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    Elvira Farrell

    Extremely disappointed and disgusted with this company.. I moved from my home in August of 2016 I called Brinks in January of 2017 and spoke with an extremely rude customer service representative who told me that I was under contract and could not cancel my account… I signed my contract in June of 2013 paying $58.90 every month… After my call in January the representative informed me that my account would be canceled once my contract was up.. This was entirely the incorrect information. I have been out of the country and returned to find that they have been taking $58.90 since the said contract was up… I called to speak with someone who can help me and get this situation resolved.. After being on the phone for the better half of 3 hours being bounced all over the place I was informed my Jason that there was nothing that they can do in regards to getting a refund on my account.. Mind you I spoke with an Agent on Friday September 21st who informed me that my contract was up in January of 2017 but today Monday September 24th 2018 they are informing me that my contract was up in June of 2018 .. Go figure. I asked Jason if I can be transferred to his supervisor or Manager to which he informed me that there was not one and he was it and the only information I can get was the information that he gave to me and I could not get a refund…. I will never ever ever entertain using this company again… I am just disgusted!!!

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    James M wyile

    Call the state attorneys office. Let them know what happened they can help you.