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Dish Network Customer Service is America’s biggest Direct to Home television operator, with more than 13.7 million television and 580,000 broadband happy viewers. With plenty of channels to choose from, 5X picture clarity, and a number of interesting features available, Dish Network offers you entertainment at its best. To make your viewing easy, the company offers 24X7 customer support through its widespread customer network. You can call dish network customer service number live person  to know more about their plans and services. You can also call their 1800 toll free number to fix network related issues or to get instant dish resolution for all your queries.

Why choose Dish Network TV Phone Number?

Here are some of the reasons to choose Dish TV as your television operator:

  • Best-in-class features

Dish TV offers the capability of providing over 190 television channels at a very competitive rate every month. Moreover, it also has the Alexa integration from Amazon, which is enormous savings on your part for an automated home assistant.

  • World-class services

From a free installation service to smart home services, Dish TV offers a number of interesting features that you can easily avail by contacting the dish network customer support phone number .

  • 24X7 support

The probable essence of any entertainment company is to ensure that all their problems will get addressed in due time. Therefore, Dish TV customer support executives work round the clock to help you at all possible times. By simply calling dish tv customer care toll free number , a customer representative will be able to help you navigate through the complicated troubleshooting process.

Get your Dish TV connection today!

For more information on Dish TV deals and offers, call Dish TV customer service number and get in touch with Dish TV executives. In case you are already using Dish TV and would like to make complaints about the services, you can also call dish tv hotline number and get immediate resolution to your problems.

Dish Network Customer Service Phone Numbers
Contact For New Orders1-888-656-2461
Customer Service Number For Existing Customer1-855-318-0572
Dish Network Tailgater Contact Detials1-888-615-3724
Dish Pay Bill By Phone1-800-333-3474
Telephone Number For Dish Cable1-888-434-0112
Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers
New Customer Concierge Contact Number1-888-715-3291
Call For Dish Special Deals And Offers1-888-683-8259
Contact For Move dish to new Home1-888-557-9569
Phone Number For Cancel dish network service1-888-283-2309
Dish Satellite Customer Service Phone Number1-866-974-1617
Dish HopperGO Phone Number1-888-708-8825
Suspend dish service Number1-888-876-7918
Dish Network Phone Number (Español)1-800-823-4929

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  • James Kilpatrick says:

    I and entirely to busy to watch TV. Please cancel my service. I will give message o my bank to no longer give payment. Please send message to tell me service has been cut.

  • glenn rosuck says:

    i can’t believe my dodger broadcast went out on a playoff game. No major cable company would ever do something like this. Im going to demand a full refund for this month

  • I need help with the international dish customer service number. I want to cancel my subscription as no one is using it anymore. My family was using it under my name but even they have moved out of the country so i want to cancel it.

  • Kelly Araguz says:

    I’ve been a very loyal customer. Very unhappy with service upon disconnecting my account. Returned my equipment promptly after waiting almost 30 days to receive a box to return equipment. Now getting threatening phone calls that my bank account going to be charged for equipment that was returned. I will never use Dish again. Very disappointed, frustrated and Unhappy to say the very least.

  • Jim Edwards says:

    Really happy that i subscribe to dish network. The monthly channels plan are quite expensive compared to my previous provider but the channel selection and image quality is pretty good. Unless there is a thunderstorm rain the signal is strong and the channels dont go off. And by far the best customer service, no wait time when i call their phone number and friendly people who have superb technical skills.

  • Very please with the dish customer service, as always they are very quick with the service and very friendly. I wanted to change my phone number from their records and while on call i got a text that the new number has been registered. awesome

  • I saw an poster ad about dish network and simply called the dish tv number just to know the channels and deals they are offering. turns out to be great. The channel selection is good and the digital equipment is just awesome and the pricing is reasonable. I got all the channels i subscribe for in HD and they have some good old movies collection on demand that i love.

  • Only contacted the dish customer service to confirm if the payments was received by them as there was some issue from my end during payment. They confirmed that payment was received and also offer free premium movie channels for 3 months. Liking the services provided by dish

  • Each time i called the dish customer service for anything, the customer service representatives are rude and do not care about their customers. We are facing a financial problems and i asked for our bill to be extended till the end of the week which will be 6 days past the due date but they denied it

  • Upon calling the dish tv number to find out why my monthly bill was increase, the customer service always find excuses for the changes. The service they provide is great, there has never been any interruption in service but the customer service is the worst, they keep lying.

  • Upon canceling our cable service we were told by the dish network customer support that we should disregard our next bills. 3 months later after receiving no calls or notices of late payment from the dish network customer support, we received a letter from a collection agency stating we would be charged for late fees and be turned in if we did not pay immediately. We came to the company and told the representatives about our situation but we were disregarded and told to pay.

  • dish network customer service is one of the best. I just called them up to report that there had been an error in the payments as it was billed twice. They apologized for the error and said the extra bill will be credited in the next month payments and also offer me a free movie channels for the next 6 months. This is so great. I would recommend everyone to join dish network and get free benefits

  • I sent an email to Dish Network on few months asking why I did not receive a statement in the email for the December month I have not yet received a response. I tried to contact Dish Live Chat, it was unavailable. I called dish network telephone number and was put on hold for 10 minutes, so I hung up. I called again today and spoke with James. I told James I wanted to sign up for Auto monthly Pay and get the 6 free months of premium movie channels advertised on their website and they gave it right away. Great service

  • Nowadays the call waiting time of Dish phone number is too long. i am a dish customer for 10 years and never experience any waiting time before. its annoying to spend 30 minutes waiting to talk with a customer service rep.

  • The image quality was distorted for some of the channels specially those channels which broadcasted live sports. On contacting the dish network number, they send in their technician the next day. The technician replaced some parts and the wiring and after that everything was back to great picture quality. Quick and excellent service!!

  • one of the main reasons I sign up for dish network is because of the customer service. each time I call up the dish network phone number there is no call waiting and they immediately pick up the calls and are very friendly. dish network is the best. It is very cost effective and the channel selections are good, not those huge lists of infomercial channels. And I am happy buying a 2-year contract with dish knowing that for the next two years there will not be any increase in my monthly prices. excellent service !

  • Kassandra says:

    Very poor customer service and they are unwilling to work with the customers under contract. Not sure how this company stay in business with the lack of customer support and willingness to help the customers. First of all there is lot of waiting time when I call the dish customer service phone number which makes any customers irate. And Instead of trying to find a solution that works for both the company and the customer, they get very unprofessional and speaks rudely. This company would prefer losing customers and getting bad reviews instead of working with the customers to resolve the issue

  • There were always signal reception issues in my area as the weather is always cloudy and rainy. I understand that but there are some days when we do not receive signal for hours while other satellite TV providers is working fine. So i called up the dish network number and complaint about the issue, they acknowledge but till today no one turn up or they did anything from their end to improve the service. horrible customer service

  • I am canceling my subscription with dish network. I am still under contract for the next 8 months but I don’t care about it. I am never again calling the dish network customer service phone number. The customer service reps are so rude and impolite. And this review is not regarding just one call, I spoke with three different person and they are all the same, Rude and very unprofessional. They pick up the call, instead of saying the opening line, there is a dead silence and if you wait for few more seconds, you can hear them sigh and then start with a rude response. They just don’t want to talk with their customers. Horrible experience.

  • I have dealt with many TV service providers customer service and dish network customer service is one of the best I have come across. The customer service reps are very knowledgeable and friendly. I could not remember the agent name that I spoke with but she was just awesome. She knew what she was doing, great sales pitch and very hilarious

  • my friend recently got a new dish network connection and he got some amazing deals along with the cable tv. The voice activated echo dot was just awesome, I felt in love with it. so I called up the dish network customer service phone number to get a new connection for myself as well. Unfortunately the offer for the free amazon echo dot was over however after persuasive attempts, the customer service agreed to give me one too. I am really happy with the service I got. I would definitely recommend Dish network just like my friend recommended me

  • Excellent service and a very professional customer service. I moved to a new city few months back and I was in search of a cable provider. I came across a new connection ad online which looked too good to be true but ended up calling dish customer service number to know more about it. turns out everything was true as they had advertised and I got it installed the next day. Great image quality and service

  • I was helping my friend search phone number for dish network as he wanted to subscribe to more local sports channels. I got the number and I ended up taking a new connection. The sales rep was amazing and convinced me to get myself a new dish connection. Along with that they were giving away awesome add on so who won’t want that!!

  • I love dish network. I have been using dish network for 10 years now and till today I have never faced any problems. As a matter of fact I have never call the dish network number. It is the customer service that calls me whenever there is an upgrade in plans or payments and that is all the talking I do with them. The dish network service in Texas is stellar. Highly recommended

  • We signed up for dish network two years back and we do like dish TV. The services are good and we never had any issues until they charged us for something that we did not place. I called up the dish tv phone number to dispute the charges but the customer service representative said the charges cannot be refunded. After a heated argument with the representative, I was transferred to a supervisor and I had to explain the whole situation to him again. It took him about an hour to check and review all the details and finally agreed on refunding my disputes. If I had not pressed on the issue I would have been charged for something which I never placed. It was one of the worst experience I ever had with Dish network and dish tv customer service, I will not be continuing my services with them again.

  • We signed up for dish network two years back and we do like dish TV. The services are good and we never had any issues until they charged us for something that we did not place. I called up the dish tv phone number to dispute the charges but the customer service representative said the charges cannot be refunded. After a heated argument with the representative, I was transferred to a supervisor and I had to explain the whole situation to him again. It took him about an hour to check and review all the details and finally agreed on refunding my disputes. If I had not pressed on the issue I would have been charged for something which I never placed. It was one of the worst experience I ever had with Dish network and dish tv customer service, I will not be continuing my services with them again.

  • Every time I call Dish network customer service phone number for issues relating to my TV service, dish customer service are very helpful and I get service from a technician on the same day. I love how dish customer service talks to their customer and understands our concern for getting things done as soon as possible. Kudos to the whole dish customer service.

  • The services are decent but the plans are very difficult to understand. I called up the dish customer service to understand it a bit more but instead of explaining about the current plans, he was selling an upgraded plan to me. The representative was very unprofessional, rude and hung up the call when I said I just call up to know about my plans and nothing more.

  • I have been a Dish Network user for more than 6 years and it is the best way to watch tv at a very affordable price. The pricing is great for the number of channels available. Dish customer service is not bad as well. Over the years for any issues that I have, they made sure they send in their technicians to repair. The only down side is that for any problems that I face, they send in their technicians after 24 hours or more and not the same day service. But overall, they provide excellent service. I would recommend them

  • Just installed Dish Tv and I am really with it. The service was very fast. I made the call and the technicians came in the next day and installed everything. I got some special offers and very less monthly payment for DVR renting. The customer service was very helpful with the whole process as well. would definitely recommend them

  • I have been a dish tv user for more than 15 years. With time the services they provide is going from bad to worst. Every time any new packages come in, we get constant calls from the dish network customer service to upgrade our service. And we are forced to upgrade and pay for it. The services are bad and there are some channels I do not watch it but I am force to pay for it.

  • Dish tv customer service are just too slow. Half of my channels are not working and I called up the Dish tv support phone number for nothing. I spend one hour over the phone and they are still not able to find out why this happened.

  • I recently change my cable tv provider to dish network as I moved to a new city and my previous provider was not available in the same region. switching to dish has been great. the one thing I love about dish network is the customer service. They way they handle the issue is very professional. Very responsive and friendly. I wanted to upgrade my plan since the sports channels that I watch were not available in my current plan and in an instant I got it. really happy and satisfied.

  • One of the easiest new connection, dish tv customer service is on another level as compared to other providers. I was just looking around to see which cable operators provides great packages at a very reasonable rates and offered a good customer service. I called up many companies and they all provided decent packages but I was not satisfied with the way the customer service agents handled my queries. But dish tv customer service got my attention, the toll free phone number was easy to get and they are well trained to handle what a customer wants and what a customer needs. Really satisfied with the service. I got everything that I wanted and the installations was all done on the same day.

  • Dish TV offers one of the best tv services in my town with great channels and many add-ons at a very reasonable rate but I am never a satisfied customer whenever I call the dish tv customer service phone number. Its frustrating that the dish tv phone number takes me about 5 minutes to get me connected to a customer service representative. and with all the formalities of greeting, taking my details and keeping me on hold, they actually starts listening to my issues after wasting more than 10 minutes with all that. So dish tv do something about that before all your happy customers becomes annoyed customers.

  • It is so difficult to reach the dish tv phone number, I was kept on hold for such a long time until I got in touch with one of their representative. The customer service was great but you guys should do something about the long wait before I get connected to one of you. It is really frustrating

  • I called up the dish tv customer support number a few days back as there was a mistake in my channel subscription from their end and it took them three days to correct that. The person on the phone said that the error was from their end and he will immediately rectify it which he never did. Really disappointed that a brand name like dish tv would treat their customer this way, the service respond is just too slow.

  • Gerald Abatemarco says:

    The service that I got for my dish network is very good and I am totally satisfied with it. I love watching shopping channels and I got it all for a decent package though there are many channels I don’t watch.

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