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  • My current version of messenger will not allow me to post or share pictures in conversations.

    What happened??

  • My phone number being used in your Messnger app

    You need to delete my phone number from your application. Apparently, someone named Jason (something), had my cell number previously, to my getting that number when I changed services to Verizon. Now, anyone using messenger that receives an email from me, (and uses this facebook crap), automatically received the picture of this “Jason”, who is an ugly black man. I, am not black and not ugly.

    You would think a hundreds of billion dollar company, would know when phone numbers are re-used, and react accordingly.

    I would appreciate your immediate attention to this situation. If not, I’m sure many newspaper readers would love to read my next letter to the editor concerning your business practices.

    Also, your support number is totally worthless, since I called several times with nothing but the run around.