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Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark, who started off the business journey with a view to make a connection with his friends and learns about the activities of the San Francisco Area. Though, the business started off with a mailing list which is shared with the friends and family members, it soon takes over the role of the largest billboard of advertisement wherein people post about their events. The Craiglist customer service number will help you with advertising, the way you want, on the large internet platform.

Customer service segment is there for you

If you are looking for anything, for any services, discussion forum, or hosing solution, or anything you want, you can check into Craigslist. If you find issues while using the Craigslist, you can call on the Craiglist phone number.

If you are facing trouble with handling your Craigslist account or want to opt in advertising something on it, you can call Craiglist customer service department and get your query solved.

Call on 1-415-566-6394 and sort out the errors coming your way to smooth functioning of your Craigslist account.

Get extensive information instantly

Call on the customer support number and get to know about the Craiglist posting service. During your visit to the website, if you feel like you need any help on advertising section or posting section, call on the customer support phone number and talk with the executive. You will soon receive the instant help to make your work smoother.

Get in touch with the most significant classified ad source with the help of Craigslist customer support phone number.

Find the top searches made on Craiglist as per location:-

atlanta craiglisthousing, auto parts, trailers, appliances
austin craiglistbikes, real estates, music, barter
bakersfield craiglistlessons, cycle, heavy equipment, cars
baltimore craiglistbarter, garage sale, cell phones
birmingham craiglisthousehold, education, appliances, services
boise craiglistservices, labor/move, jewelry, sporting
boston craiglistbusiness, services, real estate, pets
charlotte craiglistfarms and garden, motorcycles, barter,arts and crafts
cincinnati craiglistappliances, cellphone, motorcycles
cleveland craiglistgeneral, household, services, music instrument
craiglist albanywanted, cars and trucks, books, travel
craiglist albuquerquejobs, housing, baby and kids, auto parts
craiglist baton rougebike parts, pets, general, arts and crafts
craiglist bay areabusiness, boats, materials, services
craiglist boulderlabor/move, customer services, bikes, free
craiglist brownsvilletrailers, computer, cellphone, security, wanted
craiglist buffalotransport, jewelry, collectibles, electronics
craiglist charlotte ncpets, computers, electronics
craiglist colorado springshousing, appliances, cloths, aviation
craiglist columbia scpets, farm and garden, trailers
craiglist dallas txsporting, aviation, business, cars and truck
craiglist delawareservices, aviation, auto parts
craiglist des moinesreal estate, appliances, business
craiglist detroitfurnitures, electronics, tools, jobs
craiglist el paso txtools, general, photo+video, appliances
craiglist floridaantiques, boats, cars and trucks, sporting
craiglist fort collinspets, cell phone, general
craiglist fort myersrent, garage sale, tools, jobs
craiglist fort worthgarage sale, services, pets
craiglist fresnolessons, real estate, garage sale
craiglist greenville scgeneral, customer service,video games
craiglist hartfordappliances, music, cars and trucks
craiglist hawaiiboats, marine, bikes, housing
craiglist houston txhousing wanted, bike parts, customer service
craiglist indianalessons, travel, trailers, wanted
craiglist indianapolisappliances, business, garage sale, jewelry
craiglist jackson msbusiness, rooms wanted, barter
craiglist jacksonvillesporting, household, furniture, garage sale
craiglist jacksonville flservices, general labor, garage sale
craiglist kalamazoocars and truck, financial, apartments,toys and games
craiglist kansas cityreal estates, sporting, cars and trucks
craiglist knoxvillecars and trucks, appliances, materials
craiglist lakelandsporting, trailers, skilled trade, events
craiglist lancaster patrailers, computers, events, business
craiglist laredotools, jobs, garage sale, electronics
craiglist las crucessporting, tools, farm and garden, garage sale
craiglist long islandbusiness, books, motorcycles, food
craiglist louisvillebooks, antiques, furniture, jobs
craiglist lubbockfree, furniture, for sale, rooms wanted
craiglist maconwanted, appliances, electronics
craiglist mainepet, free, garage sale, event, labor/move
craiglist mauigeneral labor, customer service, electronics
craiglist mcallen txtravel, furniture, appliances, computer
craiglist miami dademusic instrument, cloths, computers, appliances
craiglist michiganhousehold, events, sporting
craiglist milwaukeeart/media, education, services, furniture
craiglist minneapoliscars and trucks, pets, garage sale, services
craiglist mobilejobs, cars and trucks, pets
craiglist modestoappliances, bikes, music instrument
craiglist montereygarage sale, real estate, creative, lessons
craiglist nashvillemotorcycles, travel, computer services
craiglist new orleansautomotive, jobs, books, household
craiglist new yorkservices, labor/move, creative, skilled trade
craiglist north jerseysporting, housing, services, labor.move
craiglist ocalacars and truck, housing, electronics
craiglist oklahomajobs, renting, business, service
craiglist omahajobs, garage sale, household, pets
craiglist orange countymotorcycles, tools, jobs, computer
craiglist palm springstravel, wanted, garage sale
craiglist pensacolajobs, travel, materials, cloths, barter
craiglist philadelphiatickets, rooms wanted, jobs, music
craiglist pittsburghfurniture, free, business, web/design
craiglist portlandcell/phone, jewelry, free, rents
craiglist raleighbarter, computers, for sale, business
craiglist richmond vacycle, for sale, services, education
craiglist rochester nyservices, cars and trucks, jobs
craiglist sacramentojobs, general, cell phones, services
craiglist san antonio txbusiness, trailers, electronics
craiglist san franciscofurnitures, books, jewelry
craiglist santa barbaracycle, auto parts, general, food
craiglist sarasotaeducation, general labor, services, wheels and tires
craiglist south floridaaviation, boats, music instrument, household
craiglist south jerseymotorcycles, housing, jobs, services
craiglist space coastgarage sale, appliances, electronics
craiglist spokaneelectronics, cell phones, furniture
craiglist st louisappliances, cloths, cellphones
craiglist stocktonmusic, tools, travel, garage sale
craiglist toledotrailers, lessons, auto parts, jewelry
craiglist tucsonaviation, trailers, tools, pets
craiglist tylerhousehold, home services, auto parts, free
craiglist venturareal estate, skilled trade, farm and garden
craiglist wacowanted, services, general labor,
craiglist wichita kstravels, wanted, services, household
dayton craiglistjobs, wanted, electronics, bikes
indianapolis craiglistcars and trucks, financial, heavy equipment
modesto craiglistcomputers, car and trucks, security
nashville craiglistreal estate, collectibles, lessons, services
phoenix craiglistreal estate, travel, jewelry, sporting
pittsburgh craiglistservices, pets, sporting
reno craiglistbeauty, cycyle, jobs, services, housing wanted
san diego craiglistgeneral, materials, business, video gaming
san jose craiglistsporting, cars and trucks, heavy equipment
tampa craiglistbusiness, books, toys and games
tucson craiglistcell phone, pets, trailers. events
tulsa craiglisthousehold, garage sale, furniture, business
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2 years ago

GSP LAB PUP for sale in conway mo
Lab pups in Lincoln mo for sale.
Never get a response from email links after you get in to get information robot stuff .. I don’t think those links are working.. every pup add I find that I like I email them through the link with no response.. please leave a phone number or something.. I’ll text ya .. or we can talk like everyone did back in the old days .. I’m really interested in the GSP LAB Mix Conway Missouri..

Robert Fonseca
Robert Fonseca
2 years ago

Why is my ad being flagged if there is nothing out of the ordinary just trying to sell some puppies

Reply to  Robert Fonseca
2 years ago

Probably because you aren’t leaving any contact info or whatever it might be.. I’ve tried contacting three different sales of pups here in Missouri with no return communication..people leave a phone number call or text. The EMAIL LINKs apparently don’t work.. hope you sale your pups.

Lydia Nunez
Lydia Nunez
2 years ago

My ad keeps getting flagged I don’t understand . I’m not posting anything harmful or disrespectful. Please contact me 3178301149

2 years ago

I spent an hour creating my ada and you won’t let me create an account kiss my ass we are done your going out of business

Ron Vargas
Ron Vargas
3 years ago

I need help in posting an add in San Diego. Do you have a phone number? I can’t find out how to pay.

Ron Vargas
Ron Vargas
Reply to  Ron Vargas
3 years ago

I have placed an add to sell my car two times but have never got to the end where I pay

star griffith
star griffith
4 years ago

i paid for a ad @it wasnt posted

Sami Rizkalla
Sami Rizkalla
4 years ago

Would you please contact me re posting an item to sale
My phone is

Mishelle Kasper
Mishelle Kasper
5 years ago

This is my 2nd attempt to take down a fraudulent post. Take down this immediately. I am the listing agent to this property and have not advertised this on craigslist. This is not the owner. I can be reached at 586-783-9300. Mishelle Kasper, Real Estate Brokers & Associates. Posting ID 6685387552

Please confirm with me this is down by sending an email confirmation. Block any further postings for this address.

Dick Tibbs
Dick Tibbs
5 years ago

After opening a post, I click on the REPLY button to obtain contact info. Every time I do, a response is sent back; “sorry, something went wrong”. This is always the result regardless of what town, post I try.

Virginia De Anda
Virginia De Anda
5 years ago

Can you please contact us. We are trying to advertise our office building with Craiglist, but are having trouble getting an account. Please contact either Biby or myself at the email below.

5 years ago

Gateway Building – 5959 Gateway West, El Paso TX 79925

We are trying to post our office suites on Craiglist, but we are having trouble getting an account number. Can you please contact us at (915) 779-3042 or on the email below.

Rosa Maria Quiroz
Rosa Maria Quiroz
5 years ago

We are trying to get an account with you, we al ready tried a few times and still waiting to give me an account confirmation…they told us that you would send us an e-mail and unfortunate they haven’t send us anything, what do you recommend we should do???
Please advice.

uncle slim
uncle slim
5 years ago

post being flagged ?
‘m trying to search for work search for a home,,but someone a person or 2 or more , keeps flagging my post , only craigslist staff should be allowed to flag or remome any post sample post is 6630419942 , 6635989219 , 66357255867 , 6635989219 Im not posting anything rude or dis respectful so why are people allowed to fag my post, this must stop and only craigslist staff if there are any should be allowed to remove anyone post Thank you

5 years ago

I was looking around in craigslist el paso for cars but dont know if all the ads posted are legit.

Shaik aamer
Shaik aamer
5 years ago

Craglist is an awesome process to earn extra income and i am eager to start but can anyone please please!!!!! let me know in email where do i get CLIENT’S email address to send a cover letter.I am very much confused here and how do i post ads.

5 years ago

My phone number is not getting registered when I enter it for the verification process. Craigslist ask phone number that is only from USA and my number is from US however I cannot post ads. It accepted my friends number and I have posted it through my friends number but I still don’t understand why my number was not accepted

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