Is Spirit Airlines Safe? – Everything About Its Safety

Safety is a priority for travelers when choosing an airline. Spirit Airlines is one such airline that maintains security and reliability. Among the prominent low-cost carriers in the US, it is recognized for its budget-friendly approach while sustaining the highest safety standards. Factors like adherence to regulatory bodies, routine aircraft maintenance, and preparedness during emergency procedures also characterize why is Spirit Airlines safe. These aspects make the carrier secure for travelers.

is spirit airlines safe

However, the carrier has various safety protocols, records, measures, and customer reviews that make Spirit Airlines safe to fly in 2023.

Why is Spirit Airlines Safe?

As it follows all the parameters of operational safety, Spirit Airlines is safe. It adheres to the rules defined by local laws, regulatory bodies, the US government, etc. Spirit Airlines’ safety guidelines include conducting regular aircraft inspections. It uses accident and reporting systems to detect potential threats.

  • The airline employs younger and more modern aircraft with advanced safety systems.
  • Pilot and crew members go through rigorous training before aircraft take off.
  • The crew is well prepared during emergency situations like:
    • Fire control
    • Inflight emergencies/inconsistencies
    • Evacuations

What is Spirit Airlines Safety Record?

According to its safety records, this airline has not experienced fatal accidents or flight crashes in the last 31 years i.e. since its operations began in 1992. It has maintained records at par with the aviation industry standards. These records are highlighted via airline aviation reports and databases that indicate how safe is Spirit Airlines to travel.

  • The carrier has maintained zero crash records since the beginning of its operations.
  • It has faced one emergency landing due to flight technical issues.
  • But the situation was managed to the possible extent.

Is Spirit Airlines Safe and Reliable?

This carrier strives to provide a safe and reliable travel experience. This is done by focusing on various aspects of a flyer’s experience. Aspects showcasing whether or not is Spirit a safe airline include punctual flight schedules, implementation of relevant guidelines, open communication with travelers, etc.

  • This airline has the highest on-time arrival rate in the US.
  • It is reliable due to:
    • Low flight delay rate
    • Flexible flight change/cancellation means 
    • Customer assistance through various channels like phone, email, social media
  • Flyers rely on the carrier due to its easy refund/compensation policy.

Does Spirit Provide Any Safety for Checked Bags?

The carrier prioritizes the safety of travelers through luggage-related policies. It forbids carrying dangerous goods to remove threats to the lives of others. Also, it prevents issues in the aircraft by checking bags for any such items. The carrier conducts thorough security screening for baggage, how safe is Spirit Airlines for flyers?

  • Travelers can further secure their baggage with this airline’s baggage insurance.
  • Bags are secured to prevent movement during flight before loading into cargo.
  • Checked luggage is kept safe at the baggage claim area after arrival.
  • In case of loss/theft, the airline safeguarded the travelers via baggage claim services.

What were Spirit Airlines Safety Measures During Covid-19?

spirit airlines safety measures during covid-19

For safety against COVID-19, Spirit Airlines followed safety measures like disinfecting the aircraft using EPA-registered fogging treatments. HEPA filters are further utilized to refresh the cabin every 2-3 minutes. These measures continue to be practiced as per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines for the coronavirus.

  • Social distancing is practiced at the airport, wherever possible.
  • The carrier facilitates the following facilities to prevent contact with other travelers:
    • Self-check-in kiosks, 
    • Fast bag drop service,
    • And, plexiglass dividers at the ticket counters
  • It is equipped with electrostatic cleaning equipment for systematic disinfecting at airports.
  • For location-specific guidelines, refer to Spirit COVID-19 Information Center by visiting here.

Is Spirit Airlines Safe and Cheap?

This airline, Spirit, is renowned for being safe as well as cheap. It offers affordable low-cost travel without compromising the well-being of its travelers. It invests in equipment like lifejackets and functional seat belts. Such equipment does not majorly add to the cost of fares.

  • It frequently runs promotions and discounts for economical yet safe travel.
  • The airline limits the inflight amenities but has safety items on board.
  • Knowing why Spirit is a cheaper airline, one can be assured that safety features are still invested in.

How is Spirit Airlines Safe and Good?

Spirit has undertaken extensive measures to provide a reliable and good experience. One such measure includes better accessibility for disabled travelers with access to assistive devices. These can include wheelchairs and aisle chairs on board.

  • It offers the lowest fares to popular destinations with secure aircraft across:
    • Central America,
    • The Caribbean,
    • South America,
    • And, the United States
  • Spirit allows travelers to pre-select seats hassle-free via online portals.

How Safe is Spirit Airlines Fleet?

Safe to a considerable extent, Airbus aircraft are used by Spirit Airlines. It has the best models including Airbus A319, A320 (32A/32N), and Airbus A321 (32B). Airbus is recognized for its high safety standards and modern control systems. They contribute to enhanced efficiency and help to determine how safe is flying with Spirit Airlines.

  • Spirit aircraft are developed with innovative technologies and systems like:
    • Aerodynamics, 
    • And, automation
  • It has a proven record for no crashes and maintains the highest security standards.
  • The planes go through strict testing and certification processes.

Is Spirit Airlines Safe to Fly as per IATA and FAA?

is spirit airlines safe as per IATA & FAA

As per the global institutions FAA and IATA, it has been established that Spirit is one of the safest airlines in the world. It follows the comprehensive guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration in the US and the International Air Transport Association. This is attributed to how is Spirit Airlines safe as per these bodies. 

These factors further highlight why is Spirit a good airline with safety levels maintained:

  • The carrier follows the stringent standards for airport procedures by IATA like:
    • Passenger boarding and handling
    • Baggage handling
    • Cabin safety
    • Carriage of Cargo and Baggage
    • Security screening procedures
  • Spirit conducts the following in compliance with the FAA:
    • Pilot training programs, 
    • Safety classes for flight attendants,
    • And, certifications
  • As per FAA, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security programs are followed.

Is Spirit a Safe Airline for Unaccompanied Minors?

Like other carriers in the US, Spirit Airlines takes strict measures to ensure a safe travel experience for unaccompanied minors (UMs). It is strict with its eligibility criteria for UMs and keeps them under supervision at all times during the journey. 

  • Spirit Airlines is safe for minors as a flight attendant is assigned to them at all times.
  • The kids cautiously board the flight before anyone. 
  • Parents must refer here to the Spirit UM policy to know other safety measures. 

Is it Safe to Fly Spirit Airlines Domestically and Internationally?

Spirit Airlines is a preferable choice for safe domestic and international travel. Even for its vast route coverage, security protocols on flights are observed. The airline covers up to 83 destinations including 28 international locations with securely operated flights. This shows how is Spirit Airlines safe to travel domestically and internationally with such protocols in place. 

  • The carrier offers minimal but safe travel to desirable locations. 
  • It offers limited amenities compared to the top-rated airlines in the world.
  • Also, the aircraft are thoroughly examined before every domestic and international flight.

What are the Customer Reviews on Spirit Airlines Safety?

As acknowledged by customers, Spirit Airlines’ reviews on safety have been excellent over the years. They express their satisfaction regarding aircraft cleanliness and hygiene. The aircraft is disinfected before take-off and after landing to ensure the same. 

Positive Reviews Shared by Customers

According to several customer reviews, the airline has maintained a positive reputation among them. The customers highlight the value of money fares and safety aspects of the airline.

  • Passengers highlight how crew members handle turbulence on flights.
  • The carrier is commended for its cheap fares and safe protocols.
  • Travelers express gratification that the aircraft is clean.

Drawbacks Shared by Flyers

Certain travelers share their concerns in terms of the limitations the airline has. The drawbacks also highlight the areas where the airline can improve its services.

  • The bare fare approach only includes travel charges and is criticized.
  • They complain about a lack of communication and updates during flight delays.

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To conclude, Spirit Airlines has maintained its reputation for being safe for its travelers. It stays updated with the latest guidelines of international bodies and follows directions cautiously to offer the best experience to flyers. It has continued to improve its safety systems and accommodate new technologies to enhance travel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Spirit Airlines safe in 2023?

Yes, Spirit Airlines is safe to travel in 2023.

Which airline is safer Frontier or Spirit?

Both airlines are equally safe and the choice depends on flyers’ preferences and priorities.

Is Spirit Airline safe to travel internationally?

Spirit Airlines is good for international travel when safety is a concern.

How safe is it to fly Spirit Airlines with family?

People can travel with their families with Spirit Airlines. It is considerably safe.

Has Spirit Airlines ever crashed?

As per the aviation reports and airline database, Spirit Airlines has never experienced a fatal crash since 1992, when it began its operations. It is because of its strict safety measures.

Is it safe to check bags on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, it’s generally safe to check bags on Spirit Airlines, but be sure to follow their guidelines for baggage to avoid any issues.

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