Is Spirit Airlines Really Bad to Fly with? – Revealed

Spirit Airlines is ideal for various travelers. However, it is associated with some less preferable aspects that can make it bad for certain flyers. A lack of in-flight amenities and added fees for some facilities can indicate why is Spirit Airlines bad. The airline limits its in-flight services to make the travel experience accessible to most people. This also makes the fares to popular destinations like Las Vegas, Mexico, and the Bahamas exceptionally low.

Is Spirit Airlines Bad Really?

However, the unavailability of services required by some passengers can affect the experiences. To get the desired experience, it is vital to find out the aspects where this carrier is lacking.

How Bad is Spirit Airlines?

Some passengers may find Spirit Airlines to be bad to a certain extent due to their varied expectations and perceptions. A few of them can enjoy the cost-effective approach of the airline, while some have shared concerns regarding the limited amenities. As the airline prioritizes affordability, this implies no complimentary snacks, spacious seats, and limited entertainment choices.

Here are some other factors to consider to understand how bad is Spirit Airlines really:

  • This airline follows the bare fare model. Under this, additional charges apply for extra services.
  • It follows a no-frills policy. Hence, fewer amenities are offered.
  • Delayed responses and actions during flight delays often make the carrier less favorable.
  • Unlike top rated airlines in the world, Spirit is not ideal for longer flights due to limited services.

Why is Spirit Airlines so bad for In-Flight Entertainment?

Spirit Airlines is not considered among the top airline choices for in-flight entertainment because it offers limited choices. This makes it less favorable for travelers who are looking forward to streaming multiple movies, music, or shows on board.

Some other elements also indicate why is Spirit Airlines bad for inflight entertainment:

  • Generally, it does not provide seatback screens for travelers.
  • Spirit Airlines free Wi-Fi is not available to stream live shows. 
  • This airline typically flies to shorter routes limiting complimentary in-flight entertainment. 

Is Spirit Airlines really that bad for Budget-Conscious Flyers?

Airlines like Spirit are not considered bad. Rather, they are ideal for budget-conscious flyers. This airline is renowned globally for offering some of the lowest fares to popular locations. It frequently runs deals and offers on its website, further maximizing savings. Travelers who are flexible with travel dates can make the most of such deals.

  • The airline offers attractive low base fares for flyers allowing them to save money.
  • It follows the A La Carte Approach. Under this, flyers only pay for the amenities they need.
  • Seat and baggage charges are reduced in their bare fare ticket.
  • The carrier has a transparent pricing structure.

Is Spirit Airlines Bad for Pets?

is spirit airlines bad for pets

Spirit Airlines may not necessarily be bad for pet travel. However, it follows strict regulations and policies for passengers traveling with their companions. This may not be suitable for all people with specific pet requirements like carrying large dogs, requesting in-cargo travel, etc. 

  • Strictness with size/weight limitations can hint at what is bad about Spirit Airlines pet travel.
  • It does not allow pets above 40 pounds (Including carrier).
  • The flight cabin space is limited and not ideal to fit larger pets or their carriers.
  • This operator limits the number of animals one can carry. 
  • Flyers can only travel with service animals internationally.

Is Spirit a Bad Airline in Terms of Safety?

As it adheres to the guidelines laid down by the FAA, Spirit is not a bad airline in terms of safety. It is a secure airline and adheres to strict regulations. It is also certified by other international organizations like the IATA. Moreover, it has not experienced flight crashes and fatal accidents since it began its operations. 

  • Pilot training programs are employed to cater to inconsistencies on flights.
  • As per Spirit Airlines safety protocols, advanced machinery and systems are included on flights like-
    • Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) systems
    • Comprehensive aircraft maintenance program
    • Accident and incident reporting systems
  • The airline conducts regular aircraft inspections for flyers’ safety. 
  • Spirit COVID guidelines are thoroughly laid down to maintain the health of travelers.

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Why is Spirit Airlines so bad for services Onboard?

This airline is less ideal for on-board services due to its limitations. Spirit travelers may find no complimentary snacks and have limited options for food/beverage. This is done to enhance the cost savings of the passengers and offer a basic travel experience. However, the measure may not be suitable for every passenger’s experience.

  • Spirit Airlines is bad for flyers requiring larger legroom as the seats have limited leg space.
  • It charges additional money for every service needed including water. 
  • No charging ports are available on flights if flyers wish to charge their devices.

Is Spirit Airlines bad for in-flight comfort?

Flyers who prioritize comfort may not find Spirit Airlines to be their top choice. This is due to the limited legroom in the aircraft, compared to full-service airlines. This can cause discomfort to such travelers, especially on long flights. 

Passengers can consider the following elements regarding Spirit in-flight comfort:

  • Spirit cabins are minimalistic and not spacious for some travelers.
  • They must pay additional charges for extra legroom.
  • The closed seating arrangement on flights is not ideal for those looking for a quieter atmosphere.
  • As the seats do not recline, passengers cannot adjust them to rest during flight.

What is bad about Spirit Airlines Fleet?

Spirit Airlines’ fleet needs improvement in certain areas like its interiors and layout. To maximize aircraft capacity and be cost-effective, it uses seats with less padding and cushioning. Even though it is able to accommodate more travelers, comfort is compromised.

Here are some other elements suggesting how bad is spirit airlines fleet for certain travelers:

  • Few travelers may find the seats crowded as they are narrow with limited space.
  • There are limited reclining seats on aircraft.
  • Travelers may find it difficult to store their items in the overhead bin as they are small.

Is Spirit Airlines good or bad in Terms of Fares?

Among budget-conscious flyers, Spirit Airlines is considered good as it has sustained a positive reputation due to its low fares. The airline offers attractive fares to up to 83 destinations. It offers an efficient experience to those who prioritize saving money. For others, it can be bad in terms of fares. This can be due to the additional charges applied for services like baggage, meals, etc. 

Refer to the following to consider is Spirit Airlines good or bad in terms of fares:


Economical fares make travel accessible to many travelers of this carrier. They can also sign up for Spirit Saver$ club membership to access exclusive deals and flash sales before others.

  • Passengers can travel from one place to another at the lowest prices with its base fare model.
  • Its website runs vacation deals, sales, and promotional offers frequently.
  • Flyers can head to Flight Deal Finder to find the best flights and discounts.


In spite of the positive aspects of the fares, the Spirit Airlines fare model is criticized by some travelers due to added costs for flight services. They increase the overall itinerary costs. An additional fee is applicable for baggage, meals, and in-flight amenities.

Why is Spirit a bad airline for Long-Haul Flights?

Spirit Airlines is not preferred by some for long-haul flights. Some travelers find the economical charges attractive for long-haul flights but a lack of services can make the airline less preferable. While it provides a minimalistic experience for certain travelers, it may not be practical for others due to a lack of in-flight entertainment, an extensive food menu, etc. 

  • The airline offers limited long-haul flights.
  • Limited seat comfort and legroom are not ideal for long journeys.
  • Meals are not complimentary even for long-haul flights.

Why is Spirit Airlines so bad for Kids?

is spirit airlines bad for kids

For kids, Spirit Airlines may not be ideal because of fewer amenities to engage them on board. Such prospects include fewer entertainment options for children during the flights.

  • Families with toddlers and infants may find narrow seats uncomfortable and less spacious.
  • They must pay a seat selection fee to sit with their companions.
  • The airline has a limited snacks and beverages menu for kids. You can the menu here.

Is Spirit Airlines actually bad according to Ratings?

Spirit has been rated low by certain organizations. According to, it has been rated 2.5/10 based on multiple passenger reviews. These reviews vary due to passengers’ preferences, expectations, and experiences. Aspects like punctuality, communication, services, etc. define how Spirit is a good airline only for some travelers. Some of the positive and negative aspects of airline ratings are discussed below-

Positive Aspects to Look at-

Flyers highlight the route coverage, on-time performance, and affordable fares as some of the positive aspects of Spirit Airlines. These positive aspects further include:

  • The carrier covers an exhaustive route network across:
    • The United States, 
    • The Caribbean,
    • And, Latin America 
  • It facilitates flexible booking and canceling options via:
    • Its website 
    • The official mobile app
  • The airline offers exclusive deals with the Spirit Saver Club and newsletters.

Negative Aspects Highlighted by Flyers-

Like some other carriers, Spirit Airlines has certain negative aspects that can make traveling less convenient for some travelers. Such aspects comprise the following:

  • Limited in-flight comfort due to minimal seats and legroom arrangement
  • An added fee for a wide range of services

How bad is Spirit Airlines with Rebooking?

According to a small number of travelers, they have faced challenges with flight rebooking indicating that the airline needs improvement in the process. Such challenges include the unavailability of new flight options or a lack of trips at the desired time and date. 

Passengers also acknowledged the following aspects indicating why is spirit airline so bad with rebooking:

  • They must pay extra to rebook flights based on fare type, location, booking portal, etc.
  • Passengers with non-refundable tickets cannot rebook flights. 
  • In the cases of flight delays and cancellations, flyers often face difficulties in rebooking flights.

Is Spirit Airlines really bad as per Customer Reviews?

*Source of the above screenshot is

Through the years, Spirit has observed a reduction in negative reviews. It has established a fairly positive reputation among travelers for its affordable inflight experience and assistance. Some travelers acknowledge their enhanced experience with the airline, while others may point out drawbacks like lack of communication during flight irregularities, customer service, etc. 

Travelers can understand whether is spirit airlines really that bad through reviews shared by other passengers- 

Positive Aspects Covered in Reviews 

The airline has maintained significant positive reviews owing to its amicable flight attendants, efficient traveling, value-for-money journeys, and flight cleanliness.

  • Passengers maintain that Spirit Airlines is among the most punctual low-cost carriers.
  • Many travelers commend the polite behavior of the cabin staff.

Negative Reviews Shared by Travelers

Extra charges, lack of complimentary snacks and beverages, limited food menu, and average boarding experience are some of the areas highlighted in negative reviews. Other such reviews are:

  • Charges for every additional service on board ultimately increase the overall flight fare.
  • A lack of communication after baggage loss or flight delays is stressful for travelers.

To conclude, whether or not Spirit Airlines is bad; note that despite being a carrier with a mixed reputation, it is a favorable choice for a majority of travelers. It depends on their itinerary priorities and budget. Passengers must understand the airline’s price model and price structure to avoid bad experiences and enjoy a comfortable experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How bad is Spirit Airlines 2023?

Spirit Airlines is not a bad choice really to travel in 2023.

Is Spirit Airlines as bad as they say?

No, the airline offers an affordable and safe travel experience in most aspects.

How bad is Spirit Airlines to fly domestically?

It is ideal and not bad for domestic travel as it covers a vast route network.

How is Spirit Airlines combatting bad reviews?

Spirit Airlines offers 24/7 customer assistance to tackle travelers’ concerns.

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