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Note: This is not airlines official number +1-866-302-0055. It may connect you with travel agency. is a trip advisor company that searches and compares the results of all the top travel sites. The website helps the customers to make their reservation decision easier by showing a list of popular travel website services and the reservation prices from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Is bookingbuddy reliable? makes it easy to filter your search and shows you with the best rates. It gives users the option to view each travel website along with their best deals and discounts. Bookingbuddy also offers to bundle up their traveling services to save more. Bundles include booking your flight ticket with hotels and save up to 30%. Or find the daily top cruise deal and get special discounts up to 70% off. To know more, you can contact the bookingbuddy customer service phone number to get more details about the various deals they offer and get the best bookingbuddy cheap flights.

What is the various reservation option that bookingbuddy offer?

With, users will be able to use and book the following
1. Bookingbuddy flights
2. Bookingbuddy hotels
3. Bookingbuddy vacation packages
4. Bookingbuddy car rentals
5. Bookingbuddy cruises
6. Bookingbuddy vacation rentals

The Best Price Guarantee by bookingbuddy

There is another ideal cost guarantee upon all booking you make on Bookingbuddy. You’ll find stipulations throughout the coverage, nevertheless in most cases, vacationers are generally confirmed the best price tag about various prices. If your lower cost flight ticket is found within the allocated time, tourists will obtain a reimbursement to produce up the primary difference. Possible users can also take benefit of last-minute trip bargains. These kinds of highlighted offers might be shopped with regard to quick escapes.

How do I get in touch with the customer service?

Bookingbuddy helps you save time and cuts down your research time so that you do not have to go to each website to view their deals and discounts. It offers users a very easy-to-navigate and easy to use. But if you are facing any issues with the website or if you want to get a better help for the experts to assist you even faster, you can contact the bookingbuddy customer service phone number. Plan your vacation plans with Bookingbuddy today, travel search made easy for you.

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JW Grenadier
3 years ago

Company ever. The person who answered the phone couldn’t be ruder. Never use again and would recommend that to everybody. I tried to call back to explain to him the information he hung up on me and then blocked my number

David Scott
4 years ago

I have been sent a promotion discount of £100,

Consequently I have booked 1 weeks holiday at Palm Beach, Torremolinos, Spain

When it came to pay, there was nowhere to insert the code and consequently the full amount was paid. The details said promotions accepted

Please return the £100 which was the reason for me making this particular booking.

Thank you

David Scott

Jannie Saffier
5 years ago

Good day

I do not wish to receive ANY notifications from you on my private email address nor the address this mail is sent from

Immediate 100% deletion from your distribution is required

Please respect my wish !!

Jose M Martin
5 years ago

I need a copy of the car rental in my name: JOSE M MARTIN! It was the day 06/18/2018 to 06/24/2018.
RENTAL RECORD # *****4750
Please send the two e-mails you have.
Thank you

5 years ago

I got myself a reasonable flight ticket price from Bookingbuddy for flights in usa but always double check before booking any hotel rooms, the prices shown are not the same after the booking is done. I was mislead and i ended up paying double for my hotel bookings.

5 years ago

Fabulous service. Bookingbuddy helped me with a very rough issue that seemed like it was impossible but they helped me out. I had some issues while trying to book a flight from and customer service did an awesome job in helping me out.

Tony Wade
5 years ago

The prices shown on the website for car rentals are quite expensive. There are some other traveling sites that offer a much better car rental prices. I would suggest that you compare first and then book your car rentals. I booked directly from car rentals without comparing and ended up paying more than saving some for my trip.

5 years ago

You don’t always get the best price at but it is good to check them out as you get a good idea about the vacations rates. I purchased my vacation pack from another website that offered a little more savings than bookingbuddy. However there were a lot of other vacation packages that bookingbuddy offered a better price, so it is always better to compare these websites before booking your holiday tickets.

5 years ago

The website does not always offer the best price but there are some days when they do offer. I usually don’t use Bookingbuddy to book my flight tickets. I only use Bookingbuddy to check deals to see if other websites offer the same or lower and most of the time other websites offer better. There was only a time when I got almost a high as 60% rate difference and got the best of it. Other than that I never got any better deals after that.

5 years ago is a place where you can go and check which agency is offering the best fare. It keeps me updated with the lowest air fares and a great value for travel. One time I had to change my trip and it did cost me a fee but as compared to other website, was easy and the cheapest.

5 years ago

I want to book tickets in bangladesh pls send me your hotline no in Dhaka

5 years ago is one of the best places to book a flight ticket. It is very easy to book and comparing prices with other travel website so that we get the best of travelling cheap. I even got a great deal through Bookingbuddy hotel deals and car rentals. I can’t wait to plan my next vacation trip through bookingbuddy. Great website.