Alaska Airlines Phone Number

Alaska Airlines Phone Number

Founded in the state of Alaska and headquartered in the state of Washington, the Alaska Airlines is an American company that has been ruling the sky in that part of the world.

Operating basically from the Seattle Tacoma International airport, also known as Sea-Tac, this airline has become an excellent flight carrier for people that would want to reach their destination in the shortest time possible.

Although the Alaska Airlines do not happen to be a member of any major airline alliances, they have been able to operate pretty freely in that part of the world.

They are also a part of the stock index, and therefore are susceptible to the nitty-gritty of the stock market. A call to the Alaska Airlines phone number will definitely help you find out the perfect destination for you to travel with this carrier.

Why should you Call Alaska Airlines?

If you face problems with the Alaska Airlines, have a look at your Alaska Airlines booking phone number. All the pertinent details are given in the ticket itself, thereby giving you a safety net when you are travelling alone, and you are at your most vulnerable state. Some of their benefits include;

  • A primary focus on cities like San Jose and San Diego from Alaska.
  • They have code sharing agreements with different major airlines without being a part of the alliance.
  • They play a major role in carrying passengers from Alaska to different parts of America and beyond.
  • 24 hour coverage is possible for customers by calling the Alaska Airlines helpline.

Should you Call Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines have not been able to limit themselves only to North America, but have been able to travel beyond those points due to their expansion policy. They are now looking to travel far beyond the regions that border Alaska and make a name for themselves as the primary service giver for flight passengers.

Calling the Alaska Airlines customer service number helps you to get the best details of your flight plans. For more information, you can call Alaska airlines phone number.

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  • Adolphus Bruce says:

    I travelled yesterday from SFO through DTW to ELM.

    The first leg was from SFO to DTW

    During the changeover at DTW I left my laptop in the back seat.

    I will be grateful if the laptop can be sent to me at my own cost.

    Thanks for your prompt response and action.
    Best Rgards

  • Brown, Kristen says:

    Good afternoon. I recently flew your airline as part of a group and need a more detailed receipt for my employer.

    I flew flight 0272 on Sunday, 11/18/2018 from Okinawa to Seoul Incheon. My reservation reference number is D2AHUL.

    I was assessed 251,560 KRW for my group’s over limit fee.

    Please reply to this email with the weight allowed and how much our group’s total baggage weighed upon check-in on 11/18/2018.

    Thank you.

    Kristen K. Brown, M.S.
    Humphreys High School
    Home of the Mighty Blackhawks!
    English 9, English 11 & Journalism Teacher

  • On Friday Oct 5th, we flew from Seattle to Phoenix. Our boarding time was 0500, but we mistook it for 1700. We were there at SeaTac in plenty of time for the 1700 boarding. After awhile, we realized our mistake. Justin (young, Asian male) at the customer service counter did a great job of getting us to Phoenix in a timely manner. Thank you Alaska customer service and Justin.

  • Simon Wood says:

    Our flight was delayed by 6 hours and we were not informed in advance about the delay. On asking the ground female crew staff she was very rude and did not answer to anything we asked for but told us to contact the alaska airlines phone number and get the info from the customer service. One of the worst flight experience i have ever had in my life.

  • Awesome flight. Would definitely travel with them again. Food was actually pretty great too which I did not expect on an airline. I have family and friends who have traveled Alaska airline and they all have only good things to say about the airlines.the only disappointing thing about Alaska airlines is that my flight timing got changed and i got no notification or the Alaska Airlines customer service did not call my phone number to inform me about it.

  • I booked a flight using a discount code by calling the alaska airlines phone number, just because my luggage was lost in my previous flight journey with them. the flight attendants were decent and pleasant service. the place was a small one so it was a little crammed inside

  • Allen Nailon says:

    My husband (who has MS) and I were booked out of SJO March 30. There was an accident and we were forced to spend night and leave @ 9 am on March 31. Now we fly to LA. From LA we fly to San Francisco same day. Later on March 31 we fly Alaska from San Francisco to Seattle. Confusing to say least. Too many stops and walking. Couldn’t you all do better? Really. We get cancelled. Then computers don’t work. We try in SFO to change LA flight to go straight to Seattle but the agent said he couldn’t help us. However other passengers were able to change LA flights. We paid full fare. What is up with this? Disappointed in SFO.


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