Norton LifeLock Customer Service Contact Details

  • (800) 416 -0599
  • 24*7 Hours
  • NortonLifeLock Inc. 60 E Rio Salado Pkwy STE 1000 Tempe, AZ 85281

LifeLock Inc., headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, is an American company specializing in protecting individuals from identity theft. The company provides the LifeLock identity theft protection system, designed to actively identify and prevent fraudulent applications. Notably, LifeLock has since merged with Norton to become Norton LifeLock, combining their expertise to offer even more strong security solutions.

norton lifelock customer service

What are the contact details of Norton LifeLock Customer Service?

Whether it’s a security concern or a general inquiry, one must know where, when & how to contact Norton LifeLock to get the most out of their customer services:

AddressNortonLifeLock Inc.
60 E Rio Salado Pkwy STE 1000
Tempe, AZ 85281
Customer Service Phone Number(800) 416 -0599
International Phone Number(800) 543-3562
Send a Fax1-888-244-9823
Norton LifeLock Customer Service Hours24*7
Email[email protected]
Social Media PlatformsFacebook
Live ChatVisit here
Norton LifeLock Official Help CentreVisit contact page
Chief Executive ContactVincent Pilette – CEO
60 E Rio Salado Parkway
Suite 1000
Tempe, AZ 85281
[email protected]

What are the LifeLock Customer Service Reviews?

Live screenshot of ratings based on customer reviews taken from

LifeLock isn’t faring well in customer reviews, earning only 1.23 stars out of 5 from 26 reviewers as per This low rating shows that most customers aren’t happy with their purchases. The main problems people complain about are related to credit card issues and identity theft. In the rankings of Identity Theft Protection sites, LifeLock comes in 12th place, indicating that it’s not performing as well as some of its competitors in satisfying customers.

Why do people contact Norton LifeLock Customer Service?

People contact Norton LifeLock Customer Service for various reasons, including:

  • Technical support like installing, configuring, or troubleshooting the software
  • Account issues during billing, subscription renewals & updates
  • Security concerns, or unusual activities
  • Identity Theft Assistance
  • Product Information like features and plans
  • Cancellation requests
  • General inquiries about services, and device compatibility
  • Urgent situations involving cybersecurity threats

More About Norton LifeLock

NortonLifeLock holds a prominent global position in safeguarding consumer Cyber Safety. They assert that genuine empowerment in the digital sphere occurs when individuals possess unwavering confidence in their online security. With over four decades of expertise in cybersecurity and identity theft protection, their profound knowledge enables them to assist individuals in safely navigating their digital lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LifeLock customer service number?

LifeLock customer service phone number is (800) 416 -0599.

How do I contact LifeLock customer service?

You can contact them via their customer service phone number i.e. (800) 416 -0599 or email i.e. [email protected]. However, there are many other ways like through social media, a “contact us” page, or executives.

Does LifeLock have multiple customer services?

No, LifeLock typically has a single customer service department to handle customer inquiries and support.

How many customers does LifeLock have?

Norton LifeLock stands as the foremost global consumer cyber safety platform, serving nearly 80 million users across over 150 nations.

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C. Carrier
C. Carrier
2 years ago

They made me listen to over 30 minutes of disclaimers, acknowledgments and crap before they would cancel my account. This should be an FTC or Consumer Protection violation. Absolutely predatory. I should be able to simply say cancel but they won’t unless you are on the phone hearing a sales pitch for over half an hour.

William John's
William John's
4 years ago

I called to sign back up as I have been off your program for some time. I could not understand your agent. I told him several times to get me there somebody that I could understand and he refused. Then he started asking me a bunch of stupid dumbass questions, I’m very pissed off. Fuck you

Hannelore C. Smith
Hannelore C. Smith
4 years ago

I am not able to open my account. Please help

Shirley S Smoot
Shirley S Smoot
4 years ago

Please cancel my LIFE line….your service is terrible. Don’t put people on hold forever.

Shirley S Smoot
Shirley S Smoot
4 years ago

I have been a victim of identity theft…Four withdrawals from checking account that were not mine.
I called and called never to reach a rep. That is not a good thing….

4 years ago

I USE MY SMART PHONE LOTS—do everything on it—DO U COVER?

Paul T Butler
Paul T Butler
4 years ago

I try to cancel my life lock,I called and asked if I were amember was told no.Than Aol charged me for life lock,Now the man said we could not cancel its taken out of our credit card,

Karen Keitzman
Karen Keitzman
5 years ago

My husband Dennis Keitzman received a phone call this morning there was a problem and to check our accounts for both of us.
I, Karen Keitzman, received email notice.

I called Life Lock about 40 minutes ago and received a temporary log in and password…but I was unable to open my account. the agent was difficult to understand. unable to log in.

my husband is speaking with a different person trying to find out what is going on. It has been a very difficult process.

our phone numbers are ***-***-6599 and **-***-0337.
our mailing address is ** **** ******* TN 38462. our home address is **** ******* ** Hohenwald, TN 38462.
Please delete all former addresses. Thank you.
also, we wanted to upgrade our membership.

Karen Keitzman ***-***-0337

Called again, but could not understand the lady, so gave the phone to my husband and he is talking with her.
Chase VISA called use last week and cancelled our Southwest VISA credit card for fraud charges. We just received our new cards a few days ago and maybe used them for a gasoline purchase.
Dennis was released from the hospital yesterday and is now home in bed, still very sick.

I have not contacted all of the auto payments billed to the VISA credit card to give them our new credit card number yet…as I have driving to the hospital every day and dealing with related issues.
I will try to telephone the rest of the auto payments companies today. your company may be on the list for the new credit card number.
please let us know what is going on.

raheem cummings
raheem cummings
5 years ago

my account was taking from me. believe your account has been compromised, please help me they change your password and email i cant log in the have change the username as well my username was raheem130 now its jaysavage

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