Is Delta A Safe Airline To Fly With In 2023?

Delta, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the popular air carriers in the US. The airline’s network spans 325 destinations across six continents. Due to its long-standing record of safety, the airline has been approved by government agencies, ensuring a safe experience for passengers flying domestically or internationally. However, even with its popularity the question “Is Delta Airlines safe” still remains.

Is Delta a safe airline

In this article, we will look into why Delta is a safe airline, how safe it is, the safety protocols it implements, and ratings, and reviews that make Delta Airlines safe to fly with in 2023.

How safe is Delta Airlines?

As a major flight carrier in the US, Delta has upheld its safety standards. It is among one of the safest airlines in the world. The airline has earned the trust of loyal customers due to its exceptional dedication to safety, security, and operational measures. 

Below are some of the notable features that ensure Delta Airlines safety:

  • Delta monitors and enhances safety performance across all operations with its Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Delta has had no fatal accidents since 1996.
  • It follows IATA and FAA guidelines.
  • Delta’s fleet is modern with an average age of 14.4 years, below the industry average of 15.1 years, thanks to investments.
  • Delta enforces COVID-19 safety measures, including mask-wearing, airplane sanitation, and middle seat blockage.
  • It has won several awards for its safety, security, and operational measures.

Why is Delta a safe airline to fly with?

Delta Airlines has a 7-star safety rating from The airline has had a clean record in recent years and was named the world’s top-performing airline in 2021 by Cirium. It has passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit, a global airline safety standard. Other reasons that support why is delta safe include:

Modern Airline Fleet

Delta Air Lines operates a fleet of over 800 aircraft. Their aircraft models include Boeing, Airbus, and Regional Jet Bombardier with delta-free inflight wifi service. Some important features of its modern airline fleet in contrast to its safety are as follows-

  • Delta has a fleet of narrow-body, wide-body, regional, and cargo jets.
  • Delta’s aircraft have modern safety measures for safe travel such as:
    • Advanced navigation systems,
    • Emergency oxygen masks, and
    • Fire suppression systems.
  • Delta upgraded the whole fleet to comply with new regulations and safeguard against 5G interference.

To know more about Delta’s airline fleet you can visit here.

Pilot Training Program

The Delta pilot training program is a comprehensive and demanding program that effectively trains aspiring pilots for a career in the aviation sector. It aims to produce safe, competent, and professional pilots who can meet Delta Airline safety standards for its customers. Given below are some features of the pilot training program.

  • The program includes aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, flight regulations, and human factors. 
  • Simulator sessions, flight training, and check rides are included in the program to evaluate trainees. 

Aircraft Maintenance

Delta Air Lines conducts aircraft maintenance to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Few procedures to keep its fleet up-to-date include:

  • The skilled team performs routine checks, repairs, and overhauls.
  • Aircraft performance is monitored using advanced technology.
  • Maintenance is essential for safety and customer service. 

What are the Safety Protocols of Delta Airlines?

delta airlines safety protocols

If you are planning to fly with Delta Airlines, you might be wondering if Delta is a safe airline and what safety protocols they have in place to protect you against COVID and other hazards. We will summarize Delta’s key safety measures based on different criteria for customer and employee travel comfort below-

Travel Requirements Guide

Before booking your flight, check Delta’s Travel Requirements Guide for a smooth travel experience. The guide provides essential information on international and domestic travel requirements, including:

  • Country’s passport and visa requirements.
  • COVID-19 testing or vaccination is required for health compliance.
  • COVID tracing info needed for U.S. travel.
  • Resources and providers for COVID-19 testing.
  • Policy on face masks with exceptions.

Safety Management System

FAA approves Delta’s SMS to monitor safety issues. The SMS is a comprehensive, process-oriented approach that includes:

  • Safety policy for the entire organization.
  • Methods for risk identification, assessment, and control.
  • Safety performance monitoring systems.
  • Encouraging a safety culture.
  • Committed to safety for customers and employees. 

You can access and read more about the safety management system here.

High Standard of Cleanliness

The health of passengers is a priority for Delta Airlines. Proper cleanliness in the aircraft and surroundings is maintained through Delta care standards. The below points will let you know why is Delta safe to fly in terms of cleanliness.

  • Delta created a division to improve cleanliness standards globally.
  • Delta uses science-based cleaning methods on board and at the airport, including :
    • Frequent surface wipe-downs, 
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers.
    • HEPA air filters, and Lysol Pro Solutions certified disinfection procedures. 
  • Delta has Clean Ambassadors at 40+ airports nationwide to ensure consistent cleanliness.
  • Delta hires a Chief Health Officer to oversee wellness decisions during travel.

You can read and know more about Delta Airlines’ cleanliness program here.

Is there any Safety Record of Delta Airlines?

is delta a safe airline

Delta Airlines has a yearly passenger count of over 200 million, making it a leading airline globally. However, it has also encountered challenges and accidents like any other airline which has led to Delta Airlines’ safety record improvement over the years.

What Delta implemented after some major accidents in its history-

Delta Air Lines Flight 191-August 2, 1985

This accident happened due to a microburst, a sudden and potent downward air current affecting aircraft causing the landing failure in Dallas. Delta implemented wind shear detection and avoidance systems as a result of microburst dangers in order to maintain its safety.

Delta Flight 1141- August 31, 1988:

This major accident happened during takeoff from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Caused by a pilot error due to incorrect flap and slat settings. The accident led to Delta improving its cockpit resource management and crew training programs.

The above incidents were some of the major accidents that Delta Airlines had experienced. Since then Delta safety has been undergoing several improvements. For recent incidents, you can click the link here.

How does Delta maintain its safety record?

Delta Air Lines still maintains a strong safety and reliability reputation despite tragic accidents. The safety of Delta Airlines can be seen through the various steps it has taken after the above major accidents.

Learning from Mistakes

Delta conducts thorough accident investigations and implements corrective actions to prevent future incidents. Delta shares its findings and best practices with other airlines and regulatory agencies.

Investing in Technology

Delta modernized its fleet and upgraded its systems with advanced technology for safety and performance. Delta was among the first to install EGPWS on its planes. Delta adopted RNAV for precise and efficient flight paths.

Focusing on Safety Culture

Delta has cultivated a culture of safety and excellence for its employees. Delta’s personnel are trained rigorously, operate under strict standards, and undergo regular safety audits. Delta fosters a culture of reporting safety concerns without fear of retaliation.

Rebuilding Trust

Delta restored trust with customers and stakeholders. Delta has been transparent about accidents and the causes behind them. Compensation and support were given by Delta to victims’ families and survivors.

Delta’s safety commitment is reflected in its high ratings and awards from independent organizations like, Skytrax, and J.D. Power making it a top-rated airline in the US.

What were the Safety Measures of Delta during the phase of Covid-19?

is delta a safe airline

Delta Airlines operated during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company implemented various safety measures to protect its employees and customers from the virus and its variants. However, to keep in tune with Delta Airlines safety protocols it still maintains the rules.

  • Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection: Delta has intensified cleaning and disinfection of planes, airports, and other touchpoints. The airline uses disinfectants and electrostatic sprayers that are effective against coronavirus and other pathogens. Delta offers sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to passengers and crew.
  • Face Masks and Social Distancing: Face masks or coverings are mandatory for passengers and employees during travel, except while eating or drinking.
    • Customers who need masks can get them from the airline. 
    • Delta implements social distancing by blocking middle seats and reducing boarding groups. 
    • WHO and CDC guidelines on masks and distancing are followed by the airline.
  • Testing and Vaccination: Delta provides free COVID-19 testing and urges its U.S. employees to get vaccinated promptly. The airline is working with the Mayo Clinic for health guidance. Delta supports CDC’s 5-day isolation for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients.

For more information on Delta travel requirements and Covid rules, you can visit the link here.

What are the customer reviews on Delta Airlines’ Safety?

Delta Airlines has a 4/10 customer rating on Skytrax, based on 2887 reviews as of August 2023. The rating considers food, entertainment, seats, staff, and value. According to, Delta reviews have been mixed- some customers praise their professionalism and reliability, while others criticize delays, cancellations, staff, and communication.

Video Credit: Delta Air Lines official youtube channel

Here are some examples of Delta Airlines reviews in 2023:

Positive Reviews

Delta got a 9/10 rating from a passenger for a July 2023 London Heathrow-Atlanta-Orlando flight. What impressed the passenger included the following:

  • Delta’s service and safety measures were commendable. 
  • Efficient check-in, helpful staff, comfortable planes. 
  • The inflight entertainment had a diverse range of movies, TV shows, music, games, and podcasts. 
  • The food was plentiful and delicious. 
  • Safety protocols were well executed, with masks, sanitizers, and social distancing enforced. Delta provided a safe and comfortable experience.

Negative Reviews

A US passenger rated Delta 1 out of 10 and called it a “trash airline” due to a 5-minute delay that turned into an hour. Passengers were made to deplane after sitting for an hour and waiting for a new plane for half an hour. Consider flying with another airline instead of Delta.

What are the Delta Airlines ratings in terms of Safety?

The source of the above screenshot is

Delta Airlines has a 7 out of 7 safety rating and a 5 out of 7 product rating as of August 2023, as evaluated by The safety rating considers audits, incidents, fleet age, profit, and pilot training. The features that AirlineRatings found impressive about Delta Airlines safety include:

  • Seat angle, entertainment size, and quality
  • Quality and quantity of food
  • Quality of drinks
  • Amenity packages
  • Headphones
  • Cushions
  • Blankets
  • Availability of Wi-Fi

Overall, Delta, which operates across the globe, and the reasons why Delta is considered the best airline are shown through its safety protocols as discussed in this article. Customers have been leaving a lot of positive reviews and ratings for the carrier due to its upgraded security measures and improved services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest airline in the US?

Delta and Alaska Airlines are often noted as the safest airline in the US.

Does Delta fly internationally?

Yes, Delta operates international flights to numerous destinations.

How many crashes does Delta have?

Delta Airlines has had 2 major accidents in history but it has implemented all the safety measures that caused the accidents.

Is Delta reliable?

Delta generally has a good reputation for reliability.

Is Delta safe to fly?

Yes, Delta, like other major airlines, prioritizes safety in its operations.

Is Delta a safe airline in 2023?

Delta has a strong safety record and is considered a safe airline to fly within 2023.

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