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    Art J Railton

    Please help…my username is @artyraìls and I can’t login. My email is Artyrails70@gmail.com

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    Don’t like this APP at all! I was on only for a few days and immediately got multiple female followers with naughty profile pictures and all their profiles say the exact same thing which takes you to a link of a website. You can’t block on GAB which is why I will not use this app. Yes you can Mute but it’s not the same. I will stick with Twitter where I have the ability to block these people.

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    Sheri Donaldson

    Asked for help yesterday for getting into acct. Gab was not recognizing my password. Was asked for my email address and was told reset password sent. NEVER received any msg from gab or anyone regarding this. I’m asking again for help. Thank you for your assistance.

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    bud burr

    gab password reset is a joke.

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    renee marple

    I am locked out of my account and can’t get back in.
    I accidentally deleted it Saturday and started a new one
    first with different user name but adjusted it back to the 1st
    acct data… once I restarted computer it does not recognize me
    or states email is taken….tried several times password reset
    and all of a sudden it created a new account. Now I’m afraid the
    other acct does not exist please help me back into my acct I started yesterday. thank you
    my name: renee marple
    user name: Boudica777@rnmrpl
    email: wwjd2017@gmx.com
    I also lost my pro status as I deleted it
    but can’t pay it til next Monday if it can be reinstated,

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    Hello, I cannot make any posts, for the last 4 days, I get invalid, or error

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    Hello can’t make posts, is something wrong

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    Not able to join Gab

    Hello, I was trying to sign up for your platform, but no matter what I typed in for a username it said it was taking. NAd trust me I tried some I knew could not possibly be taking. can you help me sign up? Thank you

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    my follower friend is not shown on list
    Hello Support, I have 2 problems on GAB:
    1) I received a notification that Susan Newmeyer followed me. However she is not listed among Followers. It does NOT make any sense!!!
    2) Search did not search at all. I entered Susan’s full name and nothing happened.
    Please help. I am a very new user and already have issues.

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    Terence MacDougall

    Can’t register

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    Douglas P Kellogg

    Please help I forgot my username and password. I have been completely unable to contact Gab for help

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    Chance L. Parket

    I had problems,and deleted and reinstalled Gab. Now I cant log back in. Log in says it dont recognize any of my info. Not even my email address.

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    Jim Nolan

    Please remove the following usernames from the Gab.ai app:
    jimnolan, jim.nolan@jhnolan.com and jim.nolan@jandcnolan.com.

    I tried creating an account with all three of these usernames and none of them worked.

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    what I see gab kicked me off the internet 4 my freespeech u should not of done that you never control no ones speech u censored me 4 my exspressions that’s telling me my speech is being contoled by your company free speech never should be denied 4 any reason any time you cut me off u violated my 100% NO CENSORED SPEECH I WILL BE SUING YOU 4 YOUR COMPANIES

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    Nancy Patrick

    I had to start a new account because my phone was high jacked. I tried to gain access to my other account but couldn’t. I had a pro account on it. I don’t want to be billed for an account I don’t have access to. Respond ASAP please.

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    kim s wasserman

    Locked out paying member better not see another charge

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    Today as I tried to get on gab, my account loaded then reloaded with the daylight screen and was met then with register instead of post. My profile page did the same thing. It loads then reloads and no account. My account is pacagoat. With only 416 followers. The shills have become a problem. Please attend.

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    Help! I somehow got kicked out of Gab. I have no idea what my password is … please help

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    Help! I cannot get back into Gab & I don’t remember my password

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    Kat Wilkerson

    Please help, i reported several account with child porn on them yesterday and today my account has been hijacked. I can not log in , my password has been changed and I am not receiving any emails from you when i try the password reset option.

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    I can’t log in . Was instructed to change password from my email , then it wouldn’t recognize my email . I was able to get on gab ,see my profile for a few seconds and then it was gone . I keep trying and failing . Please just tell me what is going on .

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    Sherri Zaffrin

    I had too many tries to get into my account, and I need to reset my password. I have requested a reset and given 2 email accounts, but have not received the email from you to reset it.

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    kim s wasserman

    I am locked out and a paying customer. It was bad enough when your security let someone change my avatar. DO NOT CHARGE ME AGAIN and tell me how to drop Gab permanantly

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    Philip Schuyler

    I’ve been trying for a half hour to get into my Gab account and it’s getting frustrating as hell.
    I can’t find my old password and it won’t let me make a new one.
    Please email me and tell me what my password is or assign me a new one and tell me what that one is.
    Thank you.

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    Raymond Bell

    If you feel that my posts were inappropriate and yhen took down my entire GAB profile, I would like the additional PRO add on fee you charged me on 10-11-2018.The fee was for $59.99 ND DEBITED TO MY CARD ENDING IN 3467

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    Beck Broaddus

    I signed up a long time ago. I haven’t been able to confirm my email and therefore cannot post. The link I was sent, doesn’t work.

    I tried signing up for Pro, my payment was accepted, my account upgrade, but I still couldn’t post. So, I cancelled my Pro subscription.

    I would like to have a Pro subscription, like my dad. I paid $14.99 through my dad’s paypal account for 3 months. Please reinstate me and verify my account, or give me a refund.

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    John l Foster

    Have been trying to login for 3 days and trying to reset my pass word except I never recieve the email link to reset pass word WHATS UP WITH THAT

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    Marcello Luciano

    My name is Marcello Luciano a pro member and I can not log in.asked for password but did not accept it. I have to change password many times still does not let me in. my email is charlsdixi91@gmail.com please help

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    Rusty Boar

    Same as most of the other comments Gab
    If you can help E mail me
    Aluminum hat
    Rusty Boar
    You have the info

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    Darwin McLeod

    The Bolshevik Jews have taken over gab. They will shut you down on gab faster than Twitter and Facebook. Tell the truth about the Bolshevik Jews and how they run America and you get shut down / removed ! Fact !

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    Hello I can not log in and I do not know what the problem is

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    Can you tell me why I lost 600 followers on Gab?

    Rating: 3
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    ruth bushnell

    I’ve been trying to join GAB for three days now.. I am a conservative.

    at first it kept rejecting any username I tried, but I finally got one
    that stayed.. but when I hit the join button the whole thing went into
    suspension and never did finish.

    it says my server is not compatible but my son lives next door and he
    is on GAB with the same server.. so something is fishy somewhere.
    I’m not sure my username and password ever made it’s way to GAB
    but I am unable to contact so I’m assuming it did not. (??) What do
    you suggest (go fly a kite is not an option)

    how can I join? Ruth Bushnell

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    I can’t remember my password, and i have tried in every way possible to recover my password but it keeps telling me my email address is wrong. Please help, so i don’t have to keep creating new account all the time thank you.

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    Ian Gregson

    my gab account used to work – now I can’t post – please get back to me

    account name : frot

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    Sharon Carpenter

    There are two Sharon Carpenters seen by anyone in my friends and family area. She has very radical views next to my beliefs. I do not understand why this should be impossible to add an initial or even my maiden name. This seems to border on offensive or spam. I assume as large as your company is there is a solution to my problem.

    Plus, how dare you to force feed friend suggestions and limit to your qualifications whom I receive messages from Who there knows me that well? Stop making decisions for me and millions of others who are perfectly capable of making their own decisions. Get the friend suggestions off my account and handle my problem with same name issues.

    Even though you are having major other issues I expect service from you.

    Please respond with solutions to my problems not a general answer to how you can’t help.

    Thank you