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In the modern era of technological advancements and increasing crime rates, home security systems act as guardians to protect homes and loved ones. To provide high-quality security solutions, Google developed Nest Home Security in association with Nest, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Nest combines state-of-the-art modern technologies with an intuitive design making it ideal for a secure and connected home.

Nest Home Security Setup, Installation, Reviews, Contact Details

To make the most of the Nest security system, one must focus on the setup process, login, its working mechanism, and more.

What is Nest Home Security?

Google Nest Home Security is a security system that forms part of Google’s smart home products. The systems include smart locks, smart doorbells, and Google Nest cam indoor wired home security cameras to provide a comprehensive security system. It is an intuitive smart home automation and security solution that prioritizes day-to-day conveniences.

Components of the system:

  • Nest Guard: Includes alarm, keypad, central hub, microphone, and motion sensor
  • Nest Detect: The detector sensors include open-close magnets to sense when a door is opened or closed
  • Nest tag: Includes Key fob to arm and disarm the Google Nest Hub home security system in need
  • Nest App: Allows customers to access all the security features in one place

How does Nest Secure Home Security work?

Nest Home Security is an advanced yet simplified approach to security systems. It is made up of three components – Nest Guard, Nest Detect, and Nest Tag. The components work in conjunction to protect homes and ensure the privacy of the customers.

  • Install the Nest Guard at a place with a secure internet connection. It is the brain of the security system and connects to the home Wi-Fi network.
  • One can turn security on/off with a Nest Guard.
  • The Nest Guard is responsible for sensing motion in the room and sounding the alarm in case of discrepancies.
  • It connects the various components with each other and communicates with them.
  • It conducts real-time monitoring of the surroundings.
  • Nest Tag allows individuals to safely arm and disarm the home security system without a passcode. When the Nest detection sensors detect a suspicious or unidentified sound or motion, the device sends signals to the Nest hub/Guard.
  • The Nest hub ultimately sends signals/ notifications to mobile devices via the Nest app
  • Disarm or arm the home remotely, as required.

How to log into the Google Nest Home Security System?

Nest Secure alarm system can be installed at your home or office by following the simple user guide. Individuals can configure the Nest devices quickly without hassle.

  • The Nest Home security app is available on Google Play or Apple Appstore.
  • Download and launch the app to create an account using your email address.
  • Once you sign in, tap ‘Add Product’ to add the Nest Secure system.
  • Those who already have a Nest Secure Security product added to their account must head to the settings menu.
  • Once the customers add the new or existing Nest home security products, the product is installed.
  • Set up the devices as per the manual or as required.

How to set up a Nest Secure Security System?

Setting up Nest Secure systems is quick and comprehensive with the help of the given manuals.

  • Complete the app login to proceed with setting up the security system.
  • Scan the code on the bottom of Nest Guard for a quick walkthrough of setup and installation.
  • Unbox the box, find the Nest Guard and plug it into the nearest internet connection source.
  • It is recommended to keep the Nest Guard near the area where one enters/leaves more often. Plug the Nest Guard into the power outlet using the power outlet.
  • Use the adapter bracket to secure the plug with a screw in the middle.
  • Add your Nest account once your Guard is set up.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone to connect the system to your device.
  • Set up other products by continuing ‘Adding products’.
  • Set up tags for trusted people by scanning the codes on the Nest tags.
  • Install the detectors intuitively around the home.

Some Nest Home Security installation tips for Nest Detection Sensors:

  • Keep the Nest detect devices at least 3 ft away from any heat sources.
  • Keep it away from moving objects.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Should not be kept on staircases.

How much does Nest Home Security monthly cost?

Nest Home Security cost is easy to comprehend as it follows a straightforward approach with its subscription model. The subscription model ‘Nest Aware’ includes various features as per the different packages. 

The estimated Nest Home Security subscription charges are given below:

Nest Secure PackageNumber of PiecesPackage Cost
(Estimated in USD)
Nest Secure Alarm System + Outdoor Camera6498
Nest Secure Alarm System + Doorbell Camera6548
Nest Secure Alarm System + Cameras8676
Nest Secure Alarm System + Cameras + Front Door121,152

NOTE – The current charges may differ. For more details, refer here.

How to arm Nest Secure with Google Home?

There are several quick ways to arm and disarm the Nest alarm system on Android, iPhone, and iPad. When the system is arming/disarming, customers receive a countdown from the Nest Guard light ring to indicate how much time is left before the system arms or disarms.

Ways to arm Nest SecureAndroidiPhone and iPad
Using the Nest app1- Tap on the security icon on the Nest app home screen.
2- Select security level – Away and Guarding, Home and Guarding, and Off.
1- Select the desired security level from the app home screen.
Using Nest Tag1- Hold the tag until it chimes and security buttons light up to select the option.1- Hold the tag and select the security level when the buttons light up.
Using a passcode on the Guard’s keypad1- No need for a passcode.
2- Press the security buttons on the Guard to arm the system.
1- Security buttons are present on Nest Guard.2- Press the desirable level of security.

Can I monitor Nest Secure from Google Home Hub?

Google Home Hub offers a professional monitoring facility with Nest Secure security systems ensuring customers can monitor the systems at all times. It is also integrated with installed devices like Google Nest Guard Keypad, motion sensors, and Google Nest Detect Activity sensors.

  • Professional monitoring is available for a monthly subscription model.
  • In the case of Nest Secure alarms, customers get 24/7 responses from one of the security partners.
  • It does not include security partner monitoring.
  • When the Nest Secure alarm sounds and is not turned off quickly, an agent from a professional monitoring service is assigned.

What are the ratings of Nest Home Security according to customer reviews?

nest home security customer reviews

As per the Nest Home Security System customer reviews have been exponentially positive with a rating of 9.2 out of 10. The latest versions of the Nest security systems are equipped with advanced features. The customers highlight the easy-to-use setup and diverse monitoring options. On the flip side, the higher-end prices of the security systems are criticized by some customers.

Positive Highlights

Customers find Nest Home Security systems worth the price due to their diverse features and adaptability.

  • The Nest app makes the setup process straightforward and does not require comprehensive knowledge or manuals.
  • Impressive voice command-operated cameras for those in the Google or Apple Ecosystem.
  • The motion sensors and  Google Nest Home security cameras integrate well and offer a great experience.

Critical Highlights

Nest Secure Systems, like other security systems, has faced criticisms from certain customers in aspects related to its prices.

  • Nest Secure Systems are expensive and may not be an ideal choice for those looking for budget solutions.
  • Professional monitoring and cellular data backup are not free and are included in the subscription plan.

How to contact Google Nest Home Security customer service?

Nest Security ensures that customers can reach out to the designated authorities in case of doubts and get solutions at the earliest. You can contact them via the Nest Home Security Phone Number, & other options given below-

Nest Home Security Customer Service Number+1 855-469-6378
Nest Home Security Email ID[email protected]
Nest Home Security Social Media PlatformsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter
Nest Home Security Contact Us PageVisit here
Nest Home Security Headquarter Office AddressPalo Alto, 3400 Hillview Ave, United States
Nest Home Security Official

Does Nest Secure work with Google Home 2023-2024?

As of the latest updates by Googe, Nest Secure will no longer work with the Google Nest app by April 8, 2024. It will not connect to the internet and all the related services will be discontinued. Nest App will not be able to:

  • Check the status of Nest Secure,
  • Control Nest Secure devices, 
  • Or, receive notifications from alarm systems.

In conclusion, the Nest Alarm Home Security Kit amalgamates state-of-the-art modern technologies and an extensive range of smart devices to redefine security. The seamless integration, advanced and updated technologies, and user-friendly interface make home security efficient and prioritize peace of mind.

Who Are We?

ContactForSupport is an online directory with up-to-date contact information and details regarding home security systems. We help you raise your concerns and queries directly with the company executives without waiting in long lines to get a response. We have an experienced 24/7 broad management team to address security-related concerns like how to set up, how to log the system, etc.

Do you need Google Home for Nest Security?

Yes, Google Home is mandatory to make most of the Nest Home Security systems.

Does Nest have home security cameras?

Some models like Google Nest Hub Max may have an inbuilt camera, while you can purchase external cameras for other models.

Does Nest have a home security system?

The Nest Secure is a home security system developed by Nest.

Does Nest Home Security work without electricity?

Nest security systems can work without electricity in case of a power outage for up to 12 hours.

Does Nest Home Security work without wifi?

Nest Home Security does not work without Wi-Fi and requires a stable connection.

Can Nest Alarm integrate into the existing home security system?

It may integrate with some security systems. Connect via the ‘Contact Us’ page to know more.

Can Nest Security work with Google Home?

Yes, Nest Security works with Google Home.

Can you pair Nest with a home security system?

Yes, one can pair the Nest app with available home security systems.

Do Nest Security cameras work with Google Home?

Yes, the Nest Home Security camera system works with Google Home Hub.

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