Allegiant Air Phone Number

Allegiant is a company based out of the USA. The company is most popular for giving deep discounts as well as for doling out other offers. At one point in time, it was the ninth biggest airline in the world. The company has over 4000 employees worldwide and has a market cap of 2.6 Billion Dollars.

Allegiant Air Contact Number

If you need to contact the customer service people you will just need to call at +1-855-635-3039 and someone will be with you right away. The concerned person will do all he/she can to help you out. Allegiant Air will leave no stone un-turned to solve your problem. You will surely leave a happy customer.

Allegiant Air Reservation/Booking Number

To book a ticket on Allegiant Air you will have to dial +1-855-635-3039. Even though the process of making a reservation is quite straightforward, you can call the given number if you need special assistance. The agent on the other end of the line will be able to sort any issues that you might have been facing. So go ahead, make a good call.

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy and Helpline Number

To know detailed information about the cancellation policy of Allegiant Air you can call on +1-855-635-3039. The highlights of the cancellation policy are as follows:-

  • You can use TripFlex to have flexibility when booking tickets
  • You cancel your ticket 24 hours before departure then you can claim a full refund
  • You can cancel your ticket from the official website

Allegiant Air Excess Baggage Charges and Helpline Number

To get information about excess baggage charge you have to contact Allegiant Air at +1-855-635-3039.

  • Personal items like laptops are free.
  • Check-in luggage should not be more than 40 pounds.
  • The dimension for carry-on is  9 x 14 x 22 inches

Allegiant Review — My Flight Experience on the Budget Airline

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  • scott sullivan says:

    I just twice called the allegiant number, ******8462. The first call went to Bob, whom within 30 seconds managed to hang up on me. When I returned my call, he quickly started to tell me I had a $300 fee to change a flight due to a death in the family, and when I stopped him to explain that I had Trip flex….he simply hung up! What an unprofessional idiot!

  • Andrea Comeau says:

    I call to find out where we could pick up our daughters tickets and ask about what my daughter needs to bring her insulin onboard and i was hung up on by two different people.

  • connie manson says:

    I have contacted customer service through the Allegiant website and got a “no reply” message that Allegiant would be in touch soon, but I have not heard anything for a few days.

    My concern is that I cannot see any flights between Jacksonville, FL and Cleveland, OH. There are no dates highlighted when you search flights. Is this route suspended? My son has flown this four times already, and it is a great flight for him as a graduate student in Jacksonville with family in Cleveland. It has been very convenient and we would hate to see it disappear.

    Can you tell me please, if this is a computer glitch on your website, or if you are discontinuing this flight route? I am looking to make arrangements for the holidays already. We will be very disappointed if it is no longer available.

  • Jamie Kimbrell says:

    My first time flying with Allegiant and needed to contact customer service regarding the type of bag we paid for. I have been on hold on the customer service line for over 1 hour. This is ridiculous. While a lot of things can be changed with ticket selection via their website, you CANNOT change a bag from a carry on to a checked bag – Allegient should consider changing this. A customer service wait time >1hour is unacceptable. Hung up and tried to all the number published on this page and was promptly told that I have called the wrong number “we are a travel agency” and hung up on. I will not be flying with this airline ever again. What a terrible customer service experience!!!!

  • Steve Beam says:

    How can an airline not only once but twice mess up in giving credit to a passenger to the incorrect person. My fiance was awarded a voucher for a recent flight and it was never given to him but was sent to me at put in my name. He then on another trip we both were on together rented a car through Allegiant, he does not drive due to health issues. We placed the reservation with his credit card and when we went to pick up the rental it was I who was the driver and the car rental agency could not cancel the reservation, it took us three days trying to get through to Allegiant to cancel and get this credited back to his credit card. They did not credit back his card, but instead gave a credit voucher. But the voucher was put in my name not his. HOW can this happen. Basically, Allegiant Airlines took HIS money and gave it to someone else. In my eyes that is stealing. He was charged the rental of a car he never rented $153, then it took the whole weekend to try and get through to a customer service rep, along with his return flight being delayed by about 4 hours, which lead to losing a day of work. And then to have his credit given to another person, That would be me. This has happened on two separate occasions. To me this is incompetence.
    We lost time from out trip, My fiance lost $ and Allegiant lost a customer. My fiance will be reporting this to the BBB. He has even thought of contacting an attorney that is how upset he is from his most recent experiences.

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