Is Spirit Airlines Good?

Spirit Airlines is considered a good airline for those looking for budget travel, especially throughout the Caribbean, the United States, and Latin America. It is a major airline in the US and North America. Affordability, flexibility in inflight amenities, and vast route coverage to multiple destinations are some of the vital components highlighting why is Spirit Airlines good.

Why is Spirit Airlines Good

The airline also emphasizes its focus on all types of flyers like families, military personnel, unaccompanied minors, pet owners, etc. For an excellent flight experience for all, Spirit can be considered a good airline. Some other notable aspects of the airline include its safety measures and quick boarding processes.

Why is Spirit a Good Airline?

Acknowledged by travelers, Spirit Airlines is a great airline for its exceptionally low fares for US and international flights. It follows the “Bare fare model” i.e. the travelers only pay for getting from Point A to Point B and other services are additional. This offers transparency in its charges and allows it to offer some of the lowest fares in the aviation industry.

Some other reasons why is Spirit a good airline to fly on are:

  • This airline is safe and has a low crash record in its 30 years of existence. 
  • It covers an exhaustive route network expanding to over 83 destinations in:
    • South America
    • Central America
    • The United States
    • And, the Caribbean
  • The carrier has an efficient boarding process and saves travelers’ time with:
    • Self-service kiosks
    • Functional bag-drop areas

Is Spirit a Good Airline to Fly on a Budget?

Spirit Airlines is a great choice for travelers on a limited budget, based on their requirements and travel dates. It operates on “No Frills Travel”. Under this, it offers essential services only and no luxurious facilities are included. The airline also features vacation packages and flash offers regularly to further minimize travel costs.

  • One can book flights in advance to travel for as low as USD 20. But, prices tend to change, so for updated prices, one can visit here.
  • These low charges apply to over 400 routes within the US and abroad.
  • Spirit is a good airline for those on a budget as it waives certain seat and baggage charges.
  • It offers the lowest fares to make travel accessible to all:
    • During Off-peak hours
    • For flights departing between Monday and Thursday

Offers and Discounts for more Budget-Friendly Travel

Flyers can avail of more budget-friendly flights through the membership program of Spirit. In addition, they can access deals. Either way, their trips can be customized with the selection of some services too.

  • One can join the “Spirit Saver$ Club” to get the lowest fares and save up to 160 USD a year. 
  • For this club’s members, guaranteed discounts are given on services like:
    • Desirable seats 
    • Checked bags
    • Flight flex
  • Flyers can subscribe to “Spirit Email Deals” to receive exclusive and current offers.
  • Using the airline’s feature for Flight Deal Finder too, discounts can be availed.

How Good is Spirit Airlines for Disabled Passengers?

why is spirit a good airline for disabled passengers

Spirit has made significant efforts to provide better accessibility facilities to flyers with disabilities. Although it lacks a position among the top-rated airlines in the world, it still focuses on the well-being of such flyers to the possible extent. It has facilities including onboard wheelchairs and aisle chair assistance to help people with their seats after boarding.

Here are some other amenities indicating how good is Spirit Airlines for disabled travelers:

  • Its aircraft are equipped with lavatories to help travelers with disabilities:
    • Enter 
    • Navigate around 
    • Or, exit the aircraft using wheelchairs
  • The airline allows travelers to carry assistive devices like wheelchairs, mobility aids, etc.
  • It offers special seat arrangements.
  • The airline’s representatives are available at airports to assist travelers to:
    • Print boarding passes 
    • Drop off luggage
    • Go through security checkpoints
    • Visit restrooms or restaurants, etc. 
  • Disabled flyers can travel with service animals and emotional support pets.

Is Spirit Airlines a Good Airline to Fly Internationally?

As it offers a fair selection of international destinations, Spirit is a good airline to fly internationally. It flies to 28 international locations including Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Sint Maarten, etc. Moreover, it is an excellent choice when flyers are looking for cheap flights to such locations.

Here are the reasons suggesting is Spirit Airlines a good airline to fly internationally:

  • This airline offers nonstop, one-stop, and seasonal services globally, starting at around USD 20. 
  • It is flexible with its amenities and allows customization.
  • Direct routes to international locations in the Caribbean and North America are available.
  • Travelers can book tickets online and check their luggage at the same time.

Is Spirit Airlines Good or Bad as per Reviews?

Video Credit: Firsthand Globetrotting Youtube Channel

To some extent, Spirit Airlines has maintained a positive reputation, according to customer reviews. Some customers praise the carrier for the ‘value for money’ travel experience. However, there are certain areas where it requires improving its services. Its lack of in-flight services and the payment of additional charges for some facilities indicate some of these areas.

Positive Aspects Indicated by Reviews

As per some customer reviews, flight experiences with this airline have been positive. Due to the treatment received, scheduled operations, and such aspects, their feedback indicates their satisfaction.

  • Customers praise the polite treatment of the flight attendants and other crew members.
  • The assistance given to travelers for any complexities they face yields their satisfaction.
  • In its reviews, Spirit is also acknowledged for its:
    • Low fare deals
    • Timely arrival and departure from airports
    • And, an effortless boarding process

Limitations Observed by Flyers

In terms of in-flight services, Spirit requires improving the availability of options. Aside from this, there are other limitations too, as can be observed in a few reviews by customers.

  • Some customers have raised concerns regarding extra charges for the following:
    • Checking bags
    • Selecting seats
    • Preferred meals, snacks, and water
  • Certain flyers expressed a lack of communication during delays as one reason why is Spirit Airlines bad. 

Is Spirit a Good Airline to Fly with Families?

Travel options for small or big families are provided by Spirit Airlines. It runs discounts and flash deals for couples, families of military personnel, etc. It is an excellent airline that aims to keep the fares as low as possible without compromising on their experience. Even for benefits such as free flights every year, one can understand why is Spirit Air a good airline for families.

  • As part of additional benefits for families, it is possible to carry extra luggage items when:
    • They have an active US military member 
    • Or, they are associated with wounded military members 
  • Spirit allows families to check in 1 car seat and stroller per child at no additional costs. 
  • They can pre-select seats to sit together.
  • Big Front Seats are given for those requiring extra legroom for more comfort.

Is Spirit a Good Airline to Travel for Unaccompanied Minors?

is spirit a good airline for unaccompanied minors

For the travel of unaccompanied minors, airlines like Spirit are preferable. This carrier, in particular, ensures great and safe travel for them within the guidelines of the unaccompanied minor service. Such minors (between ages 5 and 14 years) can travel only on direct domestic flights. Nevertheless, they are taken care of before and during the journey.

  • Unaccompanied minors are offered snacks and drinks during the flight.
  • The unaccompanied minors board the airline as a priority.
  • A flight attendant is assigned to the minor. He/she is responsible for:
    • Pre-boarding
    • Releasing the child to the pick-up parent/guardian at the destination airport

Is Spirit Air a Good Airline for In-Flight Entertainment?

In order to access in-flight entertainment, Spirit Airlines may pose certain limitations. Considering that it is a low-cost airline, it does not offer such services. Flyers may not find entertainment options like TVs on the flights. However, they can carry their own devices with pre-downloaded content to watch.

How Good or Bad is Spirit Airlines for Pets?

is spirit a good airline for pets

Flyers can travel with their pets on Spirit Airlines with its hassle-free services. The airline offers excellent in-cabin travel facilities for pets. It is beneficial for animals like small domestic dogs, rabbits, cats, and household birds. 

Here is an overview of how is Spirit a good airline for pet travel:

  • Pets are allowed in the cabin as it is a less stressful environment compared to cargo hold. 
  • Spirit takes precautions when traveling in hot and cold temperatures for pets’ safety.
  • Crew members are assigned to keep surveillance on the animals throughout journeys. 
  • The airline offers cost-effective pet travel fares on domestic and international routes.

Is Spirit Airlines Good for Kids?

Spirit Airlines ensures a convenient experience for flyers when they are traveling with infants or children. It allows those with young kids to board the carrier first with the Family Boarding feature. Thereby, it helps avoid stress for the children. 

Listed below are some other aspects regarding why is Spirit Airlines good for kids:

  • At low costs, parents and children can fly via this airline.
  • The carrier ensures convenient traveling for parents by waiving fares for lap children.
  • Parents are allowed to carry the following items for kids at no additional charges:
    • A stroller or a car seat per child 
    • Diaper bags
  • Flight attendants are present to assist children at all times.
  • One can purchase good snacks and beverages for kids with the Spirit A La Smarte menu.

Is Spirit Airlines Good and Safe?

Is Spirit Airlines Good and Safe?

Indeed, Spirit is a safe airline. It is regarded among the top safest airlines as there have been no instances of fatal crashes in the last 30 years of its operations. It follows the strict guidelines of the FAA, IATA, and other local bodies to upkeep the international passenger’s safety standards. 

  • Spirit Airlines employs reliable aircraft of Airbus with high safety standards ensured.  
  • The airline conducts ground inspections of the aircraft before every take-off.
  • Pilots and crew are trained to cater to any emergencies and discomfort on flights. 
  • The aircraft are equipped with the following safety gears:
    • Oxygen masks
    • Emergency medical kits 
    • Life vests

To conclude, Spirit is a good airline for travelers, owing to various reasons. Those who require cost-effectiveness, flexible services, etc., can conveniently fly with this carrier. It accommodates the needs of different travelers to provide a good travel experience to them. 

How Can We Help?

ContactForSupport, an established informative directory, is a valuable resource for travelers to get assistance for travel-related concerns with the airline. It allows them to learn how to connect with airline officials and share their queries or feedback. They can get assistance regarding inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi facilities onboard, booking options, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit Airlines good?

Yes, Spirit Airlines is good for travelers looking for budget itinerary options.

When is a good time to fly Spirit Airlines?

The best time to fly via this airline is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, considering good price deals.

Is Spirit Airlines a good airline to fly domestically?

Spirit is preferable for domestic travel in terms of costs as well as connectivity.

Is Spirit Airlines good and certified?

Yes, this airline is good and certified by the FAA as well as IATA.

Is Spirit a good airline for short-haul flights?

One can choose Spirit for short-haul flights due to economical fares and adequate services.

Is Spirit a good airline to travel with during peak seasons?

During peak seasons, passengers can rely on this airline to fly to some places.

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