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  • Dale Evansl says:

    Been on Gab for 4+ years …11,000 followers….now Gab won’t let me reset password…never logged out. It’s very frustrating @a…help us get back on

  • Don Uffinger Jr. says:

    Gab wont allow me access to the site. Can someone please tell me what needs to be done to resolve this issue. I can from a different computer but not the computer I use most of the time. I’m also are blocked on my iphone. Could I get an email explaining why I no longer can log into Gab?

  • neverbeready says:

    trying for ages to join Gab-but form keeps saying my legitimate email address is ‘invalid’!! HELP

  • I can’t login

  • I never received a confirmation instructions, now I cant get on gab. Need help.

  • April Rother says:

    Here is their phone number: (650) 477-5525
    Good luck getting through. It always says their mailbox is full.

  • April Rother says:

    When I first joined GAB, I really liked the platform, but ever since January 6th happened and they had a surge of people signing up, it seems they could care less about their existing customers. I have sent emails, tried getting my password reset, even had someone on the platform request it for me, but after 4 months I have still received nothing to reset my password. I also see I am not alone as per others’ comments. As of this date, GAB doesn’t even deserve 1 star for a review. This is VERY unprofessional! Rating: 1

  • Mechele Nordyke says:

    Gab support I would like to deactivate my account! I have ask to do this 3 times please respond to my request. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Gab support I would like to deactivate my account! I have ask to do this 3 times please respond to my request. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Jennifer Green says:

    I am trying to reset my password for Gab but it’s not being sent. ?????????

  • Joni Cabral says:

    I am trying to reset password and reset information not coming to my email. This is very frustrating!

    • Jennifer Green says:

      Was it ever sent? I’m having the same problem.

  • Gary J. Palys says:

    Like a lot here, Gab is making me re-login… Don’t remember the password, and Gab isn’t sending email to reset it!

  • can’t seem to be able to log in

  • Regina Crockett says:

    I was in my Gab account this morning. I never log out from my account on my phone. I tried to log in and refused my email or my password. I have tried to reset no luck. I already have a username, email and password. When I try to create another password on it does show my correct email address but won’t respond in the email to try and give me a new password. Highly disappointed. Only social I have been using lately. Please take care of this. thanks. @CrossRedeemed

  • Victoria Diana Ansaldo says:

    Hi, I cannot log into gab. at all I was signed in earlier and for many months but now its asking for my password., which I don;t rmember and can’t find where i wrote it down. Asked for a new reset to be sent never got it

  • Trying to sign up and gab will not accept my email, it says invalid email address.I have had the same email for years and refuse to open a new email address that I will never use! Why do you block me this way?

  • Janet Fletcher says:

    Can’t sign up for Gab. Have tried numerous times and keep being told something different everytime.

  • Mary Sauer says:

    I am logged in on my phone, but it has been freezing up, so I went to my desktop. I can’t log-in as it keeps telling me my email or password are wrong. I have a screenshot of both, so neither is wrong. What’s up?

  • Ian Allen says:

    I have been struggling for weeks to sign up/into GAB and have given up. Nowehere is there a means of contacting GAB and whenever I try to change my password to try again I receive no email. It says my user name and password are taken so obviously I am in the system but it does NOT work!?

  • Roger Wilson says:

    I’ve been trying for a week to open up a gab account and it just will not work what is the problem

  • barb cavaluzzi says:

    Gab won’t recognize my email to sign up. Is this fixable

  • Roger Wilson says:


  • You guys need to have patience. Many patriots are navigating to Gab and I’m sure it’s overloaded. I have had it work and it is super cool when it does. I’m now blocked, but I will wait. Don’t give up. It took me 2 days and it’s worth it. This is the growing pains of the FREEDOM FIGHT. ❤️

  • Posting something shows: ‘Succesfull’, then … disappears into oblivion… not to be found back… Any clues? … With other posts, comments keep on loading forever without showing as well….

  • Lesley Dzendzera says:

    Like most others i have been trying to sign into Gab for a number of days and I still have not received my conformation email, on occasions it tells me my email is not valid and other times it tells me its accepted Burstall no conformation email. Sassy_Lassy Rating: 1

  • Wesley S. Hamel Jr. says:

    Unless you have an account you cannot contact them to explain the problems you have creating an account.

  • Wesley S. Hamel Jr. says:

    Cannot sign up for Gab….it keeps telling me my email, which I have had for over a decade, has been taken

  • Patrick C Smith says:

    I am trying to sign up for GAB and when I try it just spins then says invalid. I’ve been trying for several days. Please help.

    • Judy Matthews says:

      This is infuriating because I have been trying for a week to get on Gab from two different email addresses. When I try to log on it says I don’t exist but yet you keep sending me emails. When I try to sign on it times out every time.

  • cozycritter says:

    can’t log in to gab. time out errors. when i can get in, it’s very slow; many comments fail; can’t see my groups, etc. failure to load; nothing to display. where’s Help?

  • Donna L Praino says:

    1/13 just set up a account on Gab.
    When I tried to log in next day got error message Invalid Password.
    After 2 days I finally got the link sent to my email and was able to change my password and log in.
    Next day, got same error again when I tried to log in.
    I can’t seem to get the password change link to be sent again and why
    do I keep getting the error and can’t sign in. The Support is NO HELP as there is no actual contact to get help with. I moved over from Parler, this is ridiculous and I’m extremely unhappy with this platform and lack of help.

  • Forget Gab……a waste of time trying!

  • Cannot sign up for Gab….it keeps telling me my legit email is invalid!

  • Eugene Ziegler says:

    Every time I try to get enrolled, I get a message all is invalid. Please help me to get enrolled.

  • Eugene Ziegler says:

    I am trying to log on and I always get prompted to reset password and email address. Every time I do, it says everything is invalid. Please help me with this
    How do I reset these? Thank you.

  • Steven Williams says:

    i can’t get into my account!! i tried to sign-up again but it says the User Name is already taken… that’s because it’s MINE. there’s no way someone thought of this USER name… but it’s not recognizing my email address.

  • I can’t log in to your site. I created an account but it just sits there doing nothing when I attempt to log in.

  • Larry Crowell says:


  • Tracey Lalonde says:

    First it wouldn’t let me use my protonmail email, said it wasn’t a real email. Whaaat? Then, when I finally use a gmail, I can make the account, but then it gives me errors and won’t let me in at all. I never got any email. Please send an email with instructions.

  • Keith Ross says:

    I need you to resend the email conformation msg. My server doesn’t provide a spam folder. I have to manually delete/open all mail. Your email never got to me

  • I cannot log in as forgot password and username think it’s just1234tried. Resetting but not getting emails from gab either can you help please

  • Joann Hemesath says:

    I have been trying for days and does not recognize my Email and password. Why? Wont let me sign up again and recognizes me. Can you please help me?

  • Wilburmesser says:

    I can’t get signed in to the site!Why not?

  • I am unable to join as Gab will not recognize my email address today or Rumble as well are on Independent or Conservative platforms being shut down. As an independent voter and thinker in this country there has to be free speech, full stop. Are they trying to shut you down also.

  • No matter how much I try, Gab either rejects my user name or email. No email confirmation is sent either. You are making it difficult for those of us who want to join!

  • walkoffaithandloveministries says:

    I went to create a new account. The email I entered was which is wrong I missed a letter.. Correct email address i, How can we fix this

  • Teri Payne says:

    Can’t log into Gab. Won’t let me create new password; can’t remember old password. won’t let me use my email address to create new acct with new user name. please send email instructions

  • Linda kurtz says:

    Has anyone on this post gotten an answer to your questions or a solution to your problems on gab? I haven’t and I am getting angrier by the day! What is wrong with these people? I’m not sure I will try to get on anymore! Too frustrating!

  • Linda Kurtz says:

    Allow me to comment! You r not honoring your promise of sending me a certification number or anything else! I don’t even have the info from u to set up an account! You never have answered the 4 emails I have sent you requesting help! What is wrong with you people?

  • John Larry Flinchpaugh says:

    Can’t login to Gab???

  • john weller says:

    Hello, I tried to create an account. For user name I used my name and had a space. It came back with an error telling me my username needed only letters, numbers and underscores. No warning of that before. So I used a underscore and through in some numbers for my user name and now it still won’t take my user name and in addition, is telling me now that my e-mail has already been taken. Wow! Very frustrating. Can you help me?

    • Tony C. Loring says:

      Gab is ‘getting’ my goat! I can’t understand why with log in email address I am told this is ‘invalid as someone else is using it’. Same with password!!! WHAT!!! Is something the matter with my laptop, your system, or one of our collective heads? Rating: 1

      • cozycritter says:

        i’ve watched that circle go round and round for 45 minutes. moved fr parler. ready to delete it all.

  • Larry Putnam says:

    I’ only Charged 60.00 But I was charged 580.00! What the HELL is Going ON!

    • Donald L. Mercer says:

      this is not fair Rating: 1

  • John Stone says:

    I have tried repeatedly to open an account and log in, all without success. Is there a phone number to call for help?

    • Gordon Monson says:

      can’t get a confirmation msg, and have checked all my spam / junk folders…

  • Angela Jenkins says:

    Have an account. I cannot log in. Am rejected and told confirmation to be sent. has not arrived in my email.

  • I am unable to create an account and directed to a blank page instead.

    • Terry Miller says:

      I am unable to create an account

  • Hello Gab, I am currently trying to use your site, but cannot log in, cannot get a password reset, and cannot even sign up for a new account. I would love to have this issue resolved

  • James Baugh says:

    I have been experiencing various log on issues when trying to log into
    I’m being ” redirected “, I think, to, rather than to
    I need to recover both my Account User Name and Reset my Password.
    I cannot log into to do this, can you assist me?

    • Linda Kurtz says:

      What is wrong with you?!! I signed up, tried to log in and couldn’t do it! I signed up again, used a different password, keep reading all this crap that I would get a confirmation no. In my email or spam. Never DID get it!! I’ve been working on this for at least two hours! When will I hear from you or will I hear from you at all?! Just deactivate my account! If you had set out to make your site impossible to use you have succeeded!

  • Good Day Gab Support, I would like to deactivate my gab account because I dont use it anymore. I just used it for work before, now I want to Deactivate it. I also forgot the password I used to log in in my account. I cant reset the password using the email i used can you guys help me deactivate it?

  • GP Cooper says:

    Tried to join – never received email to confirm. Cannot log on.

  • Cynthia Strahn-Durant says:

    Is the site down? For how much longer? Keep receiving 502 and 524 error messages.

  • Milton Herron says:

    Something is screwed up with my email user name not allowing me to log in? Can it be reset?

  • Bruce @Barn-Inn-Wellington says:

    For the last 14 hours approximately I hvn’t been able to log on. ERROR 524 repeatedly appears. Rating: 1

  • Sven-Erik says:

    I have forgot my pass Word and I do net get a reset link to my email.

  • Gordon Slocum says:

    I am a PRO GAB member, Where are my specific Topic Creations, I no longer have access to them?

  • We are forwarding this info because your email address is also blocked. This is a reply from an email received by Andrew Torba.
    Dear Andrew Torba,

    Thank you for the information.

    We wanted to mention to companies as well as individuals that have and continue to have these controlled negative evil companies take your given rights away
    you should consider suing them. Many individuals are and we are certain other companies are or will be suing.

    URGENT: If you decide to sue you must make for certain that the lawyer(s) or Law Firm that represents you is FOR THE PEOPLE as well as the judge or you will never win even though you are in the right and have all the proof, and these company(s) are practicing illegal measures.

    We suggest you look thoroughly into who else is suing for their 2nd Amendment Rights or who else wants to sue the same company(s) you do for their 2nd Amendment Rights and maybe join together to sue.

    For the life of us we cannot remember nor find on the internet the individual man that is high profile and currently in the government that is suing Google, You Tube or Twitter for banning his Blog site or his editorials on THE TRUTH. GET HIS ATTORNEY to help you sue. This way you know for sure the attorney is FOR THE PEOPLE.

    You can also wait until his suit is over and you can see if he indeed WON. You know the main stream media will not publicize it if he wins so another suggestion is to keep looking on the internet for updates on his suit.

    The world is changing quickly and we all must talk and inform others of the evil that has riddled this world for many many years behind our backs and support taking THEM ALL DOWN. As well as educating ourselves and others exactly how they all accomplish everything they have done and continue to do SO IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

    Wishing you and the company the best that life has to offer!!! Stay honest, kind, fair and good and you WILL WIN IN THE END whether you sue or not!!!

  • Bubba Scout Reb says:

    Just got new email address. Our team are 3 Federal Witnesses for The Joint Chiefs of Staff u.s. pentagon 703-697-9121! Known to the top levels of the US government as three unknowns at jerkwater USA, USA call sign BubbaScoutReb! National Emergency! Us defense intelligence agency fully aware of impending Mass attacks on USA! United Nations plan destroy USA from within! Planned obliteration of us War forces in a Mass War around the Arabian peninsula! Allow new email address to get us to login to our gab account Bubba Scout Reb @BubbaScoutReb ! All three of us are signed to the Secretary of Defense u.s. pentagon 703-692-7100 for immediate action under us Public Law 109 – 364 Section 1 0 7 6 to restore order in Soviet Colorado and on the North American continent by all Force necessary, with u.s. War forces, NOW! You can post this message viral everywhere!

  • Lonny Roseland says:

    Today is 7/8/19 and I still get an all Grey Screen when I go to – Is Gab down? And when will it be restored to normal. I love Gab! It doesn’t “Jail” me like you know who!

  • Gary Finneyfrock says:

    1. How do you navigate to the settings, things are not posting. How do you get out of dark mode? Your new platform overhaul sucks!

  • Can’t log into my gab account keeps saying invalid email or password something’s going on

  • HI…What happened to the format of the front page of GAB….I can’t read anybody’s remarks…
    I don’t see the word Explore…where I could click on and get other remarks…Please let me know…

  • john walsh says:

    7/5/19 8:30 am
    Over 24 hrs of ” 521 server not responding ” on gab and ”

    ” inathenticated user ” message from Dissenter with no response from you .
    Hello ?

  • john walsh says:

    20:25 pm EDT 7/4/19
    I’ve been getting ” 521 server not opening ” and ” system does not recognize or unauthenticated account ” messages since 7:35 am EDT 7/4/19 Why ?

  • john walsh says:

    14″42 pm EDT 7/4/19, Both Gab and Dissenter have been down all day receiving ” 521 server is down ” message for both since 7:40 am EDT

  • Gordon L Slocum says:

    I am a PRO Member but all my stuff is GONE, Why?

  • Gordon L Slocum says:

    I have lost everything on my account, Why?

  • Louis Caballero says:

    I cannot log in system doesn’t recognize me I thought I registered

  • Louis Caballero says:

    I tried to sign up but system will not let me log in does not recognize me

  • ĐłⱤɆ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦ @DireLegion says:

    Dear @support all my billing info for GabPro is current and has been, yet my account says I was Overdue, .. it was scheduled on the 21th and says the payment is overdue. Help? #GabPro #billing #support[ now you’ve limited my fucking song posting, … fix this shit please ]Goddammit, … @support , .. I’m not swearing at you, … I’m swearing at God, .. the motherfucker won’t let me die. .. I’m so weary here on earth. at you ĐłⱤɆ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦@DireLegion Rating: 3

  • My mom forgot her password, how does she reset it?

    • Forget it. Resetting is just a run a round. We’ll have to wait till they have the site running smoothly.

  • Helen Bristol says:

    Gab will not take my user name

  • kristopher slaght says:

    I am not able to post pics on replies. I keep getting ‘invalid’, and i didn’t use to.

  • Boss Akuma says:

    I have been tirelessly tried to start a gab account but it won’t accept my e-mail address as valid (either of the 2 I have!)…
    Has anybody else had this problem? And of course, solutions!

    • Angela Jenkins says:

      I had one email for my pc and one for my phone. Phone is okay, but keep being rejected on pc as email confirmation not received, though repeated several times. How do I get an answer to this problem? Worked fine until Geek Squad had to put a new OS in pc. Lost all passwords and website signons. Have to re-signon.

  • Dorothy Jackosn says:

    Why do I keep getting you have exceeded your daily quota when I try to add a friend even though It hasn’t allowed me to add anyone yet

  • Sharon Carpenter says:

    There are two Sharon Carpenters seen by anyone in my friends and family area. She has very radical views next to my beliefs. I do not understand why this should be impossible to add an initial or even my maiden name. This seems to border on offensive or spam. I assume as large as your company is there is a solution to my problem.

    Plus, how dare you to force feed friend suggestions and limit to your qualifications whom I receive messages from Who there knows me that well? Stop making decisions for me and millions of others who are perfectly capable of making their own decisions. Get the friend suggestions off my account and handle my problem with same name issues.

    Even though you are having major other issues I expect service from you.

    Please respond with solutions to my problems not a general answer to how you can’t help.

    Thank you

  • Ian Gregson says:

    my gab account used to work – now I can’t post – please get back to me

    account name : frot

  • Hello,
    I can’t remember my password, and i have tried in every way possible to recover my password but it keeps telling me my email address is wrong. Please help, so i don’t have to keep creating new account all the time thank you.

  • ruth bushnell says:

    I’ve been trying to join GAB for three days now.. I am a conservative.

    at first it kept rejecting any username I tried, but I finally got one
    that stayed.. but when I hit the join button the whole thing went into
    suspension and never did finish.

    it says my server is not compatible but my son lives next door and he
    is on GAB with the same server.. so something is fishy somewhere.
    I’m not sure my username and password ever made it’s way to GAB
    but I am unable to contact so I’m assuming it did not. (??) What do
    you suggest (go fly a kite is not an option)

    how can I join? Ruth Bushnell

  • Can you tell me why I lost 600 followers on Gab?

  • Hello I can not log in and I do not know what the problem is

  • Darwin McLeod says:

    The Bolshevik Jews have taken over gab. They will shut you down on gab faster than Twitter and Facebook. Tell the truth about the Bolshevik Jews and how they run America and you get shut down / removed ! Fact !

  • Rusty Boar says:

    Same as most of the other comments Gab
    If you can help E mail me
    Aluminum hat
    Rusty Boar
    You have the info

  • Marcello Luciano says:

    My name is Marcello Luciano a pro member and I can not log in.asked for password but did not accept it. I have to change password many times still does not let me in. my email is please help

  • John l Foster says:

    Have been trying to login for 3 days and trying to reset my pass word except I never recieve the email link to reset pass word WHATS UP WITH THAT

  • Philip Schuyler says:

    I’ve been trying for a half hour to get into my Gab account and it’s getting frustrating as hell.
    I can’t find my old password and it won’t let me make a new one.
    Please email me and tell me what my password is or assign me a new one and tell me what that one is.
    Thank you.

  • kim s wasserman says:

    I am locked out and a paying customer. It was bad enough when your security let someone change my avatar. DO NOT CHARGE ME AGAIN and tell me how to drop Gab permanantly

  • Sherri Zaffrin says:

    I had too many tries to get into my account, and I need to reset my password. I have requested a reset and given 2 email accounts, but have not received the email from you to reset it.

  • Borntobitch says:

    I can’t log in . Was instructed to change password from my email , then it wouldn’t recognize my email . I was able to get on gab ,see my profile for a few seconds and then it was gone . I keep trying and failing . Please just tell me what is going on .

  • Kat Wilkerson says:

    Please help, i reported several account with child porn on them yesterday and today my account has been hijacked. I can not log in , my password has been changed and I am not receiving any emails from you when i try the password reset option.

  • @BeverlySchmitt says:

    Help! I cannot get back into Gab & I don’t remember my password

  • @BeverlySchmitt says:

    Help! I somehow got kicked out of Gab. I have no idea what my password is … please help

  • Today as I tried to get on gab, my account loaded then reloaded with the daylight screen and was met then with register instead of post. My profile page did the same thing. It loads then reloads and no account. My account is pacagoat. With only 416 followers. The shills have become a problem. Please attend.

  • kim s wasserman says:

    Locked out paying member better not see another charge

  • Nancy Patrick says:

    I had to start a new account because my phone was high jacked. I tried to gain access to my other account but couldn’t. I had a pro account on it. I don’t want to be billed for an account I don’t have access to. Respond ASAP please.

  • DAVID J PERRY says:

    what I see gab kicked me off the internet 4 my freespeech u should not of done that you never control no ones speech u censored me 4 my exspressions that’s telling me my speech is being contoled by your company free speech never should be denied 4 any reason any time you cut me off u violated my 100% NO CENSORED SPEECH I WILL BE SUING YOU 4 YOUR COMPANIES

  • Jim Nolan says:

    Please remove the following usernames from the app:
    jimnolan, and

    I tried creating an account with all three of these usernames and none of them worked.

  • Chance L. Parket says:

    I had problems,and deleted and reinstalled Gab. Now I cant log back in. Log in says it dont recognize any of my info. Not even my email address.

  • Douglas P Kellogg says:

    Please help I forgot my username and password. I have been completely unable to contact Gab for help

  • Terence MacDougall says:

    Can’t register

  • my follower friend is not shown on list
    Hello Support, I have 2 problems on GAB:
    1) I received a notification that Susan Newmeyer followed me. However she is not listed among Followers. It does NOT make any sense!!!
    2) Search did not search at all. I entered Susan’s full name and nothing happened.
    Please help. I am a very new user and already have issues.


    Not able to join Gab

    Hello, I was trying to sign up for your platform, but no matter what I typed in for a username it said it was taking. NAd trust me I tried some I knew could not possibly be taking. can you help me sign up? Thank you

  • Hello can’t make posts, is something wrong

  • Hello, I cannot make any posts, for the last 4 days, I get invalid, or error

  • renee marple says:

    I am locked out of my account and can’t get back in.
    I accidentally deleted it Saturday and started a new one
    first with different user name but adjusted it back to the 1st
    acct data… once I restarted computer it does not recognize me
    or states email is taken….tried several times password reset
    and all of a sudden it created a new account. Now I’m afraid the
    other acct does not exist please help me back into my acct I started yesterday. thank you
    my name: renee marple
    user name: Boudica777@rnmrpl
    I also lost my pro status as I deleted it
    but can’t pay it til next Monday if it can be reinstated,

  • gab password reset is a joke.

  • Sheri Donaldson says:

    Asked for help yesterday for getting into acct. Gab was not recognizing my password. Was asked for my email address and was told reset password sent. NEVER received any msg from gab or anyone regarding this. I’m asking again for help. Thank you for your assistance.

  • Don’t like this APP at all! I was on only for a few days and immediately got multiple female followers with naughty profile pictures and all their profiles say the exact same thing which takes you to a link of a website. You can’t block on GAB which is why I will not use this app. Yes you can Mute but it’s not the same. I will stick with Twitter where I have the ability to block these people.

  • Art J Railton says:

    Please help…my username is @artyraìls and I can’t login. My email is

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