Compare Frontier Airlines Vs Allegiant Airlines

Everything you need to know about allegiant airlines Vs frontier airlines

Isn’t choosing an Airline to make a reservation more difficult than deciding the travel destination? There are more airline options available than destination these days. Yet we have trouble picking between them because there are too many eggs in the basket now. 

One of the most preferred airlines is Frontier Airlines. The service of the airlines has raved a lot. Apart from Frontier, Allegiant airline’ service is also praised by many. 

So how do you know whether you have to make Allegiant airlines reservations or Frontier airlines reservations?

Well, we have got all your questions covered. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide on which Airline you would like to fly. 


This term grabs the attention of most of us as we all enjoy good discounts. 

If you have a membership of Frontier which has to be paid like $60 every year then you will be eligible for a discount for approximately six people while making Frontier airlines reservations. Although these discounts are totally determined by travel date, route, destination and much more. 

Though there is no such membership available for Allegiant airlines reservations there are always good deals available on the official website which can help a passenger save up to $34. 

Kiosk booking:

There are passengers who still book a ticket at the airport. There is a fee charged for this procedure which varies from airline to airline. 

You will be charged $19 if you are making Frontier airlines reservations at the airport. 

If you are making are a reservation with Allegiant at the airport then you will be charged $18 for the same. 

Carry-on baggage charges:

The airlines provide the facility to carry one personal item free of cost that is in a standard size. In case you are willing to carry more than that then you will have to pay. 

Frontier carry-on baggage charge begins at $35. Once you pay this fee to the airline, priority boarding will be included in this.

In case you have made Allegiant airlines reservations then you will be charged $18 for the extra carry-on bag. 

Checked-baggage charges:

The airlines nowadays charge the passengers for the checked baggage which is generally $30 ( first bag) and $40 (second bag). 

If you are flying with Frontier and you are paying for your checked bag at that time itself then it will be $30 (online). The passengers who are paying after the reservation has been made but before they check-in online, they will be charged $38 for the same. The passengers who are paying for the checked baggage while checking-in online or at the reservation center will be charged $40. But the passengers paying at the ticket counter of the airport or kiosk will be charged with $50. 

If you have made reservations with Allegiant airlines then you will have to pay between $25 to $35 if you are paying during the reservation made online. The passengers who are paying for the checked baggage while checking-in online or at the reservation center will be charged $45. If you are paying at the ticket counter of the airport or kiosk then you will be charged with $50 for the same. 

In-flight Food services:

We all agree that food plays a vital role in our lives even when we are traveling. The in-flight service of food is different for every airline. 

In-flight food comparison

The passengers of Frontier Airlines will get bundle snacks and drinks. You can choose what you want by simply paying for it. 

Chex Mix, M&M’s, Rice Krispies Treats, Pringles, KIND Bar, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky and Stroopwafel are some of the drinks available at Frontier. 

Seagram’s Ginger, Seagram’s Tonic Water, AleCoke, Sprite, Seagram’s Seltzer, and Minute Maid are some of the drinks available for the passengers.

The passengers of Frontier can also enjoy Baileys Irish Cream, Breckenridge Gin, Tito’s Vodka, Evan Williams Bourbon, Jack Daniels Whiskey, and Bacardi Rum on board. The beer lovers have the option of Budweiser, Wild Cider, New Belgium Fat TireOskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale, and Coors Light. 

The passengers of Allegiant Airlines can enjoy lavish meals like the Olli meat and cheese tray that has a mix of Premium Genoa Salami and La Panzanella crackers combined with cheese. This deliciousness is served at just $6. The best part is that there are kids packages available to keep the hunger pangs of your child away.  There is much more to the food services offered by the airline for which you must visit the official website. 

We hope that by the end of this article you must be able to decide with which airline you wish to fly next. In case you have more queries, please go to the official website of the respective airline.

Published January 21, 2020
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