Qatar Airways Office in Bahrain

  • +1 (877) 777-2827
  • Office No.1, Al Nakheel Tower، 1074 Avenue 58, Seef, Bahrain

Note: This is not airlines official number +1-844-986-2534. It may connect you with travel agency.

The Qatar Airways office in Bahrain is a one-stop destination for the passengers who need assistance with the flight reservation, managing the reservation, baggage services, special assistance and more. The Qatar Airways office is located inside the main terminal building at Bahrain International Airport. The office offers a wide range of travel related services to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience to the Qatar Airways passengers.

Qatar Airways Office in Bahrain

In this article, we will discuss the services offered by the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain, and how you can make the most of it. We will also provide information on how to get to the office and how ContactForSupport can help connect you with Qatar Airways’ customer service team.

Qatar Airways Bahrain Office – Contact Information

Passengers who need assistance with their flight, the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain is the rightful resource that helps passengers with all the travel related needs. Here’s all the details you must know-

Qatar Airways Bahrain Office AddressOffice No.1, Al Nakheel Tower، 1074 Avenue 58, Seef, Bahrain
AirportBahrain International Airport
Airport AddressRd 2404, Muharraq, Bahrain
Ticket Office Contact Number+973 1721 6181
Reservation Office
Working HoursSunday to Thursday – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Qatar Airways Official

Why Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways has an office in Bahrain to provide convenient and accessible customer service to its passengers in the region. The Bahrain office offers a range of services to passengers, including:

  • Flight Booking
  • Check In
  • Baggage assistance
  • Special requests

Having an office in Bahrain also helps Qatar Airways to better understand the needs and preferences of its passengers in the region, which helps the airline to thrive with the improved services and offerings.

How to get to the Qatar Airways Bahrain Office?

The Qatar Airways office in Bahrain is located at the following address:

Office No.1, Al Nakheel Tower، 1074 Avenue 58, Seef, Bahrain

Find the direction map here-

Here’s how you can get to the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain – 

  • By Car/Taxi – Passengers can take the taxi from any part of the city to reach the Qatar Airways Bahrain office.
  • Public Transport – Passengers can take a bus or shared shuttle service that will take them directly to the Bahrain International Airport. Walk to the Qatar Airways Bahrain office which is located in the main terminal building.

Please Note: It is highly advised to plan your transportation in advance to ensure that you reach the airport with enough time to board your flight.

Services Offered by the Qatar Airways Office in Bahrain

Qatar Airways Bahrain office offers a range of services to the passengers. These include –

Flight Ticket Booking

The airline allows passengers to book flights at the Bahrain office. All can do is – 

  • Locate the Qatar Airlines office at the Bahrain International Airport.
  • Speak to the Qatar Airways customer service representative who will help you with the flight booking. 
  • Provide your travel dates, preferred origin and destination airport, number of passengers and the class of service. 
  • The Qatar Airways staff will provide you the flight options which are available for the desired date as mentioned by the passenger. 
  • Choose the desired flight. 
  • Once you confirm your flight option, the agent will ask you for the personal information, including the name of the passenger, passport details, and other financial information.
  • You can pay for the flight booking through cash, credit or debit card. 
  • It is usually a good idea to inquire about any special requirements with the customer service executive at Qatar Airways office in Bahrain.

Flight Ticket Cancellation

If you prefer to cancel your ticket in person at the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain, do the following – 

  • Inform the airline’s staff that you would like to cancel the reservation.
  • Provide the Qatar Airways reservation code or the 13-digit ticket number that will allow the airline’s executive to retrieve your booking.
  • The airline agent will review the flight itinerary and inform you about any applicable Qatar Airways cancellation fees.
  • If you agree to the fee, the agent will brief you about the refund option and their timelines.

Please ensure to obtain the confirmation for cancellation from the representative.

Baggage Services

Follow these steps to add baggage at the Qatar Airways Bahrain office-

  • Visit the Qatar Airways Bahrain Office during the office hours.
  • Approach the Qatar Airways flight executive and ask them to add the baggage.
  • The airline’s agent will assess the Qatar Airways checked baggage allowance as well as the dimension.
  • The representative will review your booking and inform you of the baggage allowance.
  • Pay the required fee, and you can proceed with adding baggage to your existing itinerary.

Add to that, Qatar Airways Bahrain Office offers the range to services related to baggage, such as-

  • Excess baggage guidance
  • Baggage tracking
  • Baggage claim

Make sure to keep the updated e-ticket as proof of your paid checked baggage.

Qatar Airways Special Assistance

Here is some general information on the special assistance provided by Qatar Airways at the Bahrain Office.

Special Assistance ServiceDescription
Wheelchair AssistanceQatar Airways Bahrain office offers wheelchair assistance. It needs to be reserved up to 24 hours before scheduled departure.
Boarding and Disembarking AssistanceThe trained and qualified staff at Bahrain office will assist passengers with boarding, disembarking as well as navigating the airport.
Special MealsQatar Airways offers a range of special meals for passengers who follow a certain lifestyle. It includes Hindu Jain meals, kosher, halal, or low-fat meals.
Medical AssistanceQatar Airways Bahrain Office provides medical assistance to passengers who use medical oxygen and the provision of special medical equipment on board.
Guide DogsQatar Airways allows trained service dogs to travel with their owners in the cabin. Passengers must provide Qatar Airways Bahrain office the required paperwork and certifications before traveling.

Note: It is always recommended to contact Qatar Airways customer service for most up -to-date information on the special assistance service provided by them.

Qatar Airways For Pets

Here’s everything you need to know Qatar Airways pet travel services passengers can avail at the Bahrain Office –

Pet Travel ServiceDescription
Pet TypesQatar Airways allows dogs, cats, and birds to travel in the cabin. Other pets may be transported as cargo through Qatar Airways Cargo.
Pet FeesQatar Airways charges a fee that varies with the flight distance, and the route. It is best to contact the Qatar Airways median office for accurate information.
Cabin Pet RequirementsPassengers can bring their pets in the cabin and they must be within 10 kg (22 lbs). The pet must be carried in an airline-approved carrier that fits under the seat in front of the passenger.

To add pets to your travel – 

  • Visit the Qatar Airways Bahrain office. You must approach them at the operating hours.
  • Inform the airline representative that you would like to add the pet to  your reservation.
  • Provide the necessary information such as pet breed, weight, age, as well as medical conditions.
  • Provide the required paperwork such as health certificate, vaccination records, and more.
  • The agency will check the availability for pets and provide you with the additional information.
  • Pay the required fee.

Please Note: Always approach the Qatar airways customer service for most up to date pet travel service and the guidelines.

Qatar Airways Receipts & Billing Enquiries

If you come up with  any concerns related to the recipes and billing, visit the Qatar Airways Bahrain Office. All you need to do is – 

  • Visit the Qatar Airways Bahrain Office.
  • Inform the airline’s executive about your inquiry related to the receipts and billing for your flights.
  • Provide your booking details that help the Qatar Airways flight executive to access your booking.
  • Your inquiry will be addressed by the representative.
  • The airline will help you with amending your billing details, providing a copy of your flight receipt or invoice, or addressing any billing-related queries.
  • Feel free to contact the person if you have any questions or concerns.

If necessary, the representative may need to refer your inquiry or request to their billing department for further handling or investigation.

The representative will provide you with a resolution or an update on your inquiry or request.


To request check-in at the Qatar Airways Bahrain office, approach the airline’s staff and follow these steps-

  • Ask the airline’s executive to check-in for your flight.
  • Provide the booking reference number.
  • Once the agent retrieves the booking, provide the seat preference and any other special request.
  • The airline will issue the boarding pass alongside you will get the confirmation for the check-in.

Please Note: Be aware that the check-in criteria may vary depending on certain factors like travel route, class of travel, and guidelines of the airlines.

Missing Luggage

At the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain, you can report the missing baggage. All you need to do is – 

  • Inform the representative at the counter that your luggage is missing.
  • The Qatar Airways executive will help you  file a report.
  • Provide the representative with your flight details, such as your booking reference or ticket number.
  • Provide all the details related to your baggage such as the size, color, and brand of your bag.
  • The representative will ask you to fill out a lost luggage form.
  • You may be asked to provide a copy of your boarding pass, luggage tag, or any other relevant documents.
  • The representative will assist you with filing the report.
  • You will receive the Property Irregularity Report (PIR). 

If you need any further assistance or have any follow-up inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask the representative for assistance.

Additional Services provided by Qatar Airways Bahrain Office

Here are the other additional services that you can avail at the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain – 

Seat selectionThe Bahrain office offers assistance with seat selection. A fee may apply.
Special mealsThe Qatar Airways Bahrain Office offers meal assistance for passengers with specific dietary requirements.
Lounge accessAt the Bahrain office, Qatar Airways Frequent flyer members can issue the complimentary pass for the lounge access.
Flight upgradesPassengers flying with Qatar Airways can request a flight upgrade through accumulated miles or cash and upgrade the flight to the higher class of service.
Flight statusThe staff at Bahrain office can offer the real-time status of a flight or any potential delays.
Visa informationThe airline agent will offer the via assistance. Please note the assistance is only related to the required paperwork needed at the time of boarding.
Ground transportationAssistance with arranging transportation to/from the airport.
Group bookingsPassengers traveling in a group can request the price quote. Qatar Airways Bahrain office provides the fares comparatively at the discounted price, provided there must be at least 10 or more passengers traveling on the same itinerary.

Qatar Airways office in Bahrain provides a range of services to assist passengers with their travel needs, including flight bookings, check-in, baggage services, special assistance for passengers with disabilities or special needs, and more.

List of Qatar Airways’ Offices around the world

Whether you’re traveling to/from one country to another around the world, with Qatar Airways, this list of offices will help you get your way with ease

Here is the list of other airline offices in case you’re traveling with some other air carrier, and may need help or assistance.

How ContactForSupport Can Help?

ContactForSupport is an online directory that can help connect you with the Qatar Airways office in Bahrain or their customer service team. By visiting their website, you can find the contact details of the Bahrain office or Qatar Airways’ customer service, including phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

This can be helpful if you need assistance with booking a flight, adding baggage, or reporting missing luggage, among other things.

Here is the list of other airlines offices all over the world that may help you at different destinations throughout the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Qatar Airways’ office located in Bahrain?

Qatar Airways office in Bahrain is located in Office No.1, Al Nakheel Tower، 1074 Avenue 58, Seef, Bahrain.

How can I contact Qatar Airways by phone?

You can contact Qatar Airways at +1 (877) 777-2827 by phone. This is the official customer service number of Qatar Airways.

Where is Qatar Airways new headquarters?

Qatar Airways’ new headquarters is located in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha, Qatar. The tower is situated in the West Bay district, adjacent to the city’s financial district and diplomatic area.

How do I handle a complaint with Qatar Airways?

To handle a complaint with Qatar Airways, follow the given steps:
– Contact Qatar Airways customer service.
– File a complaint through Qatar Airways official website.
– Do follow-up on your complaint.
– Consider escalating the issue.
It’s important to remain calm and professional when filing a complaint, and provide as much detail and documentation as possible to help Qatar Airways understand the issue and resolve it in a timely manner.

Who owns Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is owned by the Qatari government.

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