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About ADT Home Security

Established in the year 1874, ADT Home Security Systems is the leading home security service provider in the USA. Based out of Florida, ADT Inc. is the largest home security company in the market and has been providing expert home security solutions to its customers for more than 140 years.

Since its inception, ADT has created a niche for itself in the home security sector. It offers some of the best home alarm security systems that are built using the most advanced state-of-the-art technology. The ADT home security systems are easy to install, convenient to use, and provide the highest standards of wireless home security for complete peace of mind. The company also provides round-the-clock support and assistance through ADT Customer Service phone number.  

Protect your home against the unexpected with ADT

Why customers choose ADT Home Security

Here are some of the top reasons why customers trust ADT home security systems and services:

Protection that’s beyond basic home security

ADT home security provides unwavering levels of security to your home and belongings. From theft monitoring to smoke and fire detection and from natural disasters monitoring to medical alert generation, ADT offers the best home security systems to help manage anything life throws at you. To know more about its products and features, call ADT 1800 Number and get in touch with their home security experts.

24X7 ADT Customer Service Number

With 10 fully redundant Customer Monitoring Centers that are on call 24×7, 365 days a year, ADT’s quick response team is always ready to assist you. Alternatively, their friendly customer service representatives can also be reached through ADT Helpline phone number.

Quick response to you and the police

When there’s an emergency, every second counts. With innovative ADT monitoring technologies, quick response time, and an ardent team of experts, ADT Home Security guarantees immediate help and support at all times. This ensures that you’ll never be out of help may the need arise.

Want to know more about ADT Home Security?

Whether you want to order your ADT home security package or want to know more about their products and services, simply dial ADT customer service phone number and speak to their home security experts. Their friendly customer service representatives are available round the clock to help you choose the best home security solution as per your needs.


How to get in touch with an ADT Home Security Customer Service

Search from the list the type of service that you want for and dial the toll-free number. Get in touch with an ADT Home Security customer service and directly start speaking to a live person. You will be able to get all the help with your home alarm system or place an order for ADT Home Security system. When you contact the toll-free phone number, you will be asked the following questions.

Thank you for calling ADT Home Security services, all calls are monitored and recorded for quality purposes.

  • For ADT home security systems, press 1
  • If you are an existing ADT Home Security customer, press 1
  • To add more ADT Home Security protection to your system, press 2
  • For queries related to your ADT billings, press 3
  • If you are calling us about an alarm event or to test your home system, press 4
  • To report trouble with your alarm system, press 5
  • If your alarm is disabled, press 0

For any other ADT Home System related issues, please hold the line for the next available representative.

Your calls are monitored and recorded for quality assurance. ADT customer service: Thank you for calling ADT Home Security service, this is xxxx how can I assist you today?


ADT Pulse Service:

As the technology evolves and gets really advanced smart homes are the next big thing. Everybody is aware of all the mishaps taking place be that thefts, fire breaks and much more hence to provide a solution to these problems the ADT pulse service have started providing home security services and products. These accessories and tools basically turn your normal home into a smart home with all smart facilities in it to avoid such sudden accidents during your absence. The ADT pulse mobile app is all you would need to keep your house well protected from any mishaps in your absence and have the ability to control the movements at home from anywhere.

For installing and using the ADT pulse all you would need is to enable your house to have their products fit such as the door locks, smart electric boards, and thermostats along with security cameras. Then install the ADT pulse mobile app and get going from any of your location. Select the system you need to check or change and get the smart home happening and protect everything just like you were there. After getting the mobile app & portal’s use just select required fields and adjust temperatures at home, switch on and off the lights and other appliances and do much more for the safety of your precious homes. Securing homes is probably the best thing you can do save much damages and secure all that belongs to your hard earnings with the ADT pulse portal.

ADT Home Security Cameras 24x7 Monitoring

ADT Security Cameras:

The security at homes and offices has become a necessity these days and with ADT security cameras things get better as the smart apps system enables people to ensure the maximum protection to their properties. The ADT pulse camera is an intelligent way to keep close eye on the house from all angles required for better protection of the surroundings both from inside and outside. The ADT outdoor cameras are meant to secure all that is outside because everything that is outside matters just as the things inside therefore it is necessary to keep close supervision over the areas out and the app system keep the alarms prepared for any intruder or trespasser hence securing everything inside out.

Whenever there is a call at door then we are unsure of the next thing happening therefore it gets easier with the ADT doorbell camera to know who and what waits outside so that our preparations can be done equally and crisis situations can be avoided. The ADT wireless camera is also very popular and customers have benefitted a lot out of it as it is easily hidden and can be kept in secrecy while detecting any inappropriate incident.

ADT Home Security Cashback Offer

ADT Bill pay – How to pay ADT bills Online:

The ADT systems is an advanced technology based firm and everything they is the smarter way. Be that the smart phone or smart home they got solutions for all of it and thus ADT billing is the simplest too. Just log on to the and go to manage accounts tab and handle all the options as per need. Select the pay my ADT bill and get going with easy pay. How to pay ADT bills online is a simple question now with all step wise processes on their page.

ADT Customer Service & Phone Number

Sales (800) 593-4453
Sales (800) 817-2358
Support (800).280.6946
Get Free Quote (800).587.4198
ADT Home Security System Residential
Sales 800-884-4226
Support 800-521-1734
Business Users
Sales 888-244-4505
Support 800-515-2216
Get Free Quote (800).587.2995
Health & Senior Safety
Sales 877-801-7387
Support 800-658-7134
Support 888.609.4087
Get Free Quote (888).263.6078
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