Charter Spectrum TV

Charter Spectrum is a company that not only encompasses the whole spectrum of Internet freedom, but also provides you with good quality support to watch television with the help of Internet. It has reinvented the way you watch HD TV with DVR service. With ultra realistic 3D picture quality, HD on Demand, and 1,500+ options including movies in 3D, Charter Spectrum ensures you won’t miss a thing, whether you are at home or on the go.

There company offers different plans and packages that can be easily procured by calling Charter Spectrum TV customer service number. Their customer care executives are available 24X7 and can help you with all the deals and the offers at hand.

Services offered by Charter Spectrum

The company offers various services that include:

  • Free Internet modem
  • Free high-definition channels
  • Free DVR service, for the initial period of 12 months
  • Free Primetime On Demand
  • Spectrum Pay Per View
  • Ultra realistic 3D picture quality

Get in touch with spectrum TV customer service

If you need more pertinent information about Charter Spectrum TV plans and offers, simply call Charter Spectrum TV phone number and all the details will be provided to you. In case you would like to make complaints about the services provided to you by Charter Spectrum, you could do so by calling the Charter Spectrum TV number. All your complaints would be addressed at the earliest possible time.

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Jan Dyer
3 years ago

While we were living in Florida we had Spectrum TV, internet and landline. Since we moved back to Jonesborough, TN we have been told that Spectrum is not available in Jonesborough. Is there any way we could contact someone to be able to get Spectrum in this area? Thank you, Jan Dyer, email: [email protected], or call 423-753-4818.

When placing a call to your support team it’s as if you are a new customer price: when you press one says thank you for calling your spectrum authorized retailer and then it hangs up when you tried it three times
4 years ago

When placing a call to your support team it’s as if you are a new customer price: when you press one says thank you for calling your spectrum authorized retailer and then it hangs up when you tried it three times

Diane Logan
4 years ago

I made a payment to you which was to go to Charter Spectrum. I have paid them on line so they are all caught up. But I have two ADT accounts, one I just cancelled and one in Florida I need to cancel and sent the overpayment to Florida account # *****305 which I need to cancel. The North Carolina account # is *****991 which I had already closed. Very confusing. My phone # is ***-***-0061 . Please help me get this fixed. Thanks

Michael Gordon
4 years ago

Every day I have re-set my Spectrum Reciever to receive my Silver Package Channels. The first time I complained your company sent out a repair man and he install a new receiver. The second time I complained the Techincian told reset by unhooking cables for 5 minutes. This work for a day. This will be thrid I have Spectrum to solve this problem.

5 years ago

What is wrong with spectrum customer service number? Its been two days i have been trying to contact them but there is this automated voice message that wont let me through. I have tried getting in touch with them through email to get back to me through call but even from that end, no reply to my mail or calls.

5 years ago

I have been a spectrum customer for a very long time and the service has always been excellent until the DVR broke down. The device won’t record or switch on and they customer service says that i have to pay for a new one and would not help me further. This is ridiculous

Rodrigo Lim
5 years ago

spectrum customer service during the sign up made it seem like I was getting the best deal especially with my channel selection. Everything was great and the picture quality was good. A few months later i got a call on my number telling me several channels are getting eliminated and if i wanted to keep them i should pay for it. I should have never signed up with them.

Nico Bellic
5 years ago

I felt a little pressured by the spectrum tv customer service on purchasing the tv, internet and the phone combo deal but turns out to be a great deal. Got a free dvr and free HD for all channels. Loving it

5 years ago

Good channels selection and they did great with the spectrum tv app however the customer service is non existence. Long hours on waiting and the line gets disconnected

Frank Harrison
5 years ago

Remember, if you ever contact the spectrum tv phone number, there is a very little chance that the issue that you called for, will be fixed. I have been dealing with these people for the past 3 years and i am tired of it. Never ever get any help or assistance when you contact them over the phone

5 years ago

I had services schedule for next day installation in my new home, but the tech service guy said he could not find the place where the building is .either he never came or just did not call. So then i called the spectrum customer service phone number and now it has been rescheduled after 3 days. I was later greeted by another call telling me that they could not do it 3 days later but had to change me to 10 days from now. So for a new connection that was promised a next day installation i have been reschedule for half a month. Great service!!!!

5 years ago

We only have cable tv with spectrum tv, but it has been excellent. We pay for so less for so many channels and have had no problem with the service. The charter phone number is always available when we face any problems and great service.

5 years ago

We wanted to add a particular new channel to our current subscription so we called up the charter spectrum customer service number. To our surprise, they told us that they cannot add the new channel to our current plan as we are not new customers. This is so ridiculous as we have been a loyal customer for more than 15 years and they just don’t care. I am ready to pay for the extra channel that I want to add so I don’t know what is wrong with them. might as well change to other subscriber where they treat their customer with care and get rewards for being a loyal customer.

5 years ago

I signed up with Charter for the triple play silver. The installer was wonderful. The services are awesome. the fast internet as mentioned in the ad is really fast. a recent issue with the receiver due to the storm, had damaged the whole set-up and I called the spectrum customer service number and was pleasantly surprised. They send in the technician immediately and made the repairs. Never had such pleasant customer service anywhere before!!

5 years ago

Well! the cable service is just terrible, there is too many unwanted channels and non english channels. The regular channels that I tuned into daily are less than 10 channels and I want only those. It is really annoying to go through the list or remember the channel numbers to switch from one channel to another. I have even called up the charter spectrum customer service and informed them the same, I hope they take action and try to reduce the number of commercial channels.

5 years ago

I saw an ad from their website that I can move my contract from other satellite tv providers to spectrum tv so I call up the charter spectrum customer service number to know more about it. but it is all not true, I am stuck in a previous contract for another 9 months and they are not willing to change my contract to them.

5 years ago

how do I get in touch with the email support instead of calling the spectrum tv phone number? I have some few queries and I am not comfortable talking with a customer service over the phone.

5 years ago

All of my HD channels that I have subscribed to are not loading and it has been a week since it started. I have called the spectrum phone number multiple times and they said there is a signal reception error. They have informed me that they will immediately send in their tech guy to check on it but they have not come yet. What kind of service is this? It has been a week since I watched television and I am tired of their same old excuses.

5 years ago

The channels they offer for the basic plan is not so convincing that I doubt people will actually want to go ahead and subscribe. I had to pay extra for some popular sports channels but it is not so big of an issue. however spectrum tv customer service is excellent. Very professional and quick service.

5 years ago

The TV constantly freezes and the Smart Tv app never works, it is always buffering when I try to stream anything. If I call the spectrum tv phone number, the customer service disconnects my call and says I am in the wrong department. I am getting my subscription cancelled.

5 years ago

The image quality is awesome and there is comparatively less signal loss when there is a bad weather. However the customer service of spectrum TV is just bad sales service. each time I contact the spectrum tv phone number, the customer service keeps pressuring me to upgrade to more channel subscription or to extend the contract. That’s the reason I never call them or receive any of their incoming calls. ignore them all.

5 years ago

the picture quality is great when you compare it with other cable providers and the customer service seems nice. But the signal reception constantly keeps dropping even if it is just drizzling outside. And every time the reception is gone, it takes hours for it to come back. the customer service does a good job sending a technician immediately but the person who comes to fix it, has no idea what he is doing. To repair this issue it takes him hours to do it.

5 years ago

The first 10 months I had no issues but after that in the last two months I had three technicians come over to my place for repairs. They cannot fix the issue and cannot provide me the service that I signed up for. Its been more than a year now, and I am still facing with the same issue. signal loss even if it’s a clear blue sky.

5 years ago

I have been using Spectrum tv since I moved into my apartment and I love it. the image quality is great and no huge monthly bills. Bundled up and now my monthly cost is even less. Excellent customer service

5 years ago

I had an issue with my signal reception. I called up the spectrum tv customer service phone number and the technician came over the next morning to fix the issue. all seems to be working now. Happy with the quick response.

5 years ago

After a few weeks most of my premium channels were not working. I had to call the customer service almost every day and remind them that the services stopped. The customer service is bad and they have no idea what they are doing. It took them two weeks to get all my premium channels back.

Diane Mcnerney
6 years ago

I got my spectrum services disconnected today for the services which I have already paid for a year. After a quick call, they apologized for the error and reconnected my services immediately. Really happy with the service I got. Thank you

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