How to cancel Whoeasy subscription? offers 7 day trial period absolutely free, however if you do not cancel your subscription after the 7th day, then you are charged a standard monthly fee. Whoeasy membership will automatically renew each month until you cancel the membership. If for any reason you would like to cancel your Whoeasy subscription, contact their customer service at 1-844-785-2463 anytime. You can do so by sending them an email mentioning with all your contact details at or speak directly with the Whoeasy customer service and immediately cancel Whoeasy account. Make sure you receive an email confirming your Whoeasy  membership has been canceled.

How to Cancel WhoEasy

Whom do I contact if I face some issue with

WhoEasy makes customer service their number one priority. If any users are facing issues with, they can directly get in touch with the WhoEasy customer service and get immediate assistance. WhoEasy customer service phone number is available round the clock and well equipped with a team of technical support to answer all your question and issues.

We all have experienced the feeling of being uneasy whenever we see an unknown phone number popping up on our caller screen. It makes us wonder whether the number belongs to someone we know or a scammer who is trying to scam on us. And the next best thing we all tend to do is to ignore the unknown phone number and go back to search for our old phone books and contacts. The whole process of doing this can be very time consuming and we may never find out whoever called us.

So to help with all this hassle and make lives much easier for us, WhoEasy offers an easier way to look-up for a phone number and get all the information that we need. Very Similar to the website AnyWho Reverse Lookup, helps you get information through a phone number by entering it in their search box engine. It gives the user complete information about the person who is trying to call you and the location from where they are calling.

Why should you use WhoEasy?

WhoEasy offers an innovative platform for customers to get quick information about the caller whether they are calling from a mobile number, cell number, and landline numbers. They have information for all and every registered phone number that is there in the United States. And it is that easy to use and get a quick search result. Just by entering the phone number in the search box and clicking on search, you will get all the information that you need.


How to connect Whoeasy Customer Service?

if you want to contact with whoeasy customer service then you need to dial their Customer Service number 1-844-785-2463, The Whoeasy team is available 9AM to 5PM Est. You can dial this toll-free number if you want to cancel your subscription with them.

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  1. -

    i have made payments on for a one-time information about a phone number and now they have been charging me monthly since then. It was not easy trying to get in touch with the whoeasy customer service after it took me many tries to whoeasy phone number. I did not get a refund for the monthly charges they deducted from my card but at least got my subscription canceled.

    Rating: 2
  2. -
    Annette chavez

    I wanted to know what a was charged 2 times for what.

  3. -
    William Jackson

    Why are you’ll continually taking money out off my account an I don’t even use who easy .com

  4. -
    Susan Phelps

    I don’t know what this is I did not authorize anyone to keep taking money off my card I want it to stop and a full refund I want it back on my card tomorrow

  5. -

    I used to check on a number that kept calling me. The search report came back very quickly but there was nothing more than the service provider name and the city in which the caller lived in, nothing more. I called up the Whoeasy customer service phone number to know if this was the only information I get or do I have to pay more to get the full information. But the customer service said that for the particular phone number, that was the only information they have. What a waste…

    Rating: 3
  6. -
    kenneth nduka

    I made payments on for a one-time information about a phone number and now they have just charging me $19.95 I don’t know why? It was not easy trying to get in touch with the whoeasy customer service after it took me many tries to whoeasy phone number. Please I need a refund and a cancellation of the membership.

    Rating: 2
  7. -

    Very quick response from whoeasy customer service. I contacted the whoeasy customer service via an email and I got a very quick response email from them saying that I will receive a call back from the customer service within the next 24 hours. The call back from whoeasy was delayed by two days but I got the information I wanted from them and about being a member of

    Rating: 4
  8. -

    Whoeasy has charged me for a monthly subscription for the one time look up trying to know about someone. I tried calling Whoeasy Customer Service Phone Number and the voice recording said my call could not be answered. However, after the third try, my call was answered and my subscription was canceled. I was told I will get my refund for the monthly subscription error but I will have to wait. This is really frustrating, a company that automatically signs up for a monthly subscription that had me running around the internet searching for their customer service to have it canceled which I never signed up for. I am never going to use Whoeasy again, not recommended for anyone.

    Rating: 1
  9. -
    Teresa Coward

    Stop sending me shit someone hack my account and using it .stop using my account and taking money out my account.before i call the law.

  10. -

    I had the same problem and there is no contact info in I called 1-888-744-0149 and was able to cancel my subscription the same day. Please get the name of the person you spoke with and make sure you get an email confirming the cancellation of the subscription over the phone itself.

    Rating: 2
  11. -

    I wanted to look up one number and thought that was all I was paying for. Instead I ended up with an unwanted or expected subscription plan. Tried to cancel through the web site but it is designed to make it difficult and complex. Suggest you avoid this semi-scam of a business.

  12. -
    Nancy Perkins

    The service did provide a name connected to the phone number that had called the number. The information was useless because there was no other information ever and there was the billing after the 7 days. My fault there because I forgot to cancel. I would not use again because of lack of information.

  13. -

    So this company continuously steals money from your account ?

  14. -

    Deseo cancelar mi cuenta ya que la información deseada no salió en sistema

  15. -

    This company somehow got a hold of my bank information and took money out of my account. Scam and fraudulent.

  16. -

    There is no customer service support phone number in the website and whoeasy are constantly draining money from my credit card. The only support they provide is through email and the only reply you get from them is the auto email that they have receive and after that there is no more contact. I made a huge mistake signing up with whoeasy and now I don’t know how to unsubscribe from them.

    Rating: 2
  17. -
    Charles Elbourne

    Can you please provide your office address.
    Thank You

  18. -

    Y’all bitches gonna pay back every dollar y’all took out my account I don’t even know what the fuck is is but I bet y’all gonna give my money back!!!!

  19. -
    Daniel Ziegler

    There was 2 purchases from my debit card at the end of March I did not make these purchases IAM on social security and IAM disabled 1 was for 19.99 & the other 15,89 I want my money put back on my card or IAM going to turn you people in for Social Security Fraud Services, it better be put back on my card by the end of the day or IAM repoting you people into the Social Security Fraud offices. That means now.!!

  20. -
    Celeta Lockett

    More information

  21. -
    Celeta Lockett

    More information

  22. -
    James berube

    I was looking at my bank account statement. & little & behold there ya was taking something that I ordered or had any idea. Thanks to that stunt I am in the whole about yay deep.. I need to cancel & abord this mission cause I really don’t care nor use a phone much anyhow..

  23. -
    James berube

    I got scammed thanks man. Hope ya don’t make a last min deduction. puting me in the hole deeper & deeper.. Your cool.. “NOT”

  24. -
    Horacio Gannaway

    Thanks for your article. It is quite unfortunate that over the last 10 years, the travel industry has had to deal with terrorism, SARS, tsunamis, bird flu virus, swine flu, as well as the first ever true global economic collapse. Through all this the industry has proven to be sturdy, resilient in addition to dynamic, getting new strategies to deal with adversity. There are generally fresh complications and opportunity to which the business must once again adapt and react.

  25. -
    Korryn mackowiak

    I’d like to cancel my membership

  26. -

    Hi I’m karen Maggio I subscribed to and I put all my information like my name email address and card number. and something went wrong saying my card was invalid. I have a new card my is valid I don’t understand what’s going on here. Please I would appreciate it if could speak to a representative, if possible my email is or could call, me on my cell number. (401) 391-4961 Thank you karen.

  27. -
    Karen Maggio

    Hi my name is Karen I tried to subscribe with but put my information in like my card number ccv number month and date and year is saying my card is invalid. I don’t understand what’s going on here my card is new and is , activated and valid. can someone please help me with this, issue I’m having I would appreciate it thank you karen. My cell number is (401) 391-4961 .

  28. -
    Tina Schmoll

    Please cancel any subscriptions. I didn’t know I made any I can’t pay for them.

  29. -

    This is a scam! I never signed up for this site and they are taking money off my debit card….

  30. -

    I used this app and it gave me the wrong location of the phone number I was looking for. I was still charged I need my money back!!!!

    Rating: 1
  31. -

    The company is fraud. They just charged my card and then tried to tell me that I had to pay 15.00 more to cancel something I didn’t ask for . I’m calling the card company

  32. -

    Will I get my money back on my card

  33. -

    Eat a dick mother fuxkers I bet I get my money back . Or there’s gonna be a whole lot of ass whoopin coming your way. And the longer I wait the worse beating your gonna take…

  34. -

    Bunch of dick choking thieves. Hit my card for damn near 40 1 charge for 15.89 the other for 19.99. They best reverse there charges to my card or I will go on every online review site possible and leave 10 reviews on each blasting these dick eating scammers. Eat shit and die.

  35. -

    I think this is a scam of a company stealing cleverly.This needs to stop and people need to be refunded.Hard earned money just lost like that.NO WAY!

  36. -
    Yolanda Davis

    I just want you to take me off

  37. -

    I want to know why I been charged twice for information. When I didn’t request this. This is fraud.

  38. -
    Mirta Reyes

    Iwant to cancel the subcrition thanks

  39. -

    Good Day, just inquiring about my rebate

  40. -
    Eriney Gostevskyh

    Fucking garbage

  41. -

    There is no customer service not sure what I got myself into with these guys canceling this out asap. if I could ever talk to somebody

    Rating: 1
  42. -

    After draining my money without my knowledge I have to call the whoeasy customer service phone number and finally got to cancel the subscription. I got no refunds for the charges and I would advise everyone to stay away from whoeasy,

    Rating: 2
  43. -
    Donna Reed

    I contacted whoeasy to track a phone number. They told me the number was some were in the cite of mn but I found the phone with the number in north mn. So they gave me the wrong area were it was and charged my credit card. So I contacted the credit card company and dispute it. The card company ask me if I contacted who easy I said no but I will and call you called them they said it was already refunded. So I call the credit card company back and told them it was already refuned. I have to wait till Tuesday to see if they did. If they didn’t the card company will go and refund the money back on my card and go after them. So if you used a credit card or a bank card go to them and put a dispute in. You’ll get all the money back that who easy took.

  44. -
    Nicole Yaciw

    Horrible people, service not worth it. Can’t find an unsubscribe/ cancel subscription button.

    Rating: 1
  45. -
    Kim Banks

    Absolutely BS. You put in your card numerous, they tell you that results are found, screen is blurred out. Then call customer support, give your name and e-mail address and they tell you that no account was found. What do they think customer support is. I got absolutely no support. Now I have to call my credit card and stop payment, which costs, and then e-mail to cancel free trial (a joke ) so I won’t be charged 19.95$ every month . Don’t do it! !!

  46. -
    Ali Bradshaw

    guys fine print states you can use it one time for 1$ then after that if you dint cancel your membership it cost 9.95 a month call 1-888-744-0149 and cancel it, you dont even have to talk to anyone. however it didnt find anything i wanted in my opinion

    Rating: 2
  47. -
    Kristy Lee

    I signed up for 7 day free trail 3 days ago and y’all already taking money from my debit card. Cancel my subscription now. Y all are a joke.

  48. -

    Buyer beware!!! They will continue to charge your credit card $20 monthly until you figure out how to reach them to cancel your membership. And, of course, they don’t make it easy to cancel the membership.

    Rating: 1
  49. -

    I have been close my account with you all and now I want my money to put back on my account 1995 1586 I don’t owe you nother that my medican money please put it back owne give a number so I can contact you all

  50. -

    cancel my account make sure send email but I want my all my money you took from me why would me twice whan I no it wrong you took my medican money please return

  51. -

    I want my money back. Cancel my subscription.

  52. -

    I used one time and did not realize I was signing up for a monthly subscription. I promptly requested that they cancel my the subscription, but received no response. They continue to take money out of my bank account each month. I believe this is a scam and I am searching for the physical location of the company. According to the BBB, their domain is registered in Seattle, WA , but they are located somewhere in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I plan to contact the Attorney Generals office in Washington and in Wyoming to file a complaint.

    Rating: 1
  53. -
    Florencia neaves

    Omg..I cancel this already and y’all are still taking my money STOP ALREADY!! its freaking annoying!!

  54. -

    I have cancelled my membership for Who’s Easy and have made several requests to cancel immediately. Who’s Easy was unable to give me any of the information that I requested, so I immediately cancelled my membership. Today I received my credit card bill and Who’s Easy charged my credit card on 5/29/2018 $.50 six times. When I e-mailed support to assure that my account was cancelled, they said that they would respond within 24 hrs. Well I just received a note one week later that they would cancel my account. Check your bill, I understand that Who’s Easy has done this before.

  55. -
    Jaime Brown

    Be AWARE whoeasy is a fraudulent company. I subscribed to them June 2,2018. I cancelled my subscription that same night, they even sent me a confirmation email confirming my cancellation. Then 4 days later they still TAKE 15.86 fraudulently from my card. I have called repeatedly to get this rectified and they giving me the run around. Their customer service sucks,nobody is professional, all I hear is a bunch of dogs barking in the background smh. They are frauds and fakes. I had to make a police report and contact the BBB. Don’t waste your time subscribing, it’s a scam to steal your money, and you can even find or see what you looking for because they blur everything out. To this moment I’m still fighting them.

    Rating: 1
  56. -
    Jaime Brown

    Thieving ass bitches, police report on deck.

    Rating: 1
  57. -

    I should have read the reviews! I would have immediately known not to trust this dishonest company, taking advantage of the person trying to find a phone. They said it was $ 1.00 charged at .50 twice, nowhere does it mention monthly billing ! First of all they gave me nothing for the dollar the location was unknown!

  58. -

    Not happy with this service cancel after the 7 day trial and I was still charged now they want a to refund me a partial payment versus the whole payment such a ripoff.

  59. -

    Scumbags septic sucking maggots of the fucking earth if I find them they better be ready to have all the skin beat off there faces

  60. -

    please cance this service
    William Banks

  61. -
    Wilberto casyellano

    Por favor cancelar servicio
    Wilberto cadtellano

  62. -
    Rachel Orta

    Omg I have read the reviews and the same thing happened to me. I used this service one time and never realized I signed up for a subscription. When I noticed they would not refund me my money. They said only one months worth they would refund me and I haven’t received anything from them. They are scammers. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. This is ridiculous they could do this to people. Something needs to be done. I paid 120 dollars for something that I thought I was only paying 50 cents for. I hope you guys get what ever is coming to you. You people are horrible.

    Rating: 1
  63. -
    Gene Mallard

    This service was not able to gibe me any info on #940-202-2205

  64. -


    Rating: 1
  65. -
    David King

    I have the following unauthorized charge on my credit card this morning:
    -$15.86 WHOEASY.COM SANTA CLARA CA. PLease advise.

  66. -
    Margie Loup

    I called and cancelled my subscription and they gave me a comfirmation # 1696E5 but never ask my name.Please make sure the account for Margie Gill Loup is cancelled. Thank You

  67. -
    Bradley Phillips

    Theives. They steal money from people who have never used this website!!

    Rating: 1
  68. -
    Winda Novilia

    From your email dated 14 Feb 2018, you said that “monthly phone membership has been canceled”

    Please tell me why i received the bill from Whoeasy amount 15.86 USD

    Thanks for your attention

    Rating: 1
  69. -
    emely camacho

    por favor cancelar servicio mi nombre es emely camacho

  70. -


  71. -
    Kelly Olsen

    I would like to cancel my subscription for WhoEasy. Just signed up but would like to cancel within the 7 days.

  72. -
    Abidamy Persaud

    Y u taking money out my account stop taking money out my occouny i never used your service yet u teaf if u take any more money out u will be hairing from my lawyer

  73. -
    Brian Fairbanks


    Rating: 1
  74. -
    Maria Estrella

    Quiero cancelar la cuenta, ya que me están descontado $15 y asta $19 de mi tarjeta sin utilizar ningún servicio.

  75. -

    Please stop taking money I will go to the fraud squad and it will be 15 years imprisonment for credit card please cancelled my account Lilawatie heeralal

  76. -
    Anthony Baker

    i want my membership cancelled

  77. -
    Jesus Segarra

    Please stop taking money from my visa , I never did and authorization for this service and you get and stolen $19.95 from my visa , on June 27, 2018 I will go to the fraud squad and it will go to my bank for initiate an investigation at once.

  78. -
    Jesus Segarra

    I want to cancel this, I never did authorization for get $19.95 from my visa,. I hope you response to this ,in fact I am in the bank for stop this.

  79. -
    Nicole Zorkoczy

    I never set this up and yous too 48.50 out of mybank its not right call me 2263494867

  80. -
    philippe auclair

    je veut plus avoir de vos service et je voudrais etre collecter monb argent quer jai perdue car il a un problemme je ne parle pas anglais je suit francais canada si cest posible de me rembourser nje serais tres fier de npuit que jai ete voir le site il dise que cest gratuit osti colise cest une poigne pour perdre ml’argent la je veut tout mmon argent du mois de juin un pauement de 21.58$ et l’autre est de 27.14 cest deux la je voudrais me faire rembourser jai jamais ete sur le site de rencontre osti je perd mon argent ok je voudrais avoir une mnouvelles le plus vite posible merci philippe auclair telephone 450.330.1022

  81. -
    philippe auclair

    je veut me fairte rembourser mes 21.58$ et mes 27.14$ car jai jamait ete sur le site

  82. -
    Ushabel Martin

    This website is stealing my money, I cancel this free trial and they still charge my card 45$ that’s insane. And they are telling me I can only get back $10. I am so very upset I’m calling fraud police for this. It’s is a total waste of time, I never got information so why take my money. I want my money reverse asap.

    Rating: 1
  83. -
    Jesse L Aubrey

    I never use yo apps I never use your count so stop taking mine out my count and put my mind it back my phone number is 2547023695 start taking money Adam I count

  84. -
    Connie Bahamon

    I use your service a couple of weeks ago and the same day Immediately I sent an email saying I don’t want the service and now I have a $15.85 charge from you.
    Please return my money immediately.

  85. -
    Kimberly Allen

    Please cancel my acccount, don’t want to be charged for it didn’t even work for what I needed it too. So cancel it please

  86. -
    Brian Egan

    Please cancel my subsciption immediately.

  87. -
    Maxine Mock

    I canceled right after I signed up. They charged my card anyway, I called to have it canceled, they did cancel it and told me that I would get a full refund in three to five days, it’s been over a month and I still have not received my refund yet. I asked on three to four occasions but to no avail I will be demanding it today.

  88. -

    This company is looking at a lawsuit if they continue to take my money I have canceled the subscription!!

  89. -

    I have cancelled my subscription and then you take money from my account I can tell you I WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN RIGHT

  90. -

    I need my account and my subscription to end please have not used it and u guys keep taking 24$ from my account

  91. -

    Please don’t take any money from account anymore because you have finding me what I was asking for
    Thank you

  92. -

    quit membership . I didn’t expect money to suddenly be taken out of my account on the 9th. I want to quit member ship and refund on my debit card

  93. -
    Sathya Piercy

    Please cancel my account

  94. -
    Susan Irwin

    Hello! I am writing to you, wishing to cancel my account with you.
    Below is information from my last charge on my credit card.
    EXCHANGE RATE 1.34787.
    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  95. -
    Tushar Amin

    I am getting billed from you as it shows on my Amex statement as BT*WHOEASY.COM WHOEASY SANTA CLARA
    Please confirm asap this is being done by you as i have no knowledge of ever signing up with you for anything that you may be continuing to take monthly payments for
    Please confirm as this needs to be cancelled immediately without delay and i need confirmation of this being done as if not i will have to infirm AMEX about this

  96. -
    yvon ladouceur

    I don’t know what this is I did not authorize anyone to keep taking money off my card I want it to stop and a full refund I want it back on my card tomorrow

  97. -
    Farah Providence

    Good day to whom it may concern too. I will like to cancel my who easy account please.

  98. -
    Carolyn Lewis

    I want to cancel my membership. You all just took 15.86 from my card and when I try to use it you all was going to charge me. Forget it I want my money to be refunded. I only use it one time and I paid the $1.00 fee for that one time use. Refund my card and don’t take anything more from my card.

  99. -
    Candace Johnson

    I did not authorize for money to be debited from acct. cancel this immediately!

  100. -

    Good evening, I just cancel my membership with you all on 7/12/2018. Plus I got a confirmation number. The only amount should come out is $1.00. Thank yoi

  101. -
    Carolyn Lewis

    If my $15.86 is not put back on my Mastercard and my subscription CANCELLED I am going to report whoeasy to the better business bureau. I am calling my card company to make sure you all don’t rip me off again.

  102. -
    Nikki silvey

    I want to CANCEL my subscription. This was a major joke!!!! Deborah Parsons

  103. -
    Nimo Mohamed

    You guys charging me $27 for what reason I did cancel my account and first of all your website does not even working when you check the number you guys are f****** liars and taking others people money I need my money as soon as possible

  104. -
    denfield stevens

    i signed on for a free trial and endup being charged several times for this service and i never even got the service i signed on i got nothing for a service which should have been a free trial .can i get my money refunded please.

  105. -
    Jose Bauer Juarez

    I want to get out of this subscription Immediately.

    Rating: 1
  106. -

    Please cancel that shit u take 19 dollar from my debit card please cancel that shit I never confirmed that u can take money from me bitches

  107. -
    Melissa Guerrero

    This page is a peice of shit i didnt not make an account but some how all my info was on here i olny found out about it when they took $30 off my card my phone number was even hooked up to it dont ask me how cuz idk well i called and can cancelled the account cuz thats the first thing they say on the phone then i spoke with a agent he completely thought i was lyin ( i can understand why ) after screaming into the phone i never had a subscription he finally agreed to give me my refund . I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE TO ANYONE AND PPL PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF UR CARDS AND NAME.. THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT AT ALL

  108. -

    Crooks! I did not authorize your company to scam money out of my account. Refund all the $15.86 dollar charges you have scammed me out of, you said you canceled but you never asked for any information. I highly doubt you will cancel.

  109. -
    Jean Bruneau

    I’ really surprise and upset since 3 months ago you taking 19.95 on my card,I never authorize that so I want you to refund me my money back and stop doing that .

  110. -

    This it’s fucking stupid the you “””””” guys take money with not permission I want You stop taking money frm me account ring now

  111. -
    Charles Trimberger

    I did not sign up for this. I have $15.86 charge that I would like refunded. Also, cancel any subscription that you have for me. Thank you

  112. -

    I am requesting a refund from a charge to my bank account listed as: WHOEASY.COM 8887440149 CA USA. I did not order this and would like the “subscription” to be canceled immediately and a credit of $15.86 to my bank.
    Thank you for your help.

  113. -
    yessica Enamorado

    please I need to cancel this damn f****** account cancel ok

  114. -
    Ja'Net Minix

    Hello, my name is Arthur. I was charged twice for this services. I am paying MyEcon $35 a month for this service already. Is there anybody that can help me with this? Thanks a Bunch!

  115. -
    fanny mirelys santana

    soy fanny no autorizo a descontar dinero de mi tarjeta por lo que los he denunciado ante el banco popular, me descontaron 19 dolares sin autorizaciòn .

  116. -

    still charging me even after I submitted my cancellation. WTF

    Rating: 1
  117. -
    Spencer Jarman

    Hi I am wanting to cancel my account. How do I get that done?
    Thank you

  118. -
    Amanda Blackmon

    I dont remember signing up for this service. Please cancel any subscription I have.

  119. -
    Stephen C Smith

    Cancel my subscription

  120. -

    I am four months in trying to get this company to stop charging my card. All four times i’ve gotten what i realized is an automatic email reply from a Lily. The same email i can’t locate your account so i send a picture of where they are charging then you hear nothing else. Next month same thing same reply. Why haven’t this company been shut down! I didn’t even sign up for anything. I called and she tells me to send an email proof same thing no response after the proof is sent.

  121. -
    Jena G Wratchford


  122. -

    fuck this place.

  123. -
    pierre lessard

    Please cancel my membership right now.

  124. -
    Yareli Zuniga

    What the fuck ! Stop taking my money i gave this website no permision for that . Give me my fucking money back , this is bullshit, some stupid shit i never signed up for . Bullshit ass page, give me my fucking money back !

  125. -
    Yanire Suazo

    Please cancelar my account

  126. -
    Brent Sullivan

    I want to cancel and what I have been charged to be refunded i did not want this service

  127. -

    I’m gonna sue you guys cause i didn’t subscribe to anything and I want my money back you guys are full of shit

  128. -

    Me robaron
    escribo por que me cobraron de mi tarjeta no se por que _?

  129. -
    Julia Tadlock

    i have not signed up for this and this has been taking out of my account and i want it to stop they took out 15.86 and then took out 19.95 they were took out today i want my money put back in my account and this canceled immediately and it needs to be put back in there today not tomorrow or the next day i have no clue why this is even being took out in the first place and i want it stopped now

  130. -

    I have contacted the bank and opened a security check on your company. Why would you be taking money out of my account. I have no products from your company. I want my money back from May 15 2018 until now……Aug 2 2018. I have called your online business number. 1888 744 0149. It said to cancel my subscription ( to what I have no idea) then to press 1. I got a confirmation #. When I called again I just keep getting an answering service that say to contact you by email. Well my goal from this whole process is simply to be refunded my money.
    Your phone service doesn’t even ask for any information. Just say press one to cancel. Come on now. WHOEASY……not me. I will fight for my money back on principal. This company is fraudulent.

  131. -
    cheryl shockley

    Please cancel my subscription

  132. -
    Sissy Briggs

    I need to cancel because I never used this service. Please refund my $15 thank you!!

  133. -
    Caroline Jeselnik

    I saw this morning that my debit card was charged 19.95 from your website. I NEVER signed up for anything with this website. Please refund that money and remove any of my information, and any of my personal banking information right away. I don’t understand how this happened?

  134. -
    Patricia Curtis

    I did not sign up for your service and what to cancel this account now, as of Aug. 5 I will no long pay for this account.

  135. -
    Brianne D'Andrea

    I want my membership cancelled now

  136. -

    Please cancel report for 8452897491.

    I am no longer interested during free trial.

  137. -
    Heather McDonald

    Who easy i never signed up for for ur serviced or any authorization for u to use or charge my card for for any phobe search or email search the only search app besisea ancestry I used was truthfinder and both of you denied being affiliated and i cancelled subscription to that before my trail ended. I want 6 .50 cent charges reversed $15.99 and $19.95 reversed. Im imedisteky going to to go my bank and local police if not reversed in 24 hours. I have spoken to you on phone when asked to speak to floor supervisor I was hung up on . Today phone won’t accept my calls emailed you several days ago and no reply. Read all ur reviews I see I’m not the first one this has been done to however I’m disabled and elder this follows under a whole differently catagoriy no longer civil its actually a criminal look up scamjing disabled elder abuee or a long those lines start filing out commissary list or at least call urself s criminal attorney

  138. -
    ya right

    The whoeasy website is a time waster, misleading- there is no “free” at all, and useless. I would NEVER risk my money here!

  139. -
    letty gonzalez

    I would like to cancel my subscription

  140. -
    Christine Martin

    I would like to cancel my subscription

  141. -
    Fran Sancroft

    I did not sign up for this service. I don’t know how you got my information. You have charged me $26.67 and another .67 cents for a service which I did not ask for. I was on your website but I certainly did nothing to permit any sort of payment! I am a senior om pension and this is criminal!
    Give me back my money!

  142. -

    Not Helpful at all!

  143. -

    no hay otra manera de pago

  144. -

    My account was charged and I don’t know how they got my account information…I need my 19.95 back on my card right now or I’m going to seek further actions….this is fucking ridiculous for a company to hack your account]..I never signed up for anything

  145. -

    my name is keely Feliciano, its my third time sending an email to cancel an account, someone took my personal information including my bank account number to subscribe here. I dont want to contact a lawyer
    .please my phone number is 407-738-3950. thank you

  146. -
    sharon page

    cancel this asap. I did not sign up for 5 deduction at 50 cent each. Should have read the reviews.

  147. -
    Jean-Pierre Bolduc

    Please cancell

  148. -
    Donna Pierce

    Confirming my phone conversation with one of your
    representatives, I’ve had to cancel my policy prior to it’s start on 8/23. Please be sure my bank information is deleted securely. Thanks very much.

  149. -
    Lise Trudel

    Bonjour j’aimerais canceller mon abonnement.

  150. -
    Mary W Hopkins

    Please cancel my service immediately. I cannot not afford to continue my monthly member payment, because I have a health problem just diagnosed and I am 77 years old. cannot continue the payment.
    Thank you very much,

  151. -
    yuri yakhnis

    customer service number is not working

    Rating: 1
  152. -
    Maria luisa Claudio

    Llame al servicio al cliente y no funciona. Deseo cancelar la suscripción ahora. Ya que accedí al servicio y no me envió la información del contacto a verificar. Espero no cobren nada ya que informe a mi cuenta para que no realicen ningún retiro de dinero. Sinceramente y sin faltar al respeto está aplicación no funciona.

  153. -
    phyllis madden

    I need to cancel my account its not what i thought it was.. do not bill me the charge.. I was on your sight for 2 seconds before i realized it was the wrong site Thankyou

  154. -
    Lance Hill

    Please end my subscription to WhoEasy
    Thank you

  155. -
    Larry Roberts

    canceled subscription before 7 days
    Never got confirmation? Please recredit $19
    Thank You, Larry

  156. -

    I want to thank everyone who wrote a review on this page. I was considering using Whoeasy, but, thanks to you all, I will not be getting ripped off every month…

  157. -
    Coleen Sweeney

    This “review” area for comments won’t even let me post my true feelings. My advice is to stay away from these people…

    Rating: 1
  158. -
    Fred Marotta

    This is a complete scam… totally misleading and a complete rip off.
    I was charged 6 separate charges over a 60 day period with no authorization
    BIG MISTAKE trying this service.
    STILL trying to have this service stopped and attain a 100% refund on 6 charges

  159. -
    Jackie Mowatt

    I used this service on August 6th and was charged 0.66 cents, now additional charge of $26.92 showed up on my credit card on August 14th. DO NOT use this company additional charge just showed up!

  160. -

    i am unable to cancel my account .trying to reachout at the number provided but the call is not going . Please can someone from customer care help me cancel my account .

  161. -

    i noticed that we are being billed monthly fee for this service on our Amex credit card and i am not aware what is this for. Can you please advise and cancel it. thank you

  162. -

    These people have stolen $240 from me. All because I spent $1 to look up a number.
    Total scam!

    Rating: 1
  163. -
    Eugene Campbell

    I don’t even know who or what Whoeasy.Com SantaClaracaus is, but I notice money taken from my account countless times, by this – ‘whoever’, or ;’whatever;’. Please tell me who, or what you are!!!!!!!

  164. -
    Thomas Edmund Norman

    Account cancellation
    Cancel the above account today, this is the 1 week period. Email confirmation, today

  165. -

    i have made payments on for a one-time information about a phone number and now they have been charging me monthly since then. I want to cancel this service URGENT

  166. -
    Gary Knox

    i do not know why I should cancel since I never signed up for your service. Gary Knox

  167. -
    marcia sills

    I have called tonight 888 744 0149 to reverse six ,50 charges not made by me on 7-26. Now I have found another unauth charge 8-3 same number for 19.95 I didnt make this charges and no one Im aware of made them within my presence . Please reverse all charges and unsubscribe me. Marcia Sills 954261 4063

  168. -
    monica quercia

    cancellazione abbonamento
    chiedo cortesemente che il mio abbonamento venga cancellato ,continuo a pagare senza usufruirne .
    cordiali saluti

  169. -
    garrison dunn

    y do i owe you 20.00$. do not take money from my account.fraud now looking at you. my bank is reporting you if youdo and we will sue. PROMMIS

  170. -
    Phillip E Havlin

    Hi my name is Phil i recently went to my online bank account and had noticed that a purchase was made on your website in the amount of 19.95 which was not authorized by me ! The card that was used the last 4 digits were 4429 can you please tell me when and where this purchase was made from ? I have already spoken to 5/3 security but it would be helpful if you can give me this information so i can report it to my bank and try and recover my money .Please message me as soon as possible thanks

  171. -
    ronald morency

    It is a fucking scam a bunch of robbers

  172. -
    Barbara Englisz Sjögren

    I’d like to cancel my membership

  173. -
    ronald morency

    I have a charge of 26,77 dollars on my visa card every month Santa Clara I did not submit any subcription for anything please cancel this because this is a scam,you are robberring me

  174. -
    Tony-Emegere Churchill

    money got withdraw from my account which i didn’t authorize from you, i would need my money back.

  175. -
    Cindy Reynolds

    Was charged 4 times for free trial Cancel now and put my money back Or next person contacting u will be my lawyer !!!

  176. -


  177. -

    These company is fraudulently charging my checking account for services I did not authorize or solicit. They are scammers!

  178. -
    Manuel Rangel

    No me inscribí en este programa y me estás cobrando 19 dólares eso no es justo y necesito mi dinero para atrás o haré el reporte en mi banco

  179. -
    Nancy Rotger

    I did not authorized WhoEasy to charge my account, because I never used your services. Please cancel that subscription and stop charging me for services I never receive and Iam not interested.

  180. -
    Tasheka Hyatt

    I would like to cancel Thank u!

  181. -

    I have been billed $15.86. To my knowledge I have never signed up for your company. Please remove me from whatever service you offer.

  182. -

    i was charged for using this site but don’t know anything about it can you tell me why
    Thanks Terry

  183. -
    Lourdes Rosales

    I am reporting you to the FBI/Attorney General for Fraud, I have never used your services how you got a hold of my info is beyond me!!!!!

  184. -
    Thourn Sun

    I do not want to join this Whoeasy.Com and now this Whoeasy.Com 8887440149 Ca charging me -$19.95 I like to reimbursement back to me back to account, cancel everything


  185. -
    Douglas Gonzales

    False charge on my credit card. I find a charge of $19.95 on my credit card that I never made and will not pay. I don’t know who you are and what I got from you. Your page lists dozens and dozens of similarly defrauded people.I am a former United States Attorney and a Judge of 36 years. I will not let American Express pay this charge and I will contact the FBI for whom I worked. If you want to contact me my number is 225 330-4403

  186. -

    Put back my cash who ever taking out cash from my account a law suit will be soon trust me last week cash came out and just awhile ago more cash 19.95 two deductions in one week I don’t used you services and i will also will report the company to the fruad company

  187. -
    Kristine Morrill

    I spoke to Rachel and she said my membership was cancelled and I would receive an email with that confirmation in 5 to 10 mins . I have yet to receive the email.

    Please cancel my membership and EMAIL THAT CONFIRMATION please ASAP

    Rating: 1
  188. -

    cancel subscription

  189. -

    This Who Easy keeps charging my account and I can’t reach anyone on the phone to get this resolved. UnEasy

    Rating: 1
  190. -
    Kimberly Davis-Seagle, MD

    Cancel subscription
    I did not expect a bill that suddenly appeared on my credit card. I paid 2.00 to look a number up and missed the part about a “free” 7 day membership. You website is evasive and fails to put in any respectable size PRINT that you will be charged $19.95 per month thereafter. I want to cancel my membership effective immediately with a $19.95 refund to my account that you have on file. Visa ending in 5696. I know you have the correct information since my bank notified my of the charge just within the last hour. I need a response to the above email address a sap. You site says you work 24/7 so this should not be a problem.

  191. -
    sarah paulette

    Cancelar suscripción . Cancelen mi suscripción por favor.

  192. -
    Warthaddous Raymond Morris

    Joined to trace a lost/stolen phone. Cancelled my membership the same day but, was still billed. Almost a month later and sending another cancellation request. Their less than accurate location service is not worth the aggravation. From the look of the reviews below it seems that charging customers after their cancellation is fairly normal here and the information you receive is so vague it is useless. Hard to believe a company run this way can stay in business but life is full of liars and cheats.

  193. -
    juan c gonzalez

    esto es una estafa te roban el dinero y te descuentan dinero de la tarjeta si autorisacion

    Rating: 1
  194. -
    Octava Willis

    I canceled my account same day I got it and was still charged. I would like my money back please and thank you.

  195. -

    I was billed for a trial I used, why?

  196. -
    erin haberman

    I am getting extremely frustrated trying to get a hold of someone to cancel my service. I want it done immediately!!!!!

  197. -
    Christine Bannerman

    No longer have the need for the APP – how do I cancel the service properly?

  198. -
    Kathy Adams

    Please cancel my membership. I did not receive any usuable information from your site. Please credit my card for the charges just placed on it. I do not want to continue this service effective 9/19/18

    Rating: 1
  199. -

    It’s the worst service I met, I think it’s a fraud group actually. It will charge you monthly fee even you did not order them before, cause it only write ” one-time payment”, but it charge you monthly fee since you give your card information to them, and you did not know since YOU FOUND THE DEDUCTION ON YOUR BANK STATEMENT!!

  200. -
    Edie Waters

    Stop subscription
    We would like to stop our subscription of 19.95.
    Please advise if anything else is needed for this recurring bill to stop.
    Appreciate your help.

    Claudia Miller
    Edie Waters Network
    Keller Williams Realty

  201. -
    acquelyn White

    I spoke to someone last month and requested that my service was to be canceled. She said that it was canceled, but I could use it until the time of the trail had expired. I was charged for the service again.
    Thank you,
    Jacquelyn White

  202. -
    Randy Caldwell

    DO NOT DO IT!! THEY ARE THIEVES AND WILL STEEL YOUR MONEY!! This company is a SCAM!!! Even after cancelling, they will keep taking money from your account and will NOT refund the money!!! I had to cancel my debit card so that I didn’t get charged again. DO NOT DO IT!! THEY ARE THIEVES AND WILL STEEL YOUR MONEY!!

  203. -
    Jimmy Hill

    This site is a joke, you paid a dollar for one free look up then they automatically sign u up where they take 1599 out of your checking account plus another 1999 And to try to get a hold of customer service is nearly impossible this company is nothing but con artist plus it didnt help me in what I was trying to do. For those of you who are wondering why they take 1599 out of your account it’s because its for email look up and then 1999 it for phone look up but I got mine cancel today and there better not be another one to come out of my account

    Rating: 1
  204. -
    Nelson Garcia


  205. -

    This is concerning to me. I never heard nor did I use this service but got a charge for $15.86. This leaves me no choice but to cancel my credit card.

  206. -
    Donna Brooks

    I would like to cancel my membership. Thank you

  207. -
    Diana Ilina

    Dear Whoeasy customer service I requested in the beginning of August to cancel this service that being charged on our account.
    Reference number provided.
    Can you please cancel it ASAP as credit card will be closed this week
    Thank you

  208. -
    yves fontaine

    i want to cancel my membership right now and stop charging monthly fee on my mastercard.

  209. -
    laura schick

    I just received a charge for 21.44 on by debit card I did not authorise this please return my money and cancel any and all memberships . thank you

  210. -
    Sue Keith

    Canceled subscription

  211. -

    Necesito cancelar la subcribcion y que eliminen mi numero de cuenta ,cancelar totalmente toda informacion ya que entre aqui por error y esto no se utilizarlo nose para que es y no me es util , ya que me retiran dinelo automaticamente mensual 19 dolares y yo nisiquiera lo utilizo ,y mi reembolso gracias

  212. -
    Gulnur Tursun

    Could you please help me to find the phone # for Whoeasy ?
    The contact number is wrong.

    Thank you

  213. -

    taking money out my account should stop taking, i never used your service yet you take money out of my account, for 3 month now your organization had been taken money from me, just stop this nonsense

  214. -
    Debra Griffin

    I do not know anything about this company other than I see 2 charges on my credit card for them . I have no independent recollection of ever using their services. I do not know how they obtained my credit card number. You can attempt to call their a customer service allegedly available 24/7 but ” they are not set up to take calls at this time”.

    Rating: 1
  215. -
    g boucher

    I used your “FREE TRIAL” Aug 16,2018 and then cancelled-WHY did you bill my credit card without my consent/approval Sept16,2018 for $21.23? PLEASE CREDIT ASAP>

  216. -
    Rose M Greene

    I want to cancel my subscription with youI I don’t want it !

  217. -
    mary burmingham

    I received my bank statement and seen you took out 19.?? out of my savings. plus 2—- .50 w/ds earlier.
    I remember looking at your site, but never authorized you to take money out. actually I backed out of the site instead of ordering it. please cancel my membership, do not want it. thank you.

  218. -
    eugene stagnaro

    cancel the contract

    Rating: 2
  219. -
    Jake the Snake

    This is junk. This company is junk. This is just typical of today and our times comanies out there that can not actually sell their products so they just bill people over and over for looking up a phone number. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY> DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFO> DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION> THIS IS A SCAM BUSINESS

  220. -
    Greg Gregory


  221. -
    Nola Laubach

    Hi there,
    I need to have my subscription cancelled immediately and am looking to get reimbursed as well.
    Please contact me back a.s.a.p. to let me know how I can expect the reimbursement.

  222. -

    Took my money off my card without my permission i i cancelled my card and the information was incorrect

  223. -
    William Hill

    Requesting cancellation

  224. -

    How are these ppl still stealing from everyone. They r straight up robbing ppl. I’m gonna go to the police if they take another penny off my credit card.

  225. -

    Im reporting to BBB, unless refunded asap

  226. -
    Waneta Mercer

    i wish to cancel my subscription as soon as possible.

  227. -
    bruce a schepper

    cancel my account

  228. -

    I have just discovered 11 (eleven) unauthorized transaction on my Visa card.
    I only have access to 1 (one) page of my tranactions but I can see 4 transactions that Total = 93.77

    I do not even know what services your company provides but I do know that I (Lori) have not used your services nor did I authorized the use of my Visa Card for these services.

    Below.please find 4 (Four) of the transcaction that are on my Transaction history.
    Lori Sarlo

    1- 10/08/2018 Visa settle – WHOEASY.COM, SANTA CLARA, CAUS $-20.55

    2- 10/08/2018 Visa settle – WHOEASY.COM, SANTA CLARA, CAUS $-25.85

    3- 09/07/2018 Visa settle – WHOEASY.COM SANTA CLARA CAUS $-20.98

    4- 09/07/2018 Visa settle – WHOEASY.COM SANTA CLARA CAUS $-26.39

  229. -


  230. -

    10/09/2018 cancelled servive confirmation # 1810037014.
    You billed my card for $5.99 on 10/21/2018
    please advise.

    Thank you,

    Michael D. McKee

  231. -
    Vilma Byrd

    Please don’t take any money from account anymore
    Thank you

  232. -


  233. -
    Eugene Walker

    I am requesting that you cancel my account immediately. Thank you,

    Eugene Walker

  234. -
    Kathy Dodd

    What a rip off company. Guess they are laughing at all of us how make the stupid mistake of using them.

  235. -

    This site does not give the info promised. Also when you try to cancel good luck

  236. -
    Angie González

    I want to cancel immediately my subscription to whoeasy account.

  237. -

    Please I need a favor. Do not retired any more money from my credit card now and ever.

  238. -

    I do not want but who buys these values ​​in my card why not utilizing

  239. -
    lisa goreski

    Ive already cancelled subscription and Im still being charged

  240. -
    Bernice Cridland

    I am instructing you to Immediately stop withdrawing funds on visa. I will be in touch with a attorney if this is NOT stopped Immediately!!

  241. -
    Bernice Cridland

    I will be in contact with a attorney this week, you have been withdrawing money on my visa card the past several months, This MUST STOP TODAY!!!

  242. -
    Julie Duke

    Please cancel my membership.
    Thank you,
    Julie Duke

  243. -
    Wade eisenbeisz

    Trying to call but can not find a phone number

  244. -
    Evelyn Miah

    cancel my subscription

  245. -

    did you get it ? the refund?

  246. -
    Mary Wade

    Charges that was not authorized to my card in October and November 2018.

  247. -
    Mary F. Knuppe

    Last evening I wrote and asked how long does it take to have a refund returned to my account? As of yet I have not heard anything from your customer care team. Nor has the money been returned to my account. Please respond as quickly as possible. I am in need of the refund. Thank you

  248. -
    venus canzater

    refund that is suppose to be refunded to my account that i did not authorize
    It has been almost two weeks since I have phone this company twice concerning the refund of money that you people took from my account (19.95 & 15.86) on 11/2/18 without permission. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and also will have my financial institution look into this. This is truly bad business and this company should be ashamed of what you are doing to people. STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. -
    lorraine repirozzi

    please send an email to confirm the cancellation of my membership. thank you.

  250. -

    I use who easy for get location for phone number but it not show exact location for phone

  251. -
    Heather Ney

    Please cancel my subscription: Heather Ney, phone number ***-***-7924. Thank you.

  252. -
    Lena Garland

    These people are nothing more ,but scammers! Taking money out of my account that i didn’t authorize is illegal and i want my damn money back! I have reported you to my bank, law enforcement and BBB due to doing one look up and being charged at that time never stated 7 day free trial but on this page it does and thats considered a scam! It worthless doesn’t show shit except the carrier and judging by all comments everyone is saying the same thing! Remove me from this shit asap and refund my money!

  253. -
    Lena Garland

    These people are nothing more ,but scammers! Taking money out of my account that i didn’t authorize is illegal and i want my damn money back! I have reported you to my bank, law enforcement and BBB due to doing one look up and being charged at that time never stated 7 day free trial but on this page it does and thats considered a scam! It worthless doesn’t show shit except the carrier and judging by all comments everyone is saying the same thing! It also looks like everyone is being charged different amounts too! These people need to be shut down and if you hit my account and dont give back what you took I WILL SUE YOUR ASS !! Remove me from this shit asap and refund my money!

  254. -
    eric martin

    cancel membership

  255. -
    Jacques Vachon

    Please cancel my subscription

  256. -
    Lisa Pitts


  257. -
    Adam markell

    Take legal actions there not aloud and is not in the closing…. they shod be returning money .
    What there song is fraudulent in may ways .

  258. -
    Lady Seminole

    If I sign up for the 7 day free trial for $1,oo, will you place a $19.99 obligation against my account before the 7-day trial period end

    Rating: 4
  259. -
    Susan Benson

    I called to cancel my service on 10/19/18. I was offered $29.97 per month service for life and accepted. My bill shows $37.79 monthly charge. Please advise.

    Rating: 4
  260. -
    JMF Co., Inc.

    It is unknown who signed up for this service, however it needs to be cancelled ASAP. The credit card being charged is a VISA….ending # 0315
    Exp: 5/31/21
    Cancellation # obtained from phone call 11/27/18 is:
    Please send e mail confirmation

    Rating: 4
  261. -

    After reading everybody’s horror stories I called the number n was able to get my subscription cancelled immediately whew not as bad as I was expecting it was going to be.

  262. -

    I only pay for one time use and got charged for multiple times. Please cancel my account. Don’t need the service anymore.

    Rating: 2
  263. -
    ronald rodier

    hi cancel my whoeasy account the service is not for me as of December 2 ,2018 thank you

    Rating: 2
  264. -

    Y’all can please cancel my account don’t provide any of the services that y’all said before i gave my money telling me about his family and criminal charges something that i already know about what i needed was info on who’s he calling and texting, who’s calling and texting him, what kinda activity is he doing on social media but y’all gave me nothing so therefore please cancel my account now and refund my money back to my account.

  265. -

    Перезвоните пожалуйста по телефону 8 (499) 322-46-85, Извините подвисла Станция, дождитесь ответа оператора, Олег.

  266. -
    Sheyla Rodriguez


  267. -
    lm torres

    this is my third attempt to get this matter resolved. i emailed and them tried calling previously. i reviewed charges made to my card and saw 15.86 and 19.95 were billed.
    PHONE *******8114
    My name is Laura and my email is
    please send me a confirmation email.
    thank you

  268. -
    antonella donatelli

    Please cancel my who easy account.

    My phone number is 416-399-3017

  269. -
    Lance Cardinal

    I wrote in a couple of days ago requesting A cancellation of my subscription,I have not heard anything back. Please email me back at with confirmation of subscription cancellation.

  270. -
    Juan Bernacet

    Does not comply with what is shown on your web advertisement. Plus no new Information that the one I already had,
    Please cancelled and notified of the cancelation

  271. -
    Sarah Toerien

    As a South African pensioner with little to spare this came as a shock seeing money deducted from my card with NO idea where or what it was for! This is really frustrating, is a company that automatically signed me up for a monthly subscription that I knew nothing off….searching for their customer service to have it canceled for something I never signed up for. Waiting in anticipation for a reply. …also contacting various fraud lines in this regard.

  272. -
    Dawn Lapeyrouse

    I used whoeasy once trying to get info on phone number first then email no real info. I have unsubscribed and have been charged twice This month for 19.95 and again for 15.83. I want my money back on my card.. I will accept 15.83 since I may not have canceled before the 19.95

  273. -

    Перезвоните мне пожалуйста 8 (499) 322-46-85 Михаил

  274. -

    Перезвоните мне пожалуйста 8 (499) 322-46-85 Михаил, не обращайте внимания на заставку, дождитесь ответа оператора.

  275. -

    Перезвоните мне пожалуйста 8(911)290-50-37 Антон.

  276. -
    Julian. C

    I had singed in for a one time service and I NEVER realized that I am signing for a monthly subscription, then I realized that I was charged for $19.95 This is the worse company that I never had seem in the world. the service wasn’t accurate and useless. I called this company team and spoke with John and he sent a cancellation email on Dec 26th 2018 on the very same day on the charge on my credit card I hope that this stupid people do not make other charge on my card.
    this company service is not good for nothing… they never was able to provide me any other information that the one that I provide them. People open your eyes this company is only a bullshit … simple…

  277. -

    Перезвоните мне пожалуйста 8(921)412-16-36 Антон.

  278. -
    annie Blake -williams

    I don’t know what this is I did not authorize anyone to keep taking money off my card I want it to stop and a full refund I want it back on my card tomorrow

  279. -
    Lovejeet sanotra

    i dont how i made my account here and they are taking money from my credit card every month .So i just want cancel my account

  280. -


  281. -

    Hi there,

    i used your service on the 24th of Decemberto look up a number I didn’t recognize, unfortunately I did not see the part whre it shows that I have 7 days to cancel otherwise I/m charged a fee , I would appreciate it if you can reverse my fee of 19.95 USD or 27 dollars CDN on my mastercard ,, please feel free to contact me if there’s any problem

  282. -

    Whoeasy, you say that you help with your app and this is true TO GET OF OUR MONEY $$$$$ thieves are what thieves are

  283. -
    Deborah Kroeker

    A one time request has resulted in on-going charges. Please cancel this for me. And I see I am not the only one.

    Rating: 1
  284. -
    Cecil Wilcox

    I have notified my credit card company to not honor any charges after this date. Cecil A. Wilcox (6239 last digits of my social security number)

  285. -

    i can not reach representative by phone

  286. -

    Please cancel this membership I do not need or want it/ It was not useful at all.


  287. -
    Debra salazar

    I never authorized for my account to be charged. i never gave the OK for this transaction. Cancel my ACCOUNT

  288. -

    nobody has called me back your service did not work for me please cancel and do not charge anything on my account , your service is terrible, you should not lie to new customers cancel me and send me a confirmation

  289. -

    I used your company to find a phone number one time and now you are taking money every month £29.00 a month I want a refund and I want my this direct debit cancel

    why are taking this amount please

  290. -

    You chicken shit sonofabitches I will be refunded my money tommrow never signed up for this shit my bank will dispute ever charge that has been took out of my account from you motherfuckers and I’d like to find out where you all our located because I would personley come to where you are and take everydime out of your all fucking ass you goddam motherfuckers I just like to know I would take your hole goddam place down you chicken shit stealing motherfuckers

  291. -
    cary caldwell

    your service did not work for me, your service is awful, your customer service never answered or called back. don’t charge anything from my account. send confirmation on cancellation

  292. -
    Edward Sturney

    I have been charged a $21.60 recurring charge. I only used your service once for a one time inquiry. Nothing else. I did not agree to any subscription with your company. I want it cancelled immediately and this latest charged on Jan 17 reversed and credited back to my bank account. This is an urgent matter. I can be reached at ***-***-0501. Again, this is an urgent matter and I want it looked after today.
    Thank you

  293. -
    Jerry Basson

    this is not what is was expecting. Please cancel my policy. i have left the message on your telephone. which i have recorded