Best Rated Airlines To Fly In US & World – Domestic & International

The aviation industry is one of the biggest industries around the world. It employs more people than any other industry and is still pretty far from reaching its saturation point. The number of people traveling through the air has increased manifolds in the last decade. This is evident from the increased revenue during the last 10 years. Everyone knows that markets are moving slow, but still, the aviation industry continues to rise up. The emergence of low cost airlines has impacted the aviation industry positively.

Best Rated Airlines To Fly In US & World – Domestic & International

Price and convenience are the two main factors people look at when deciding an airline to fly with. Complimentary services like onboard WiFi, extra baggage allowance, cabin comfort play a major role in deciding which airline to go for. However, this is from the customer’s point of view. Critics decide differently as to which airline is the best. They take into consideration factors like the number of aircrafts in the fleet, fleet age, profitability, customer reviews, and operational safety and so on.

The list of best airlines formulated below takes into consideration all these factors and gives a comprehensive review of the good and bad in each airline. The list is not in any particular order.

Alaska Airlines:

 This airline has been a consistent performer since its inauguration. The airline ticks all the must haves. As a result, it is always present in the list of best airlines in the US and the world. The only drawback of this airline is its limited service sectors. Alaska Airlines and Virgin America merger is just around the corner and will subdue this problem to a large extent. This merger will enhance the strengths of Alaska Airlines and will intensify the competition in the aviation industry.

Singapore Airline:

 SKYTRAX awards are the most prestigious awards of the aviation industry. The award ceremony is held every year to honor the best airlines. In 2018, the best airline award went to Singapore Airlines. 26,000 employees of Singapore Airlines ensure that the passengers feel utmost comfort while traveling with them. Their aircrafts are well maintained and the fleet is pretty young. On time arrival and departure is the unique selling proposition of this airline.

United Airlines:

 It is the best domestic airline to fly in the US. United Airlines is known for their services which are at par with premium airlines. Service sectors, baggage allowance, cabin comfort are some areas in which United Airlines outperforms the premium airlines. However, it should work more towards customer satisfaction. It has a frequent flyer program but it needs to be polished to match the competition.

Emirates Airlines:

 No doubt that Emirates has a pretty extensive connectivity of routes. To make these long flights fun, in-flight entertainment system of Emirates does a pretty good job. They love what they do and this evident from their continuous efforts to rejoice the customers by providing relevant in-flight services. The pricing of the tickets is on the higher side but the services you get justify the price accurately.

Jetblue Airways:

 JetBlue tries to inculcate the best offerings of premium airlines. The baggage allowance is decent, cabin comfort is satisfactory for the price, and customer reviews are on the positive side. Punctuality is an issue for this airline. Delays in departure and arrival are holding this airline back.

Thai Airways:

 Inaugurated back in 1988, this is the national airline of Thailand. It is the first member of Star Alliance. Royal Orchid Plus is the name of frequent flyer program of Thai Airways. It gives some unmatched benefits. Thai Smile and Nok Air are its subsidiaries. Thai Airways connects just over 90 destinations across the world and has one of the largest fleets with approximately 80 aircrafts. “Smooth as Silk” is the slogan of the company and it describes exactly what the flight experience is like.

Hawaiian Airlines:

 No airline is more punctual than Hawaiian Airlines. This airline connects the remote areas of the United States. International flights are minimal and the frequent flyer program is just about average and gets the job done. However, the prices are on the higher side which might bug the customers.

Qatar Airways:

 Qatar Airways was the recipient of the Skytrax award for the best airline in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017. This airline is just over 20 years old and has made its mark on the aviation industry in such a short span of time. Qatar Airways represents the ideal airline as it has all the qualities you look for in an airline. Timely arrival and departure, considerable baggage allowance, and cabin comfort and cleanliness, Qatar Airways ticks all the boxes.

Cathay Pacific Airlines:

Apart from passenger service, it also offers cargo service to more than 200 destinations. The fleet size is close to 200 and some of the major service sectors of Cathay Pacific are Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. That pretty much covers the majority of the continents. Air Hong Kong and Cathay Dragon are its subsidiaries. Such is the service that you don’t have to think twice about booking a flight with Cathay Pacific.

Delta Airlines:

 This is one of the best-rated airlines to fly in the US. The airline is known for its operational efficiency. Delta tops the performance charts. Time is money and Delta Airlines understands that very well. You will rarely experience a delay with Delta Airlines. The tickets, however, are expensive.

This list is not in any particular order. There are over 3000 airlines in the world and making it into the top 10 demands a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance, and creativity. Some honorable mentions; Lufthansa, British Airways, Air New Zealand, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier Airlines. These are by no means bad airlines, in fact, they are very good airlines but they lag behind in some department. You can surely consider these airlines as well.

Published November 26, 2018
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