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With impressively high data speeds, excellent customer support and service, and no data caps, WOW! is a leading bundled cable TV, broadband Internet, and phone provider in the United States. The company is the fifth largest cable broadband provider in the U.S. and provides its cable internet services to 10 states in the Midwest and the South America. It has more than 7.2 million happy customers across these states.

WOW! simplifies your entertainment experience by offering an expansive variety of broadband connections and TV packages to suit your needs. These include cable, DSL, fixed wireless, and fiber, which are often bundled with cable television and phone offerings. Their internet plans are reasonably priced and the company offers excellent speed for high-definition streaming and instant access to your Netflix account.  

With endless supplies of movies and an interesting channel lineup, subscribing to WOW! TV is the best bet. The company also aces in providing superior customer service through its toll-free WOW cable customer service number. Its customer care executives are available round the clock and can help solve your problems in no time.

Why choose WOW! TV Services?

WOW! TV customers get to enjoy:

  • The freedom to choose from multiple cable packages: small, medium, large
  • Interesting channel lineup
  • Unlimited, OnDemand movies and live shows
  • The Ultra Whole-home DVR
  • Ability to record up to six HD shows at once
  • Up to 300 hours of SD or 75 hours of HD programming
  • 24X7 support through WOW! TV helpline number
  • 30 Days money back guarantee

Get in touch

Want to know more about WOW! TV services and plans? Want to get started? Call the WOW customer service number for complete help and assistance. You can also dial their 1800 number to get instant resolution for all your technical issues.   

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Kathleen Tindal
Kathleen Tindal
5 years ago

Worst cable company we have ever had ,one of our services is forever going out!!! If is it not the cable,then it is the internet,or phone, just called customer services full of excuses, and was on hold for 45 minutes just to talk to someone,cannot wait until our contract is up,we will never use them again and will not recommend Wow to anyone! Extremely disappointed customer

5 years ago

For last three months have made promises to reduce my bill-it keeps going up.They never follow through and I’m fed up with it.

Sarah smithv
Sarah smithv
5 years ago

They take forever to fix problems. They never get psymryne in on time. The internet is akway messing up

5 years ago

They eliminated two services, and I’m not happy. I can no longer read the number of incoming telephone calls on my tv screen, and I can no longer program my DVR online.

6 years ago

By far the best TV service I have ever had. Their TV service is far better than other competitors and whenever I call the wow cable phone number, they are very helpful and sends in a tech to immediately repair the issue. highly recommended.

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