Sleeping Pods at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport – A Perfect Guide

Are you stuck with a long layover at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) or facing an early morning flight? Worry not! DFW Airport has rolled out sleeping pods, a game-changer for travelers in need of some rest. This blog is your go-to guide for everything about DFW Sleeping Pods, and other sleeping areas, from where to find them, or how to book them. Perfect for both first-timers and seasoned airport sleepers, our guide ensures you’re well-prepared for a restful experience at DFW.

Sleeping Pods at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Sleeping in Dallas Fort Worth Airport: Private Sleeping Suites

Sleeping Pods at DFW are located in Terminals A and D and are more than just a place to crash. Offered by Minute Suites, these pods are a haven for flyers seeking a private and peaceful spot in the busy airport. Whether you’re in for a short nap or a longer rest, these pods are designed to make your wait time at the airport as comfortable as possible.

Terminal A – Minute Suite offers private suites for sleeping at DFW, located near Gate A38.

Terminal D – Also available near Gates D23, comfortable sleeping space is provided with a shower facility.

Moreover, Terminal D is utilized by Qatar Airways at DFW. Its flyers can utilize these pods as per their designated terminal at Dallas Airport.

Safety at DFW Sleeping Pods

Safety is a paramount concern, especially when traveling and resting in public spaces like airports. At Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the sleeping pods and the general environment are designed with your security in mind. Here’s what you need to know about staying safe while using the sleeping pods at DFW.

Security Measures in Place

  • Secure Access: The sleeping pods at DFW, provided by Minute Suites are located in secured areas of the airport, ensuring that only ticketed passengers can access them.
  • Surveillance: Both the sleeping pod areas and the larger airport premises are monitored with CCTV cameras for added security.
  • Staff Presence: Minute Suites staff are available to assist with any concerns and ensure a safe environment for all users.

Personal Safety Tips

  • Always be conscious of your surroundings, even when you’re inside the pod.
  • Utilize the pod storage facilities to keep your luggage and personal items safe.
  • Familiarize yourself with the nearest exits and emergency procedures at the airport.
  • Given the current global health scenario, ensure you follow all recommended health guidelines, including the use of masks and sanitizers, where applicable.

Features of DFW Sleeping Pods

DFW Airport’s sleeping pods, offered by Minute Suites, are a traveler’s haven, blending comfort and convenience to create a restful experience. These pods are not just spaces to sleep; they are thoughtfully designed to cater to various needs, ensuring your layover at the DFW Airport is as comfortable and productive as possible.

  • Comfort Like Home: Each pod features a cozy bed, perfect for unwinding.
  • Stay Productive: With a workstation in each pod, catch up on your work or emails.
  • Entertainment On Hand: To keep you entertained during your stay, each pod comes with its own TV.
  • Stay Connected: In today’s digital world, staying connected is crucial. The pods offer free Wi-Fi, ensuring you are always just a click away from the outside world.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: One of the biggest perks of the DFW sleeping pods is the privacy they offer. Escape the hustle and bustle of the airport and enjoy your own space.

DFW Airport Environment

Staying overnight at an airport can be challenging, and DFW is no exception. To ensure a comfortable experience, here are some key environmental factors to consider before spending a night there:

  • Temperature Variations: It’s common for DFW Airport to have fluctuating temperatures. Nights can be particularly chilly. Packing a warm blanket, sleeping bag, or even a hoodie can make a significant difference in keeping you warm throughout your stay.
  • Bright Lights Everywhere: DFW, like many airports, is well-lit at all times for safety and security measures. This can make sleeping difficult for some. Bring eyeshades or any cloth that can cover your eyes will help create a darker environment to relax your eyes and sleep.
  • Noise: DFW is a hub of travel activities. With ongoing announcements, TV sounds, and the presence of cleaning crews, especially during the night, the noise level can be a concern. Having noise-cancelling earphones can help block the disturbance to some extent.   

Being aware of these airport conditions at DFW can help you plan better for a comfortable stay, whether you choose a sleeping pod, a hotel room, or relaxing in seating areas.

Alternatives of Sleep pods at DFW Airport

If you’re looking for alternatives to sleeping pods, DFW Airport houses several hotels and other airport amenities:

  • Grand Hyatt: Situated in Terminal D, accessible via Skylink or Terminal Link, it offers easy access, dining options, and business facilities.
  • Hyatt Regency: Near Terminal C, it features newly renovated rooms, dining options, a business center, and a pool.
  • Hyatt Place: Located in Southgate Plaza near the Rental Car Facility, this hotel includes guest rooms, suites, a restaurant, a bar, a fitness center, pools, and meeting rooms.
  • Comfortable chairs in seating areas: Throughout DFW Airport, you can find various seating areas equipped with comfortable chairs. These areas offer a more open and accessible option for resting without the need to book a pod. 
  • Lounges: DFW Airport houses several airline and independent lounges that provide a more upscale resting environment. These lounges typically offer comfortable seating and a quieter atmosphere. 
  • Restaurants and cafes: For travelers who prefer to stay awake and perhaps want to enjoy a meal or a beverage, the various restaurants and cafes at DFW Airport present a suitable alternative. 

How to book your sleeping pod at DFW?

Booking a sleep pod at DFW couldn’t be easier. Just head over to the Minute Suites website, and proceed with the booking process. Moreover, you can give them a call at (972) 973-7373 for Terminal A and (972) 973-4235 for Terminal D. Also, an email address is provided where you can share your queries or book your space via sending an email to (Terminal A) or (Terminal D).

Booking Duration and Pricing

Worried about rigid booking times? Minute Suites sleeping pods DFW has got you covered with flexible options. Need just an hour to freshen up? That’ll be $48.00. Need more time? Extend in 15-minute increments for $12.00 each. Overnight stay options are also available for those unexpected delays, starting from $175.00. Plus, you can even grab a shower for an extra fee, making your stay even more refreshing.


To sum up, DFW sleeping pods provided by Minute Suites, offer an ideal blend of comfort, convenience, and accessibility. Whether it’s a quick nap or a prolonged rest, these pods ensure your layover at DFW is as pleasant as possible. Say goodbye to uncomfortable airport waits and hello to relaxation at DFW Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are places to sleep at DFW Airport?

Lounges, seating spaces, and sleeping pods, located at Terminal A and D can be used to sleep at DFW.

Can I sleep at Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

Yes, one can sleep in the comfortable sleeping pods at DFW Airport Terminals A and D.

Is there a hotel inside DFW Airport?

Yes, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency are located within the DFW Airport.

Where to sleep in DFW Airport?

One can sleep on comfortable seats throughout the airport for free. Additionally, sleeping pods and lounges can be utilized.

What options are available for sleeping in Dallas Airport?

Dallas Airport offers Minute Suites sleep pods for a comfortable and private sleeping experience.

Does Dallas Airport have sleeping pods?

Yes, Dallas Airport (DFW) has sleeping pods provided by Minute Suites in Terminals A and D.

What is the best place to sleep in DFW Airport?

The best place to sleep in DFW Airport is in the Minute Suites sleeping pods in Terminals A and D.

Are there sleeping rooms available at DFW Airport?

DFW Airport offers sleeping pods with comfortable beds and amenities for resting.

Is there a place to sleep in Dallas Airport?

Yes, Dallas Airport provides sleeping pods through Minute Suites for flyers to sleep comfortably.

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