Established in the year 1990, AUL Corp is one of the top most vehicle service contract providers in the United States. With over one million contracts issued till date, the company boasts of providing superior products and highest levels of service in the industry. AUL Corp provides fast, accurate and reliable services to ensure complete peace of mind.

AUL provides a wide range of vehicle service contract options for both new and used vehicles. It gives you the flexibility to customize your plan, so that you can cover as much as you want and for as long as you want. A wide variety of choices available is one of the major reasons why AUL is the number one service contract provider in America.

The company also provides outstanding customer support. It has the fastest claim settlement process, with most claims paid within two hours by credit card. Customers can easily get in touch with their live claim settlement team by dialing AUL Corp customer service number and get expert resolution for all their problems in shortest wait time possible.

Why choose AUL Corp service contracts

Here are some of the top reasons why AUL Corp is the most preferred auto warranty provider in the US:

Variety of plans available

AUL offers auto warranty for both old and new vehicles. It has a widest variety of service contract options, so you can choose coverage of up to 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Same-day claim settlement

AUL Corp has a track record of providing fastest claim settlements, with most claims paid well within two hours.

Day one coverage

The company’s service contracts are effective from the day they are purchased. This ensures complete safety right from the time the contract is purchased.

No exclusion for wear and tear

The auto warranty covers both mechanical breakdown as well as wear and tear for complete peace of mind.

Complete reimbursement of retail parts and labor

AUL reimburses both parts and labor at standard retail rates.

24X7 live support

 AUL Corp delivers the highest level of service possible. Its responsive customer care executives are available 24X7 to ensure first call resolution of all issues, rapid payments, and instant repairs at all times.

Easy to understand policy

The company has a simple, one-page contract rate sheet that’s easy to understand and explains what’s covered and what’s excluded, with complete costs and benefits.

Want to get started?

Call AUL Corp executives by dialing their 1800 helpline number and they’ll explain you the easiest way to get started. You can also dial AUL Corp helpline number in case you are facing issues with the claim settlement process and need expert help.

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  • i want to extend my warranty but no one is picking up my calls. please advice

  • They make so many excuses to avoid full reimbursement. not happy with the service

  • Peterseaky says:

    i need to apply for a claim from AUL corp but i do not know from where i can do it? i have sent a mail via the contact us page on AUL but i have not received any callbacks or reply from their end

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  • bunch of crooks stay away contacted BBB and state attorney give me my damn money back please do not purchase anything from these thieves. all the good reviews are fake. they wanted the shop to take engine apart to inspect now they wont even pay for that Read less zero stars

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