YouTube TV is a paid over-the-top content (OTT) MVPD streaming subscription service available for YouTube in the United States. It offers live streaming of programs from the five major broadcast networks. YouTube Premium original content is available for an additional fee.

If you don’t want to use YouTube TV anymore and want to cancel or pause the membership you can follow below mentioned steps.

Want to Cancel or stop YouTube TV membership? Follow these simple steps to cancel your YouTube paid membership Instantly.

How to cancel YouTube TV Subscription?

  1. Visit on a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Membership .
  3. Click Deactivate membership > Cancel membership under “YouTube TV membership.”

How to Stop/Pause YouTube TV Membership:

  1. Visit on a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Membership .
  3. Click Deactivate membership > Pause membership under “YouTube TV membership.”

How to cancel YouTube Premium Membership on iOS?

  1. In the App Store app, tap your profile photo
  2. Tap your Apple ID.
  3. Enter your password or you can use touch ID to verify your Identity.
  4. Tap Subscriptions and select YouTube Premium.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.
  6. Tap on confirm.

Want to speak with YouTube TV Customer Service Agent?

Call YouTube customer Support Number – (650) 417-9099

Note: We found this number online and called them, the call routed to Google, However they didn’t pick-up the call and IVR asked us to visit to find the answer.

You can also try dialing this YouTube TV Customer support number, if you get connected then please let us know your reviews in the comment box below.


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  1. -
    Shania Canedo Soto

    Hello, I wanted to try out Youtube TV. MY husband said it was a good way to watch some live shows, so I signed up for the free 2 week trial. That being said I was charged 40 dollars on the day I signed up. I would like a refund, I don’t like Youtube TV enough to be charged 40 dollars for an advertised free trial. I hope you will be able to help me out.

  2. -
    Michael J. Dorenbusch

    I initiated YouTube TV service. I was told that there is a free 30-day trial period. Why have I already been charged for service?

  3. -
    Edie Vetter

    I love my YouTube TV. I am only missing one thing I would like to see added to the channels. I love the Hallmark Channels. Have you considered adding them to your channel lineup? I realize they would have to be added as premium channels, like Showtime, etc. This would make YouTube TV perfect for me, a senior citizen on fixed income

    Rating: 5
  4. -
    Charles Wixsom

    This is apparently a rip off. The number asks me if i want to set up service for Spectrum Cable.

    Rating: 1
  5. -
    Brian adams

    I cancel my service and am still being charged, and the phone # given us for spectrum cableWTF????

    Rating: 1
  6. -
    john geer

    If you have a premium account, what is the lowest price I could charge per month on the channels premium content? .01 or .99 of a US dollar?

  7. -
    James Sauss

    Does the hallmark channels come with a YouTube subscription?

  8. -
    Adams Brian

    I cancel my You Tube tv, still being charged!!!!

  9. -
    Melissa Garcia

    I had the same issue as everyone else but I figured out everything. The free trial is actually only for 7 days, Not the 2 weeks like they advertise. Then after the 7 days they will charge you $40 even though some say it’s free for 30 days, some say the trial is 2 weeks, but it is 7 days and 40 bucks after that. As far as canceling, the customer service number on this site is indeed wrong. You need to go on the YouTube TV site look for customer service, And it should say somewhere about Google support, or Google account service. The number will then pop up and you will get a live agent and if you canceled in time they will refund you the $40.I cancelled 2 days after my 7 day free trial and I got the full $40… I hope this is helpful Because I understand the frustration everyone is having when I happened to peak at my pay pal account and saw $40 was taken out of my account!

    Rating: 3
  10. -
    Melissa Garcia

    One last thing ,here’s the actual number to get a live agent for YouTube TV questions… (650) 417-9099… Good luck everyone!!!

  11. -
    Kandeh S Conteh

    I am canceling my YouTube TV subscription with immediate effect 9/29/18. Thanks

  12. -
    Randy glines

    I love YouTube tv. I got the free trial just as advertised. Love the amount of sports. We can’t get antenna tv so this was a perfect solution. It with Amazon and Netflix still better and cost less than cable.

    Rating: 5
  13. -
    Cornegria Washington

    When people start suing for false advertisement and non- permitted access to card funds, I’m sure they will think twice about how a free trial is supposed to work. As for myself i have a screen shot showing card declined and billing starts on Oct 22, 2018 when it should say Nov. 15th 2018 since it’s supposed to be a month free trial. The screen shot also says total today is 0.00 yet they are trying to charge my card. As I’m aware of these tactics I specifically chose a card with no available funds on it. This isn’t a shirt and i already have Hulu so I’d like to try it out before I make payments on so ething already have. Just thought since I use it for music I’d try TV as well….guess not.

  14. -

    The 650-417-9099 works. Just go to youtube tv home, settings, customer support, schedule a call. They called me back within 1 minute, helped me with issue, and answered all my questions. Super simple, no worries. Great customer service !

    Rating: 5
  15. -

    I signed up for the free trial and cancelled before the billing date because I didn’t really like it. However, I still got charged $77 on my debit card. Not cool at all.

    Rating: 1
  16. -

    YouTube tv is such bullshit. I was able to create an account through my iPhone, but I couldn’t watch anything in my phone or devices. I tried cancellation, but I can’t log in at all. I tired my phone, tablet, computer. It won’t let me. I have not being able to watch anything in 4 months, I can’t cancel it, and I’m getting charged $40 every month. It’s such bs.

  17. -
    Thomas J Spiece

    double charge on the day I signed up no free trial

  18. -

    cancellation is a nightmare….after they have auto deduct from your bank.. beware, huge corporate rip offs. too powerful to be accountable

    Rating: 1
  19. -
    Lisa Warren

    Hi all, I was watching a live video today for the 1st time and it had no volume. I had no trouble on any other sites I listen too. It’s not on my end. I hope you can help. Thanks.

  20. -
    Henry Behrmann

    Currently have my monthly cost charged to my my Pentagon VISA. I wish to have it directly charged to my BB&T Checking Account. How do I accomplish this?

  21. -
    karl francis

    How can i get youtubetv on my television?