Brinks Home Security Phone Number

Brinks Home Security Phone Number

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People say ‘home is where the heart is’, and this holds true for the most of us. A secure and comfortable home not only helps us to lead a better life but it also provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our family.

Brinks Home Security uses state of the art technology, monitoring services and their extensive experience in the security industry to provide you class leading home security services.

After combining forces with ADT home security in 2009, Brinks Home Security took advantage of the technology stack provided by ADT to offer even more sophisticated home security solutions to its customers. Brinks Security Systems have received rave reviews from their customers and from industry influencers.

What makes Brinks Home Security Systems Unique?

Brinks Home Security offers a host of features that are designed to be user friendly as well as technologically advanced. Some of the key features of the home security systems are:-

Ease of Installation

Most of the solutions provided by Brinks are ready to use. Customer can make an appointment with company technician and they will install the system at the customer’s home. The process is both fast and hassle free.

However, if a consumer wants to take a more hands on approach, they can make use of DIY kits made by Brinks and install the system themselves. The products are designed to be easy to install and remove.

Cellular and WiFi Enabled

Brinks Home Security system provides both wifi and cellular ready models. You can monitor your house and surrounding areas straight from your smartphone. The live feed stream is both crisp and works in real time. Motion detectors can used to trigger the camera in case the home security system detects an intrusion.

The wifi and cellular connectivity ensures 24*7 monitoring of your house so you can have peace of mind.       

Home Automation

With internet of things(IoT) being all the rage in the world right now, Brinks home security provides you products that can be paired up with Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home. You can automate your whole house with automatic boot ups or set up notifications in case of break-in.

After the Brinks Home Security system is set up, it will need minimal human intervention.

Brinks Home Security provides full remote control

The security system can be controlled from anywhere in the world. You can use this feature to do a host of activities like live monitoring or you can even use it to communicate with people who come knocking.

Brinks Home Security Costs

You don’t have to pay a lot of money if you use Brinks Home Security. The packages offered by the company are both affordable and customizable.

The three main price packages are:-

  •   Nest Secure Monitoring
  •   Home Brinks Complete
  •   Brinks Home Complete with Video

Nest Secure Monitoring

This package costs $29/month with a $399 dollar upfront fee(without finance)

This package includes 24*7 Monitoring, 2 Nest Tag, 1 Nest Guard and 2 Nest Detect Sensors

You can buy additional Nest tags and Nest detect sensors.

Brinks Nest Secure Monitoring

Home Brinks Complete

The pack cost $29/month with upfront costs of $399, again without finance. You will get a host of features like:-

  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Smart Phone Access
  • A voice controlled assistant
  • Home Automation
  • Crash and Smash Protection

A motion detector, 3 door/window sensors and wireless touch screen control panel is also provided.

Home Brinks Complete with Video

The cost for this package is $39/month with a upfront cost of $499.

  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Smart Phone Access
  • A voice controlled assistant
  • Home Automation
  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Cloud Video Storage

A motion detector, 3 door/window sensors, a wireless touch screen control panel, 1 indoor camera and 1 doorbell camera are included in this package. Additional sensors, cameras and smoke detectors can be purchased for a cost.

Contact Information

Brinks Home Security Systems are known across the industry for their superb customer service. The company representatives and experts are just a phone call away and will be happy to help you. Any queries or complaints can be called in at +1-800-637-6126.

Furthermore, If you want to send in your queries through mail then you can send them to the following address:

1990 Wittington Pl, Farmers Branch,
TX 75234

Brinks Security Systems make sure that all your mail and communications are answered immediately and our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help you.

Rating: 2

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  • Clifton Stults says:

    Low Battery Alarm goes off at 1am in the morning for one of our exterior buildings, I enter our code to silence the warning only to have it come right back 15 minutes later. This continued for an hour while I tried everything from bypass etc. the dang thing would not shut up no matter what I did. Finally had to call which took 15 minutes of changing the batterys and resetting the system. Totally ridiculous. What is the point of having a code or a bypass feature if your going to keep alarming me every 15 minutes. When my contract is up in a few months so am I.

  • Stan Lewis says:

    Completed the online feature to request information about establishing service with your company for residential security system. No response after several days.
    Upon purchase of home sellers discontinued system which was yours. Would like to discuss activation and upgrade of what is already in the home.
    Email to contact me and then I will provide an unlisted phone number (included in my online request).

  • MARK T ROBERTS says:

    I used Monitonics for a number of years and was satisfied with their service. Brinks took them over and shortly after that we moved from the east side of Indianapolis to Avon which is west of Indianapolis. I called and tried to cancel with Brinks but received a notice that I had a contract with them until 08/08/2021. Apparently, I had a technician come out sometime late in 2017 or early 2018 to look at a problem and he said that I needed a ‘new panel’. It was installed and as part of this ‘upgrade’ (which I didn’t ask for) my contract was extended to 08/08/2021. We made an unexpected decision to move in August of this year to help out my daughter and her 2 kids. She has SimpliSafe at $14.99 a month. She wants to stay with her security system.

    Now Brinks tells me that I have to continue to pay $45.00 a month until August of 2021. That’s a total of $1,485.00 I am going to pay Brinks for no service. I admit that Brinks is legally in the right but I wonder what customer satisfaction means to the company. I am retired and on a fixed income. I didn’t know that we were going to move so quickly and so soon. I called Customer Service twice and there is NO desire on Brink’s part to understand my position and help resolve this in way that helps me. I noted to the last person I talked to that I am done with Brinks, I will not use or recommend them, and will, in fact, actively tell my story on social media and other outlets. I think that Brink’s desire to get me into long-term contracts is a deceitful business strategy and I have nothing but disdain for the company.

  • James M wyile says:

    Call the state attorneys office. Let them know what happened they can help you.

  • Elvira Farrell says:

    Extremely disappointed and disgusted with this company.. I moved from my home in August of 2016 I called Brinks in January of 2017 and spoke with an extremely rude customer service representative who told me that I was under contract and could not cancel my account… I signed my contract in June of 2013 paying $58.90 every month… After my call in January the representative informed me that my account would be canceled once my contract was up.. This was entirely the incorrect information. I have been out of the country and returned to find that they have been taking $58.90 since the said contract was up… I called to speak with someone who can help me and get this situation resolved.. After being on the phone for the better half of 3 hours being bounced all over the place I was informed my Jason that there was nothing that they can do in regards to getting a refund on my account.. Mind you I spoke with an Agent on Friday September 21st who informed me that my contract was up in January of 2017 but today Monday September 24th 2018 they are informing me that my contract was up in June of 2018 .. Go figure. I asked Jason if I can be transferred to his supervisor or Manager to which he informed me that there was not one and he was it and the only information I can get was the information that he gave to me and I could not get a refund…. I will never ever ever entertain using this company again… I am just disgusted!!!

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