Why Is Spirit Airlines So Cheap?

Air travel has become an essential part of our lives. It is necessary to find an airline that meets the safety, reliability, and comfort aspects while offering affordable travel. Spirit Airlines, is a major US airline renowned as a go-to carrier for budget-friendly travel. It owes its strategies, cost-effective approach, and transparent fee structure as reasons why is Spirit Airlines so cheap for travelers.

why is spirit airlines so cheap

Flyers must understand how the carrier keeps its charges low and what amenities are covered in their itinerary.

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap?

The carrier is known for offering cheap fares and a cost-effective travel experience because of its ‘Bare Fare Model’. Under this, Spirit Airlines primarily charges the passengers for traveling from one point to another. No additional facilities are included within the base fare. Due to this, it has accomplished to offer some of the lowest fares in the aviation industry.

  • It offers low fares as extra charges are applicable for additional services like baggage, meals, etc.
  • Spirit allows digital boarding passes/passes printed at home allowing travelers to save more.
  • Flyers can only pay for the services they need as per their budget and preferences.
  • It has transparent pricing that helps travelers understand what is included and additional in fare.

Why are Spirit flights so cheap for travel? – Business Model Uncovered

The flights are cheap owing to Spirit Airlines’ distinct business model. The model focuses on minimizing travel fares and enhancing airline profits. This is undertaken by lowering landing fees. Budget airlines like Spirit fly at peak hours into smaller airports to take advantage of lower landing charges which is why is Spirit Airlines so cheap.

  • Airlines like Spirit lock in the low fuel prices to avoid fuel price fluctuations.
  • It utilizes a single fleet of aircraft to:
    • Minimize the supply chain costs
    • Streamline training of pilots and other crew members
  • The carrier spends comparatively less than the other airlines on its headquarters.
    • This saves them money ensuring flyers can get economical fares.

How is Spirit Airlines so cheap and safe?

Spirit maintains its low costs without sacrificing the safety of its passengers by limiting the inflight amenities but prioritizing aircraft maintenance and following regulations. Being one of the safest airlines, Spirit is certified by the FAA and the international organization IATA and upholds the highest safety standards for passengers.

  • It adheres to all safety guidelines defined by:
    • Local laws
    • The US government,
    • And, other regulatory bodies
  • It has a zero crash record since the beginning of operations in 1992.
  • It employs younger and fuel-efficient aircraft with advanced safety systems.
  • The airline adhered to all safety protocols during COVID-19.

Why is Spirit so cheap for short-haul flights?

The airline offers cheap short-haul flights by limiting amenities like complimentary food, snacks, and drinks. Passengers who wish to take advantage of such treats must pay extra to avail them. This reduces the fares significantly and defines why is Spirit Airlines cheap for short-haul flights.

  • Complimentary meals are not available during short flights to reduce fares.
  • The limited legroom makes travel accessible for more passengers while keeping charges low.
  • The low operational costs of a single-type fleet reduce charges for short-haul flights.

Why is Spirit Airlines cheap for domestic routes?

Why is Spirit Airlines cheap for domestic routes

Spirit ensures cheap domestic travel by focusing on a ‘No Frills Approach’. As per this, the airline offers limited essential amenities such as an unassigned seat and limited cabin space and does not include luxury or extra services including baggage and in-flight snacks. This is why is Spirit Airlines so cheap making travel favorable for certain travelers.

  • It operates point-to-point routes and allows flyers to travel directly without connecting flights.
  • Spirit allows travelers flexible with dates to find lower fares by booking flights during the:
    • Vacation deals
    • Flash sales
  • The seat layout is designed to accommodate more passengers and offer cheap domestic travel.
  • It offers minimal amenities on the flights ensuring a cheap yet pleasant experience which is why is Spirit a good airline.

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap for traveling with pets?

The airline, Spirit uses a cost-effective approach to make travel affordable for travelers flying with pets. It is considered cheap for pet travel as it follows a transparent fee structure. Passengers can see the breakdown of all costs like pet travel charges, charges for pet carriers, etc. during booking and opt for services best suited to them.

  • Travelers can carry their pets in the cabin and keep their fares low.
  • Spirit charges a minimal one-way pet travel fare offering affordable travel for pet owners.
  • It does not permit pets in the more expensive cargo hold.
  • The carrier allows travelers the flexibility to opt for services that suit their pet’s needs.
  • It only permits pets on domestic routes to offer cheaper travel.

How does Spirit Fleet support cheap fares flights?

The carrier utilizes a modern fuel-efficient fleet to offer the cheapest fares without compromising on travelers’ comfort. The carrier uses the latest models of Airbus- Airbus A319, A320 (32A/32N), and Airbus A321 (32B). The smaller narrow-body Airbus aircraft are more cost-effective for Spirit Airlines.

  • It has a quick turnaround time at airports and spends less time on the ground.
    • This allows more daily flight cycles.
  • The carrier maximizes aircraft utilization to offer cheap fares by:
    • Having seats packed close to each other,
    • And, reduce operating inefficiencies.
  • The young aircraft require fewer maintenance checks. Thus, more economical to travel.
  • They use modern fuel-efficient aircraft ultimately reducing the fares.

Why is Spirit cheap for international travel?

Why is Spirit cheap for international travel

In terms of international travel, Spirit Airlines has managed to keep the charges low for travelers with its ‘A La Carte Approach’. According to the ‘A La Carte Approach’, travelers can put together a list of the services they wish to opt for. They exercise full control of the facilities on board and keep international travel convenient and economical for them.

  • The carrier flies to some less popular destinations to make the international fare lower.
  • It offers limited international destinations where streamlined travel is possible.
  • It offers one-way and nonstop international flights to keep the fare low.

Is Spirit Airlines cheap in terms of inflight entertainment?

As a low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines is not economical in terms of inflight entertainment. It does not offer free in-flight entertainment choices and charges extra for such services. It makes it a less ideal choice for travelers who prioritize in-flight entertainment and services on board.

  • Facilities like complimentary wifi, TV screens at the backside of the seat, etc. are not present on the flights.
  • The Wi-Fi facility is available for a justifiable charge for browsing and streaming online.
  • It is ideal to bring your own devices with downloaded materials.

Why is Spirit cheaper for traveling with families?

Small and big families benefit from Spirit Airlines’ cheap flights. It frequently runs deals, flash sales, and promotional sales on its website to offer Spirit Airlines cheapest flights for families. Travelers can further enhance their savings by enrolling in  “The Spirit Saver$ Club” and saving up to 160 USD a year.

  • The unbundled pricing model allows families to pay only for the specific services they need.
  • Military members and their families can avail of free flights every year as an added advantage.
  • It runs cost-effective shorter and point-to-point routes.

Why is Spirit so much cheaper for travelers on a budget?

Spirit Airlines is a favorable choice for travelers on a budget. It has a lower base fare, compared to many top-rated airlines in the world which results in cost savings and makes travel cheaper for budget-conscious flyers.

  • It offers affordable fares to destinations in:
    • The Caribbean,
    • South America,
    • The United States
    • And, Central America
  • Travelers can waive seat selection and baggage charges within the base fare.

Why Spirit Airlines is so cheap for unaccompanied minor travel?

Why Spirit Airlines is so cheap for unaccompanied minor travel

To make unaccompanied minor travel cheap, minors are only allowed to travel on domestic routes where no change of aircraft is required. The carrier makes significant efforts to ensure affordable unaccompanied minor travel services.

  • Spirit charges an economical one-way fee for UM travel. Refer here for updated charges.
  • The minors are offered a snack and a drink during their journey.

Are Spirit tickets cheaper at the airport?

Yes, to a certain extent, travelers can find much cheaper Spirit tickets at the airport ticket counter. They can eliminate up to 23 USD per ticket per way. This happens as no passenger surcharge fee is applicable at ticket counters which is primarily applicable on online booking charges.

  • Passengers can save up to half the online fares for some flights.
  • However, the baggage charges at the airport are higher than the online portals.

Is Spirit the cheapest airline as per the customer reviews?

As per the customer reviews, Spirit Airlines is highly recognized for its low-fare tickets to domestic and international flights. It is preferable among travelers as it offers a value-for-money experience. Here are some of the positive and negative reviews shared by passengers that define whether is Spirit the cheapest airline as per customers.

Positive Reviews

As per the positive reviews, it is observed that cheap fares are the primary highlight of Spirit Airlines with other aspects like inflight experience and timely flight schedule.

  • Travelers commend that they often receive their desired seat without paying extra within the base fare ticket.
  • The reviews focus on the airlines’ cheap fares and excellent in-flight service.
  • The flight attendants and crew members offer assistance to travelers in every aspect.
  • It is also acknowledged for its low flight delay rate and seamless boarding.

Negative Reviews

Spirit Airlines, other many other airlines may lack in certain aspects leading to concerns like “Is the airline bad“. The negative reviews may cause a bad reputation, but the carrier strives to improve its services significantly.

  • The lack of updates during flight delays is often criticized.
  • Some customers share that extra charges for every service can be overwhelming.

In conclusion, Spirit Airlines makes travel convenient and pleasant at the cheapest fares. Affordable travel is attributed to a combination of factors like the bare fare approach, no-frills policy, unbundled pricing model, etc. indicating why is Spirit so cheap. The carrier ensures travelers have adequate freedom and flexibility to choose the optimum level of comfort and convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap for passengers?

Spirit is cheap as it offers limited amenities on flights.

Why is Spirit so cheap for domestic travel?

The airline runs frequent deals on flights within the US making them cheaper.

Why is Spirit Airlines cheap in 2023?

The carrier follows a ‘bare fare approach’ to keep travel in 2023.

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap for traveling with family?

Spirit is cheap for families as they can take advantage of flash sales and deals.

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