Tips For Choosing The Best Smoke Alarm

Installing a smoke alarm in your home is an absolute necessity. It is the most easy and inexpensive way to get early signs of fire breakout to prevent injuries or minimize property damage. But with our markets being flooded with smoke alarms of different make and kind, choosing the one that you need for your house could be confusing and overwhelming. To make the best choice, here’s what you should look out for:

The brand

Though most smoke alarms are relatively cheap, when it comes to your home safety, you must go with a reputed brand. Check for the most top rated home security companies and biggest brands to make sure you buy nothing but the best (even if it is at a higher price point). This will ensure that the smoke alarm that you are going to install in your home complies with the US standards for smoke alarms and is 100% safe to use.

Long battery life

Installing a smoke detector is just not enough, it should be in working condition too, especially when the need arises. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the smoke detector you choose should have a long battery life. This will ward you off the hassle to remember to change the battery every year.

Test button

In most instances of fire outbreak, it’s been found that smoke detectors were present in the home but did not sound. Make sure that the smoke alarm you buy comes with a test button that can be activated using a remote control or by shining a torch on the alarm. The test button can help you ensure that your alarm is always in working condition.  

Escape light

Most modern smoke and fire alarms come with an escape light that turns on when the alarm is activated. This is particularly helpful when there’s power failure during fire, as it can guide you out of the house. Make sure the smoke detector you buy has one.

Silence or hush button

Especially useful when a false alarm is generated, the hush button allows you to quickly deactivate the alarm and restore sanity.


The smoke alarm you choose should be able to interconnect with other units within the house to ensure residence-wide alert during smoke or fire.   

Today, most home security systems come p reinstalled with smoke and fire detectors coupled with various other home security and automation benefits that make your home secure and easy to manage and operate. Browse through our list of home security companies that offer best smoke alarms and unwavering levels of protection to guard your home and keep your loved ones safe.     

Published January 19, 2018
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