Brinks Home Security

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Mohammad Chelehmal
4 years ago

Just cancelled due to a move and they went a head and charged me an extra month. Made me sign an online document extending my stay with them 1 month even thought I sold the home and no longer live there. ?

Clifton Stults
4 years ago

Low Battery Alarm goes off at 1am in the morning for one of our exterior buildings, I enter our code to silence the warning only to have it come right back 15 minutes later. This continued for an hour while I tried everything from bypass etc. the dang thing would not shut up no matter what I did. Finally had to call which took 15 minutes of changing the batterys and resetting the system. Totally ridiculous. What is the point of having a code or a bypass feature if your going to keep alarming me every 15 minutes. When my contract is up in a few months so am I.

Stan Lewis
4 years ago

Completed the online feature to request information about establishing service with your company for residential security system. No response after several days.
Upon purchase of home sellers discontinued system which was yours. Would like to discuss activation and upgrade of what is already in the home.
Email to contact me and then I will provide an unlisted phone number (included in my online request).

James M wyile
5 years ago

Call the state attorneys office. Let them know what happened they can help you.

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