Where to sleep in Las Vegas Airport – Sleeping Pods & its Alternatives

Are you navigating a lengthy layover or prepping for an early flight at Las Vegas International Airport? In such instances searching for a place to sleep at Las Vegas Airport is one major concern. One convenient option is the Las Vegas Airport Sleep pods. Additionally, airport lounges and sleeping areas are also accessible for relaxation and sleep. Discover these spaces offered by Zero-level Fitness sleep pods. This blog is your comprehensive guide to finding and utilizing these pods and other options, ensuring a restful experience for every traveler at Las Vegas Airport.

sleeping in las vegas airport - sleeping pods

Sleeping Pods at Las Vegas Airport – ZEROlevel Fitness

Las Vegas Airport boasts a convenient resting option – sleep pods provided by Zero-level Fitness in Terminal 1. These sleep pods at Las Vegas Airport are situated in the Esplanade on Level 2. These pods are a perfect blend of privacy and convenience, offering personal space for travelers’ comfort at Las Vegas Airport. As the sleep pods are located at Terminal 1, these can be utilized by the flyers traveling with Spirit Airlines to/from Las Vegas.

Leading the charge in providing these restful spaces is ZEROlevel Fitness, known for its commitment to wellness and relaxation. They bring more than just sleep pods; their comprehensive service includes a range of amenities designed to cater to the diverse needs of travelers seeking a moment of calm.


At Las Vegas Airport, the safety of travelers using the sleep pods is of utmost importance. Here’s how safety is prioritized for those opting for the peacefulness of the sleeping pods in Las Vegas.

Safety Protocols of Las Vegas Airport Sleep Pods:

  • Restricted Access: Located in secure areas, the sleep pods are accessible only to passengers with valid boarding passes, ensuring a safe and exclusive environment.
  • On-Site Assistance: Attentive staff from Zero-level Fitness are always on hand to assist, ensuring a safe and smooth experience for all guests.
  • Video Surveillance: The areas around the sleep pods are under constant video surveillance, reinforcing the security of these spaces.

Personal Safety Measures for Guests:

  • Stay Alert: Maintain a general awareness of your surroundings, even when relaxing in the sleep pods.
  • Secure Belongings: Use the provided secure storage within the pods to safeguard your items.
  • Know Your Exits: Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits and procedures of the airport for peace of mind.

Unique Features

Las Vegas Airport’s sleep pods, offered by Zero-level Fitness, are equipped with a variety of unique features designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of travelers. Here’s a closer look at what makes these pods stand out:

  • Convenient Location: Along with sleeping pods, Teremal 1 is used by some major airlines including Southwest. These sleep pods provide a perfect space for the flyers traveling through this dedicated Southwest terminal at LAX.
  • Relax in Comfort: Each pod comes with a twin-size bed, promising a restful slumber.
  • Privacy Amidst Public Space: Designed to offer seclusion, these pods let you escape the airport’s buzz.
  • Essentials at Hand: Expect amenities like towels and toiletries for a refreshing break.
  • Stay Fit and Fresh: Access to fitness centers and showers is included, enhancing your stay.
  • Flexible Booking for Every Traveler: Catering to different schedules with various booking options.
  • Guaranteed Cleanliness and Exclusivity: Emphasis on hygiene and single occupancy ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

Alternatives of Sleeping Pods at Las Vegas

Las Vegas Airport offers an array of alternatives to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the major options where you can relax and rest while you layover or during flight delays are as follows:

Lounges for a Touch of Luxury

Apart from the sleep pods, Las Vegas Airport offers a variety of lounges, each providing its unique set of amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious waiting experience.

  • The Centurion Lounge: This lounge is a premium space exclusively for American Express Card members. It is situated in the D Gates area.
  • The Club at LAS: Available at both D Gates and E Gates, This VIP lounge is open to all passengers, offering a comfortable escape from the busy terminal.
  • United Club: United Club is located in the D Gates area. It provides amenities like complimentary bar service, light snacks, and free Wi-Fi. These features make it a great spot for relaxation or catching up on work.

Public Seating Area: A Free and Accessible Option

For those who prefer not to use the lounges or sleep pods in Las Vegas, the airport offers various public seating areas. These areas are equipped with comfortable chairs, making them ideal for passengers looking for a quick rest or just a place to sit down and relax while waiting for their flight. Spread throughout the airport, these seating areas offer a convenient and no-cost alternative for resting.

Cafes and Restaurants

Las Vegas Airport also boasts a range of dining options. From cafés to full-service restaurants, these eateries provide a pleasant atmosphere. Here, travelers can relax and enjoy a meal during layovers and long waiting hours. 

How to reserve your sleep pod at Las Vegas Airport?

Reserving a sleep pod at Las Vegas Airport is a straightforward method. You just need to give a call to 702-261-6611 to book your private space. Your reservation grants you not only a cozy pod but also access to fitness and shower facilities. Note that these rooms are available during the operational hours of the facility, adding to your convenience.

Pricing and Duration

The sleep pods cater to various needs, with a minimum booking time of two hours and different pricing options for extended stays:

Quick rest$40 for 2 hours
Longer relaxationSpecial packages like 10 hours for $100, or 5 hours for $90

Las Vegas Airport Condition

Understanding the environment at Las Vegas Airport can enhance your experience, especially if you’re planning to use the sleep pods:

  • Indoor Climate Control: The airport is climate-controlled for comfort. However, carrying a light jacket is advisable as individual temperature preferences vary.
  • Ambient Lighting: The airport is brightly lit for safety. The sleep pods, however, offer a more subdued lighting setting conducive to rest.
  • Sound Environment: While the bustling airport naturally has background noise, the sleep pods are designed to offer a quieter, more isolated ambiance, shielding guests from the general airport din.

Final words

At Las Vegas Airport, the Zero-level Fitness sleep pods are the most convenient option for travelers to sleep and rest in a private space. Las Vegas sleeping pods not only offer a space to rest but also enhance your overall travel experience with their thoughtful amenities and strategic location. Additionally, lounges and seating areas can be used to take a quick nap and relax.

Where to sleep in Las Vegas Airport?

Sleep rooms offered by ZeroLevel Fitness can be used to sleep at LAS.

Does Las Vegas Airport have lockers?

Currently, Las Vegas Airport does not offer lockers for baggage storage.

Where to sleep in Vegas without a hotel?

Travelers can use the sleep pods, lounges, and seating areas to sleep at Las Vegas Airport. 

What are the places to sleep in Las Vegas Airport?

Zero-level Fitness sleep rooms and public seating areas are places to sleep in Las Vegas Airport.

Does Las Vegas Airport have sleeping pods?

Yes, Las Vegas Airport offers sleep pods through Zero-level Fitness.

Where to sleep at Las Vegas Airport?

You can sleep in the sleep rooms provided by ZeroLevel Fitness at Terminal 1 of Las Vegas Airport.

Are there any sleeprooms available at Las Vegas Airport?

Yes, Las Vegas Airport has sleep rooms available, provided by Zero-level Fitness.

Where to sleep in Las Vegas for free?

Flyers can utilize public seating areas to take a quick nap at LAS.

Can you sleep in Las Vegas airport?

Yes, you can sleep in Las Vegas Airport using the sleep pods or public seating areas.

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