapchat is coming up with a new feature called skyfilters that allows user to change the background of the sky. Some of the skyfilter features includes sunset, rainbows, starry skies etc.
Snapchat Tips

With over 150 million people users every day, Snapchat support gives one of the best technical support to its users to fix all types of Snapchat Issues. Users can log in to Snapchat support website, discover some new tricks, find some of the most common questions asked and get instant help. Snapchat support offers a list of question to you that are related to the issue you are facing and gives you the answer right away. If the user requires more help than the answers provided, users can directly send a question  via email with the issue and add an description of the issue and receive a reply email from the technicians.

Snapchat Customer Support Link –

Download Snapchat App on your mobile here:

Snapchat on the App Store

Snapchat Phone Number

Currently Snapchat doesn’t have any customer support telephone number so we suggest you to go to the to resolve the issue.



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  • tony rice says:

    I needed a proper demonstration of the service wanted to talk with someone who can assist me over phone clear my doubts before i pay anything , My friend referred me to a service where they verbally communicate with you forward you complete details with insights here i can share his contact; Email whatsapp:Reliablehacker06 @ gmail com whatsapp+1(608)860-2498)‬. Rating: 3

  • I like to send videos to my friends and literally every single set of videos that I send, the last three videos will not send and I mean I guess it’s a glitch but it’s happening with everyone i send them to.

  • Snapchat was recently not working and I forgot my password by my phone and email are not working and I don’t know what to do

  • Dylan Mitchell 🖤🤞🏽 says:

    Hi, I need help recovering my Snapchat account, I deleted it by mistake and I never wanted it gone, I was going through a move to a new state and helped my struggling family work a business so I wasn’t able to reactivate it in time, I can provide all the information nessacary aswell I need to get it back more then anything, I have severe anxiety and on the spectrum so I’m an emotional wreck over this, the username was dylanxm17 and it was under the phone number 973 330 1874 and the email , for the past month I’ve been researching cyber security, data recovery, and computer science and learned that any account ever created on social media is never truly gone and its always stored in the system database even when the app claims it’s “permanently deleted” I’ve also spoke to workers at Snapchat through LinkedIn and they said recovery is possible especially since I wasn’t banned or anything I deleted it myself by mistake, if you guys could please help me recover it or know someone who could it would mean the world to me! Also to others searching for a solution to this problem, don’t ever give up nothing is ever truly gone from the internet and is stored forever. Your “permanently deleted” account isn’t gone, you just have to go on other websites and sources and find the contact information on workers at the company and reach out and keep doing it until it’s done. I need to recover my Instagram account aswell and I’m using this method. Their “support teams” and “help centers” are going to tell you things that aren’t true because they just simply don’t want to deal with it (that’s why it’s usually robot responses) you just have to keep trying until a heaven sent good hearted worker is here to help you and do their job. Im going to find a resolution to this issue and won’t ever rest until my account is back.🖤🤞🏽 Rating: 1

  • My Snapchat has been hacked and the phone number connected to the account is no longer mine, it claims. I am in a middle of starting my new business but I have a lot of memories of my sons first years of life on the account that I can’t afford to lose also. Please contact me at +13602067177 the number connected to the Snapchat account is (360)-206-7177. Please help Snapchat I will pay whatever fee is needed before my memories and information is deleted.

  • Terrance Boatner says:

    My phone has a ban on it from Snapchat so I can’t access snap on my my phone…anyone knows how to get around it

  • My snapchat was hack how can I get get it back

  • My account had got locked and it won’t let me back it

  • trapperbaby says:

    they deleted my snap for promoting my business i sent months and years on i worked my ass off for business and grew a clientele over time and now i lost my clientele but they don’t ever delete bitches who post nudes tf dirty ass horny ass bastard

  • Mason Oblisk says:

    Snapchat won’t let me send anything to anyone, while also not reloading, it can’t refresh so I can’t even look at people story’s and I can’t post either.

  • I have had my account for 6 years and snap chat Have permanently deactivated it due to a violation of the rules! What rules is this?? I haven’t even done anything. I have lost all my photos and memories of my kids and my family from
    The past 6 years, I thought they were safe on there as I have never had any issues before. Clearly I was wrong! How can you do that to people

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am having murders with my boyfriend and apparently snapchat is lying with categorises he added people even though its there in black and white. Can anyone confirm this for me ?…..

  • It says my password and username is wrong and when i try to change it never works

  • kenya reece says:

    Yall need a phone number for people to call. My phone is broken and I cant log into my snapchat

  • I have been trying to contact snap chat because my daughters account was banned and her phone was loss. Can you please contact me at the below email… what can I do about this?

  • SuckMyDick says:

    Bitchass fuckin company highjacked my goddamn account and wont let me back in, Fuck Snapchat!

  • Marisa Long says:

    I am writing this review as i have been trying to access my snapchat acount that i have forgotten the password to and no longer have the email or mobile number that is attached to it. I have tried contacting you guys through email more times than i can count

  • Hey my friend disabled my acount and i need it back anything you can do

  • Damian William Rodriguez says:

    Don say snapchat phone number if it doesn’t have the actual phone number gtfoh. Rating: 1

  • Hey im Avery, I have had my snapchat account for almost 3 or 4 years but I had recently gotten permanently locked out of my Snapchat account for no reason. I was called out for “abusive behavior” which I have not done. I have lost all of my memories/ old pictures , Snap score, friends, streaks, everything. I have been trying to contact someone for the past week but I am not sure where to go this is the one place I have found so far. I would really love to get that account back and I have been really frustrated not living without Snapchat for the past week. I had tried making another account but that one got permanently locked out too. My last option is to make my third account but if there is a way to get my original account back that would be great. Rating: 2

  • hi i recently got locked out if my snapchat account and i really would like it back. i lost all of my friends, snapscore, streaks, old pictures, everything. I made another account but that one got permanently locked as well. im not sure if you guys can get it back but i would really appreciate it. I have been so frustrated and lost everything. I have been trying to get help for the past week but im not sure where to go. Rating: 2

  • Can’t get into my snapchat and its telling me my email is invalid and phone number

    • Marisa Long says:

      Did they ever contact u back?

  • Robert S Kilian says:

    Snap Chat Customer Support Sucks and Helps No One Rating: 1

  • Lucinda Alves says:

    I was contacted by Snapchat to say someone is using my details. I have been trying to contact Snapchat since the 2nd of February 2021 if this is the only way I can get an message for Snapchat to say I don’t have an account could you please details any details of any one using either my email address or phone number

  • Natalie Pereida says:

    I had my Snapchat account for five years and I always get locked out of my account I don’t know why but it’s getting on my nerves all I want is just to chat with friends and everything and then as soon as I see I get locked out

  • Need to access to my snapchat account can’t get access to it not letting me log into my account with email and with password.

  • Tyler Bishop says:

    I can’t remember my email an password

  • Dakota odunsi says:

    I’m very upset I got permanently banned out of Snapchat and I have everything on it IKnow I should make a new acc but the is complete bull shit I want my snap acc back Rating: 1

  • hey i have my account for 6 years!! and also i had the same number for 6 years so i always had my snapchat but i had got my number changed sadly but i don’t know my password or email sadly so i can’t get in (corvaia09) is my account , can you please get me back in my snapchat.Thank you

  • Laniah Butler says:

    When I try to get in snap I see a black screen and it will not work and am sad that it and am sad and mad cuz I cat text my friends

  • Jordan Byrd says:

    My Snapchat has been hacked and the phone number connected to the account is no longer mine. I am unaware of the email connected to it but I have a lot of memories on the account that I can’t afford to lose. Please contact me at +13167308892 the number connected to the Snapchat account is (316) 491-0078 which is now being used by someone else

    • stephanie says:

      The same exact thing happened to my account, did you get an help?

      • Marisa Long says:

        Did u ever get helped ?

  • Lindsey Demarcello says:

    I’m logged into snapchat on my phone but I got a new phone and need to log in on there but I dont know my password and my email and phone number are incorrect/old

  • Can you help me log into my account I got a new phone and lost the email and phone number please contact me 8703703761

  • Evelyn Hicks says:

    I need to report someone trying to open a Snapchat Acct under my parents names

  • Victoria Garcia says:

    My Snapchat got hacked I sent an email to Snapchat support. Nobody has reached back out to me to recover my account . I’m very upset as it’s been over two weeks and you guys specifically state that I should be receiving a response within 24-48 hours. This is a big deal as someone has my account info and changed my password and set up the additional security verification that prevents me from doing anything. Rating: 1

  • Kyana Singh says:

    my account has been hacked

  • Yvette Topete says:

    I recently deactivated my account about a week ago when I tried to sign back in it said password was wrong so I attempted to reset through my email and phone number both said they were invalid. I have access to both my number and email I can verify it’s my account. I reached out to the support system and the responded by telling me to reset my password but I am unable to do that both say they’re invalid. Please help me I have so many important pictures saved they mean the world, in less than 30 days everything will be gone. I’ve attempted to look online for help and I’m not sure what else to do without help.

  • bwiegele.22 says:

    This app is terrible. I read the ENTIRE Terms of Service multiple times, trying to find out what activity on my account caused the ban. I deleted all apps besides Apple default apps, all social media besides Snapchat and Instagram, and kept Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. I didn’t send spam, I only responded to those who had snapped me first. Since there is no helpline number, nor any humans that can explain the issue, I got screwed over twice. Rating: 1

  • Lavon Thompson says:

    I need the password of snapchat to my old snapchat account username mrolddawgvon017. PLEASE!!!

  • My Snapchat has been hacked and the password has been changed also my phone number and via email has been changed to, I’ve contacted Snapchat support and haven’t gotten back to in 6 days please help get my account back, my number is +16124327567 contact me ASAP please I have all my information in there

    • Tiara Smith says:

      The same exact thing happened to me.

  • Snapchat is not letting me change my password for my old account taht they have sent me out of it so can i please get back into my old account I have lots of old memories of my friends and my grandmother has passed away recently and I have lots of memories with her on my old Snapchat it would really help me heal If I could see them pictures one last time


  • Hi I need your help as soon as possible

  • Travis Pullan says:

    My account was temporarily locked when I tried to log in after restarting the app. This happened to my other one and it permanently locked it, I would appreciate if my account can be unlocked as soon as possible.

    thank you

  • Alicia Riggs says:

    I don’t have a way to contact anyone at SnapChat any other way. There is a boy on SC that is harassing and bullying my daughter. He calls her vile names and when I asked him to stop he cursed at me and called me names too. When she tries to get out of a group chat, he and his friends add her back, I didn’t know that was possible until I sat there with her phone and watched them do it. Today was the icing on top of the crap cake. He told her to go kill herself. I am livid and have no way to reach you. Do I need to call the police? His name is Sean Camden White.

  • rxckless_222 says:

    My Snapchat account @rxckless_222 has been permanently locked for awhile now and I need to get into it,I did nothing wrong this has been an honest mistake so please unlock it.

  • The other day I logged out of snap chat and I accidentally removed it. I tried to put in my username and password and it said it sad wrong I double checked and everything was right. Snap chat is the worse app ever

  • Yonna taylor says:

    Somebody hacked my Snapchat can you either deactivate it or remove them from my Snapchat

  • My account is imawesome_007. It’s been hacked. It’s wont let me log back in. Won’t let me use anyone phone number to change the password.

  • Dustin Chavis says:

    My Snapchat account dust***havis81 has been hacked. My nubber thats been on the account 931***0751 was remobed today and ppl are trying to scam my friends on it

  • They deleted my account for no reason, lost all my memories. I didn’t send friend request, because I don’t like every one being on my snap. Worst app ever

  • someone has my number on their snapchat account and now i cant use mine

  • Allison Sayer says:

    I strongly recommend the service of a GREAT Hacker to you whose email is Chernandezz0009@gmail.comI have used him quite a number of times and he has never disappointed me. He does all types of mobile hacks, get unrestricted and unnoticeable access to your Partner/Spouse, Skype, Facebook Account, Email(s), Whatsapp, Instagram, Text messages, In coming and Out going calls, Twitter, Snap Chats, Bank accounts, Viber, Deleted files, Emails and Password etc.He can also help you boost or repair your credit score and also clear all debts on your card(s). Getting the job done is as simple as sending an email to stating what you want to do. Rating: 5

  • I have no third party apps and I don’t spam, I just woke up and my account was locked. I tried using Snapchat link to unlock but it still won’t work. Could you please unlock my account

  • Kaitlyn Childs says:

    My Snapchat isn’t letting me rename any group chat. Any suggestions?(I have already sent a message to Snapchat through their support service)

  • My account got locked and I can’t unlock it. Snapchat Support has done nothing for me.

    • Me too. Have you found out how to fix it?

  • Vrinda bali says:

    My Snapchat account is permanently locked I need to it it’s very important

  • My Snapchat has been hacked for two days. I’ve sent many Emails and tried to take the steps but my email. Password n recovery number were changed. The person is posting nude contents

  • I need to get access to my minor daughters account. Can someone help thanks

  • says:

    befrog three year and i’d account delete full and after just i’m like snapchat old i’d not open problem and please do you make in old i’d open to good tell and i’m like not new i’d any.

  • Have they gotten back to you about your snapchat account?

  • Im writing this to say that im genually not happy with snap i got a new phone with a new number and no longer use the email before and ive tried contacting you all threw email and call and i dont get an answer… Its really important to me because of pictures of my sibling who is no longer with us… Please help me Rating: 2

  • Brandy Wheeler says:

    I recently got my son a new phone.. he downloaded this app on his new phone but it will not let him use his phone number.. what do we do.. it won’t let him continue at all without a different number.

  • elanor westbury says:

    I need to report a safeguarding concern linked to a snapchat account. I am a safeguarding lead at a high school and have permission from the parent of the child

  • Joanne Loan says:

    How can i ring snapchat to talk to someone bout snapchat plz

  • Lea Conway says:

    I am writing this review as i have been trying to access my snapchat acount that i have forgotten the password to and no longer have the email or mobile number that is attached to it. I have tried contacting you guys through email more times than i can count as all of my sons photos from birth up untill two years old are on there and i am devistated that i have lost them. You guys havent even tried to help me get back onto my account. All i need is for you to update my mobile number to 07999978269 and i will be able to access my account i dont see how it is such a big issue i can even prove it is me by sending photos of me and my son who you will see very clearly in my memories. The acount name is leaconway123 and the last password i remember having is Sienna29 and if anything else ot will have the name riley in it. Snapchat is useless.

    • Lea Conway says:

      The number that is attached to the account is 07885504700

  • Gabriella says:

    i have a snapchat account that ive had for a while now and i changed the psw and then when i tried to log in it didnt work and i dont know my old email or phone number Rating: 2

  • Lache thomas says:

    I forgot my password to log back into my account. The number and email I no longer have and it wants to send the code to reset my login to either one and it’s not excepting my news number or email.????? please help

  • craig drummond says:

    The reason why I’m sending this message is because the old number i use to have i don’t have it anymore to put the security code to log into my snapchat

  • DeWayne J. Brackins says:

    My daughter 14 did not have permission to create an account, and I want it permanently deleted. Please send confirmation to my regularly used email which is . THANK YOU.

  • Lovelie Mahoua says:

    Hello Snapchat,
    my name is Mahoua Lovelie and my account name is lovely-niedlich. l deleted my account recently but I would like to get it back. Please help me
    I will look forward to an answer soon.
    Kind regards.

  • Lovely Niedlich says:

    I deleted my account but I would like to get it back. Help me, please.

  • Snapchat support is not supportive at all. I have been contacting them for two days now, and have recieved no help. The app deleted all of my chats and is not letting me send or receieve any snapchats what so ever. This is ridiculous and now I can’t even use the app at all because of this problem.

  • my phine was stolen someone is using my snap when I changed password and deactivated? thry are saying crazy things I need help asap

  • Beckie Tuohey says:

    I am sending this email I have been trying to contact you on 3 occasions now I am having issues signing back into my snap chat
    My iphone cut out on me and would not come back on 02 collected my phone they was unable to fix and gave me a new one,
    I could not remember all my passwords for everything and I also changed my mobile number a few months ago and have not updated my details
    I am also having an issue with my yahoo account I have emailed them regarding this too I am wanting to know how I can update my number so I can update my password I have a lot of memory of my daughter on my snap I really don’t want to lose this please can you help me with this.

    I am emailing you from my work email and my new number is ******4394

    Please contact me back to let me know much appreciated

  • Robin Hammond says:

    I am trying to login to snapchat to get to bitemogi and it won’t let me . Keeps saying my password is wrong and it is not.

    Please help, thank you

  • David sixkiller says:

    Trouble having apps click sound

  • Ashley Marchiori says:

    I had deleted an account a few years ago, and someone recently found my profile, with my phone number listed, and had the option to invite me. I was under the impression it was deleted, and I cannot log in with any info I thought I would have used. I have attempted to login with any email I have used and none are verified. Can you help me to delete this information completely?? I do not want my phone number out there. Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Hi my name is ahnais and im having trouble signing in to my snapchat. i deactivated my page not to long ago and i am now trying to sign in and i cant can you please help me.. i would like to get my snap chat back

  • I purchased A filter and over chargeD off debit my CARD. The filter didn’t air for the day nor time I chose. I need a refund and pluse the over charge

  • Makayla Califf says:

    if someone can get ahold of me someone hacked my old snapchat and is posting inappropriate stuff

  • LeGrande Bair says:

    Hey! so recently my little sister had a very aggressive snap sent to her. In the snap a boy she attends highschool with attacked her image and said some things that could be considered threats. The administration has started to look into it and has called in both parties to get the full story. He denies what he said. I was hoping that there was a way that you could send us the video that was sent to her. My number is 8019608025. Please contact me as soon as possible. I can get you in contact with the school administration if needed. Please let me know.

  • Manuela Pereira says:

    I can not load or send messages

  • Sascha Franklin says:

    I would like to cancel my account but I can’t remember my username and my son apparently set up his snapchat with my email. I’m needing help to cancel my account. I was wonder if I can verify my info so someone could help me cancel this. Thanks.

  • Hey.. please help me out.. i want to make a personlised goefilter.. please help

  • Asha Mccreery says:

    Please I need help to unlock my account it is very important to me and I have no contact with any of my friends

  • Please please help me unlock my account I tryed to unlock it after several hours but it Has not worked please please help me I have a lot of personal information that I need and messages all of my friends that I have no contast with right now ?

  • Ripton Rowe says:

    Please, please, please get me into my account!

  • Michelle Jones says:

    My Daughter has had some horrendous bullying
    on line via snap chat some of it has been screen shot and the police have the details.But due to being afraid some not.I need to access details sent by certain individuals to my daughter and to other people can someone call me as the details with regaids to what has been put online are not good. As this needs to be dealt with correctly by the School and Police Authorities.

  • I have never entered an email or mobile number into my Snapchat account, and I forgot my password. Is there anyway I can log back into it?

  • I changed phone numbers and devices and I am unable to log in to the app with my current phone. Is there a way to change my phone number information/ get the code through email to bypass the 2 factor authorization

  • I woke up in morning, unlocked my phone and got onto Snapchat but when I tried it said that I got locked out, can u please help me try and get unlocked?

  • I can’t delete old messages from an ex. Her page is automatically saving everything. I have deleted all conversations an there still there

  • Christina Seneviratne says:

    I changed phone numbers and devices and I am unable to log in to the app with my current phone. Is there a way to change my phone number information/ get the code through email to bypass the 2 factor authorization?

  • hama aras says:

    hello , please i have a problim with my snap chat i wana contact them by phone or emali can you help me please Now

  • Elizabeth Burkhart says:

    I can’t get into it and it is especially for 9/11!
    Please help.


    please, i forgot my password and i tried to reset my password. its asking me for two factor authentication code. pls help me deactivate my two factor authentication

  • my username is katieg_18… I’ve tried logging in and resetting my password. still not letting me log in

  • Sylvester blue says:

    Hello my name is Sylvester blue and my Snapchat name is bluejaybull and for the longest time now Snapchat has been playing around with my snaps not allowing my audio to work at all and this is not right y’all are violating my rights for this free app that everyone is allowed to use with no restrictions I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible!!! Thanks

  • I need help I’m 16 years old and tonight I was blocking this girl cause she was annoying me and I accidentally blocked this guy and reported him now I’m looking at how I can unblock him and add him again

  • i forget my password to snapchat and when i try to reset it it doesn’t send a email for my account to my email. i was just wondering if someone could help me get back in. i would be losing a lot of pics and memories i don’t wanna forget.

  • I need help logging into my Snapchat I put my username my password right and it does not let me login it says I need to enter my email or phone number code and I do not have none of those . I have a new phone number and new Gmail so what could I do to log into my Snapchat I need help plzzzzz

  • Kristal smith says:

    So i have a problem i got a new phone got everything transferred and i go to log in and of course i forgot my password well because ita jot the same number it created a. New a snap chat when thats not what intended to do i just want my snap back

  • Daniel bikindu says:

    my name is Daniel Bikindu I having some trouble to log into my account. My account is still linked with my old number and I tried to log in with another device and it sends a confirmation code to my old number. Is there anyway I can get my account back ? I have some important memories that I don’t want to loose.

  • i got a new phone number and didnt know that i have to verfy the new one no where on snapchat did it tell me to after the fact when im trying to log into my account i know the username and password. any other app is able to send another way to verify somesones information so i need you goiys to reset it or something and if thats not able to I will not make another snap and will never use snap chat again.

  • Josh Green says:

    I already downloaded the app to the new phone, but it keeps telling me the email or password is incorrect.

  • How can I see the username of the people I just unblocked? or how can I check all the blocked and unblocked history?

  • Hi Snapchat!! I have a rather troublesome question. Is there a way to quickly scroll to the top of a conversation with someone without having to do it manually? I want to get a screenshot of my first convo with a significant other. Can you help?

  • michelle mcalpin says:

    my daughter took a snapchat photo of herself and when she looked back at the photo there was a ghost like figure looking at her!
    she was so freaked out she deleted it immediately,but i wondered if this photo could be retrieved any way, your anxiously michelle

  • Terence banseka ndzefon says:

    Please sir
    My number have been banned an I don’t know why.
    Please help me and unbanned my number.
    This is my number +971568479414.
    Thanks very much please kindly help me.

  • Please please please unlock my account (the_loler101) I’ve tried changing my password but it never works and it always says that the username or password is wrong. I just want to log in so I can have my memories back. Please unlock it!!

  • Rosalia Reyes says:

    I need help logging into my Snapchat I put my username my password right and it does not let me login it says I need to enter my email or phone number code and I do not have none of those . I have a new phone number and new Gmail so what could I do to log into my Snapchat I need help plzzzzz

  • Plz plz plz unlock my account I’ve made so many new password to log in to Snapchat and its saying that my username or email is incorrect and it the correct email plz plz unlock Snapchat for me plz plz I’ve lost contact with my family

  • Sharon Winfree says:

    Hi ! I am having a problem with posting, I get to the map and it won’t go past it . So no post ?..
    Plzz Help

  • meadow allen says:

    i didn’t get to save a photo that i took yesterday! i posted it on my story but didn’t get to save it! can y’all find it or get it back or something??

  • PLEASE HELP!!! I was hacked on my account yt.rosie2 the hacker changed my email and phone number so i cant log back in i just want that account to be deleted . They are posting and harassing my friends can u plz help me out .. DELETE THE ACCOUNT PLEASE THATS ALL I WANT TEAM SNAP PLEASE

  • I am very fuming with snap chat right now with that all of my memory photos have gone all of them of my sister are gone and I would like them all out back on asap I find it discussing that you have let them all disappear without an opportunity to save them all so I am absolutely fuming and very angry with snap chat I have also messages snap chat itself and it has blanked my messages multiple times and all my photos see to have disappeared so I would like them all back thank you before I message I more highly authority!!

  • fm.shelton says:

    my iphone 6 plus recently had started being unresponsive. It began to have a blue/ gray flickering at the top. i read that it’s called “touch disease” and there isn’t anything you can do to fix it because it’s internal. It works sometimes but most the time it doesn’t. however i was able to send all my streaks yesterday but i woke up this morning to send them for the day, and all of them are gone but two. please help me get the all back, i was almost at 500 with one of my friends. i didn’t have a streak under 100 please help. thank you.

  • Denisha Davis says:

    All my photos & videos were deleted accidentally how could I recover them back I have very important memories that I need back ? please help me

  • i have just switched to a new provider with a diff number that i have now and my number on snapchat was the old one … how can i log in and verify via gmail?

  • Stacey Howe says:

    i am in need of some serious help with my daughters account and i have been trying to figure things out for the last 5 hours. I have received NO HELP, no information from anyone or read anything that can help us figure out what is going on. WHERE do i go to actually talk to someone!!!??? PLEASE HELP

  • Barez Hemn says:

    I deactivated my account now I can’t reactivit it it is gie a message and says Your account is currently being deactivated. If you’ve verified your email address with Snapchat, we’ll let you know when your account has been deactivated. someone help pls ?

  • I deactivated my account last night 15 mins later I tried to reactive it but I couldn’t. it’s give me a massage it says Your account is currently being deactivated. If you’ve verified your email address with Snapchat, we’ll let you know when your account has been deactivated….. Pls someone help me ?

  • So just like Michel up there I deactivated my stuff and it gives me that messge and i really need my account back plz ???

  • This is the third time my snapchat account has been blocked in the last one year. Does anyone has the direct snapchat office phone number. I am tired of this

  • Logan Miller says:

    My name is Logan Miller and my account was hacked. I have tried to log back into it by forgot my password but he has changed the password, email and phone number associated with the account. Usually when someone tries to log into the account they’ll send you an email to let you know but he was able to delete my email all together so i never received anything. I don’t know what else to do and at this point i just want my account back or even delete the account all together.

  • So yesterday 7/17/18 I was having a problem with the connection so I decided to delete the app and before I did that I checked if I still had my number for verification because I didn’t remember my password. I deleted the app and reinstalled the app and when I click “forgot your password” I click “via phone” because I don’t have a email yet. So I prove I’m not a robot, than it asks me from my “mobile number” and I put it in than i click “send via SMS” or “call me instead” than it says “that isn’t the mobile number you previously verified” I changed my password so many times with the same number and now it’s not working and I don’t want to make a new account because i had the same account for 3 years now almost 4 so please help me out and help me get my account back please

  • I recently logged out of my Snapchat and when I tried logging back in the error message kept popping up. I tried resetting my password, resetting my network connections, deleting the app and adding it back, and using both WiFi and data connections to log in. I then tried logging in with my email and that ended up making me a whole new account. Please help me get my Snapchat back!! Thank you

  • I deactivated my account a couple days ago. I want reactivate it now. I already tried to log back and it won’t let me. I put My user name and password in then when I press Log in a message pops up that says your account has been deactivated and we will email you once your account is deactivated. It doesn’t have any other option other then to click ok. So I’m stuck I really want my account back. Please help!

  • Hi, this is not a spam or anything negative. I no longer have access to my original Snap chat account. It is associated with the 2 factor authentication. I also no longer have access to the phone number that is associated with it. Could you please assist me in getting new account back ? i tried the email about 4 times and all I get is the same email each time I try

  • maddie weaver says:

    help!!! i logged out of my account for less than 5 mins and as soon as i tried to log back in, my password was incorrect. i attempted to change my password through my email and once it said my password was changed, i still couldn’t get back in because my password was wrong again!!! i went though this 3 times to make sure i wasnt typing in my password wrong, and definitely wasn’t. there is for sure some kind of glitch so if someone could please reach out to me before tonight that would be great because i have a 400 day streak i’m trying to keep!!

  • A person. A girl:( says:

    Soo, you know, I’m supposed to be keeping my friends streaks, but it wont let me log into her account. Shes gonna be mad at me:( shes gonna lose streaks with people

  • Catherine says:

    And how convenient that you don’t have an actual person someone can speak to! Just avoid those nasty problems and destroy lives while you blindly endanger young adult! Unbelievable!!!

  • Catherine says:

    I recently became aware that the new update automatically allows other users to not only see where you are, but what you are doing. I’m shocked! And apparently, “STALKING YOUR FRIENDS” is ok now? As a mother of teens, I’m struggling, as I try to restrain myself from driving to the front door of this company to find out why on earth they would endanger young people! Put yourselves in check! Promoting pedofilia and stalking is NOT a good look! Because that is what you are doing! If you don’t resolve this issue, I will! Trust that. Moms are very resourceful, and when you mess with our babies, no matter how old they are, we will move mountains to stop you! No update should automatically give other users your location, let alone what you are doing! Better get those techies moving! No matter what your intentions were, apparently, all the adults were at lunch when that decision was made! You need to fix this NOW! And I’d suggest taking the word “STALK” off completely!

  • Tavon Greene says:

    I need help getting my Snapchat back

  • Ezra townend says:

    I deleted the Snapchat app because it kept crashing on me so I reinstalled it and trued to log in to my account again unfortunately I had forgotten the password but I soon changed it but when I logged back in Snapchat had logged me in to my old account and I need to know if there is a way back to my previous account

  • Seren Jones says:

    Snapchat lets me use it for 5 seconds then it says Snapchat has stopped working and I don’t know what to do can you please try and help me use it again that would be great .

  • Snapchat lets me use it for 5 seconds then it says Snapchat has stopped working and it doesn’t let me back in what do I do ?

  • Snapchat used to work really well and I loved it but recently it keeps taking me of the app as soon as I open it and I’m not happy about it as I cant go onto my account to send my streaks and contact my friends so plz fix this soon

  • I am overseas using a different phone number. I need to log in to my snap chat and it wont let me without sending a text message to my number associated to the account. I am not able to receives messages but I can receive calls via wifi. Please help

  • I recently got my Snapchat account hacked and I need it back it has all my photos and videos on their this is called cyber bulling I don’t know this kid that has my account he says he bought from me but he didn’t. you can check my bank account. I can’t get back into my acc this person changed my password , email , and phone number. My user name is still the same. Please Snapchat get back my account. I need help!!! My username is bbriannasdavila

  • Ok so my baby brother recently passed away and I was deleting some pictures from Snapchat and I noticed that I deleted a very important picture of him and I don’t know if I can get back please let me know

  • So my girlfriend and I had a 470 day streak going and I sent her a snap the night of our vacation day trip. When I wake up she tells me our streak has ended because the snap didn’t go through. It says sending still after another day and I have sent and received snaps since then. She has never received the first snap, but all the ones after that I have sent she has gotten. I’m honestly kinda salty cause I don’t have any other streaks with anyone and Snapchat went and ruined it. Idk if anyone is actually gonna help but if you can please do

  • So I recently had my account hacked my password was changed but my username wasn’t how Can I get back into if the phone number and email was change help!?!?

  • Chris Bryant says:

    Every time I send my streaks on Snapchat it always crashes or it lags but when it takes me back to my home screen or usually sends a quarter of my streaks but not all but when I delete Snapchat that’s perfectly fine for one round of sending streaks other than that it goes back to crap and every time I send my streaks on Snapchat it always crashes or it lags but when it takes me back to my home screen or usually sends a quarter of my streaks but not all but when I delete Snapchat that’s perfectly fine for one round of sending streaks other than that it goes back to crap in lags

  • OK so I deleted my Snapchat and tried to log in but forgot my password aka my username is hectormsoto so when it said email or sms phone number so I put my number and it sent me a code I typed it in and changed my password but when I logged in I was in a new account and I can’t log into my previous account my hectormsoto account i need help please

  • I have lost my highest streaks but I never seen the timer icon and neither did Olivia78xxx and it was at 389

  • Armon Jarrard says:

    So I forgot my password and I used email verification my administrator disable my account , so what do I do now?

  • Andre Hamilton says:

    I need to getting my Snapchat back this is my uername on my snapchat account Blue Ghost i need help getting my right email and passwords please really need help with this

  • someone hacked my account and snapchat is not helping log back in Please help Please Help

  • My Snap keep crashing help me

  • Colin Hoskinson says:

    Every time I go to look at my views on my IPhone 6s Plus, it eather had a major lag or it crashed and it’s getten to the point were I can’t deal with it anymore. I tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the app and it didn’t work. Please fix or help with the issue.

  • hi how r u i just got hacked and im very upset i medd to stop this now casue i have alot of pictures saved espcially on my snap saved that i dont want nobody to see please stop this account rn.

  • Hafeezah Hussain says:

    hi, I have a problem with my app it don’t let me download the app don’t let me click on the snapchat app it goes black page, and goes on home page.

    I have turn my phone off deleted the snapchat app and still dont let me click on it.

    I really need some help please


  • Hellooooo get an email set up! How do we get ahold of you when there are problems ?! I can’t log into my Snapchat from my new phone! Fix the problem !!! I can’t get into my old phone as I got rid of it. I have tried over and over again to get it sent to my email and it just won’t. Fix this issue !!! And get a support email to be more efficient. It’s 2018 ok people

  • Kayden Dudley says:

    I am leaving a comment because I am experiencing difficulty with my ‘friend emoji’ stuff. I have the emoji that means someone is on your best friend list and you are on theirs, but the problem is I don’t have them on my best friend list. And another problem is the consecutive BFF emoji, a friend of mine has it on hers for her and I but it doesn’t show up for me. Please respond or tell me how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Carmen Vivenzio says:

    I am writting you because we need to remover our business filter from your company!
    we payed it for a year and now they are charging as an annual account!

    It’s incredible that there ir no way we can comunicate with your company, please remove our account because we don’t want to continue paying.

    The account name is DONNATELLA Perfumes please write me back as soon as possible

    Best Regards
    Alice Yacaman

  • I find it unbelievable that there is ZERO way to contact Snapchat Support when you know your account has been compromised. Someone has hacked my daughters account and changed all of the information (email, phone, password, etc.) – so there is no possible way for her to reset anything. Nor can she reach anyone to help her with this issue. RIDICULOUS!!!

  • My dog passed away last week and my snaps disappeared, ive been trying to get a hold of someone to see if i could get them back no one has contacted me in over a week,, its really poor customer support policy to not contact the people that they are emaling with.. its hard enough that i lost my best friend, now the digtal momories are lost as well, thanks snapchat

  • Macy Woodruff says:

    I was trying to change my birthday and I accidentally hit 2005 instead of 1995. Then it logged me out and I tried to log back in but it said that I have been locked out out of my account. Is there any way I could get back on to this account without losing any streaks or friends or messages?

  • My friend went camping for a week and asked me to watch his Snapchat while he has no service. I went to log in and it won’t let me due to the security of the Snapchat is there a way I can get in still???

  • Stephanie C says:

    I just got a new iPhone 8 and every time I go to log in, it takes me back to the home screen. It’s like I am still logged in on my old phone. I need someone to reset it please. Can someone advise how I do this.

  • Waqas Imran says:

    Hey Snapchat well i logged out of my account and i created like 2 other accounts before and i used the same email for all of them but i forgot the password to all of them but the main one i am trying to get back into everytime i click forgot password it sends me a link to reset the password for another account but not the one i want and i have alot of memories in my main account please please email me back i would really appreciate it PLEASEEEE and thx alot

  • Hello snapchat, I just got a new phone number and my Snapchat is sending verification to an old phone! How do I verify if I cannot change my number?

  • Madison george says:

    Hi I changed my number and a friend used my phone to sign into their Snapchat and when I went to log back in it asked for the verification code to my old number and I’m freaking out is there ANYTHING I can do??

  • Stephanie says:

    Hello Snapchat I got a new phone number and my Snapchat needs a verification code to get in how am I supposed to change my password

  • My snap got hacked now I can’t Get in it

  • presley smith says:

    hello, this is presley ive been trying to get ahold of y’all since wednesday morning!! i’ve recently lost a 2 month emoji by my bestfriend!!! we snap chat 24/7 and only eachother…. could you please put it back:) it went away randomly but we’ve never moved out of eachothers bff spot

  • Someone hacked in to my account on Tuesday night and changed my password and user name . I want the account closed there’s no telling what this person could put up there and as a state of mind I just want it take down .

  • I logged out of my Snapchat and tried to log back in and I forgot my password and I tried to reset it but my phone number is not put in my account and I don’t kbow my email but I NEED to get back in my account I have very important messages to open. And if u don’t get back in all my memories will be gone and I’ll never see them again PLEASE help me

  • My accout was locked for using a third party app. I was just messing around i didn’t know it would lock it. It’s unlocked now I was just wondering if it will lock again? Or if that’s just a one time thing?

  • Charleigh says:

    Hey there Snapchat my friend was keeping my streaks and the disappeared on her and I know if you don’t keep the streak going there will be no more but she sent the pic for the streak and they all disappeared. Plz contact me back so we can talk cause I want my streaks back thx

  • Tatyana Williams says:

    I have a snapchat but i can’t get in to it because i don’t know my old email but i do know my use name

  • Hello snapchat i was using my accout from 1 year my account has beeeen hacked and beeeen locked my account contain important files so pls pls pls help me tho recover my account i dont know who played with my account i willl sure take care pls snapchat.

  • Tom Symcox says:

    Will you please unlock my account because I did nothing and now it’s locked

  • Hey there snapchat can you please unlock my account i was using a third party app unintentionally im sorry for the inconvenience this will not happen again I deleted all the apps and i have very important information in my and a lot of messages i need to see snapchat please unlock it. Thanks

  • Husnain_kahlon says:

    my account was hacked by third party can you please fix it

  • husnain_kahlon says:

    hey im sorry my account was hacked by a third party can you please fix it

  • Been locked out of my account and I don’t know why so I can I be let back in

  • I logged out of my Snapchat and tried to log back in and I forgot my password and I tried to reset it but my phone number is not put in my account and I don’t kbow my email but I NEED to get back in my account I have very important messages to open. And if u don’t get back in all my memories will be gone and I’ll never see them again PLEASE help me

  • How do you get Snapchat to contact you back? I have send numerous emails and haven’t heard anything back.. my phone isn’t notifying me when I receive a new Snapchat. My data is turned off but this has been no problem before I used to always get notified. super frustrating!!!

  • Please snapchat, Unlock my account [ aimen.o ]. Please Please Please Please Please unlock my account. My account was hacked and someone used third party tweeked apps with my account and my account is now locked. I have much personal data in my account which i need badly right now. Please snapchat, i humbly request you to unlock my account ??. Please unlock my account as much early as possible. I shall be very greatfull to you for this act of kindness.

  • I redownload once i got my new phone with a changed my number , never made a recovery number. An it keeps sending the code to my old number that i don’t have any more it keeps saying my password isn’t correct so when i try to change the password have my Snapchat to my email but not getting the emails either to change my password so i can’t get the code to an old number

  • Kossy Jay says:

    i lost the phone number linked to my account to verify me when ever i am signing in, please can you kindly give me another alternate way to log in to my account. thanks

  • Can y’all like unlock my account because I didn’t use any third party apps or anything else

  • Rita Heacock says:

    Plz help me!! My my 15yr old daughter has ran away and she only uses Snapchat. I need help finding her!!!!

  • sopheaj N. carlson says:

    Hi my name is sopheaj, I need help I forgot my password for Snap chat I change also my phone number and i never bother to connected my email to it because I’ve had my snap chat for over 5 years so i wasn’t worried. I let a friend log into my phone a couple month back and I’ve contacted the snap chat support email several times but i get the same audited email saying i have to make a new one. My snap chat username is my first and last name Sopheajcarlson i sent 3 different identification verification ID’s but no help at all, please respond it would be greatly appreciated.

  • How can I receive my Snapchat to my new email

  • I need help with my account because it has been logged out and it won’t let me use a email or phone number to get back in

  • I changed my number , never made a recovery number. I need my saved photos … in need of some serious support. They want a code , but it’s being sent to my old number. I need help ?

  • My Snapchat keeps saying I lost my streak with my mom and this is the second time is happened and it’s a really big deal because me and my mom don’t really get along the only time we really talk is over snap chat and it was fun to have a streak with her cause it meant she cared and they haven’t responded to my complaints yet #notimpressed please put it back It will make me sooo happy and it will give me and my mom something to talk about???

  • I wanted you should do a snap filter for Narayanpet location. While doing filter it locating another place. Kindly Do this thing.

  • I changed my number , never made a recovery number. I need my saved photos … in need of some serious support. They want a code , but it’s being sent to my old number. I need help ?

  • Alexis Ingle says:

    Someone hacked into my account and I am not able to log back into it. They are cause problems with my friends so I need the account to be suspended

  • Diane SedbrookDiane says:

    My Snapchat is stuck and will not open. No clue how to fix this and would love to have some help. You need a phone number for us over 60 folks!

  • Hi my. Friend Snapchat got hacked and we need to figure out by who as soon as possible I wish there was a phone number !! I need immediate help

  • Truly frustrated with this app. Stop tethering this app to my phone and get a team for snapchat customer service that is actually helpful. If I search for Snapchat phone number lookup, I get no information about anything. Honestly so disgusted with them.

  • My Snapchat won’t let me log in says its the wrong phone number even though I have Verified my new number and I no Longer have access to the email that’s attached to the account either.

  • I can’t log in to Snapchat plz help

  • I can’t log into Snapchat because I have a new phone with a new number even though I still remember my password and username..
    They keep on sending me the code on my old number and I no longer have that number
    Is there any way y’all can help?.

  • My snapchat was constantly closing out and restarting so i deactivated my account and it still wont let me log back into it, I don’t want it to actually delete my account

  • Nina Allen says:

    I accidentally uninstalled Snapchat and my bestfriend emoji disappeared. It was a heart emoji (?). It shouldn’t be gone because i immediately reinstalled it and logged back in. The heart emoji meant we’d been bestfriends on Snapchat for 2 months. It disappeared on his snap too…I’m just disappointed to be honest ?

  • I let my friend help me set up my Snapchat and she put in the wrong birthday and now I can’t change it back because I’ve hit the limit but my birthday is in two days and I really want to change it back but can’t

  • Snap chat is one of my favourite chat apps but I went to my cottage and lost my phone and all my streaks are gone I am getting bullied at school and beat up because I lost my streaks I have a new phone and would like to get one streak back with my friend Kiernan we had a streak of 37 and it would be amazing if we could get it back he is my only friend at this moment plz give us back our streak

  • Sadly, the email above does not work and gets returned. It is not a valid email address for snapchat

  • I need snapchat support, the filter and lenses are not working and I cannot see my own story or my friend’s story. I have been trying to figure it out myself but I cannot find anything. I tried looking for snapchat help or snapchat contact number but I cant find it anywhere. I think the problem started after I updated it a few weeks back.

  • Shelli Osborne says:

    My daughters friends have changed her password and are posting picture that I consider inappropriate. I need a phone number for you people. Her phone is broken and she can’t close the account. Help us out!

  • My Snapchat won’t let me login beacuase I logged into two different phones and I don’t have no service on my other phone with the email and it says suspicious login and I don’t want to make a new account

  • Alma jean Christmas says:

    My name is alma stop send me e-mail u guys before I get a lawyer. Thank you

  • Kevin morris says:

    I cant get into my snapchat and the mobile number on my account i dont have it anymore i have a new number

  • My av is lovleg IT says im temporarily locked no time for how long idk what I have done I haven’t had any tweaks no spam nothing how do I unlock it. I don’t wanna lose streak with my friends

  • Heaven Garcia says:

    My phone was stolen and my Snapchat was hacked into. I need my account to be disabled because it has personal information, ASAP.

  • Hi can you help when i record myself on snap chatchat my volume dosent work its nothing to do with the phone its someting to do with snapchat can you help

  • All the streaks are gone and the timer did not appear

  • meaghan jones says:

    Hi my name ismeaghan I want to change my password but I don’t have the same phone and I don’t have the same gmail and I’m trying to change it but it says put a password in but I forgot the pw and it not letting me change the number or gmail without the pw

  • Hi my name is Hugh I have inputted the wrong date of birth and I am now locked out of my account if you could please help me that would be great!!

  • my snapcht says i cant sighmt in and innow the password but it stopped working

  • Riley Thorr says:

    I have not received a filter confirmation and it’s been 20 min

  • Im trying to log in to my snapchat acount but i lost my old phone and i login to my new phone and is asking me for a recory code .. It suck cusevi dnt remeber i put a recovery code if a lost my phone .. I need help pleass pleas

  • Britney Jenkins says:

    My Snapchat has been hacked in I’m trying to get it back

  • Hi my name is Jenny I’m sorry to bother you I know it’s late but I need help I forgot my password from Snapchat I change also my phone number I don’t have the same one anymore I don’t know what to do please help me I want to get back online

  • Expected from snape chat protection top Why not reply Reply I have been hacked my account and have my own photos and that was since the beginning of the week

  • Snapchat sucks,

    I had to take my phone to the apple atore to get it fixed once I backed everything up Snapchat wouldn’t let me log in. I either have to create a new account or just stop using Snapchat all together. What sucks even more is the fact that you can even get in contact with anybody you can just email them and they don’t even get back to you.

  • The new features of snapchat are horrible and very confusing. Moreover my account was locked for more than 24 hours with no reason given. I cannot find the snapchat support number to call and find out why I was blocked or if my account was hacked.

  • Can I please get my account unlocked? I had used a third party app and never got a notification about a warning to delete it before it got locked. Any help?

  • I love snapchat but I just hate the new snapchat 2018 update. It is just so bad and very confusing to use the app. Moreover I tried contacting the snapchat support phone number but I got little help over this. Bring back the old snapchat

  • The recent snapchat update made the app run very slow on my phone. If I ever try to use the filters, the phone takes more than 20- 30 seconds for the filters to load up and my phone gets stuck. It was also very difficult to take pictures or videos using snapchat. Some of my friends suggested me to uninstall snapchat and reinstalled it again but the problem remained the same. So I called up the snapchat support number and they were of great help. They roll back the snapchat app to the previous version and got it working again. And informed me to not update the app until they have fixed the issue. I am really thankful to the snapchat support team for getting my snapchat back.

  • I have searched around the internet and was not able to find the Snapchat support phone number but thanks for the snapchat support email. I was able to contact the snapchat support and got help for my snapchat app.

  • My friends were not able to see me on snap map. But thanks to snapchat support link available, I was able to know that it was because I have enabled the ghost mode. Thanks

  • Sayed ali says:

    I need you to make a filter because my mom is comming to UAE SO IF YOU PLEASE CAN DO A FILTER
    Writing well come back alansari
    Please do it fast couse she is comming al 7:00pm

    Please can you do it.

  • Great help from snapchat support. My account was locked for more than 24 hours and snapchat support helped me recover it. The reason being I was using a third party application to access my snapchat. I uninstalled all those apps and they reactivated my account. Thank you

  • DeArnee’ McDonald says:

    Hello my dearnee Mcdonald my account is lovveeyouboooo currently but my old account is lovveeyouboo I was is wondering if you could help me back it back I swear I am not a spam nor Fuad but when I first making the account I typed bunch of random letters for the email and the number is my old number 4699010610. I really need help trying to get my account back.

    Please contact when possible or convenient.

    • contactforsupport says:

      Hi DeArnee we request you to write to Snapchat Support Team at

  • I really love this app and the customer service is just awesome. I am sure who I will be calling the next I get any problems with my apps. Excellent

  • I am new to snapchat and I had no idea how to use the application or how to open the snapchat filters. Too shy to ask others, I called up the customer service and they helped me on everything. The technician whom I spoke with was very patient with me and was very polite. The customer service is really amazing. thank you

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