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The use of computers and the internet is rising across the globe. Data is the biggest asset any individual or company can have. Due to the advancement in technology, we are becoming accustomed to storing our data on our computer. The unprotected data on our systems is in grave danger of being hacked or misused. No one wants their data to be compromised. Antivirus software is a utility tool to protect our confidential data from being hacked. Also, it keeps malware, viruses, rootkits etc. at bay from your computer. You must have noticed a message like – “this website can harm your computer”, that is your antivirus at work.

Avira Free Antivirus

An antivirus protects your computer system from cyber threats. There are various other entry ports of a virus like a pen drive, cd, DVD, external drives and so on. An antivirus software scans the external device that you plug into your computer for any viruses and if it finds anything that can compromise the integrity of your computer, it will tell you so and will also give you an option to delete that item from the drive. There are websites whose main goal is to steal confidential information from your laptop. As soon as you enter such website, a pop-up window appears and a virus attack is executed. From that point forth, you will face difficulties like crashing of the system, hanging problems, programs unable to shut down and so on. Your antivirus software warns you about the hostile nature of the website before you proceed any further. An added advantage of antivirus software is that it can also clean up your computer. A clean computer means a fast computer. You can run the cleaning tool of the antivirus anytime as per your convenience.

With so many antivirus software around, it becomes pretty difficult to choose the best one. So here is a list of the best antivirus software available in the market:

Comodo Internet Security Pro 10:

Comodo catches everything from spyware to viruses. The user interface is pretty decent but the only downside of this antivirus software is that it tries to modify your system settings. This is perhaps the Best Antivirus For Windows 7.

Avg Internet Security:

 This is another great in the antivirus market. This software does a pretty good job at keeping malicious elements away from your computer. There are plenty of added functionalities which justify its price point. However, the only downside is the poorly designed user interface.

Trend Micro Maximum Security:

 For the price, you are paying for this software, you get a pretty decent utility. Navigation throughout the user interface is simple and pleasant at the same time.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019:

 This is the antivirus of choice of power users. The main focus of this software is to maintain the privacy of the user’s data. It also filters what goes and comes through your hardware devices like a webcam. The pricing of this software is on par with the competitors.

Mcafee Total Protection:

 This is a mid-ranged antivirus software. The user interface makes poor use of space. This basically means that there are some basic features missing from the software. While some antivirus software deteriorate computer’s speed, this software works towards increasing the speed of the computer and in doing so, it ensures full security of the PC.

Avast Premier 2019:

 The protection on this one is critically acclaimed. All the functions are in place and there are a couple of extra features as well. The only downside with this one is the price. Apart from it, everything is exactly what you would want in an antivirus.

Avira Antivirus Pro:

The Avira Pro has all the basic functionalities. The performance is almost equivalent to its competitors and in some cases, even better than competitors. The interface is simple. The difference between the free and the pro version of the software is slim and this is the only drawback of this software.

Quick Heal Total Security:

Another well-known name in the antivirus game. The interface is hassle free and the protection is highly rated. This software has an integrated PC tuner and works pretty smoothly.

Windows Defender Security Center:

It is probably the best antivirus for windows 10 but not as good as others. This antivirus works quietly which basically means that it doesn’t disturb you with a whole lot of notifications. Also, it doesn’t have any detrimental effect on the performance of your system.

Pc Matic 3.0:

The focus of this antivirus is to block the entry of malwares. The updates to the software roll out once in a while and so there is no need to update it every now and then. The Supershield part of the software doesn’t hold up to the expectations. The software would have been better without the Supershield.

K7 Ultimate Security:

 This software comes with a bunch of additional features. All of them are pretty useful. The user interface is comprehensive yet simple. This is perhaps the unique selling proposition of this software. Everything about this software is perfect except for the price.

When buying an antivirus, make sure that it has a high malware detection rate, doesn’t impact the speed of the computer and has a simple interface.  Also, look out for extra features like backup service for important files on your computer.

Published November 27, 2018
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