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Vivint Home Security is a well known home security service brand in the USA, with more than one million customers across the United States and Canada. The company offers some of the most intelligently designed, simple and affordable smart home solutions that help simplify your day to day life and secure your home from all emergency situations.

Its wireless home security and surveillance system continuously monitors your home 24X7, and protects and manages things that matter the most. Vivint home security has also deployed an expert team of home security experts who can answer all your queries and resolve all issues that you might face with its products. You can reach out to their customer care executives by dialing Vivint Customer Service phone Number and seek guaranteed resolution to your problems.

Why Customers Trust Vivint Home Security Customer Service Phone Number?

Vivint Home Security offers three-way home monitoring service:

  • Comprehensive security and surveillance

Wireless motion, door, and window sensors secure your home from any forced entry and allow you to always keep an eye on who’s coming and going from your house. The two-way talk from Vivint Live connects you with our security specialists for instant help and support. Alternatively, you can also speak to their customer service specialists by dialing Vivint Phone Number.

  • Smart home control

Vivint smart home security system enables you to remotely monitor and control your home from just about anywhere. From burglary detection to smart locks and garage door control, Vivint home security provides you an unprecedented control of your entire house for complete peace of mind.

  • 24X7 monitoring

Vivint smart home specialists continuously monitor your house to respond to any kind of emergency situation. They are also available round the clock for assistance. You can either get in touch with them through Vivint Live or by dialing Vivint 800 Toll-Free Number.

Want to Vivint Smart Home Security?

Want to know more about Vivint smart home security products and services? Need help getting started? Speak to Vivint home security customer service specialists today. Dial Vivint Phone Number to get your customized home security package. Call now for professional assistance!

List of Vivint Home Security Phone Numbers

Phone Number T: 801.377.9111
Address 4931 North 300 West
Provo, UT 84604
Fax Number F: 801.377.4116
Phone Number 800.216.5232
Address 1602 3rd Ave. S
Lethbridge, AB T1J0L2
Fax Number 403.942.4020
For Billing Related queries
Phone Number 800.216.5232
Vivint Billing 62992 Collections Drive
Chicago, IL 60693-0629
Vivint Chat Support Vivint Chat Support Form
Want to buy a new Home Security system? 855.616.6589
Purchase Vivint Solar 877.404.4129
Vivint Locations & Phone Numbers
Vivint Alabama Phone Number 205.509.0980
Vivint Alaska Phone Number 855.813.5332
Vivint Arizona Phone Number 602.635.1673
Vivint Arkansas Phone Number 501.897.6132
Vivint California Phone Number 805.946.0021
Vivint Colorado Phone Number 303.433.7821
Vivint Connecticut Phone Number 203.850.6870
Vivint Delaware Phone Number 302.827.7921
Vivint Florida Phone Number 305.504.7216
Vivint Georgia Phone Number 844.772.2574
Vivint Hawaii Phone Number 844.215.9299
Vivint Idaho Phone Number 208.715.9317
Vivint Illinois Phone Number 312.967.6743
Vivint Indiana Phone Number 317.682.0006
Vivint Iowa Phone Number 515.200.1525
Vivint Kansas Phone Number 913.815.7588
Vivint Kentucky Phone Number 502.792.8985
Vivint Louisiana Phone Number 504.603.1769
Vivint Maryland Phone Number 855.780.8424
Vivint Massachusetts Phone Number 617.758.8129
Vivint Michigan Phone Number 313.723.0640
Vivint Minnesota Phone Number 612.440.3547
Vivint Mississippi Phone Number 601.589.2938
Vivint Missouri Phone Number 614.384.5765
Vivint Montana Phone Number 406.647.0976
Vivint Nebraska Phone Number 402.971.0236
Vivint Nevada Phone Number 702.707.3987
Vivint New Hampshire Phone Number 888.338.3620
Vivint New Jersey Phone Number 201.918.3674
Vivint New Mexico Phone Number 505.302.0004
Vivint New York Phone Number 855.423.1193
Vivint North Carolina Phone Number 704.954.8381
Vivint North Dakota Phone Number 701.969.0312
Vivint Ohio Phone Number 937.668.9971
Vivint Oklahoma Phone Number 405.805.6325
Vivint Oregon Phone Number 503.477.6269
Vivint Pennsylvania Phone Number 215.789.4497
Vivint Rhode Island Phone Number 401.655.1273
Vivint South Carolina Phone Number 803.814.3026
Vivint South Dakota Phone Number 844.318.3359
Vivint Tennessee Phone Number 615.499.5040
Vivint Texas Phone Number 844.797.2877
Vivint Utah Phone Number 866.836.0934
Vivint Vermont Phone Number 802.764.3052
Vivint Virginia Phone Number 703.587.6280
Vivint Washington Phone Number 855.375.8694
Vivint West Virginia Phone Number 304.699.2687
Vivint Wisconsin Phone Number 414.203.1584
Vivint Wyoming Phone Number 307.264.3295
Vivint Alberta Phone Number 844.700.5776
Vivint British Columbia Phone Number 855.420.2786
Vivint Manitoba Phone Number 855.970.2459
Vivint New Brunswick Phone Number 844.289.3286
Vivint Newfoundland and Labrador Phone Number 888.842.6458
Vivint Northwest Territories Phone Number 888.338.1557
Vivint Nova Scotia Phone Number 866.572.4761
Vivint Nunavut Phone Number 877.676.5849
Vivint Ontario Phone Number 855.535.8605
Vivint Prince Edward Island Phone Number 877.649.2071
Vivint Saskatchewan Phone Number 844.900.7526
Vivint Yukon Territory Phone Number 855.978.0127

When you Call on Vivint Toll-Free Phone Number you will get this IVR

Thanks for calling

press 2 to continue

Thank you for calling Vivint to become a vivint customer or to get a free quote please press 1

For customer service please press 2

For all other enquiries please press 3

If you Don’t press any key

Thanks for Calling Vivint Smart Home

To report a false alarm or cancel and alarm dispatch please press 1

For Equipment Assistance press 2

For Billing  & account support press 3

For move or cancel your service press 4

If you still don’t press any key you will be connected to Vivint Smart Home customer service team

Thanks for calling Vivint smart home this is “Agent will speak his/her name” who am I speaking with today?

For Your Help we have added a Audio clip of Vivint IVR:



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  • Myesha Allen says:

    I use to like this service but lately they have become a pain to work with. They DO NOT follow-up with work orders; you have to call them back instead for them to say there wasn’t good notes left from the previous call-in….then you have to start from ground zero and do everything that was already did before that didn’t work. UGH! Bad customer service in my book: I haven’t had access to my cameras for weeks now. What am I paying for?

  • I have been a vivint customer for a very long time and they have the best services and equipment. vivint customer service is great and are always ready to help in case any problem comes up.

  • I got all the security systems installed a month back. It is just amazing, I can monitor and lock my house by just tapping from my iPhone. The installation was very professional and everything is exactly the way I wanted it. it only makes me wonder why I did not call the vivint home security phone number sooner and had all of these…… I will surely recommend Vivint home security to all my friends and colleagues

  • I had vivint for about three years. I loved their easy to set up, their vivint phone app, and vivint customer service. The customer service walked me through the installation process, which involved placing sensors in the best spot and taught me how to remotely disable and alarm the system. And they were responsive whenever I called to order additional security equipment. I had the burglar alarm go off once in three years when I was out of station and vivint customer service sent the police right away. Turns out the alarm was set off by the neighbor cat. Highly recommend

  • Vivint customer service is one of the best I have come across so far. The customer service rep was very knowledgeable and had the patience to explain every little thing in details. I really enjoyed the conversation I had with them.

  • The equipment and mobile app all work good so I called up the Vivint home security phone number to add more devices to my home. The customer service rep quoted me the price for the devices I was planning to add but while talking with her, she abruptly stopped me and put me on hold. After keeping me on hold for more than 5 minutes, she started selling me about renewing my contract. I still have 6 months on my original contract but she insisted I renewed my contract. She even said the devices I wanted to add came in combo packages and I have to pay more than what was actually said before. I just disconnected the call and now wait for a few months to cancel my contract with Vivint home security and go for another home security

  • A very good experience with Vivint home security. They made the transition from my previous home security to vivint very easy. Not only that, they upgraded a few of my security equipment for free. Really happy I did that.

  • Everything, from the start to finish, my experience with vivint home security has been amazing. the customer service representative who took my call was very helpful. He gave me an estimate depending on my budget and he did not try to sell me other security devices. After the installation, they followed up to check if everything is working fine and if I had any other questions. I am very satisfied with the service. I would highly recommend them.

  • Amazing customer service, very reliable service and everything at a very reasonable price.

  • I just had all my alarm system installed a month back and so far it looks good. The customer service was very helpful in explaining all the details about the security systems and how it would benefit me. they are very professional. And the installer who came in to install all the equipment was very polite and friendly. His team worked fast and showed me how to trigger or disable the security devices. The mobile app looks great too, remotely controlling everything. Its only a month since I had them but they deliver good service, so I would definitely recommend them.

  • I have vivint home security for my business and I have very satisfied with the services. The customer service is great. They always send in a technician immediately to my place every time an issue pops up. they make the whole installation process or repairs quick and simple. The mobile apps are great. Now I am planning to get one soon for my house.

  • I have been a vivint security user for more than 2 years. All this years, any issue I had with my security system. I would just dial the vivint home security support number and immediate help was available be it day or late at night. But my recent experience with them was just terrible. My security camera was down. The technician came over and said the problem was with the security camera. He then said he would come back with my new security camera the next day but it took them 2 weeks to come back and replace it. it is not only about the security camera, any issue that rises up. They take days to come and fix it. the service is just getting bad.

  • Great customer service. Whenever I call the vivint home security support number, the customer service representative is always very helpful and nice but the security services they provide are just bad. The equipment they provided was faulty. The burglar alarm does not work and my security camera always pauses in between and there is no constant video streaming. The technician came over and repaired the issue but after a few weeks it started again. The customer service is just great but disappointed that they give out faulty equipments.

  • I own a retail shop and I needed security cameras for my shop. A friend of mine recommended me Vivint security as they have been using vivint security for more than 3 years and till date they did not have any problems. So I called up the Vivint Home Security phone number and made an appointment. The technicians came over the next day, did a survey and installed security cameras inside and outside my shop. Now I have a full view of all my shop surrounding and the video quality is great. I am really happy and satisfied with the service and would definitely recommend it to others.

  • I just got my new home protected with vivint security system and I am so happy. I feel much safer when I go to sleep at night. I had my doubts about calling them as I read many negative reviews. But it checks out that they are really good. I called up the vivint home security phone number and the representative was very friendly and helpful. The technician, who came over to install the devices, took his time to explain to me everything in details and offered free equipment for my new installation. After everything was done, he also showed me how the door bell camera, keypad and mobile app works. They are all very friendly and helpful. Great customer service experience

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