Best Internet And Satellite Internet Service Provider

An Internet service provider (ISP) includes different companies which provide you with access to the internet usually from computer, Pc or laptop. There are several ways through which data is transmitted including wireless, cable modem, DSL, and dial-up. An internet service provider (ISP) or internet access provider (IAP), provide you with a connection to the internet through which they can easily access their email accounts, do online research, internet surfing, online shopping and much more.

Best Internet And Satellite Internet Service Provider

Every regional area has their own internet service provider and services are provided on a contractual basis. Generally, there are different packages and plans for internet services depending upon your needs and requirements. The best internet provider is absolutely dependent upon the area and the company who is providing the internet access services. However, if you’re searching for the best internet provider, then there are certain crucial points that should be kept in mind before selecting the internet service provider. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. High-Speed

According to FCC benchmark, the good internet speed is 25mbps. Therefore, those companies who offer speed less than 25mbps should not be taken into consideration to access your internet smoothly and without any interruption.

  1. Coverage

There are numerous internet access providers, but there are only limited internet providers which offer the best services. To get the best internet access services, the most important part is that their services should be available in your area.

  1. Connection

Nowadays, there are several kinds of internet connections available such as cable network, broadband, wireless, wired connection etc. It’s not too difficult to choose from a wide variety of connections because every internet service provider is offering 25mbps speed. However, wired connections are always better than modem or wireless because electricity travels at fast speed through copper or fiber.

  1. Customer service

One of the most vital points which should be taken into consideration before selecting an internet access provider is the best customer service. Customer satisfaction should be the main priority of their company.

As we get to know about the term “Internet Service Provider” and its crucial points. Now, below mentioned is the list of ten best internet service providers:

  1. AT&T – Best internet service provider and customer service

One of the oldest telecom companies in the US, AT&T offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and fibre-optic internet services to its customers with an impressive speed. Their brand use fibre-optic networks to deliver fast internet speed and crossing the 1,000 Mbps speed in some of the cities. If you’re living in an area which isn’t equipped with fibre-optic internet network, then you can easily avail their DSL internet services which also deliver high-speed. Along with high-internet speed, AT&T specializes in best customer services which include price, overall performance, speed, reliability, communication and most importantly, customer service. There are many internet users attached to their company because of their broad coverage. So, if you’re screwed up from your internet service provider, then try AT&T at least once for an amazing experience.

  1. CENTURYLINK – Best business internet

CenturyLink is providing internet services at an affordable price with lucrative offers. Their brand offers internet services on a contractual basis –either month to month plan or two-year agreement plan. CenturyLink is considered one of the best business internet service providers because there’s a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which ensures solutions and compensations whenever their internet service gets down. If your internet is down from last 30 minutes, then CenturyLink compensate by offering one day free internet service. Many companies aren’t willing to share the terms of their services. However, CenturyLink is transparent in their services, terms and contracts.

  1. COMCAST XFINITY – Fastest and Maximum speed record

Comcast xfinity is a popular brand in providing maximum speed and serving numerous people in 41 states. It’s a cable internet service provider and delivers up to 2Gbps (2,000 Mbps). Their brand is offering a wide variety of packages at cost-effective prices. You can easily select from their widely available internet plans according to your requirement. In the beginning, Comcast Xfinity charges very nominal amount as installation charges. Hence, if you’re searching for the best internet provider with maximum speed, then Xfinity is the sole solution for your problem.

  1. CHARTER SPECTRUM – Best cable internet provider

Another best internet access provider is Charter Spectrum. Spectrum doesn’t provide a variety of internet plans to its customers. Their basic plans start with 100 and 200 Mbps speed which makes it an incredible choice to stream various videos on YouTube, browse Twitter and online shopping, at the same time. Their company is offering fast internet speed, generous contract packages and several other benefits. If you pair your spectrum internet services with Smartphone and television, then you will get many advantages. Also, Charter spectrum doesn’t have a data cap which is another bonus point.

  1. FRONTIER – Best internet access provider at cheap rates

Frontier offers DSL, cable network and fibre-optic internet services to its customers at cheap rates. Their DSL plans are really cheap and provide good speed to browse internet and stream videos at the same time. If you’re signing a contract with Frontier, then you don’t have to pay for a router or modem. But, if you aren’t willing to sign any contract, then there’s a low-cost equipment charge which is still better than other companies. With Frontier, you get various packages which are absolutely flexible in terms. Therefore, it’s high time to choose an appropriate internet service provider at a reasonable cost.

  1. VERIZON – Best fiber- internet access provider

Verizon is offering best fibre-internet services at high-speed. From 50 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, their brand is providing incredibly high speed to stream videos, play online games, video conferencing and so on. With reliability and consistency in internet speed, Verizon is the top-notch brand who is ready to comfort you with amazing customer service. Additionally, they are offering discounts on two-year internet contract.

  1. WIDE OPEN WEST – Best internet access provider with lucrative offers

Although Wide Open West (WOW) has minimal coverage, their company is offering some of the best internet packages and plans at an affordable price. From 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, WOW is providing lucrative offers from which you can choose according to your requirements and budget. If you’re willing to purchase a modem, then there’s a minimal amount that you have to pay initially. Otherwise, on a contractual basis there’s no extra charge or fees.

  1. COX – Best cable internet access provider

Cox communication is also offering cable-internet services to its customers. There are different packages such as starter, essential, preferred and ultimate internet services at different speed. Cox brand is providing fast cable internet with reliability. Therefore, get rid of your old internet service provider and choose Cox with different internet plans according to your requirements.



HughesNet is one of the best satellite internet providers with nationwide coverage. Wherever you’re living, HughesNet will always be available as an internet service option. At cost-effective prices, you can easily avail high-speed satellite internet services. With every internet plan, you will get 25 Mbps fast speed through which you can easily access the internet and stream videos. Hence, choose HughesNet to get the best satellite internet service.


Majorly, there are two satellite internet providers Viasat and HughesNet. Viasat is topping the list with best customer reviews and ratings. As we all know, satellite internet services are always expensive. However, they provide much better speed and reliability. If we compare HughesNet with Viasat, then Viasat is offering high-speed data and much better Mbps. No matter where you live, you will easily get satellite internet services except some of the areas.


To sum it all up, these were some of the best internet service providers. Choose your internet service provider according to your ZIP code, data and speed requirement and most importantly, the price of selected packages. Compare different ISP and, then choose wisely according to your budget.

Published December 10, 2018
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