Moon Security Services Inc.

  • +1-800-722-1070
  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
  • Pasco, Washington

In a rapidly changing landscape, security is more critical than ever, So step into a world of safety with Moon Security, your reliable partner for protection. Moon Security is your neighborhood watch, offering many top-notch security solutions. Their mission is simple: to provide the peace of mind you deserve. With tailored options for homes and businesses, they are here to safeguard what matters most to you. Explore their offerings, and let Moon Security illuminate the path to a safer, more secure future.

Moon Security Services Inc. Customer Service Contact Details & Reviews

What is the Moon Security Services Inc. contact information for inquiries?

Moon Security Services provides multiple ways for customers to get in touch with their support team and get the help they need.

Moon Security Services Inc. Toll-Free Number+1 800-722-1070
Moon Security Services Inc. Contact Number+1 888-262-1371
Moon Security Services Inc. Central Station Number+1 800-597-7203
Moon Security Services Inc. Social Media PlatformsFacebook, Youtube
Moon Security Services Inc. Official
Moon Security Pasco Office Address515 West Clark Street, Pasco, WA 99301PO Drawer B, Pasco, WA 99302
Moon Security Spokane Office Address1120 N. Mullan # 202, Spokane Valley, WA 99206
Moon Security Wenatchee Office Address338 N. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Moon Security Redmond Office Address16701 Ne 80th St., Suite 201, Redmond WA 98052

The working hours of the company are Monday to Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and Saturday-Sunday closed. However, the central station operates 24*7 you can easily contact them during non-office hours.

What are the Moon Security Services Inc. customer reviews?

Moon Security Services Inc. has a mixed bag of customer reviews, with both positive and negative feedback.

Moon Security Pasco Office Reviews

The Moon Security Pasco office has a 3.9-star rating from its customers. Some customers praise the company’s affordable pricing, while others complain about the company’s limited availability of some products.

Moon Security Wenatchee Office Reviews

The Moon Security Wenatchee office has a 3.0-star rating from its customers. Customers are generally satisfied with the company’s products and services. However, there are a few negative reviews that complain about the company’s equipment. Some customers have reported problems with their Moon Security equipment.

Moon Security Spokane Office Reviews

The Moon Security Spokane office has a 3.7-star rating from its customers. Most customers seem to be happy with the company’s customer service and technical support. However, there are a few negative reviews that complain about the company’s billing practices and long-term contracts.

Moon Security Redmond Office Reviews

Moon Security Redmond office has a 3.6-star rating from their customers. Most customers seem to be happy with the company’s products and services, but there are a few complaints about customer service.

Overall, Moon Security Services Inc. seems to be a reputable company with a mixed bag of customer reviews. It is important to note that every customer’s experience is different, and you should read customer reviews online and compare prices from multiple companies before making a decision.

How Can We Help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moon Security?

Moon Security Services Inc. offers a wide range of security services, including alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, and fire and smoke detection.

What is the Moon Security Phone Number?

You can reach them through this number: +1 800-722-1070.

What is the Moon Security Pasco office phone number?

All the offices of Moon Security have the same number. Customers can contact them through this number: +1 888-262-1371.

Where is the Moon Security headquarters based?

Moon Security Services Inc. headquartered is in Pasco, Washington.

What is the Moon Security Services Inc. email address?

The website does not mention an email address for customer queries.

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6 years ago

It is very easy to set up and the customer service was very helpful over the phone. Everything they explained was very easy to understand and I had no problems following the instruction. And I love the fact that I am able to activate or deactivate the alarm systems with my phone or the remote. I really love the customer service and planning to add more equipment like a motion sensor or fire sensor.

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