Paypal Customer Service Contact Details

Need assistance with your PayPal account? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide you with the essential PayPal customer service contact details. Whether you have questions about transactions, or account issues, or simply need help navigating the platform, having these contact details at your fingertips can make problem-solving a breeze. customer service contact details

What are the Paypal Phone Numbers and Emails?

Toll-Free Number

(888) 221-1161

Customer Service Numbers

(888) 914-8072 (Español)

(402) 935-205 (From outside the US)

(877) 569-1136 (Mobile Card Reader)

(866) 888-6080 (PayPal Business Debit Mastercard)

(855) 520-0991: PayPal Cashback Mastercard

(844) 373-4961: PayPal Credit

(866) 300-6432: PayPal Extras MasterCard

(866) 571-3012: PayPal Smart Connect

(402) 935-7733

Accounting/ Billing

(877) 794-7676: Mid-Sized Businesses

Investors/ Franchising

(201) 680-6578: Stockholder Services International

(800) 522-6645: Stockholder Services

Sales/ Reservations

(855) 787-1009

Other Contact Information

Corporate Office Address

PayPal, Inc., 2211 North First St. San Jose, California 95131, United States

Paypal Official Website

Paypal “Contact Us” Page

Visit here

Working Hours

Customer Service Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm (PT)

PayPal Worldwide Operations: 12312 Port Grace Blvd., La Vista, NE 68128

What are the reviews on Paypal Customer Service?

According to, Paypal has got a rating of 2.41 out of 5 from 2700 reviews.

Above screenshot is taken from official website.

Positive Highlights as per reviews

  • Quick Issue Resolution
  • Accessibility
  • Politeness and Professionalism
  • Security Assurance
  • Transparency
  • Availability
  • Multilingual Support

Critical Highlights

  • Account Freezes and Holds
  • Language Barriers
  • Inconsistent Responses
  • Limited Buyer Protection
  • Difficulty in Closing Accounts

Why do people call Paypal customer service?

PayPal customer service handles a wide range of queries and inquiries from users. Some common queries they address include:

  • Account Assistance
  • Transaction Issues
  • Security Concerns
  • Payment Verification
  • Transfer and Withdrawal Queries
  • Seller and Business Support
  • Policy and Compliance Questions
  • Refund and Return Assistance
  • Technical Support
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Tax and Reporting
  • Account Limitations and Restrictions

More About PayPal

PayPal revolutionizes online business transactions. With PayPal, you can effortlessly send funds to anyone via email, utilizing your account balance, bank account, or credit card. Within the platform, you’ll discover user reviews and feedback, both positive and negative, reflecting real customer experiences. PayPal operates as a subsidiary of the eBay Corporation. If you have a personal PayPal experience to share, please leave a comment, and we’ll ensure that your story about PayPal reaches a global online audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact PayPal customer service?

You can contact PayPal via their toll-free customer service number i.e. (888) 221-1161.

Is PayPal open 24 hours?

You can message PayPal customer service anytime. But you will get the answer during the customer service agent’s working hours i.e. 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

How do I contact PayPal customer service by chat?

PayPal’s primary customer support channel is Twitter, where you can tweet your questions or send direct messages for assistance to @PaypalSupport.

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