Anywho Reverse Lookup is an online phone directory that is owned by the company AT&T. The website is free to use for everyone and anyone can visit to access the information provided by them. Most of the listings information is provided by, a company owned by the AT&T.
Even though the website is owned by AT&T, is not just limited to only AT&T customer but to all, to access the data within the directories.

How do I search on
The website offers three ways for users to search for places, business and finding people.

1. AnyWho Yellow pages – the searching method to find a business can be performed in two ways. Firstly by entering the business name along with the business location, to track and find the exact details of the local listing business or users can only enter the phone number of the business with the area code and get the results.

2. AnyWho People Search – to find a person, you can enter the person’s full name with the zip code and hit the search button to get the results. The search result information is provided by and users get a full detail of the person, with the address, contact number along with maps and driving directions.

3. AnyWho Reverse Phone Lookup – this allows users to enter the phone number of an unknown caller and immediately lookup their register to see which user is registered to that unknown number.

What do I do if my listing information is wrong on offers both white and yellow pages listing for a local listing business, individuals, and local government offices. The website is a part of the family of brands, so all of the information listed on yellow pages of is obtained directly from If in case you find any misinformation about your local business listing or you need to update/remove your listing, you can visit and search for your business and request for an edit on the business main profile page.

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  • Vivicawilliamson says:

    Cancel Services

  • Michaelpaype says:

    Does not show anything. you have to pay to know

  • Liz Motta says:

    I did not complete the process for the reverse cell lookup or receive the information I wanted BUT you charged my VISA 0.65 please reverse this charge and CANCEL any further charges you make do as I DON”T want this service. ASAP for a reply. NO more Charges

  • Is there any way to track a phone number to see if it’s in the United States still or is it sent another country at this right at the moment

  • I have found helpful and fast search results. The information they provide is pretty accurate and in some occasions it helped me in figuring out the identity of the unknown phone number that just won’t stop calling me. So far this is the best site I found for reverse searching for phone number.

  • Is anywho search only for people in USA or is it for other countries as well? I have put in some details but i cannot find what i am looking for

  • How do i use anywho reverse??? I have entered the details on the search bar and hit enter but it is showing me no results. I have even tried with other numbers but i get no data of it.

  • anywho com reverse look up is not a so bad. It is easy to use, less information but i got what i wanted.

  • Cristopher says:

    anywho reverse lookup is great. It helped me find who owns the number or from which country they are calling from. great help

  • It is either the information provided is old or incorrect on reverse look up. I was bored and just put in my own details and it is not my details.

  • I used anywho reverse lookup and it gave me the wrong location of the phone number.

  • I have been searching around the internet to find a website that gives the information about the unknown callers. They were many website that offered the same services but anywho provided the better info. However I think the information provided by anywho is not accurate but least we get some information about the number. Used to be great. Nowadays when i entered a number through the anywho reverse lookup, a message pops up and says they could not provide me any information and redirects me to intelius, who wanted me to pay to get all the information. It used to be a good website until they started charging for the service.

  • Rodriguez says:

    I went in the website to check the details through their reverse phone lookup yellow pages but the information is not accurate. The address information is wrong and most of the info is not correct except for the first and last name.

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