SunTrust, an establishment for the best financial services in Atlanta, was founded in the year 1985. Providing loans to millions of students across the United States, this has been one of the best enterprises for providing excellent services to its students.

They have been able to make a name for themselves in the financial sector by looking at a diversifying working force that is extremely responsible with their finances.

Loan refinancing options: –

SunTrust is a name to be reckoned with in the financial industry. Converting your various multiple loans into a single entity may seem to be a problem with other financial services, but not with the loan refinancing options provided by SunTrust.

It is extremely easy to do; by simply calling the SunTrust customer service 1800 number, the student will be able to get all the pertinent information. This is the reason why there are multiple SunTrust reviews which are in a positive light as compared to all the other companies in this sector.

Benefits: –

SunTrust SLC is an institution by itself. It not only provides excellent student loans, but continues to provide a lot of benefits to those using it. They include;

  • Lower interest rates to the people using their service.
  • Loan refinancing options which are extremely easy to procure through online portal.
  • The absolute best equated monthly installments for the people that are having troubles with the repayment options.
  • Variable Interest rates lie within 4.49% to 9.49%.
  • Student loans can be procured after consultation by calling the SunTrust customer service number.

Should you go for SunTrust student loans?

Well, the general consensus amongst people is to have a look at the various student loans financing options available in the market and choose a competitive company. In that regard, there is none better than SunTrust in America. Therefore, calling the SunTrust phone number will help you to get a lot more information about the company and the educational loans available.

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5 years ago

I have unfortunately had a student loan with Suntrust for over 5 years. I have not been looking at my loan statements and until recently i found out that i have been paying extra every month to them, thinking it was going towards principal. It was not!! It was only going towards interest. Also, all of my monthly regular payments went to interest only. I have contacted suntrust customer service number, and they gave me the run around that this is their business practice and there’s nothing I can do. I feel like this is an unethical business practice and should be stopped. I will never do business with them again!

Sandra Bassett
Sandra Bassett
5 years ago

I am greatly surprised by the good customer service. I just want to acknowledge Suntrust bank customer service for their excellent service. Each time I call the Suntrust bank customer service phone number, they are extremely helpful with my transaction and they were also always available and efficient.

5 years ago

My loan interest rate jumped up without any notification and I was never informed about it nor did I get any emails from the bank that the interest rates have gone up. I contacted Suntrust Bank phone number the day I received the first statement with the higher interest rate but they said there is nothing they can do about it and I had to make the payments.

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