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JetBlue is also known as a stylish carrier for the people travelling with its help to various parts of America. An American Airline, it is a low-cost carrier that has been able to incorporate itself into the travel plans of Americans in the domestic scenario. Started in the year 1998, JetBlue has its headquarters in Long Island city, which is in the neighborhood of the New York City.

As of the year 2017, they have been serving over 101 destinations, mostly in the Americas, comprising of Central America, the South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States of America. This gives you a lot of destinations to travel with the help of this airline. In case you would want good seats, you need to call the JetBlue booking number well in advance.

Why choose JetBlue?

Excellence in their service has always been the DNA of the people from JetBlue. With immense customer satisfaction and exemplary service, they also provide a lot of benefits to their users. Some of them are;

  • In-flight entertainment services to the people in need of it.
  • Excellence in terms of the price of the tickets as it is low costing.
  • Contacting the JetBlue helpline enables you to get people to help take care of all your problems.
  • Exceptional meal plans that can be easily purchased when you are travelling.

So, should you go for JetBlue?

Well, the one thing JetBlue does pretty well is to provide tremendous customer service and spread a lot of happiness. If you have the need to travel somewhere within a budget, then using JetBlue is the only way forward.

It is not only logical as it saves you a lot of money, but the timely reaching of your destination also gets rid of a lot of hassles. For a better understanding on their service, you can call the JetBlue phone number.

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  • As far as the flight was concern, it was a good one. The staffs were very friendly. What really annoyed us was that our flight on our way back home was canceled without any prior notice. We were flying around for 15 hours and they replace the flight with an early flight. no information was provided to us on why it was cancelled and even after calling the Jetblue customer service phone number, we never found out. Who does that?? Of course the company employees help us out book a stay at a airport hotel which is exactly close to the airport and helped us book a new flight.

  • I usually travel with American airlines a lot and this is my first time traveling with Jetblue. The only thing I can say about them is, Awesome staffs and the seats were very comfortable. The whole journey experience was fantastic. I felt so relaxed after the journey. I would highly recommend jetblue to my friends. I know whom to call when I plan to travel again, jetblue customer service phone number and hope to get myself some good deal as well 😉

  • Alessandro says:

    I would highly recommend JetBlue. The planes seats are very comfortable with plenty of legroom, the staffs are very friendly and for the money I pay, they make the process of flying bearable. I always call the jetblue phone number and book my flight tickets from them whenever I fly. They have good customer service and are very helpful.

  • I booked a bundle plan ( flight + hotel) from jet blue and there was an issue over the pricing when we reached our hotel. However after calling the jet blue phone number, the customer service handled the issue immediately and made sure we did not have to wait to go to our rooms. Excellent service.


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