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  • When I installed the latest FZ update yesterday, 9/24/19, I somehow lost access to it. “Could not find the resource files for FileZilla, closing FileZilla. You can specify the data directory of FZ by setting the FZ_DATADIR environment variable”. What do I do with this info?

  • When I try to update items it says Not Connected to a Server. Rating: 5

  • Already updated Filezilla. Trying to delete one file but Filezilla doesnt allow me.
    Command: DELE id’s_3.jpg
    Response: 553 Prohibited file name: id’s_3.jpg

  • Carlos Gayles says:

    on upload to server-1 the file is on my

    on ul_file upload to my server (ipage), the ul_file is on my (1) server & also on a file on my (2) C drive. How do I disable (2) ???

  • Jane Hundley says:

    connection problems. I reinstalled Filezillow, and set it up like I had before, but it will not connect.


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