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About YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a paid over-the-top content (OTT) MVPD streaming subscription service available for YouTube in the United States. It offers live streaming of programs from the five major broadcast networks. YouTube Premium original content is available for an additional fee.

If you don’t want to use YouTube TV anymore and want to cancel or pause the membership you can follow below mentioned steps.

Want to Cancel or stop YouTube TV membership? Follow these simple steps to cancel your YouTube paid membership Instantly.

How to cancel YouTube TV Subscription?

  1. Visit on a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Membership .
  3. Click Deactivate membership > Cancel membership under “YouTube TV membership.”

How to Stop/Pause YouTube TV Membership:

  1. Visit on a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Membership .
  3. Click Deactivate membership > Pause membership under “YouTube TV membership.”

How to cancel YouTube Premium Membership on iOS?

  1. In the App Store app, tap your profile photo
  2. Tap your Apple ID.
  3. Enter your password or you can use touch ID to verify your Identity.
  4. Tap Subscriptions and select YouTube Premium.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.
  6. Tap on confirm.

Want to speak with YouTube TV Customer Service Agent?

Call YouTube customer Phone Number – (650) 417-9099

Note: We found this number online and called them, the call routed to Google, However they didn’t pick-up the call and IVR asked us to visit to find the answer.

You can also try dialing this YouTube TV Customer support number, if you get connected then please let us know your reviews in the comment box below.



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  • Cecelia Sheffield says:

    Since Hallmark is now on the channel lineup why am I still being charged for it??

  • I unfortunately subscribed to you website and I am trying to watch football on Sunday afternoon. I can only watch it on the computer. I do not want to watch it on the computer, I want to watch it on my TV. How can I do that. If I cannot watch it on my TV, I will cancel this subscription and go back to Fubo. I had a hard time finding the games but at least I could find them. All I can get are the stupid simulation games. Who in the sam hill wants to watch those. I want a real live game.

  • charles alexander says:

    Your website won’t let me cancel or pause You tube tv . I have been trying for months. I click on membership and it does nothing. I want the charges to stop as well as the programiong

  • Marian E Bugg - Free says:

    I never order YouTube TV I turned my TV on for Netflix and YouTube was there and my Netflix wouldn’t open how it got there is beyond me I’ve called several different numbers no answer when I hit the button for control it took me to the page for 30-day trial I’m not interested in a 30-day trial I want it off my TV and I didn’t give them any information about my banking so how do they expect to get paid I will change everything I don’t intend to give them one red cent these people would do anything for a dime. As far as a readiness concerned they’re rating is zero for me

  • Alfred Mitchell says:

    I have not had YouTube premium since January of 2021 and I have been charged $11.99 month and I can’t cancel. Why am I paying for a service I don’t want? and can I get reimbursed?



  • Karen lashley says:

    So disgusted with all these great things.Not I signed up for free trial 6/3 They deducted money immediately. Been trying since to cancel. Never again I will not refer Rating: 1

  • Sharon Adkins says:

    I had no free trial Nothing with youtube.

  • Sharon Adkins says:

    Someone needs to take a call from this scam go figure. They need some law suits on their can.

  • Sharon Adkins says:

    I had money taken out of my account for Youtube Mountain View for 94.98 on 5_27 I have no account with them Did not purchase it. Can’t cancel due to the fact I have no account. It is in my opinion a scam. Someone needs to crap or get off the pot. Should be some way to stop this scam. Check you bank statements regular. I have no clue how to stop this.

  • Anne Lynn Grove says:

    need to cancel account which I have

  • Anatoly Grayfer says:

    there is a 5 days free trial. I tried to cancel it on day 2, but no such option is available and on day 6 I was charged. The whole business of collecting 65$ is based purely on that.

  • Rudy and Elaine Simpson says:

    Thank you for helping us.
    We had to cancel the Visa Debit card that, our YouTube account was being paid through due to it being compromised. We forgot about it and have a new card to be added. We have tried for two days now and have been unsuccessful in doing this. Our television has the message to “Update Payment Method “ . Could you please help us in doing this. We miss out TV..
    thank you

  • Same shit different day. Wrong #’s published. No humans to talk to. AND you want me to PAY for help???!!!

  • Rus Stewell says:

    Will not let me cancel. I cancelled the day after I started the free trial and was billed 64.99. Requested a refund and got no response. Will gladly join a class action suit.

  • Kay Kennedy says:

    This is infuriating. We are unable to cancel our subscription. We follow the instructions given and it keeps circulating us back to the beginning of the process without canceling. The customer support phone number was nearly impossible to locate and when we finally found it and called the number, the recording stated it was not a working number. Horrible customer support. No respect for Google.

  • Ronald Lain says:

    I am being charged for some additional sports network 10.95 that I never re-ordered and cancel contacted you called my back to remove this charge. Charged again this month what is going on with YouTube tv and google. I want these additional charges credited immediately or I am going to cancel my YouTube tv. Thank you

  • jerry cowart says:

    has my youtubetv account been canceled

  • Robin Carbonel says:

    Anyone that has been charged after cancelling Youtube TV please reply. robincarbonel@…. you know who. gmail

  • jerry cowart says:

    return tennis channel

  • does anyone have a working phone number for youtube tv ?

    • Lisa A St Clair says:

      I have tried everything to cancel youtube tv service. The app tells me to go to the web. On my TV it tells me to go to the app. when i go to the web it does not have my icon to click to get to my account. Please cancel this or provide a phone number

  • this is not youtube tv phone number. it is google’s and is unmanned

  • JAne perfect says:

    they say this is not a good number



  • Marcellus Jones lll says:

    We tried canceling the two week free trial it rerouted us to only bring us to counseling a subscription which is telling us we do not have there is no contact phone number it reroute you to google we have tried numerous different ways to cancel Two week free trial and were unsuccessful

  • Rhonda Hailson says:

    This is the worst i have ever seen . i sighed up for the free trial and then canceled after getting cable. We dont want this and they charged $64.99 to my bank i want a refund. i emailed them and said they will go over it on Oct 2 ok this is bull. I tell anyone don not even do a free trial because they are rip aggravated no one to even call to talk to. anyone get this resolved?

  • Jacob Whatley says:

    2 weeks ago I signed up for a 30-day free trial of YouTube tv. Last night I was charged $70 for a full subscription. Absolute bs.

  • Robert Horrocks says:

    I canceled tv streaming 3 weeks ago but see that I continue to be billed. How do I get this fixed since there appears to be no phone support on number provided

    • cancel your credit card charges in that exact amount

  • Austin Gillespie says:

    Please give me a phone number so I can speak with a human being to to update payment info – tried on line for 20 minutes – can’t remember google account info – been years since I used it.

    • M Noreen Magda says:

      CANCEK YOUTUBE TV SUBSCRIPTION, there is no way to verify cancellation and there is no contact number that is viable to check into it

  • My credit card charged during trial membership

  • Larry Alvey says:

    I cancelled my youtube tv membership a couple of weeks ago and was charged again on July 21. Please refund the charge and ensure my membership is cancelled. Thank you.

  • Sick of the filthy business practices from google/youtube. I signed up for free trial and canceled the same day. They still decided to charge my account for the subscription. I’m almost positive they do it to see what they can get to stick. Meaning charge a bunch of accounts and whoever doesn’t notice or care they get paid, whoever does notice has to jump through hoops to get there money back either way they win. People have to be sick of this filthy company enough to just cut them out of there live completely! Then they may change but I doubt it!

  • Robert Stewart jr says:

    I tried to end my subscription on07-16-2020 & on 07-17-2020 $64.99 came out of my account so I’m requesting a refund please

  • cant use youtubetv on my pc. it keeps sending me try free trial on screen. I stream to my tv with no problem but on pc even after signing in it gives try trial every time Help

  • want to cancel youtubetv account and get refund.

  • Do your company offer Fox tv?

  • Steven Vorndran says:

    My tv has been stopping about every 10 seconds. I pay for your service and it doesn’t work

  • Please get Fox sport south back in the Columbia South Carolina area. This is a deal breaker for a otherwise great service

  • Lindsey stribble says:

    Please get Fox sport south back in the Columbia South Carolina area. This is a deal breaker for a otherwise great service

  • I can’t cancel my YouTube account. I’m getting charged 89.99$ every month. I don’t know what account (email login or password) this service is connected to. But it takes money out of my card automatically. I hate this service. Rating: 1

  • angel flores says:

    i cancelled my subscription but still can not get my money back. who do i call?

  • Lawrence Rousseau says:

    I am having technical problems and need help !!!

  • Kimberly Crowley says:

    I accidentally hit the wrong button I do not want the free trial, I’m having a hard time getting in touch with YouTube to let them know I do not want a free trial

  • I cancelled my membership due to the loss of RSN’s Fox Sun and Fox Florida. YoutubeTV then negotiated to include those channels, but the range is so restricted that I can’t get them in the Jacksonville area. No RSNs, no money…Stop asking me to reactivate. Rating: 1

  • While we have been extremely happy with our YouTube TV experience there is one policy that is clear if you read the statement carefully regarding having 6 accounts in a family member group, but not clear that of the 6 accounts only a total of 3 devices can be streaming simultaneously. In other words if there are 4 members in your group only a total of 3 devices can be streaming simultanteoulsly, one of you are out of luck and can not be streaming to a device. If you are a couple and have 2 kids and all 4 of you want to stream only 3 of you can regardless off the device. Why not just limit the family group to 3 then. Rating: 4

  • I cancelled my membership months ago but as still being charged. I cannot login to my account to cancel because I do not have a membership. I login and it asks me to sign up for YouTubeTV. I need the charges to stop coming out of my account. Rating: 1

    • i am experiencing this same issue, did you ever get this resolved?

  • Gary J Marcus says:

    I have been trying to cancell my trial membership but I cannot seem to get it done.

  • richard robinson says:

    we need your phone number

  • Jacques Chabot says:

    Premium YouTube TV is such BS. Signed up for premium TV trial. Canceled the account the same week over the phone. They gave me a confirmation number and said it was done. That was in December, they have charged my card every month since then and no let up. I can not get a hold of anyone. To get a refund and stop them from charging my account. There is definitely something wrong here. This is like dealing with a rouge company out China. It is like you sign up for this account then they disappear. Avoid this you will get scammed!

  • Jackie Rassat says:

    This is the worst service ever, I was billed twice a month for 3 months, unable to get it straighten out I disputed the charges, canceled the service entirely. The monthly charges were taken again after all service was canceled and YouTube denied my dispute for the double billing. I made several attempts to correct the problem and my bank suffered the loss of 2 months charges and I was charged back the $53.68 from my bank account for the amount even after cancellation. I will be contacting the BBB, this has become out and out theft. With no means to contact them with a valid phone number and email that is not answered.

  • Why do you have a support number to contact if it is not accessible






  • David McCullough says:

    I want to cancel my utube tv trial membership I tried to di on line and it would not work. I am going on record I want it. Cancelled effective yesterday 11/28 ( date I tried in line)
    Pease give me a phone number to call to cancel. I have today disputed the charges
    Dave McCullough email

  • Victor MORRISON says:

    I was trying to cancel my subscription of YouTube tv but it’s impossible to do,I did not want it for Dec. Please return my money back into my account it also surprisely when up please do me this favor I was under the impression that it would just go off after the 7 days

  • marilyn Murray says:

    Been attempting to cancel the free trial for approximately 2 1/2 hours now. No phone number, never again!

  • Trying to cancel

  • you tube tv cancelation. It wont let me log in and cant get in touch by phone. Rating: 1

  • Andy Ross says:

    I tried the trial and UNLIKE ALL OTHER free trials their free trial was for 3 days instead of 30 hmmmm I wonder why. I tried the free trial for a day but canceled it and guess what I STILL GOT BILLED!!!!

  • michael pope says:

    cancelation of you tube tv

  • elizabeth brauer says:

    I canceled my you tube TV live account before the 30 day trial period ended. I was still billed and cannot get a hold of a live person to help me. This is ridiculous. I am disputing charge.

  • Leevell Peoples says:

    I attempted to cancel Youtubetv on 8/21/19. I’m not sure if it worked or not. I also deleted the app from my tv.

  • Kenneth F Cooper says:

    Frustrated with youtube tv. Works fine, but when there is a problem, there is no support. I question the integrity of a company that avoids direct contact with its customers. You can learn this in any business 101 course

  • Anthony Finch says:

    I have been trying to cancel my you tube tv and I am not getting it done and you keep trying to take money out of my account and I am considering getting a lawyer to sue Google someone needs to contact me or cancel my subscription thank you

    • Robin Carbonel says:

      I want to sue Google. They Charged my account; 3 days before Christmas. This was cancelled inside Youtube TV settings tab. Lets get some people together for a class action suit

  • Stephen Lawton says:

    I was told when I purchased Youtube tv that when the accnetwork became available it would be added. Since I’ve became a member my subscription price has went up, and I’ve heard that the acc network will not be added. I need some clarification on this, because this is the main reason I switched. I like the service provided, but if the network is not added I will have to cancel my subscription. Please get back with me as soon as possible. Thank you

  • Impossible to cancel and they keep charging you. Finally had to cancel debit card with bank and charge back. Rating: 1

  • Michael Reeves says:

    You charged me for a youtubeTV trial ?!?!
    I want my $53 back immediately. I was on the “Free” trial like 20 minutes before cancelling.
    – Count on me sharing this experience everywhere. – VERY BAD business

    • Michael Reeves says:

      “Your comment is awaiting moderation” ?Don’t worry, also noted. – Not the only place I will share. Rating: 1

  • I paid for sport subscriptions – 50 dollars specifically for the NHL. 1st game stanley cup after pre game it shut down and said did not have access. cannot reach anyone to rectify , missed the game. what is the deal with paid subscriptions and no service?

  • I paid for sport subscriptions – 50 dollars specifically for the NHL. 1st game stanley cup after pre game it shut down and said did not have access. cannot reach anyone to rectify , missed the game. what is the deal with paid subscriptions and no service? Rating: 1

  • Colette M Pino says:

    Unauthorized transaction, said free trial and I was charged Rating: 1

  • I can not watch tv at all what is going on

  • Douglas Hernandez says:

    I signed up and gave cc for youtubetv.Am able to see short clips on my tv for any subject, but, no regular local channel programming like NBC, Fox, Kvie, etc. When I search these I see various clips but no current broadcast like I formally saw with direct tv. Is this normal? Rating: 3

  • Shirlene Stotts says:

    So I forgot what email my youtube tv is under because I use different emails for work and school. I know I still have it because it comes out of my account every month. I either want to stop the payments or find out what email it is under. Rating: 4

  • I subscribed to youtube tv today. I am receiving all the channels except our local channels. How can I resolve? Rating: 4

  • Kimberly Hazinski says:

    Can’t get in touch with anyone!!!!

    • Jocelyn Aclao says:

      I’m a victim of this. They took 40 from June 2018 till Feb 2019 from my paypal account! There’s no one to talk to. I don’t even want use the app! Hard earned $!!! If anyone got their issues resolved please help! I want my $ back!!

    • Jocelyn Aclao says:

      We are victims. They are so big they don’t care.

  • Carmen Arroyo says:

    On December 29 I signed up for a 5 day free trial and canceled it on the fourth day and was charged $42.70 on the first day and my account says inactive, subscrition canceled and I was charged 3 more times $42.70 for a total of $170.80 plus intrest they owe of 03/04/2019. Rating: 1

  • I signed up for the trial subscription and two days of watching realized it was not for me. Have been trying to cancel but instructions on site don’t work and no working phone number. Will reach out to the better business bureau. Should have looked at review before picking.


    you tube tv payment method
    need you to call me ******7188

  • I tried to sign up for the 7 day free trial and was INSTANTLY charged $40.00. Does anyone know how to fight this?

  • Hello,

    I have cancelled my subscription to Youtube TV quite some time ago due to my t.v. not being compatible but my account is being charged every month. There is no working number that I can find to resolve this issue by telephone directly with a human being, which in of itself is in my opinion, bad business. I request that the automatic deductions every month immediately discontinue and further, I demand a refund for all money owed from the date of cancellation through present.

    I noticed on one of your forums that this complaint seems to be a common occurrence. I would suggest that to avoid this problem in the future and potentially a class action lawsuit, you should change such unethical practices immediately.

    I look forward to having this issue resolved promptly.

  • Elaine Jorden says:

    In September I signed up for Google YouTube TV but couldn’t get it working so I thought I told them I didn’t want the service but have been getting billed for it ever since. I have disputed the charges and thought it was taken care of until my last billing when it was back on my bill. I can’t do anything about it because I never signed up on the website for me to go to and there is no way of calling them.

  • i canceld u tube tv in nov they charged me twice in nov than chaged me in dec i dont have y tybe tv and i wont a refund for120.00 dollars for 2 chages in nov and 1 in dec i donot have u tube tv i canced it

  • STEVEN PERRY says:

    Call phone number for customer support and they say not able to respond at this number???????!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill combs says:

    I am not able to get my TV to recognize the YOUTUBE TV app, therefore I was unable to upload the channel for the free trial period and subsequently pay monthly for the service.

    I would like for you to cancel the subscription, effective today. I would also request that you send me an email stating that the subscription has been cancelled and that I will ne be charged a monthly $40.00 service fee.

    Thanks for your time in advance.

    Best regards,

  • Stanley F Chang says:

    I pay $9.99 automatically debited from my credit card for You Tube Red which gives me commercial-free viewings. They’ve been taking my money regularly but have not delivered. I still get all kinds of advertisements that constantly delay and interrupt my viewings. I try to contact them without success. It’s a most frustrating experience. They deliberately do it so people can’t complain.

  • Jennifer Hill says:

    Rip off . Tried it and canceled same day stilled billed for free trial

  • Same problem been charged for months never used the service the only thing we can do is cancel the subscription

  • Erika Phares says:

    Good morning,
    In June 2018 I decided I wanted to try a free one week subscription to YouTube Tv. After creating an account I decided to cancel the service before the trial period ended. I have been billed $40.00 per month since July 2018 until current. I have NEVER used the account or logged in until today November 27, 2018 only to have to enter a code to gain access. Please cancel the subscription and refund the full amount of $200.00 for the unwanted and unused subscription. I have tried to reach out to customer service with to no avail. I went on line to cancel but was not successful. Please contact me at 3025657700 to help resolve this issue.

  • Cathe Post Marable says:

    Can’t reach customer support at any phone number. The phone number given that is toll-free is for spectrum cable. How can I find a phone number anywhere for YouTube TV

  • Cathe Post Marable says:


  • karl francis says:

    How can i get youtubetv on my television?

  • Henry Behrmann says:

    Currently have my monthly cost charged to my my Pentagon VISA. I wish to have it directly charged to my BB&T Checking Account. How do I accomplish this?

  • Lisa Warren says:

    Hi all, I was watching a live video today for the 1st time and it had no volume. I had no trouble on any other sites I listen too. It’s not on my end. I hope you can help. Thanks.

  • cancellation is a nightmare….after they have auto deduct from your bank.. beware, huge corporate rip offs. too powerful to be accountable

  • Thomas J Spiece says:

    double charge on the day I signed up no free trial

  • YouTube tv is such bullshit. I was able to create an account through my iPhone, but I couldn’t watch anything in my phone or devices. I tried cancellation, but I can’t log in at all. I tired my phone, tablet, computer. It won’t let me. I have not being able to watch anything in 4 months, I can’t cancel it, and I’m getting charged $40 every month. It’s such bs.

  • I signed up for the free trial and cancelled before the billing date because I didn’t really like it. However, I still got charged $77 on my debit card. Not cool at all.

  • The 650-417-9099 works. Just go to youtube tv home, settings, customer support, schedule a call. They called me back within 1 minute, helped me with issue, and answered all my questions. Super simple, no worries. Great customer service !

  • Cornegria Washington says:

    When people start suing for false advertisement and non- permitted access to card funds, I’m sure they will think twice about how a free trial is supposed to work. As for myself i have a screen shot showing card declined and billing starts on Oct 22, 2018 when it should say Nov. 15th 2018 since it’s supposed to be a month free trial. The screen shot also says total today is 0.00 yet they are trying to charge my card. As I’m aware of these tactics I specifically chose a card with no available funds on it. This isn’t a shirt and i already have Hulu so I’d like to try it out before I make payments on so ething already have. Just thought since I use it for music I’d try TV as well….guess not.

  • Randy glines says:

    I love YouTube tv. I got the free trial just as advertised. Love the amount of sports. We can’t get antenna tv so this was a perfect solution. It with Amazon and Netflix still better and cost less than cable.

  • Kandeh S Conteh says:

    I am canceling my YouTube TV subscription with immediate effect 9/29/18. Thanks

  • Melissa Garcia says:

    One last thing ,here’s the actual number to get a live agent for YouTube TV questions… (650) 417-9099… Good luck everyone!!!

  • Melissa Garcia says:

    I had the same issue as everyone else but I figured out everything. The free trial is actually only for 7 days, Not the 2 weeks like they advertise. Then after the 7 days they will charge you $40 even though some say it’s free for 30 days, some say the trial is 2 weeks, but it is 7 days and 40 bucks after that. As far as canceling, the customer service number on this site is indeed wrong. You need to go on the YouTube TV site look for customer service, And it should say somewhere about Google support, or Google account service. The number will then pop up and you will get a live agent and if you canceled in time they will refund you the $40.I cancelled 2 days after my 7 day free trial and I got the full $40… I hope this is helpful Because I understand the frustration everyone is having when I happened to peak at my pay pal account and saw $40 was taken out of my account!

  • Adams Brian says:

    I cancel my You Tube tv, still being charged!!!!

  • James Sauss says:

    Does the hallmark channels come with a YouTube subscription?

  • john geer says:

    If you have a premium account, what is the lowest price I could charge per month on the channels premium content? .01 or .99 of a US dollar?

  • Brian adams says:

    I cancel my service and am still being charged, and the phone # given us for spectrum cableWTF????

  • Charles Wixsom says:

    This is apparently a rip off. The number asks me if i want to set up service for Spectrum Cable.

  • Edie Vetter says:

    I love my YouTube TV. I am only missing one thing I would like to see added to the channels. I love the Hallmark Channels. Have you considered adding them to your channel lineup? I realize they would have to be added as premium channels, like Showtime, etc. This would make YouTube TV perfect for me, a senior citizen on fixed income

  • Michael J. Dorenbusch says:

    I initiated YouTube TV service. I was told that there is a free 30-day trial period. Why have I already been charged for service?

  • Shania Canedo Soto says:

    Hello, I wanted to try out Youtube TV. MY husband said it was a good way to watch some live shows, so I signed up for the free 2 week trial. That being said I was charged 40 dollars on the day I signed up. I would like a refund, I don’t like Youtube TV enough to be charged 40 dollars for an advertised free trial. I hope you will be able to help me out.

    • Jocelyn Aclao says:

      I’m a victim of this. They took 40 from June 2018 till Feb 2019 from my paypal account! There’s no one to talk to. I don’t even want us the app! Hard earned $!!! If anyone got their resolved please help!

      • I’ve been charged over $69 a month since January and unfortunately I just noticed it in my account. I have proof of cancellation and proof they’ve charged me. I filed a complaint with them and they state they are not refunding me and to take it up with my financial institution. My credit union said it’s standard across the board that they are only allowed to go back 60 days. Google owes me over $500. I’m taking it up with the court system. They will stop screwing people over once and for all.