6 Commonly Forgotten Home Maintenance Tasks

Whether your home is old or new, there’s always an upkeep involved with it. But most of the time, things at home that require immediate attention and quick maintenance are often overlooked or avoided until a substantial repair bill flows in. Here’s a list of six important home maintenance tasks that must be on your checklist to avoid big headache and bigger repair bills later:

Gutter clean out

One of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks, clogged gutters can lead to a big mess. It can create a water log that can easily seep into your house, causing flooding and mould. Dirty gutters are also a perfect home for insects and rodents who can easily find their way into your home and cause infection. Hence, you must make it a point to regularly clean the gutters of your house to avoid unnecessary hassle later on.

Roof inspection and repair

As the season changes, it is advisable to thoroughly inspect your roof to look for signs of sun rot, rust, broken shingles, and more. Look for all potential signs of decay and get them repaired beforehand.

Air filters, vents, and ducts clean up

Dirty air filters can be a good cause of aggravated allergies and breathing problems, let alone inflated energy bills. For healthy living, clean out air filters, ducts, and vents on regular, monthly basis to remove dust and debris and trim down your energy bill. There are a number of professional duct and vent cleaning services providers who can help you achieve the task with ease and precision.  

Chimney clean up

Creosote, a highly flammable substance, builds up inside of your chimney due to its regular use. To remove the soot and creosote, it is important to do an annual inspection of your chimney.  A thorough cleaning of your chimney makes it more effective and reduces any potential risk of fire hazard.

Clean refrigerator condenser coils

Refrigerator in your house is the biggest energy consumer. Therefore, it is important to service it regularly. Condenser coils, found at the back of your fridge, over the time get clogged with dust particles and pet hair and are no longer able to release heat efficiently. This forces the condenser to work harder, leading to reduced lifespan of your fccridge and higher electricity bills.

For the efficient functioning of your refrigerator, clean the condenser coils at least once a year and remove all traces of dust and debris.

Lubricate your door spring and rollers

All your door springs and hinges should be lubricated and serviced on an annual basis, or earlier if necessary, to ensure their proper functioning. This will also prevent them from corrosion and rust, and will help increase the lifetime of the springs. You can also seek professional help for getting your Garage doors repaired and serviced.

Hire a professional!

If all these regular cleaning and maintenance tasks look daunting to you or you feel pressed for time, it’s best to seek professional help. There are a number of professional home warranty and maintenance service providers who can not only help you keep your home well maintained but can help save your time. To know about the best service providers in and around your area and get in touch with their customer care executives, click here.

Published December 6, 2017
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