Sallie Mae

Known as one of the biggest financial institutions in the region of Delaware, Sallie Mae student loans have been providing a wide range of financial as well as banking services to these territories. Since being founded in 1972, Sallie Mae SLC has been able to offer a whole lot of help to the students when it comes to their future in terms of education.


Not only do they manage consumer loans, mortgage, wealth management and a whole lot of other options, but they also take pride in providing excellent student loan refinancing.

The educational loan consolidation services as provided by Sallie Mae helps a student to consolidate their multiple student loans into a single loan account. This is the best option for people that have had to deal with multiple financial institutions for loan repayment every month.

In the process of loan repayment, one may also get flustered with the amount of documentation necessary. This is where calling the Sallie Mae customer service 1800 number would be of a stark importance.

Why choose Sallie Mae?

A close look at the multiple Sallie Mae reviews helps you to find a lot of positive notes about how they are extremely proficient in customer services. A few of the benefits provided by them include;

  • The ability of the student to choose from a fixed to a variable rate of interest.
  • Excellent interest rate discounts.
  • Lower equated monthly payments.
  • No amount of processing or application fees.
  • Comprehensive customer support by calling the Sallie Mae helpline number.

Should you go for it?

In contrast with the other financial institutions, Sallie Mae has been able to maintain a steady reputation of helping the students in times of distress. Therefore, it would only be justified for the students to go for using their educational loan refinancing scheme in order to get rid of the excessive stress of repayment. To get a better understanding on educational loan repayment options, call Sallie Mae phone number.

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5 years ago

My banking institution paid sallie mae to bring my account current. My account is still not current and i have faxed in my back statement and paid check for proof of payment to sallie mae. i have emailed and called Sallie mae phone number several times and they have failed to credit my account but instead charge me late fees

6 years ago

I wanted to apply a student loan for my son, I called up the sallie mae phone number to know the process on how to apply for it. but the lines use to be busy and kept me on hold for hours when I try to call the customer service. I never got hold of them so I took the loan from another bank. And now they are spamming my phone with robo calls every day, so I blocked them. Horrible customer service

6 years ago

I get constant calls from sallie mae phone 3 or 4 times in a day from auto robot calls (no live calls). However when I call the sallie mae phone number, I can never get hold of the customer service. all my payments are made before the due date but I don’t know why are they harassing me with the calls.

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