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masis markabail
4 years ago

viber out phone call record from my phone

hi i need the out phone call record from my phone to Armenia from jun 2016 to current , my phone number is 818-2693709 i could not recover it from my phone. if there is anyway i will be able to recover it from my account

please let me know if not if it is possible send me the record i think there is 2 or 3 numbers only.thanks

4 years ago

My viber isnot working, it keeps freezing, I am using windows phone. please help.

5 years ago

There is an issue with my viber video calling. The sound quality is distorted when i use it, other video calling apps has no problem with this. It is only happening for my viber video calling. I love using the app but i am now forced to use another app for my video calling. I have tried the Viber support but there is no response from their end. What should i do?
5 years ago

My Viber number 0096590025607