Founded in the year 2002, Skyscanner has offices in places all across the world like Budapest, Barcelona, Glasgow, London, Singapore and Sofia. With a global presence, they would be able to provide the best of Skyscanner flight ticket booking at the lowest possible prices.

Considering the fact that you would want to visit new destinations, Skyscanner mobile app contains a lot of information about the new locations for you to visit. A simple call to the Skyscanner helpline would also give you a lot of information about your intended destination and the current political situation.

With more and more people looking to travel through Skyscanner, it only goes to show that they are a company that has been growing in leaps and bounds in providing excellent services to their customers. This is the reason why they have got massive positive Skyscanner reviews online.

Why should you call Skyscanner Customer services?

If you are looking at a comprehensive travel agency that provides you with excellent news on the locations of your choice, then going for Skyscanner services would be the right choice. Apparently, they also provide a lot of benefits which include;

  • Not taking any commission from the travelers.
  • The service works with multiple online travel agency partners, which provide them with separate search results with the lowest possible prices on tickets.
  • A 24 hour Skyscanner Phone number to help the people seeking out more information about the destination.
  • They have one of the highest rated mobile applications which have already been downloaded over 70 million times, which contain 30 languages as well as 70 currencies.

Should you still call Skyscanner Phone Number?

If you need the latest information, Skyscanner is definitely the one that you need to go for. Moreover, in case you would want more information about their services, give a call to the Skyscanner phone number.

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  • Be aware, just searched for flights in skyscanner and they gave me an option with airline which is bankrupted 2 years ago.. there was a possibility to buy these tickets and proceed to the payment, how is that possible?

  • Hop2 / Predatory Agency – I am a customer and I want you to know that a vendor, known as Hop2 on your platform enlists predatory non disclosed businesses practices to your customers. They implement predatory fees which are non disclosed to Sky scanner customers. I will reporting them the US Department of Aviation and FTC. Thought you should be aware.

  • ALTAF KHAN says:

    Hi, I have been advised by Britishairways that I need to contact Skyscanner to look into my cancelled flights, I cannot find a telephone number anywhere – please can someone help ?

  • Lauren Thabethe says:

    Hi, I have been advised by Emerites that I need to contact Skyscanner to look into my cancelled flights, I cannot find a telephone number anywhere – please can someone help ?


    I have paid for my ticket to Accra Ghana and have not gotten any ticket or confirmation concerning the ticket please can someone please help me with getting my ticket or a refund because I just paid for the ticket last Thursday

  • Mr sweeney says:

    Booked 2 flights through sky scanner, paid in full and recieved e ticket for first flight, arrived at the check in desk but they had no details of me on there system, phoned the comany to sort the problem out and i was told i had to book another flight and follow complaint procedures to get refunded, had to pay double the price on each ticket. Absolute shambles of a company, still not been contacted from anyone regarding a refund etc

  • Tanmay Mondal says:

    I have booking flight from hyderabad to kolkata from skyscanner now i want to cancell my booking

  • hello! i just want to inquire if i exceed my luggage for 25 lbs, how much i am going to pay. Departing from San Francisco to Philippines. Please let me know.

    Thank you,

  • vamsikrishna says:

    please cut your partnership with the travel agents like GOTOGATE.

    they have faulty wesites, which will show you onw flight and then book you entirely wrong flight.

    full messup website. and charge you 51 euros for cancellation.

    waste travel agent GOTOGATE.

  • Kimberly Azmi says:

    I need to cancel booking for ho chi min city, unable to find acceptable airfare

  • Gail Mathews says:

    I made reservations for three going from BHM to Philedelphia, PA on November 27 returning
    November 29. I have not received a confirmation.
    Please locate flight reservation and send via E-Mail to above address.
    Thank you

  • alfredo pereira says:

    why is it you cannot give a price on flights whit luggage ?

  • Thomas Vaidyan says:

    Booked ticket on 24th October for business and paid full amount through credit card. Waited for 3 days without confirmation and still on 25th october its showing not yet confirmed.

    Called 7 times and waited approximately 15 minutes on line each time. NEVER got a response as to wether I can even book other tickets or can cancel the ticket.

    I need a full refund and don’t where to contact for it. I am based in Saudi arabia and no email or customer care contact provided in
    Skyscanner help and support will be appreciated to solve this problem.

  • Swati kapoor says:

    It is so difficult to talk to them. I want to cancel my tickets for some reason but can’t get their contact…..No local number available. I have to make international call for it.

  • nicola oconnell says:

    Hi there I have booked flight with skyscanner different airline for inbound and outbound flights I want to reserve seats outbound but it wont let me bring any details up fot it

  • Hi. Is this the flight deal? If so I’m wondering if I can use the flight deal to schedule a flight to Europe even if I’m planning to stay for a month. Is that possible? It seems like the “possible dates” are for 7 or maybe 10 days, then back.


  • Hi Team ,
    Mr. Vikram Singhal has booked the flight through Sky scanner from Dublin to London for 22nd September 2018 (2FMCAJ) in Aer Lingus. and traveler have to cancel the booking because his Mom Passed away on 18th September .
    i have the death certificate.
    Please help that how we can cancel the booking and get the refund.


  • Mandla Nkosi says:

    please kindly assist with the quotation for the flight tickets for 2 people and hotel in mauritius by the name of inter continental resort from 19/12/2018 to 23/12/2018 December. hotel must include breakfast.


    I got ticket from skyscanner site
    My travel from dxb to Chennai
    My PNR is EMXYTT
    Flight is gulf air
    But I’m missing my flight on date 29.06.18
    But now till not settle my refund payment so please check and reply

  • Ann Cosgrove says:

    the correct date on the booking i have just place should be for 3 March 2019
    the date on the booking says 3 Sept 2017
    please let me know that my booking has been changed to the 3 rd March 2019 immediately or cancel my booking
    thank you Ann Cosgrove

  • Kholod Nazal Alanazi says:

    I would like to ask your help to solve the promblem as we recieved from Lucknow Airport that they informed us that the visa no. that I did the payment totaly differnt from the one that they have so they can not process the passenger flight although it paid by the visa, so I made a new reseratino for the passenger on another flight .

    so, I want to assist me to refund the amount SR. 867.01
    Please update me.
    Thank you


    Hi I booked in skyscanner true value alliance yesterday26/08/2018 it was deducted already in my account and until now Im not getting my confirmation.please do something.
    thank you

  • Lola Animashaun says:

    I booked flights for myself and my son since Sunday, booking ref 8114453 with Kiwi.Com, and paid over £1000 for a return flight London to Santorini and back.
    The flight is Easy Jet from LGW 6.35 am on Thurs 23/8/18 we have repeatedly tried to get our boarding passes but coming up as invalid. I have contacted Kiwi by phone as the flight is tomorrow but the keep pushing me from pillar to post with promises of calling me back. Please can you let me know the best way forward on this

  • i would like to change my dates on my ticket which i bought from your website. And i haven’t got your customer number.
    I’m in Pakistan now. i would like to return between 28-31 August.
    Please could you help me.
    Regards Zubaida

  • hi
    i am from zuber . i have travels office i want your portal for flight booking . if possible please send me mail in my e mail id

  • Carolyn Hillyer says:

    We have just made a reservation for 3 flights November 7, 7.30 La Paz to Santa Cruz, but your website is not accepting my VISA debit card. Please can you advise how we may pay this to confirm our flight. Do you accept an international banktransfer or payment through Paypal?

  • Irena Jager A. says:


    I’m trying for a week to rebook my return flight, booked with you. I spent around 100eur when the calls should be free and as far as I managed to get after 40 minutes each time was a promise of your unable agent in your call center that he needs to check with the flight operator, for which I also had to convince him to do it at all.

    I really need to rebook my flight and it seem impossible, I’ve never had such a bad experience with any traveling or other agency. I will complain on any possible instance for this bad service and also to get refunded for all theunsuccessful phone expenses.

    Please advise me how to contact you to get a rebooking today and also where to complain as mentioned.

    Thank you,

  • Vernel Maximin says:

    im not sure y i am unable to book a flight myself

  • Please call urgently, expected call back on my thalaind number +66,628801291

  • Diana Meyer says:

    My flight stats app wont load my July 16 flight
    Air. Canada 8310 Comox to Vancouver departing 5.45and wont list any flight for that day

  • RAUL ORTA says:

    booked a flight and hotel and did not get a confirmation from miami to las vegas on july 15-22

    i also book a flight from houston to las vegas, vegas to atlanta and that i did receive confirmation.

  • – Moideen
    I recently booked 7 tickets from skyscanner(dubai to mangalore). But now I have to cancel my booking and book a new one. For this how much will it cost and how much will I get in return? Kindly reply

  • Don’t book thru are cheater

  • patrick quinn says:

    Unable to purchase a ticket from, the page keeps refreshing on its own when i try to book the tickets.

  • Mike Cross says:

    Flights confirmation. Hi. I booked flights for my partner Moira Brooks on 1st May for flights Leeds Bradford to Faro on 10th July return 18th July. I do not appear to have received confirmation of these flights.
    Please help.

  • Emailed and called the Skyscanner phone number several times to get my reservation ticket. But in the end they charged me more than what i originally booked for and more expensive than other websites. Moreover waiting over the phone to get in touch with the next customer service agent is unacceptably long, no matter what time i call them

  • I never booking flight tickets online as it takes too much time for the confirmation and the whole process takes too much time. But not with Skyscanner flights, i was pleasantly surprise to see that everything was easy to use and navigate. The confirmation was quick and the process was fast. I would definitely book again with them


    Iam a regular customer, but i have a problem now.. I bought 2 tickets from on Monday 28.05 at 4:50 pm through TRIPSTA , the Booking No.: F104460510 , they withdraw 1267.96 Euro but they did not send the tickets, i sent 3 e-mails yesterday but they did not replay. I called them today they did not replay.
    please ask them to send the ticket today.

  • Sabrina Dias says:

    I bought expensive flights to go and come back to Brasil with my fiance and I bought with the company Travelgenio. I am trying contact the company to change the fight and they don’t answer the phone call and also don’t answer the email. Don’tever buy with this company guys!!!!

  • Geraldine says:

    Why does the ticket price jump up the more people u book . It’s crazy . Be careful when booking

  • Skyscanner is a great website and the best thing about it is skyscanner is very easy to use. Also I love receiving updates about my travel flights, fast and efficient.

  • So what is your phone number in Australia?

    • I got help from this list of airline and travel agent phone number. Hope it helps

  • I just love this website, it is a great website to compare flight prices and book the cheapest one available. I never book a flight ticket without first checking it out on Skyscanner. I am also very delighted with the services they provide. The last time I traveled I had a problem with my name spelling on my air ticket. I called up the Skyscanner phone number to inform them about this and everything was sorted out in 10 minutes. It had a very pleasant trip. Thanks.

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