How Much Does Brinks Home Security Cost?

Brinks Home Security is a trusted name for home security and automation to protect you and your homes from theft, invasion, etc. It offers various system plans and products ranging from smart home products like security cameras, and smart video doorbells, to automation and smart home technology products. To avail of the products, the home security provider offers three security plan packages including Smart Security Essential, Smart Security Complete, and Smart Security Ultimate.

how much does brinks home security cost

Since the security packages differ in terms of the included equipment, monitoring charges, etc. understanding Brinks Home Security cost is helpful for interested people. Let’s learn more about the security packages and their associated charges.

What are the Brinks Home Security System Plans?

There are three packages offered by Brinks for quick accessibility and flexibility. These diverse plans are uniquely designed to cater to the diverse requirements of individuals. These packages are easily customizable and intelligently designed to identify threats and manage everything with the mobile app and customer support.

Here is an overview of the packages offered by Brinks Home Security:

PackageBase Equipments IncludedStandout  ComponentsStandout Features
Smart Security EssentialIQ 2.0 Control panel, Motion detector, Contact sensor (2), Yard Sign and StickersSmart control panel
Smart Security CompleteIQ 2.0 Control panel, Motion detector, Contact sensor (2), Yard Sign, and StickersDoorbell/ Indoor cameraLive Video Streaming, Cloud Video Storage
Smart Security UltimateIQ 2.0 Control panel, Motion detector, Contact sensor (3), Outdoor camera, Video doorbell, Yard Sign, and StickersSkybell Slim Line Video Doorbell and outdoor camerasLive Video Streaming, Cloud Video Storage, Free Professional Installation

Note that each of the above-mentioned packages entails a duration of 36 months.

How much does Brinks Home Security System cost?

The average cost of a Brink security system is between 39.99 and 44.99 USD per month depending on the plans. As per Brinks Home security reviews, it offers quick and easy installation at affordable prices. The professional monitoring charges for each package vary based on the facilities offered and the products covered under them.

Here are the estimated Brinks Home Security prices applicable for the security systems including the equipment and monthly monitoring costs.

Brinks PackageMonthly Cost for MonitoringActivation FeePrice of Equipment
Smart Security Essential$39.99$0$360
Smart Security Complete$44.99$0$519
Smart Security Ultimate$49.99$0$799

NOTE: As the overall charges are subject to change, connect with Brinks here for the latest prices.

What are the common features of Brinks Home Security System Plans?

Some of the best features of Brinks Home Security system plans are given below:

  • 24/7 Professional monitoring: All Brinks software is equipped with 24/7 professional monitoring, even in case of a power outage by trained professionals.
  • Cellular Backup: Cellular backup ensures that the alarm panels have 24-hour battery backup using a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, whatever is available.
  • Tamper Protection: This security feature is available in all systems to be vigilant and alert the user in case an intruder tries to interfere/tamper with the security systems.
  • Smartphone Control: With smartphone control, you can access your security system remotely. You can arm, disarm, change settings, and receive notifications, anywhere and anytime with app control.
  • Home Automation: Brinks systems are automated and integrated ensuring homeowners exercise complete control over the system with a centralized panel.
  • Google Assistant and Alexa Integration: Use these voice assistants to control the security system hands-free.

With such diverse plans/packages to cater to the needs and budgets of various customers, Brinks Security stands out as a reliable and comprehensive solution to safeguard your home and family. Consider your requirements, budget, types of equipment included in each package, and your area to decide whether is Brinks Home Security good for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Brinks system cost?

The Brinks home security cost starts at 39.99 USD per month with its basic package, Smart Security Essential.

How much does Brinks’s alarm cost?

Brinks Home Security system costs between 39.99 and 49.99 USD a month based on the plan users opt for.

How much does a Brinks safe cost?

The Brinks safe may cost up to 199 USD.

Is Brinks home security worth it?

Yes, Brinks Home Security is worth it for customers who are looking for economical package plans offering reliable and long-term security solutions.

How do I contact Brinks Home Security?

Connect through Brinks home security corporate office phone number, email, or Live chat for concerns.

How much does Brinks Home security cost a month?

Brinks security monthly package charges start at 39.99 USD.

Does Brinks Home security go door-to-door?

No, the company does not go door to door. Hence, avoid such salesmen.

How much does Brinks Home security cost?

The total charges for the equipment in the Brinks security package are up to 1,099 USD.

How to use Brinks Home Security?

Users can install the Brinks equipment received in the package at home and monitor and test their system via mobile app.

How much is Brinks Home Security?

The security packages at Brinks start at 39.99 USD per month.

Is Brinks a good security system?

Brinks offers a reliable security solution that includes self-installation, continuous professional monitoring, and cellular backup.

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