All About TikTok’s Viral Trend – Smile Dating Test

One of the globally renowned social media platforms, TikTok is a popular junction for endless entertainment, emerging trends, and innovative content. Thanks to the captivating memes, dances, and daily challenges that lead to spawning viral trends like the smile dating test.

tiktok viral smile dating test

The test, owing to its creativity and reliability has been tried by thousands of users on the platform. Many others are curious about the trend and how the smiley characters can define their dating styles and personalities.

Let’s deep dive into this fascinating viral test on TikTok and uncover what it reveals about you and your partner.

What is the smile dating test on TikTok?

With the help of 12 questions centered on a person’s personality, logical thinking, and presence of mind, the Smile Dating test on TikTok is an engaging and entertaining exercise to learn about your dating style.

Understanding your dating style can be a game changer when it comes to understanding your and your partner’s preferences and love languages and building a deeper chemistry.

The test targets an audience willing to understand their partners and themselves. The 16 smiley characters depicted by varied colors highlight unique cheaters and qualities one may have. Smile dating test compatibility parameters check whether a person is the right match for you.

How did the smile dating test go viral?

Originating from South Korea, this test started going viral on TikTok due to its visual appeal and entertaining questions in early January 2022. When users from all around the world started sharing their results on the platform, its popularity grew rapidly.

It was designed as an interactive way to explore one’s dating style/preferences with a simple quiz. With the global reach of TikTok, users all across the globe started sharing their results under the hashtag #smile_dating_test.

This led to a momentary reach of this test making it one of the most viral trends of the year.

Why do users love the smile dating test on TikTok?

Smile dating personality test made its place among the most notable viral TikTok trends due to its reliability and accuracy. It is an easy personality quiz and keeps people hooked with its light-hearted questions. Several other reasons draw people towards such amusing tests.

  • You can self-discover your dating personality, preferences, and emotions and learn the right approach for you.
  • Sharing results helps you to connect with people similar to your personas and find your potential matches.
  • These tests are entertaining and take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • Such tests bring out a spark in conversations and lead to deeper discussions and interpretations of love, relationships, and commitment.
  • Online quizzes like this test are widely available and easy to share with others.

How to take the smile dating test on TikTok?

You can try the test alone or with your partner as a fun activity by following the steps given below:

  • Open your preferred browser.
  • Type ‘Smile dating test ktesttone’ and click on the link from the website.
  • As the default page language is Korean, change it to your favored language like English.
  • Click on the ‘Going to do a test’ button.
  • You will be directed to a questionnaire with two potential answers/possibilities for every situation.
  • Proceed to answer all the 12 questions to find your dating personality.
  • The website automatically assigns a smiley depicting your dating personality and style with a detailed analysis.
  • You will find a section on ‘Nice to have them’ and ‘Hard to have them’ with smileys that match/do not match your personality.

After receiving the results, share your exciting results with friends and followers on TikTok by taking a screenshot and uploading it online.

What questions are asked in the test online?

Smile dating K-test includes 12 comprehensive questions as a part of the compatibility test. The questions focus on various aspects like personality traits, interests, habits, values, etc. Some questions included in the test are as follows:

  • What will you do when you have no plans for the weekend?
  • What will you do in case of an unexpected appointment?
  • What will you do if your friend takes you on a blind date?
  • What are your concerns/ priorities when you eat out?

How does the smile dating test on TikTok work?

The viral trend follows MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) as the foundation to assist people in finding their dating styles.

The key to getting the correct results is to answer the questions patiently. Once the questionnaire is completed, the website analyses the inputs i.e. the selected option out of the given two, and selects the smiley character that aligns with the selected answers.

Each smiley character expresses details about a unique personality and those with the same smileys fall under the same personas or dating personalities.

What are the results given by the Smile color dating test?

The Smile dating test website assigns a colored smiley character based on the options chosen by the individual. Some of the colors and results of the test are given below:

Smiley ColorDating Persona
Olive Falling in love deeply and quickly
NavyQuick-witted, sunflower full of care and calmness
BrownSincere, believe in true love
YellowCool love master,  wholehearted
BurgundyResponsible, devoted, balanced
BlueHave high standards, progress quickly

Is the smile dating personality test accurate?

The users who took the test with honesty found its results accurate and relatable. Furthermore, online smiling dating test accuracy depends on various factors like its foundation, quality, validity of the questions, and the sincerity with which a person takes a test.

While the test provides valuable insights into a person’s dating style, it can not be taken as a sole parameter for determining the compatibility of two individuals as it lacks rigorous scientific assessments. Various relationship experts recommend taking the test lightly instead of a serious relationship compatibility tool.

Final Words

Some viral trends can be worth a try like a smile color dating test. It is a fun, entertaining activity to try with your friends and partner. Whether you are just curious or need some insights to know yourself better, this test is a great way to self-discovery and handle boredom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smile dating test?

The smile dating test is a viral test on TikTok to identify the individual’s dating style with the help of emojis.

How to do the smile dating test?

Type ‘Smile dating test’ on the browser and visit the page to complete the questionnaire.

Is the Smile dating test accurate?

As per numerous users who have taken this test on TikTok, the results are accurate and reliable.

What is the smile dating test about?

In this test, a quiz is prioritized to find out the potential dating style of the person with the help of smiley characters.

Where can I take the smile dating test?

The test is available on the K-test landing page.

What are the colors of the smile dating test?

The K-test includes up to 16 colors including gray, rose red, khaki, and beige.

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